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					B4                       MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2006
                                                                                                                             SPORTS                                                                                                                        DAILY JOURNAL, JOHNSON COUNTY, IND.

ANDERSON                                 time of 17:16.66, breaking the old
FC’s Burns earns bid to                  mark of 17:21.24 set by Anderson’s
                                         Lisa Nicholson in 2003.
track championship                         Her time is the sixth best pro-
  Franklin College’s Robyn               visional time in the nation posted
Burns broke the track record and         this season. Three others bested
qualified on a provisional basis         the automatic qualifying time of
for the NCAA Division III indoor         17:10).
track and field national champi-           Franklin freshman Lauren
onship meet in the 5-kilometer           Patterson, a Center Grove gradu-
run Saturday in the Fred Wilt            ate, was fourth in the 1-kilometer
Memorial Invitational at Ander-          run with a time of 3:23.91, and
son University.                          sophomore Marci White was
  Burns, a Roncalli graduate, won        third in the 3-kilometer event at
the event with a fieldhouse record       11:43.39 in the meet.

TUCSON, Ariz.                            Sox history reiterated that point
Angry White Sox GM                       in his latest interview, touching
                                         on several subjects and adding
lashes back at Thomas                    that he and Williams didn’t see
  Angry and disgusted with the           eye-to-eye after Williams became
latest comments from former slug-        GM following the 2000 season.
ger Frank Thomas, Chicago White            At the time, Thomas was unhap-
Sox general manager Kenny                py that his next-to-last deal with
Williams fired back Sunday, call-        the White Sox contained a dimin-                                                                                                                                                                                    STAFF PHOTOS BY MATT OOLEY/

ing the two-time MVP an idiot.           ished skills clause. He said the               Center Grove senior Chris Oleksiak swims in the 200-yard freestyle during Saturday’s IHSAA boys swimming and diving finals. He was eighth in the event.
  “He’s an idiot. He’s selfish. That’s   White Sox should have traded him
                                         after the playoffs that season.

                                                                                        Trojan falls short of repeat
why we don’t miss him,” Williams
said, responding to a Thomas inter-        He also repeated that had he
view that appeared in The Daily          known last fall the team wasn’t
Southtown, a newspaper in the            going to bring him back — they
Chicago suburb of Tinley Park, Ill.      later gave him a $3.5 million buyout
  Since signing with the Oakland         — he wouldn’t have participated in
A’s last month, Thomas has               a couple of ceremonial functions
made it clear that he didn’t
appreciate the way his 16-year
run with the White Sox ended,
                                         during the postseason. Unable to
                                         play because of an injury, he threw
                                         out a first pitch during the playoffs.
                                                                                        CG senior third in 500 free; Cub dives into record books
saying that chairman Jerry                 Later he was given the oppor-
                                                                                        BY GREG DODDRIDGE                                                                                             “Drew has been helping me out                                   posted a 452.35 in the 1-meter
Reinsdorf didn’t call him to tell        tunity to address the crowd at
                                                                                        DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS CORRESPONDENT                                                                         mentally, saying, ‘Chris, don’t                                    diving event to place sixth, the
him he wasn’t coming back.               the end of the White Sox’s victo-
                                                                                                                                                                                                   worry about it,’” Oleksiak said.                                   highest finish ever for a boys
  The greatest hitter in White           ry parade.
                                                                                        INDIANAPOLIS                                                                                                  Considering that he battled                                     diver at Franklin.
                                                                                           Center Grove High School                                                                                pneumonia last week and still                                         Blackwell had been to the state

