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									What’s New?
What’s New in Office 2010 -Course Plan

1. User Interface (UI)
2. How to Get Help in Office 2010
3. Working in a Mixed Environment (97-2010)
1.   Collaborative work environment
2.   Design tools
3.   Security
4.   VBA Development
5.   Outlook 2010
6.   Q&A
    What’s New in Office 2010?
O Unitary user Interface
O Take your documents
    from good to great
    with Office 2010.
O   Open Format files
O   Collaborative work environment
O   Outlook 2010
O   Security Updates
O   VBA Development
                  User Interface
• Why did the UI Changed?
• UI Principles
• Office 2010 Window structure
• UI Personalization
• Keyboard Shortcuts
       Why did the UI Changed?

With every Upgrade MS Office got more

    Many Commands Disappeared in the
    Menus maze

        Productivity decreased

            Office 2010 regained the Usability and
            thus increased the productivity
  How did the UI Changed?

                   The Ribbon,
  Menus and            Mini
Toolbars in 2003   Toolbars and
                   Quick Access
Office’s 2010 Window structure
O File tab\Backstage view
O The Ribbon and the Quick access toolbar
  O Used for Commands that absent from the
     Ribbon and for Macro Commands
O The Document’s structure
O Status Bar
    User Interface Principles
O The most common Commands are in the Ribbon
O The Ribbon’s hierarchy is set by a logical order:
  1. Tabs
  2. Groups
  3. commands
O Commands come to you when you need them via:
  1. Dialog boxes
  2. Contextual Tabs
  3. Mini toolbars
                The Ribbon
O The Ribbon includes the most common commands
O Related commands are grouped onto contextual tabs
O Open a dialog box in Groups to access additional
  tools and commands
O Quick Access Toolbar enables to access favorite
  commands as: Save, Undo, and Redo (default)
             Rare Commands
O Rare Commands come to you in one of two ways:
1. Click dialog box in the Groups to access rare tools
   and commands
2. Right click on an object to show in a “mini toolbar”
   with commands that relate to it
           Personalize the UI
O Right-click a command on the Ribbon, and choose
  “Add to Quick Access Toolbar“ to add it to the toolbar
O Personalizing the Ribbon, what can we do?
   1. Set the tabs order
   2. Set tab visibility
   3. Add tabs, groups and commands to the Ribbon
 The changes are importable, exportable and
              Backstage view
O Replaces the File menu
O Multiple actions on the file in one screen
O Features for sharing and publishing
O External file view
O Print Preview
O Convert files
Working in a mixed

 2003         Office
      Previous-version files
O Office 2010 supports all file types since Office 95
O Files are opened in compatibility view
O Older files have a different icon in folder windows
O Get improved performance and additional
  functionality by converting to Office 2010 format

         2003            2007              2010
 Working with Previous versions
O Compatibility pack is available for previous Office
  releases and enables you to exchange documents
  between releases
O When a coeditor’s Office version is unknown, it is
  best to share a file in the 97-2003 format
O Compatibility checker notifies you on changes
  when saving files in previous Office formats
Collaborative work
Collaborative work environment
O Document collaboration
O Save as PDF
O SharePoint Workspace 2010
O Co-authoring in PPT and Word
O Availability check with Office Communicator
                      OneNote 2010
Share                                      Connection           Electronic
Notebooks                                   to Office           notebook
Share online or on      Search text in                              Auto save
                        notebook or in
Sky Drive              specific location    Print to OneNote

                                                                 Multiple content
   Connection is
 available when not      Tag search
                                                                 Connected and
                                                                  unfiled notes
                                           Tasks and meetings
Recent changes are                           are synced with
   in Bold with the     Author search            Outlook
)compositor’s name)                                                   Tags
SharePoint Workspace
Work with multiple editors
        Office Web Apps
O Web based Office Apps
O Including word ,Excel ,PowerPoint & OneNote
O Enable to create, edit, share and collaborative
  editing of documents in SharePoint Windows Live

                OS         Version           Explorer
          Windows              >7    Internet Explorer
     Windows, OS X,          >3.5              Firefox
              OS X             >4              Safari
 Document editing tools
O Preview
O Online templates
O Style and galleries
O Themes
O WordArt
O SmartArt
O Picture edit tools
O Screenshot
           Security principle
O Maximum security With minimal user participation
O Security is managed by the advanced users and the
  IT Department
Protected        Trusted
  view         documents
 and copying

  Print and
                 “no further
     Trusted documents
               from Trusted
 Documents                    User defined
from trusted                     trusted
  locations                    documents

              Protected view
      Documents                     Web
      from unsafe                originated
        locations               documents

                    Protected            Mail
 documents            view                files
    Documents security
O Documents check
O Authorizations
O Password protection
O Final version mark
O Digital signature
          VBA development
O Codes should work smoothly in general
O ActiveX controls and programs for previous version
  might not work in 64-bit version
O Slight grammar changes
O UI commands appear in Add-ins
O Macro commands are addable to the Ribbon or the
  quick access toolbar
           Outlook 2010
 User Interface
 Mail chat
 Quick steps
 Search
 Coordinate
 Contacts
 Designed Messages
 Outlook Mobile
Outlook 2010 User interface
O Full Ribbon interface
  O Modifies by chosen object
  O Customizable by the user
O Window part
  O Reading Pane
  O Navigation Pane
  O To-Do Bar
  O People Pane
  O Backstage View
 Outlook 2010 User interface
O The Ribbon is identical in all
  Panes and within objects
O Backstage view for Outlook
O Backstage view for objects
        The mail management
O The most common problem is
  Mail overload
O Users can get 100 emails a day
O Most of them irrelevant and
  overload the inbox
O What can we do?
       Mail management in
          Outlook 2010
O Conversation view enables a glance at the
  important messages in a conversation thread
  (temporary or permanently)
O Conversations can be cleaned or ignored, thus
  decrease the load on the mail and the user
            Search Tools
O Outlook 2010 includes Instant Search box with
  AutoComplete suggestions
O The search can be expanded or refined
O Recent search can be repeated
O Advanced search and search folders are still
             Quick steps
O Routine tasks easily carried out with one click
O There are 6 predefined Quick Steps fields
O New Quick Steps are easily added
O Quick steps group is at Home tab
   Keep in touch with Rich
O The People Pane contains contacts information
O Stay up to date via social networks add-on
O Check teammates presence (Exchange 2010)
  MailTips (Exchange 2010)
O MailTips enables to double-check emails you
O MailTips alert you when sending emails to:
1. Contacts outside your office
2. Replying to large distribution lists
3. Sending a message with confidential
4. Requires Exchange 2010
O Meetings Preview
O Schedule View eases coordination
O Create a Group Calendar
       Sharing Calendar
O Email or publish the Calendar on the Web
O Set meetings with people outside the organization
O All features since Outlook 2007
           Email Design
O Themes enable professional
  design in one click
O Themes, fonts, colors and
  filling effects
O Themes are unitary in all
  Office applications
     And that’s it for today!
O I hope you enjoyed and look forward to
  continue working with you
O Please fill the feedback forms, we want to
  know how you feel and improve our courses
  for you.
O Have a nice day and enjoy Office 2010

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