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White Lion Calls from the Depths

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The Independent is heavy on diving this       will decide about the salvage rights to     underwater heritage sites is at stake.
week. The team from Deeptrek arriv-           the White Lion it is important that they    The decision is yours. Also see page
ing today with a proposal to dive on the      do it with open eyes. These people are      3, 4 and 20 for more.
White Lion, will have to answer a lot of      looking after their own pockets, not St
questions during their week on the Is-        Helena’s heritage. If our Government is     Mike
land. The St Helena Independent has           happy with that approach - by all means
heard from several archaeologists dur-        go ahead. One of St Helena’s major
ing the week. Several of them have ex-
pressed grave concerns over St
Helena’s underwater heritage and the                      Ascension Property Question
principles of modern salvage. Any div-
ing on the White Lion will be a large
                                                                 Not Resolved
operation with a lot of equipment in-         Over the last six months, the discus-       in the future. Solomon’s Managing Di-
volved and a lot of money at stake. Our       sions have continued over the refusal       rector, Neil Whilshire, is under the im-
visitors from Deeptrek will even have         of the British Government to give right     pression that the case should be set-
representatives from a venture capital        of abode and property rights on Ascen-      tled outside court, whilst the Attorney
company with them to help establish           sion. Lately is has gone quiet but the      General holds the view that it will be
how financially gainful the operation can     problem has not been solved. British        dealt with in the next session of the
be. There is no doubt that it is the po-      Government says that nobody, except         Supreme Court.
tential profit that is driving there people   the Crown can own, and hold title to,
to salvage wrecks all over the world.         property on Ascension Island. Still, sev-   Last week in the UK Parliament a ques-
Maybe they can shoot a underwater film        eral organisations like Solomon’s, Ob-      tion was raised about property rights on
at the same time, which might give a          sidian and even the Church have docu-       Ascension and the FCO Secretary of
small amount of money but the bulk of         mentation suggesting that they, for         State for Europe said that “Various or-
the revenues from the project would           years, have been rightful owners of their   ganisations on Ascension (the Users)
come from the artefacts they can find         premises on Ascension. The Ascension        have the physical use or occupation of
on the White Lion to sell overseas.           Island Government, lead by His Excel-       various parcels of land by consent of
Some archaeologists would call this           lency the Governor and the Attorney         the Crown but the Crown, in right of
‘looting’ and would never work on a           General, Ken Baddon, has, by every          Ascension Island, holds the freehold of
project which was not purely based on         mean tried to uphold the position of the    all domestic dwellings on Ascension Is-
historical fact finding. Other profession-    British Government by effusing to reg-      land. Ascension has a system of regis-
als would call it something else. There       ister any claim to property on Ascen-       tered title to land; all land, including do-
is no doubt that the people from              sion. The Registrar of Land on Ascen-       mestic dwellings, is registered as free-
Deeptrek have a lot of experience in          sion is the Attorney General. He has        hold land owned by the Crown; there
their field. The Independent managed          said that the documentation in the pos-     are no registered leasehold interests on
to track several salvage companies            session of the property owners was          domestic dwellings on Ascension Is-
where members of the Deeptrek team            signed by an unauthorised person.           land.” However, Ascension Island Gov-
have been involved. Among them a              Solomon & Co, who paid a large sum          ernment has entered into arrangements
company called Discovery International        of money for property on Ascension,         with four individuals to occupy proper-
and another one called Planet Ocean           have tried to challenge the Attorney        ties on the basis that they are conduct-
Exploration. The Deeptrek website,            General’s refusal to register their prop-   ing business which is deemed to be, does not mention the        erties. One case relation to the Solo-      essential to the functioning of the Is-
name of anybody responsible for the           mon property was lodged to the Su-          land.”
operation or anybody working within the       preme Court earlier this year but was
company. The only name that could be          put off in the last session of the court    It will be interesting to see who is right-
traced was Mr Jay Usher, who is arriv-        due to lack of time. During the week it     the people that believed that they owned
ing on the Island today, as he owns the       has expired that Solomons and the At-       their property, or the British Govern-
domain of their website.                      torney General have vastly different        ment.