GOLF                                                                                    senior Chris Oleksiak didn’t
                                                                                        mind that North Central’s Drew
                                                                                        Sease beat him in the 500-yard
                                                                                                                                                                                                   was feeling sick on Saturday,
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Oleksiak was pleased with his
                                                                                                                                                                                                   performance, which also includ-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      meet all four years, but he hadn’t
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      won a medal until Saturday.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         “I worked all through the sea-
                                                                                        freestyle at the state finals.                                                                             ed an eighth-place finish in the                                   son to try to get on the podium,”
CARLSBAD, Calif.                         TUCSON, Ariz.
                                                                                           That’s because the two will be                                                                          200-yard freestyle.                                                Blackwell said. “That was my
Ogilvy gets easy win in                  Triplett wins in Arizona                       teammates and roommates next                                                                                  “To still get third place (in the                               goal for the season.”
                                                                                        year at Indiana University.                                                                                500 free), I couldn’t be happier,”                                    Franklin coach Kurt Hass, who
Match Play tourney                       for third PGA victory                             Sease swam a 4:30.47 to take                                                                            Oleksiak said. “Deep inside, I                                     is retiring as the Grizzly Cubs
  Ten times during the Match               Kirk Triplett started the final              the state championship in the 500                                                                          tried to convince myself I had a                                   coach after 33 seasons, led his
Play Championship, Geoff Ogilvy          round with five straight birdies               free at Saturday’s IHSAA boys                                                                              chance, but I knew.”                                               final meet Saturday.
watched his opponent stand over          and had four in a row on the                   swimming and diving champi-                                                                                   His illness left him with little                                    “You don’t miss the adminis-
a putt that would have sent him          back nine, shooting a 9-under 63               onships at the IU Natatorium at                                                                            energy.                                                            trative part and the long hours,
home. There was no such stress           to win the Chrysler Classic of                 IUPUI. Oleksiak finished in third                                                                             “I could go fast, but I just                                    but you’re going to miss the
Sunday when he made short                Tucson for his third career PGA                with a time of 4:35.01.                                                                                    couldn’t go fast for a long period                                 kids,” Hass said. “They kept me
work of Davis Love III.                  Tour victory.                                     At last year’s state finals,                                                                            of time,” Oleksiak said. “During                                   pretty young for a long time.”
  Ogilvy pulled away with an               Triplett, who turns 44 next                  Oleksiak beat Sease in the 500                                                                             the 500 (free) especially, I felt                                     Blackwell added, “He teaches a
eagle-birdie knockout punch and          month, was close to missing the                free to become the first boys                                                                              like I was almost suffocating.”                                    lot of things about life, like how to
won 3 and 2 in the final tourna-         cut after opening rounds of 68                 swimming individual state cham-                                                                               North Central dominated the                                     cooperate with the team and how
ment at La Costa Resort to join          and 71 left him at 5 under. But he             pion in Center Grove history.                                                                              meet, winning its second straight                                  to strive for success and be a good
                                                                                                                                Franklin senior Josh Blackwell per-
Craig Parry as the only Austral-         sizzled on the weekend, shooting                  “He’s the guy that took my           forms during Saturday’s diving event.                              state championship with 295                                        sportsman. I’m going to miss him.”
ians to capture a World Golf             a 64 on Saturday en route to a                 title,” Oleksiak said. “I’m happy                                                                          points. Center Grove finished                                         Center Grove’s 200-yard medley
Championship event.                      22-under 266 total.                            it was him.”                            roommate is going to be and how                                    11th with 57 points.                                               relay team tied for 14th, and its
  Ogilvy played 129 holes, the             He made the turn at 18 under                    They both took their recruiting      he swims,” Sease said. “We’re                                         Center Grove senior Paul                                        400-yard freestyle relay team
most by anyone in the eight-year         and raced into the lead with                   trips to IU at the same time and        very good friends, very close.                                     Brogan earned a medal in the                                       took 16th. Brogan took 12th in the
history of the tournament, which         birdies at the 14th, 15th, 16th and            became quick friends. Rooming           He’s a great guy.”                                                 100-yard breaststroke, finishing                                   200-yard individual medley.
included four consecutive overtime       17th, holing a 51-foot chip from               together seemed like a natural fit.       Sease was even acting as a                                       in eighth place.                                                      Center Grove senior Nick Swift
matches at the start of the week.        the left fringe on No. 17.                        “It’s good to know who your          future teammate on Saturday.                                          Franklin senior Josh Blackwell                                  placed 10th in diving.

