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									Unfortunately, it may happen occasionally that the antivirus installed in your computer with its
latest updates is incapable of detecting a new virus, worm or a Trojan. Sadly but true: no antivirus
protection software gives you a 100% guarantee of complete security. However, users on their own
are typically unable to detect that their computer got infected unless aided by antivirus solutions.
Many worms and Trojans typically do not reveal their presence in any way. By way of exception,
some Trojans do inform the user directly that their computer has been infected – they may encrypt
the user’s personal files so as to demand a ransom for the decryption utility.

Symptoms of infection

  An increase in the outgoing web traffic is the general indication of an infection. This could mean
that somebody or someone else is active on the system, and most probably that is a malicious
activity. Numerous advertisement windows popping up while visiting web-sites may signal that an
adware in present in the system. If a computer freezes or crashes frequently, this may be also
related to a malware activity. Such malfunctions are more often accounted for by hardware or
software malfunctions rather than a virus activity.

What to do

   The first thing to do is make sure that the antivirus database is up-to-date and scan your computer.
If an alternative antivirus does not detect any malware, it is recommended that you disconnect your
computer from the Internet or a local network, disable Wi-Fi connection and the modem, if any,
before you start looking for the infected file(s). Do not use the network unless critically needed (Do
not use any web-based services that require your screen name and password).

How do I find an infected file?

Detecting a virus or Trojan in your computer in some cases may be a complex problem requiring a
technical qualification. Windows’ system (and system 32) catalog and root directory are the most
convenient place to set worms and Trojans. Advanced worms and Trojans occur every now then that
are quite difficult to track down. In this case, it is best to consult the support service of the IT
security vendor that released your antivirus client, a company offering IT assistance services, or ask
for help at specialized web forums. You can make use of the following websites:

Similar forums designed to assist users are also run by many antivirus companies.

visit: http://www.securelist.com/en/threats/detect?chapter=83 )

Visit : http://mallu-techblog.blogspot.com/2011/08/what-should-i-do-if-my-computer-is.html

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