Whatever the St Helena Government             views on what will happen with this case
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                                                   2
                                                                      side upon the Bow of the same Caracke, and so racked her
  White Lion                                                          afore and aft, that it much cooled the Portugals’ courage. Then
                                                                      came the White Lion, whereof one Simons was Captaine, and
   calls from                                                         laid her thwart the hause, and so tare her that a man might see
                                                                      all the sea wash into her betweene wind and water, and withall
  the depths                                                          cut her Cables, and so she drove off from the White Lion, and
                                                                      had driven on shoare, but that the Vice-Admirall Caracke had
                                                                      a cable fast on shoare; and so the Caracke lying in the byte of
                                                                      this Cable, in time got another Cable and Anchor readie, and
                                                                      so brought her up againe, though long first. Then the White
                                                                      Lion making way to veer aboard again, with a generall consent
                                                                      that all three ships should lay her aboord: the White Lion fall-
                                                                      ing with her broad-side along the Vice-Admirall Carack, let flye
                                                                      her whole Broad-side, and likewise the Caracke at her. But
                                                                      still veering to get aboord the Admirall Caracke, his men still
                                                                      plying his lower ordnance upon the Vice Admiral, one of his
                                                                      peeces broke over his powder roome, as some thought, and
                                                                      the ship blew up all to pieces, and after part of her, and so
                                                                      sunke presently. In the time of this flight eleven of our men
                                                                      came out of the Mountaines: whom we espying fetched from
                                                                      the shoare, out of the bay to the eastward of the chappell,
                                                                      leaving on shoare fifteen of our Companie, one being an In-
                                                                      dian. In the White Lion were Henrie Bacon, and Henrie
                                                                      Teddiman blowne up, and nine and fortie of the Hollanders.
                                                                      Then the Admirall, whereof John Derrickson Lambe was
                                                                      Captaine, seeing his forces so much weakened, himself hav-
                                                                      ing two of his Peeces dismounted, with many of his men killed
                                                                      and hurt, and we being of small force, thought it best to leave
                                                                      them, for want of helpe, promising to furnish us with water.
The following is a contemporary account of the White Li-              “The third of June, loosing one after another, and changing a
on’s sinking in the Moorings on June 1st, 1613, recorded              few shots with the Carackes, we stood away for England.”
by one Samuel Castleton, who was travelling back to Eu-
rope at the time with the Dutch fleet. Castleton describes            * The word ‘caracke’is a corruption of ‘carrack’, a Portuguese
the sea battle between the Dutch and the Portuguese as                term for a masted fighting ship, meaning much the same as
follows:                                                              the Spanish word ‘galleon’.

 “The first of June, all these ships, the Salomon and four great      The above is an extract from St Helena 500: a Chronological
Hollanders departed from the Roads of St Helena. But within           History of the Island by Percy Teale and Robin Gill, (pub: St
foure houres after they were gone, there came about the point         Helena Heritage Society).
two great Carackes,* the other ships being still in sight. We
having most part of our Companie ashoare sicke, I sent the
boat on shoare, having not above ten men aboard: so there
came as many as were able, some of our soundest men being
up in the Mountaines. When the Boat was come aboord, we
cut our cables in the hause and drove away, setting sayle as
fast as we were able, being in all but sixe and twentie men;
having left behind us sicke and sound five and twentie men of
our owne Companie, and one Indian, with all our water Caskes,
and divers other things for the use of our sicke men were left
on shoare. So hastening toward the Hollanders, and making
signes for their stay, and within night coming up with the Admirall
of the Hollanders, and telling him of this newes, hee was very
glad, and desired to make saile for the Road againe, and made
signes to his Fleet to follow, and so stood for the Road as wind
would serve. But in the morning his biggest ship both of force
and burthen was missing, with the Salomon of London. Yet
these three ships and we plyed it up for the Roade, and gat in
the third day at noone. The Admirall of the Hollanders went
first in, and anchored on the broad side of the Admirall Caracke.
He veered so much Cable before hee brought up his ship, that
his sterne hung by the galleries of the Caracke: but with his
two sterne peeces lying very low, and his quarter Peeces he
so galled the Caracke, that he put from her two peeces of                ‘Delft’ pottery salvaged (looted?) from the White Lion
Ordnance, and might have sunke her, if they had not been too                          by a Duch diving team in 1978.
covetous, having desire to carrie both. The next came the
Bantam, and anchored in such sort, that she had her Broad-                                             Continued on NEXT PAGE
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                                                  3
                                             that the first pair of divers into the water   It took three days to recover the cannon,
                                                                                            which had to be dug out of the sand.
  White Lion calls                           the next morning confirmed the find
                                             within two minutes of leaving the surface,     Progress was hampered by a gentle cur-
                                                                                            rent that filled in our excavation work
  from the depths                            after which another five pairs of divers
                                             photographed or cleared away some of           between dives.
                                             the sand around the cannon.                    Even with three one-tonne bags fully in-
 Continued from PREVIOUS PAGE
                                             Due to the lack of recompression facili-       flated, the sea was reluctant to give up
                                             ties and no prospect of evacuation - be-       its treasure. Only after some vigorous
  A report by the RAF diving                 cause the island has no airfield - we re-      rocking by a couple of the divers did the
     team, working on the                    stricted ourselves to a 40m maximum            cannon commence its ballistic rise to the
                                             and no decompression diving, save for          surface.