                                                                                        to a birth defect, played tradition-

• Driving                                                                               al basketball in church leagues in
                                                                                        elementary school with the aid of
                                                                                        a prosthesis. But he couldn’t
(CONTINUED FROM PAGE B1)                                                                move very well and quit using it.
                                                                                           Last summer he got involved in
  But for Smith and other play-                                                         wheelchair basketball.
ers, the game is more about                                                                His mom was searching the
developing relationships with                                                           Internet for summer camps and
people in a similar situation.                                                          found a wheelchair basketball
  “It’s a nice network for people                                                       camp at the University of Illinois.
with disabilities from all over,”                                                          “I wanted to try it out and see
said Smith, who at age 35 is the                                                        how I liked it,” said Killworth, an
team’s president, coach and one                                                         eighth-grader at Clay Middle
of its 10 players. “It gives me an                                                      School. “But I was also afraid of
athletic and competitive outlet.                                                        how I would feel when all the
There’s not many things I do                                                            other guys were veterans and
anymore. It’s nice to have some-                                                        were a lot better than I was.”
                                                         STAFF PHOTO BY MATT OOLEY/
thing where you get to be out                      
                                                                                           But he didn’t have any playing
there and be ultra competitive           The RHI Pacers’ Kenneth Patterson              experience. And he didn’t even
for a few hours a week.”                 goes for a layup during practice               have a chair.
  But being the team’s president         Thursday in Zionsville.
                                                                                           The camp provided him a
and coach isn’t even his full-time                                                      chair, and Killworth got experi-
job. Smith runs a marine busi-           its name to the RHI Pacers.
                                                                                        ence. The campers played games
ness, Indianapolis Marine, with             Kemp, an Indianapolis resi-
                                                                                        for nine hours each day and even
his uncle, Rick Smith, and his           dent, participated in this year’s
                                                                                        during their free time.
brother, Steve Smith.                    Feb. 16 NBA/NWBA All-Star
                                         Wheelchair Classic. He was the                    “I liked the experience,” he said.
  Besides running the business,
                                         Pacers representative on the                   “It was tough. It’s a little bit more
he’s also trying to organize events
                                         NWBA East All-Star team.                       fast-paced, and there are more lit-
for the RHI Pacers.
                                            Kemp has played wheelchair                  tle things you have to remember,
  During the week, he takes care of
                                         basketball since the 1960s and                 like the position of your chair and
day-to-day operations such as
                                         started with a local team called               leaning back in your chair.”
scheduling games, securing flights
                                         the Indiana Olympians.                            Although he was intimidated
and hotel reservations and plan-
                                            “I was the youngest kid on the              by the other players’ size at first,
ning gym times. He also coaches
                                         team. Everybody else was an                    he loves playing now.

                                                                                                                                    lock rate. leave town.
and plays in the team’s once-a-week
practices and weekend games.             adult. I was taught how to play                   “I’m more physically able to sit
  At 6-foot-8, Smith was naturally       by some of the best players in the             higher than other players. I have
drawn to basketball. He played at        country who had Indiana ties.                  more balance,” Killworth said.
New Palestine High School and               “The most challenging thing is              “The closest I’ve gotten to some-
Valdosta State University in             that you’ve got to concentrate                 one my age is someone being 18.                                                                  Introducing our “Rate Lock” for Equity Access Lines.
Georgia for one year. But he
grew homesick and transferred
to Indiana University in 1990.
  Two years later, his life changed.
  In June 1992, Smith was return-
                                         since you can’t jump and shoot
                                         (together). It’s a game of posi-
                                         tioning as much as anything. It’s
                                         about getting an advantage.”
                                             Besides having one of the
                                                                                           “But I’m fine with it. It just
                                                                                        means I can last longer than
                                                                                        they can.”
                                                                                           Killworth was selected to rep-
                                                                                        resent the U.S. Paralympic
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ing to New Palestine from a date         NWBA’s most veteran players,                   Academy and RHI at the 2006                                                                      For a limited time, when you get an equity line, you’ll receive a 2-night, 3-day get-
when he fell asleep while driving        the Pacers also have the league’s              Paralympic Games in Turin,                                                                       away. You can go to places like Hilton Head, Branson or Destin – 41 relaxing
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  Smith suffered a broken back,                                                                                                                                                          waive all ONB ATM fees for using another bank's machine, wherever you go.4
torn aorta, a collapsed lung and         for the Pacers for just six months.            the Pacers Juniors team when it
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broken bones. He was paralyzed           But the Carmel resident is one of              forms later this year.                         Pay just $64 per month on a
from the waist down.                     the team’s primary players. And                   “I’ve always liked playing bas-             $10,000 line amount.3
  “It was a 35-mile drive home,”         he didn’t start playing wheelchair             ketball and liked watching it,”
he said. “I made it 33 (miles). I        basketball until last year.                    Killworth said. “I think it is a
had the accident within sight               Killworth, who lost his left leg            challenge.”                                                         Greenwood 900 S State Road 135 885-3305 Downtown 101 W Ohio St 693-2552
range of where I lived.”                                                                                                                          Broad Ripple 6135 N College Ave 254-6300 Clay Terrace 14179 Clay Terrace Blvd Suite 160 208-6200
  Even after 11 months of rehab
and physical therapy, he still                                                                                                                                Zionsville 385 S Main St 733-6201 Carmel 1430 S Rangeline Rd 705-7700
longed to play basketball.                                                                                                                                  Fishers 9765 E 116th St 596-8400 96th and Gray Rd 4805 E 96th St 818-8835
  In 1993, he joined a wheelchair
basketball team sponsored by the                                                                                                 1Limited time offer. Annual Percentage Rates(APR) are accurate as of February 26, 2006, are only available on new lines of credit, require automatic loan payment from a checking or savings
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01 season, when the team changed

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