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Brian T. Murphy
June 28, 2012

A trio of pestiferous rodentia, of the family Muridae, genus Mus, all equally afflicted with extreme
visual impairment: observe their locomotion at high velocity! This afore-mentioned triad pursued the
domestic partner of the agricultural worker, who responded in a retaliatory fashion by removing their
posterior appendages utilizing a large kitchen implement intended to dismember prepared animals
preparatory to consumption. Has such an extraordinary spectacle ever heretofore intruded itself upon
your ocular organs?

Your assignment
.: Select a nursery rhyme other than “Three Blind Mice” (see, for example, “Mother Goose Nursery
Rhymes” at and rewrite it using three different levels of
diction. That is, one version should be colloquial, as if you are telling a story to a friend; the second
should use formal, standard English, as if for a college teacher; the third should be as pretentious as
possible, and use ridiculously exaggerated diction, as in the example above.

You may, as I have above, skip repetition or nonsense phrases and merely retell the basic story
presented. However, you should not change the meaning or the order of the original.

Original version:
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Colloquial (informal) version:
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Standard (formal) version:
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Pretentious (stuffy) version:
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