       White Lion in 1998
                                             precautionary stops.                           The three large orange lifting bags break-
“Discovering a magnificent 400-year-         We reported the find to the Governor of        ing the surface was a spectacular sight.
old bronze cannon in the waters off          the island and after some discussion it        Immediately, one of the boats moved in
St Helena was just the start of the ad-      was decided that we could recover the          to secure a line to our precious load.
venture - the expedition team of RAF         cannon - an exciting but daunting pros-        Then we started the slow drive back to
divers then set about recovering their       pect for us. After all, while we had all       the quayside which, remarkably, was only
remarkable find. Paul Hutchins re-           carried out lifting exercises before, no       500m away - such a treasure so close to
ports                                                                                       landfall.
When was the last time you found a                                                           Elation is an understatement of what we
bronze cannon, more than 3m long and                                                        felt at that time, and the true beauty of
weighing nearly two tonnes? For myself                                                      our find wasn’t realised until we had
and 11 colleagues, it was in April of this                                                  rested the cannon by the quayside ready
year on the far-flung British dependency                                                    to be lifted by crane a couple of days later.
of St Helena, in the South Atlantic, 1500                                                   We dived the now shallow site to take a
miles off the coast of Africa.                                                              closer look and marvel at the cannon’s
One of the aims of our expedition to this                                                   condition. There was little encrustation,
tiny island was to dive on the site of the                                                  the lifting eyes were in the shape of leap-
wreck of the Witte Leeuw (White Lion),                                                      ing dolphins, and we could make out writ-
a Dutch East Indiaman that sank in                                                          ing which appeared to be Dutch. Even
Jamestown Bay in 1613.                                                                      the date of manufacture wasthere: 1604.
Picture the scene: three inflatable boats                                                   The last phase of the recovery was on to
are moored over the approximate site of                                                     the quayside so that we could present it
the wreck, and the first three pairs of                                                     to the Governor and the island. With the
divers enter the water. After 20 minutes,                                                   exception of the crane having to “bounce”
they all return to report that they have                                                    the cannon closer to the harbour wall so
indeed dived on the remains of a wooden      one had done one on something so valu-         that the crane’s reach could manage the
ship protruding from the fine sand at a      able, or under so much scrutiny.               load, everything went smoothly. After
depth of 35m, and on top of the sand         While preparations were made, some of          about 20 minutes, a beautiful bronze can-
are three ferrous cannons - in short, a      us investigated the possible source of         non was mounted on to a gun carriage
site that offered some promise.              our find. The White Lion was in a party        for all to marvel at.
Meanwhile, the anchor on one of the          of four ships on her way home to the           The cannon is currently being kept in a
boats has dragged and then snagged on        Netherlands from the Far East with a           freshwater tank on the quayside and
an obstacle. The divers from that boat       cargo of spices, porcelain and diamonds.       regularly flushed out. The intention is to
descend, intending to free the anchor,       On arriving at St Helena to take on sup-       put it on permanent display in the public
then find their way to the wrecksite.        plies, they came across two Portuguese         gardens once restoration work is com-
But by the time they reach the anchor it     carracks at anchor in the harbour - the        plete.
has freed itself and they are mid-water,     Portuguese and Dutch were not the best         Despite an extensive maritime history,
with the bottom visible below but too        of friends.                                    the island being a favoured stop-over
deep. They free swim, following the slope    The Portuguese put up a better fight,          point for ships of all sizes and origins prior
up to shallower water.                       sinking the White Lion and severely dam-       to the opening of the Suez Canal, St
Once they are at 35m, they profile along     aging another. The other two Dutch ships       Helena sadly lacks evidence of its mari-
the sand in the hope of finding the site.    quickly fled, bruised but in one piece.        time heritage. This cannon, we hope, will
But after 12 minutes they still haven’t      That was the last of the White Lion until      go some way to rectifying that.
found it, although at the edge of their      Belgian salvor Robert Stenuit managed          The project recently achieved a prestig-
vision something appears to be sticking      to find the wreck in 1976 while following      ious runner-up award in the Duke of Ed-
out of the sand.                             up on his research. He recovered much          inburgh’s Prize, which recognises the
Knives are unsheathed and a quick            of its porcelain and some of the bronze        best underwater scientific projects car-
scrape of the protuberance reveals it to     cannons.                                       ried out by BSAC members.
be made of bronze.                           After his successful salvage operation,        Would we go again? Too right. There may
Did we believe them when they sur-           which was reported in National Geo-            be other cannons, porcelain - even those
faced? Not likely, and as it had been the    graphic in November 1978, the site was         diamonds. There are also the other
second deep dive of the day, we would        left alone, save for the occasional dive       wrecks we briefly explored, and there is
have to wait until the following day to      by islanders. So our find was a complete       a story about 23 ships that went down in
confirm the find.                            surprise, not only to ourselves but to the     Jamestown Harbour one stormy night
Such was the accuracy of our transits        island as well.                                during the last century! “

The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                                                      4
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Dear Independent,                              the St Helena desk of OTD. If they are         scavengers to destroy the site looking
Last week’s paper contained a strong           doing any advising, they are doing it very     for diamonds and things they can sell.
front page and an unconvincing St              quietly.                                       The treasure is in the archaeological
Helena Government press release. The           Without going into detail, the codes of        record, not the trinkets. And the ar-
press release was full of the type of          ethics of all professional societies of        chaeological record is the very thing
smoke-screen logic often used by SHG           archaeologists prohibit treating recov-        they will be destroying.
