Asteroids by yurtgc548


									Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids

      By: Gabriela Molina
      Meghna Mathews
      and Sergio Valencia

   Asteroids are huge rocks in space that go
 around the orbits of planets such as, Saturn,
  and Jupiter. The “doomsday rock” was the
  asteroid that is said to have killed all of the
  dinosaurs. It was said that the rock was so
  big (40 miles high and 40 miles wide) that it
took about half of the pacific ocean. By Sergio
    Facts of Asteroids

  It is said that at least 50 or more big
 asteroids can destroy Pluto. Asteroids
are amazing objects in space that have
many qualities. It can move at 3 million
miles per hour. And they stop mostly in
  a gravitational pull like in Saturn and
        Jupiter. By Sergio Valencia
             Asteroids of Chaos

   Asteroids are much more powerful then meteors
    because the asteroids go at least 2X the speed
    of a meteor. It is much bigger and faster. First, it
    goes in a circle of a big planet (Jupiter and
    Saturn) and then gets launched and then
    eventually hits something. By Sergio Valencia
       What is a Comet?
         by :Gabriela Molina

 A comet is made of frozen gases and
rock. Its body is formed like a snowball.
 Small bodies of rock, iron and frozen
  water and gases that orbit the sun in
elliptical orbits. As they get close to the
        sun the gas vaporizes leaving a
           tail of dust and debris.
         A famous comet and who
              discovered it? By: Gabriela

   The most famous comet is Halley's comet. Halley
    appeared in the sky 76 years ago. But who discovered
    Halley's? Well, Edmond Halley found Halley in 1682.Also
    the comet was named after Edmond Halley.
                             By: Meghna Mathews
Meteors Showers
What is a meteor shower?
 A meteor shower happens when Earth
  passes through a path of a comet.
 Meteor shower displays are related with
  Earth’s way through meteor streams.
 Lots of meteors occur over a long period
  of nights.
By: Meghna Mathews
    Meteors glow because of friction from the
    atmosphere when it is on fire. Meteors are
    made of rock and dust particles. Meteors
    have different names. They are called
    fireballs, shooting stars, and falling stars.

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