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Host Monster got its start back in 1996, making this one of the more
well established hosting firms out there. Host Monster offers complete
hosting solutions for small and midsize website needs, whether those are
personal or business sites. Low prices and powerful features are the
hallmarks of this host. In addition, you will find that the company offers
some of the best customer service out there, thanks in no small part to
their dedicated, US-based call centers. Of course, one of the major
reasons for choosing this host is their long list of included features.

                           Features List
        Basic Features                     Included Features
    Unlimited disk space            Award-winning customer service
    Unlimited bandwidth                       No contracts
      Unlimited domains              Free search engine submission
   Unlimited email accounts               Free Google credits
   Unlimited FTP accounts               24/7 customer support
     Free forever domain                Unlimited subdomains

Pricing Concerns: The price for the value given by Host Monster
is actually quite good. For less than some other hosts charge, you get
access to far more features. This makes the company an excellent choice
for small businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations who don't
want to sacrifice capability for affordability. The fact that Host Monster
has only a single package should not discourage you from checking out
what they have to offer. In fact, it should encourage you to do so. This
means that all accounts have access to the same features and functions,
and that you do not have to pay additional money for features that
should be included on a basic package.

Reliability and Uptime Factors: When it comes to reliability
and uptime, Host Monster offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. You'll find
that this ensures your website is accessible at almost any time. In
addition, the use a customized Apache server, and Quad Opteron
servers with redundant power backups to ensure they are able to
provide reliable service at all times. Finally, the fact that the company
performs automatic backups ensures that your data is safe and sound at
all times.

Control Panel Information: Like many other web hosts out
there, Host Monster makes use of CPanel. This is the industry standard,
and one of the best solutions available for those who want full control
over their site and their account. With CPanel, you can use several
different wizards (like the shopping cart wizard or the page wizard) to
easily setup your site. You will also have control over things like email,
your account and domain, and advanced functions, as well.

Customer Support and Service: Customer support is an
important consideration in the world of web hosting. The wrong choice
and you will find that no matter how "affordable" your host might be,
it's not a good situation. However, Host Monster offers some of the best
customer support in the industry. You can reach them 24 hours per
day, all week long. In addition, you can reach them via phone or email.
However, there is no chat support available for customers.

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