– for example, “Why screen workers             ered artefacts as items of commerce.           National Geographic Magazine has
when you don’t intend to screen the            They are the heritage of the people of,        done more to inspire the destruction of
10,000 tourists that will arrive as a re-      in this case, St. Helena, and are the          archaeological sites than any other sin-
sult of the airport”. They deliberately mis-   property of its government or designated       gle organisation in the world. They are
understand that this is about minimis-         public museum. It should remain in St.         not a reference; they are the problem.
ing risk in an area that they do have con-     Helena. All of it. “All” means “every part,    This is my personal opinion, but every
trol over, namely contractors and their        without any exceptions.” This concept          ethical archaeologist I know of agrees
workers. DFID and SHG have success-            was initially difficult for me to grasp. I     with me.
fully kept the outside world out of St         had a lot of questions, most of them           The development of UNESCO’s Con-
Helena for the last 30 years, and curi-        starting with, “But how about if we...” I      vention on the Protection of the Under-
ously seem to fear Shelco more than an         am sometimes a slow learner, but I was         water Cultural Heritage has increasingly
Aids epidemic. The results of your sur-        finally made to realize that it means “all.”   drawn the attention and interest of both
vey suggest that Exco should be calling        As far as I was able to determine during       the general public and a wide variety of
for a referendum rather than giving in to      my seven weeks in St. Helena I am the          user groups. The United Nations Con-
what is seen as outside pressure.              only member of an ethical archaeology          vention has spearheaded a world man-
Regards                                        group to ever have visited St. Helena. I       date to prohibit commercial exploitation
Nick Thorpe                                    am not an archaeologist and was not            of underwater cultural heritage and im-
                                               there for any such purpose, but have           prove the effectiveness of international,
Dear Independent,                              been involved in the protection of un-         regional, and national efforts to man-
Treasure hunters dressed as archae-            derwater cultural resources in my home         age and preserve these assets in per-
ologists are threatening the 1613 wreck        island and appreciate the ethical and          petuity. The international treaty was
of the Dutch Eastindiaman Witte Leeuw,         legal issues involved.                         passed by an overwhelming majority of
the White Lion, which was carrying dia-        No professional survey of the Witte            participating countries in 2001.
monds. No one in St. Helena seems to           Leeuw has ever been done. It is utter          One important concern, shared particu-
know the difference between a treas-           and irresponsible nonsense to discuss          larly by the US, UK and Russia, involves
ure hunter and an archaeologist. They          artefact recovery until this is done, pref-    issues of sovereign immunity for
have gone to the Governor, who seems           erably by a well-recognised university.        sunken State vessels and warships as
to view them as an opportunity rather          All professional archaeologists who are        well as the security and freedom of their
than looters and plunderers. This whole        members of ethical groups are prohib-          armed forces to operate in the high
thing is unethical and contravenes the         ited from working on projects where            seas without interference. The US is
policies of every professional archaeo-        anything gets sold. Treasure hunters all       also especially worried about jeopard-
logical society and university.                use the word “archaeology,” and virtu-         ising the economic interests of its
Their website makes much of their              ally all their claims are false and mis-       thriving commercial and recreational
“team” and their professionalism but the       leading, and are intended to defraud the       diving industry. The UK, for its part,
only name I saw is that of their artist.       people and their leaders and all who           objected to the Convention’s extension
Who is their archaeologist, what are his       come after us. All of them use the bo-         of mandatory protection to all ship-
or her professional qualifications and         gus argument that recovery is urgent,          wrecks over 100 years old, preferring
what professional organizations does           lest what remains is destroyed forever.        the approach of its own Protection of
he or she belong to?                           In the present case, we have been told         Wrecks Act, which applies only to
The people who should be advising the          that what has been lying there since           wrecks of ‘historical, archaeological or
Governor are the Department of Cul-            1613 is suddenly threatened with de-           artistic importance’.
ture, Media and Sport, with help from          struction unless you allow untrained
                                                                                                         Continued on NEXT page
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                                                   5
                                              engineers filled up the external house         denly brake as they approach the bend
                                              wall with metres on gravel, in order pro-      in the road, and this puts a huge, jud-
                                              vide secure footings for the new road.         dering strain on the road surface.
                                              When I first came here in 1980 I com-          With the development of tried and tested
                                              plained to PWD about the legality of the       methods in quantity surveying, it is now
                                              road. Even then I felt it was destroying       possible for any reasonably intelligent
                                              my house. At that time the lower walls         person to calculate how much strain a
                                              were being pushed down by the weight           structure can safely bear. If you know
                                              of the road. I asked PWD to secure the         the thickness of a wall; the type of brick
                                              road, rather than using an ancient, pri-       or stone from which it is made; the pro-
                                              vate wall built of mud and stone as a          portion of sand to cement used in the
                                              support. There was no response, how-           mortar; how deep the footings are; and
                                              ever – they ignored everything! In the         how much steel has been used as rein-
Continued from PREVIOUS page                  meantime, my neighbour’s wall fell             forcement, then you should be able to
St. Helena seems to have no laws of its       through for exactly the same reason. On        calculate the strength of that structure:
own covering this kind of institutional-      top of this, a few weeks ago a car             - it’s not rocket science. My nephew
ised theft, although English law may          crashed and ended up going into the            builds bridges for a living, so I know this.
apply. But since the Witte Leeuw hasn’t       roof of my house. The whole wall was           It is possible to predict whether a sur-
been “designated” under the Protection        damaged and pushed in. PWD sent in             face is capable of supporting vehicles
of Wrecks Act, it is of little immediate      a team of men to restore the wall, but         of a certain weight that are travelling at
help. Well, maybe not. If the Act is          we were not consulted at any point of          a certain speed.
operative in St. Helena, the Executive        the process.                                   I have been corresponding recently with
Council could call upon the Governor          I have to stress that it is not only my wife   officials at a fairly high level, and I am
to designate the wreck. I don’t think he’d    and I who have suffered anxiety as a           hopeful that some kind of agreement
respond by allowing people to loot the        result of the threat of the house collaps-     might be reached in the near future. It
site while he considers making the des-       ing: - the Hussey School was rented out        is my sincere wish this matter should be
ignation.                                     for some years, and the tenants were           concluded as soon as possible. I only
If I may paraphrase Abraham Lincoln,          so distressed by the excessive vibration       want to see a happy issue to my anxie-
what is looting if you call it archaeology?   and movement caused by passing traf-           ties. There is nothing more I would wish
Answer: looting. Calling looting “archae-     fic that they filed a number of complaints     for, at my age and in my present state
ology” doesn’t make it archaeology.           to PWD.                                        of health, than for me to feel happy to
From the Northern Colonies                    I do not see why I should accept that we       be on St Helena once more.
                                              have to go to sleep every night knowing        Yours
                                              that the whole house could fall down at        Horst Timmreck
Dear Editor,                                  any time. Many years ago I advised
Over the last few months I have had to        PWD that they should erect a steel crash
endure a constant background of high          barrier in order to prevent vehicles from
                                                                                             Dear Independent,
pressure. Every day my wife Sonia and         leaving the road and crashing into the
                                                                                             A new kind of drought?
I have to live in this house [the Hussey      house. Nothing was done however. Over
                                                                                             Indy Blue you’re my main man! You
Charity School], and every night we go        the last 25 years I have tried to negoti-
                                                                                             READ what I write. Maybe you even
to bed not knowing if we will be killed in    ate, but nothing at all has been achieved.
the night, or if we will wake up the next                                                    keep on going right to the end! After
                                              As things stand at the moment I am due
morning. For the fact is, the wall of the                                                    me stabbing my fingers at the keyboard
                                              to leave the Island for medical treatment,
house could fall in at any time. This is                                                     for six or eight weeks and churning out
                                              so the need for some kind of solution is
the ‘high pressure’ I speak of.               more urgent than ever. I am prepared to        a few thousand words YOU are THE
My big problem is caused by the road.         stick my neck out and to meet whoever          ONE who comes out and SAYS what I
The fact is, many years ago the road          it takes in order to resolve the whole is-     want to hear. It IS about time Saints
was built against The Hussey Charity          sue. If this cannot be done, however,          start voicing their opinions. This is my
School. As a result, my house now forms       then I will have no option but to lay crimi-   main message. The rest of it just
part of the foundations for Side Path;        nal charges before the Supreme Court,          suggests HOW it might be done and
and, due to the increasingly heavy load       for the Government having put the safety       WHY it’s important to do it.
of vehicles, the Hussey Charity School        of individuals and property into serious       So, what’s there to write about this
is now falling down. I have been in regu-     hazard.                                        week? Well, the RMS gets to the Island
lar touch with Government, but they do        At the moment I am on a 24-hour drug           from the Cape TODAY. After that it will
not want to discuss their liability in hav-   regime, caused to some extent by the           be 9th July – World Cup Final Day! How
ing chosen to build a busy road on top        extreme anxiety of our predicament. The        many crates of lager are being unloaded
of somebody’s domestic property. They         result of this anxiety is that without tran-   from the ship’s hold as you read this?
are in effect using the house as a but-       quillisers I can’t exist. Every night I sit    Will the Island run out of cans before
tress. In the old days of course, the only    waiting from two in the morning till day-      9th July? In the UK they reckon sales
road out of town went up the other side       light in my kitchen, because that is the       go up 20% when the World or European
of the Run. Then, many, many years            only room where no walls can fall on me.       Nations competitions are played.
after this house was built, it was decided    It’s so frightening when the big trucks        Donny, where’s the Tungi? That’s all
that Side Path would go up the eastern        go past and make the house shake.              from me Indy - only 174 words.
side of James Valley. As a result, the        They come down the hill and they sud-          Vince Thompson

The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                                                      6
                                                                     Police & Court
            Press Release                     An unusual Court Case started in the        that he does not make any contact with
                                              Magistrates’ Court last Thursday. Mr        the alleged victim and that he does not
    Audit Service Launches New                Terrence Yon stood charged with not         commit any offences whilst he is on bail.
        Financial Statement                   having obeyed with an abatement no-         He is bailed until 22nd June.
           Review Service                     tice issued by the Public Health and        The second arrest was made on Satur-
                                              Social Services Department. The no-         day morning for the offence of reason-
The Saint Helena Audit Service is de-         tice was in relation to Mr Yon keeping      able suspicion of criminal damage which
lighted to announce a new service of-         pigs at his residence at Half Tree Hol-     occurred in the Half Tree Hollow area.
fering; the “Financial Statement Review       low. A neighbour had made complaints        The person was later released from
Engagement” (FSRE). This is designed          to Environmental Health saying that the     police custody on police bail. This case
to meet the needs of existing and pro-        pigs were a nuisance because they were      is currently being investigated.
spective clients who may be seeking           ‘smelling and attracting flies’. The Case   Last Monday morning it was brought to
                                              continued on Friday and in the Magis-       the attention of the Police that some
an alternative to the standard financial
                                              trates’ judgement of the case it was said   unknown person or persons had bro-
statement audit.
                                              that there was not enough evidence that     ken into one of the buildings at Scot-
The FSRE has been added to the port-
                                              the pigs constituted a nuisance. Despite    land. This case is currently being in-
folio of Audit Service offerings follow-
                                              this, Mr Yon was ordered to remove the      vestigated.
ing a successful recent trial with
                                              remaining pig from the premises. He         Other cases currently under investiga-
theaccounts of the Legal Assistance
                                              was however allowed to keep the pig         tion are a case of Common Assault and
Fund. It is an accepted alternative to a
                                              pen and the slaughtering equipment in       Discharging a missile and a case of
conventional audit – still involving an
                                              place.                                      Breach of the Peace and Common As-
independent review but requiring less
                                              The Police Service received and dealt       sault. Both cases involved juveniles and
evidence. This makes for a quicker and
                                              with a total of 24 reports for the period   were committed in the St. Paul’s area.
cheaper audit process and one that is
                                              Monday 5th to Monday 12th June.             Verbal warnings were given to persons
likely to be suited to any organisation
                                              There were 9 criminal reports, 2 of which   for the offence of keeping a dog which
without a legal requirement, or self-im-
                                              resulted in arrests being made and 3        is an unreasonable source of annoy-
posed desire, for a full conventional
                                              road traffic reports.                       ance; harassment, alarm or distress and
audit – this is typically the smaller, non-
                                              In the early hours of Saturday morning      breach of the peace.
Government operations on Saint
                                              Cyril James Benjamin was arrested for       Out of the three traffic reports, one, a
                                              the offence of reasonable suspicion of      road traffic accident was reported and
Chief Auditor, Andy Bonner, comments;
                                              assault occasioning actual bodily harm      dealt with. Both drivers were free from
“Some of our clients were finding the
                                              at the Consulate Hotel in the early hours   alcohol.
cost and time involved in an audit to         of Saturday morning. He was detained        One person was also dealt with for dis-
be too much – With our move to full           in custody until Saturday afternoon         playing a defective offside light and a
cost recovery and the removal of what         where a Special Court was convened          verbal warning was given to another
were effectively financial subsidies this     and Mr Benjamin was brought before          person for displaying incorrect lighting
situation was only going to get worse.        the Court where he was given condi-         to the front of the vehicle
Fortunately Financial Statement Re-           tional bail. Mr Benjamin’s conditions are
view Engagements have come to the
rescue. The recent review we per-                                    Rig to be Salvaged
formed on the Legal Assistance Fund           The previously lost oil platform,           rather than aground on a reef and this
accounts cost only a third of what a full     Petrobras 21, that stranded on Tristan      may make the task of removing it easier.
audit would have done. The benefit            last week is to be salvaged.                It will take the salvage team between
here is simple - By reducing our costs,       The owners, Catleia Oil Company,            five and six days to reach Tristan after
we are able to reduce our clients’ costs      based in the Cayman Islands confirm         mobilisation at Cape Town so it does
too. With our smaller and less compli-        that a company, Charles Taylor Consult-     not appear that anything is likely to hap-
cated clients we are now looking at fi-       ing, has been employed and are in ne-       pen very quickly. In the meantime mid
nancial statement review fees coming          gotiation with a salvage company with a     winter approaches in the South Atlan-
in at under £200.” Any persons inter-         view to the recovery of the platform.       tic.
ested in this new service, whether ex-        They envisage sending a powerful tug
isting or prospective clients, should         from South Africa with equip-
contact the AuditService by e-mail,           ment for diving and for carry-, through the web            ing out any incidental repairs
site at, or via tel-         that are necessary to the plat-
ephone on (00 290) 2107.                      form. The team on board the
                                              tug would assess the situation
             Press Release                    and, all being well, would tow
                                              the platform off and take it to
                                              Cape Town. They now under-
                                              stand that the platform may be
                                              beached on the sloping seabed
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                                                7
                               OBE for Graham Sim                                                        By Nick Hewes

Graham Sim, who was presented with                                                           rious and sometimes foreboding but
an OBE (Officer of the Most Excellent                                                        once below one is surrounded by natu-
Order of the British Empire) medal at                                                        ral wonders. I just love being there. How
Plantation House last Friday is, as ever,                                                    can one fully explain it?
surprisingly modest about his award.                                                         “Man is not in his natural element in the
“Being proud is alright” he said, before                                                     sea: - that’s why you have to respect it.
adding wisely, “but it doesn’t really get                                                    It is somewhere you can’t go easily, so
you anywhere. I have just done the                                                           you have to be careful and abide by the
things I have always enjoyed doing,                                                          safety rules. When you go into the sea
that’s all. Then someone comes along                                                         you always take a risk. It should how-
and decides that you deserve a reward                                                        ever be a calculated risk. Safety in the
for doing these things, and so you ask                                                       water has always been important to me.
yourself, ‘do I really deserve this!’ My                                                     That was the main reason I got into div-
first reaction when I was told about the                                                     ing instruction. It gives me great pleas-
award was to make sure that I felt com-                                                      ure to see others enjoying the under-
fortable about deserving it.”                                                                water world through my instruction. The
 Although Graham is known throughout                                                         talks that I gave in Prince Andrew School
the Island for his involvement with the                                                      on Water Safety was also very special
sea, he didn’t actually learn to swim un-                                                    to me” One of Graham’s great contri-
til the age of 18. As a child living near                                                    butions to St Helena of course has been
High Knoll, the long journey to town                                                         his voluntary work. All of the above was
meant that regular swimming lessons                                                          voluntary. Even during the ten years he
were not possible. He learnt to swim                                                         served as the Island’s Coroner there
during his lunch hour when he was work-                                                      was no payment. His service with the
ing for Solomons . His work mate, Jim                                                        Sea Rescue Service as member of the
Ward, used to tie a rope around his waist                                                    Underwater Search and Recovery team
and instruct him from the wharf landing                                                      extend back to over forty years. “I al-
steps. “Jim was an excellent swimmer.           Graham receiving his award at                ways felt that the most important thing
I used to swim around confidently at the      Platation House on Friday evening              was recovery of the body, for the family
end of this rope knowing that Jim would                                                      and loved ones really.”
                                             started off I had nothing. Apart from get-
be watching. But there would be times                                                        Everybody who knows Graham cannot
                                             ting hold of a diving manual from a na-
when I would look up to see him in deep                                                      help but be impressed by his obvious
                                             val ship, much of what I learnt was self-
conversation with someone else, at                                                           fitness, especially when his age is taken
                                             taught and of course there was always
which point I would suddenly lose all my                                                     into account. He told me that apart from
                                             the helpful advice from others. A spe-
confidence and start thrashing about in                                                      his water activities, he likes walking and
                                             cial person was Charles Henry, ‘Charlie
the water. It certainly wasn’t an easy way                                                   running (when he has the time). He is
                                             Boar’; from him I learnt my boat han-
to learn.                                                                                    quite conscious of his diet, and he
                                             dling skills and was given advice on sail-
“Snorkel-diving and spearfishing was                                                         avoids alcohol except for the odd glass
                                             ing. I learnt to sail using his advice and
introduced to the Island in the 1950s by                                                     of wine with a meal. He rarely drinks tea
                                             going out in the Bay with a friend. After
an overseas Cable and Wireless em-                                                           or coffee but he does drink a lot of wa-
                                             this I was able to teach several young
ployee, if I remember rightly. We, the                                                       ter.
                                             people to sail. I also taught myself and
local lads, had no spears, so we made                                                        Was Graham not tempted to go to Lon-
                                             others to windsurf. Wind surfing is great
them out of broom handles. We would                                                          don to receive his OBE? “No, I’d much
                                             fun and it certainly kept you fit. It is dis-
attach two sharp pieces of metal rod at                                                      rather be here at home, where I have
                                             appointing to see that no one here
one end which was wrapped around                                                             the people I know around me. It was
                                             seems to be interested in this sport now.
with a piece lead to give some weight,                                                       great to be at Plantation with friends and
                                             Waterskiing was another sport I enjoyed
and at the other end would be attached                                                       family. It was a thoroughly enjoyable
                                             doing here and had great fun in teach-
a length of rubber stripped from an old                                                      evening and the meal was excellent.”
                                             ing others.”
inner tube to propel it. Spearing fish at                                                    Lastly, I asked Graham what the most
                                             Graham believes that St Helena is a
that time was not too difficult because                                                      precious part of his life was. “The best
                                             wonderful place for anybody who is in-
of the large numbers of fish and also                                                        thing without any doubt is having a fam-
                                             terested in watersports. “There is so
because they had not learnt of the dan-                                                      ily. It changes your outlook. Since I got
                                             much for young people to do here” he
gers of man. As time went on and more                                                        married I have had the good fortune to
                                             said, “but it is a mystery that only a few
people became involved in this activity.                                                     be able to carry on doing the things I
                                             seem to be interested in the things that
It became obvious that the impact was                                                        have always enjoyed. Life has been
                                             the sea can offer. Even though I have
causing a decline in targeted species.                                                       good to me. Your family is better than a
                                             been diving for over forty years I still
It was then that I decided to give up                                                        million pounds.” He also commented
                                             enjoy every dive. There are always
spear fishing.”                                                                              that much of what he has achieved has
                                             changes taking place in the ocean –
The result of Graham taking up these                                                         been with the support and help of many
                                             there are so many unknowns about it.
pursuits from scratch was that he learnt                                                     others to whom he would like to give
                                             From above it may appear to be myste-
most from his own experience. “When I                                                        his sincere thanks.
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                                                   8
Congratulations to Queen’s Awards

Last Friday night at a dinner at Planta-     islanders alike - are delighted by his      Overseas Territories Department, who
tion House, Mr Graham Sim formally re-       ability to search out the dolphins around   received his OBE, Officer of the Most
ceived his award granted by Her Maj-         our coast.                                  Excellent Order of the British Empire,
esty the Queen from Governor Clancy.         Graham has also served as a member          medal for “Services to the Department
In the speech at the event Governor          on various Boards and has performed         for International Development”. Clive
Clancy said that:                            the duties of Coroner for some 10 years.    served 41 year career with DFID and its
“I am delighted to be able to make this      Graham was recognised in the New            predecessor bodies, Clive was closely
award of OBE to Graham this evening.         Years Honours 2006 and it gives me          associated with a number of important
The award recognises his contribution        great pleasure to now decorate him with     matters concerning St Helena - includ-
across the spectrum of life on St Helena     the medal of Order of the British Em-       ing the building of the present RMS and
but in particular it recognises his serv-    pire.”                                      the key decision last year to build an air-
ices in the voluntary and fisheries sec-                                                 port on the island.
tors. Graham worked in the public serv-                                                  HRH spoke with interest and enthusi-
ice as a teacher in earlier days but he      Also Friday, an Investiture ceremony at     asm to all three separately, during the
left public service as Senior Fisheries      Buckingham Palace took place in Lon-        medal presentation ceremony, about St
Officer. He also served in the Merchant      don. The Investiture, which was con-        Helena and the contribution that they
Navy.                                        ducted by His RH The Prince of Wales,       had made to life on the island. Clive took
He is a founder member of the St             included no fewer than three people who     the opportunity to mention the proposed
Helena Dive Club which for many years        are either Saints or have strong connec-    new airport.
provided a voluntary sea rescue serv-        tions with the island. They were:           Joyce George was accompanied by
ice for the Island. His wealth of diving     Mrs Joyce George and Captain Rodney         sons Nigel, Ryan and Martin. Captain
and marine experience is much sought         Young, both of whom received their          Rodney Young was accompanied by his
after in the fisheries and natural re-       MBE, Member of the Most Excellent           mother May, wife Jill and sister Alice.
sources arena. He has been an inspi-         Order of the British Empire, medals for     Clive was accompanied by his wife
ration and role model particularly for       “Services to the community in St            Dorothy and his twin daughters, Carrie
young people with regard to responsi-        Helena”; and                                and Josie.
ble diving. Many people - visitors and       Clive Warren, formerly Head of DFID‘s

  The Annual Fishing Competition, Saturday, 1 July, Open to all Boats.
Those participating are asked to abide by the following rules:
1.     The competition starts from midnight Friday, 30 June 2006.
2.     Boats may catch bait only on the day before (it is hoped that all fishermen will abide by this and not catch fish and
      store on ice for the following day).
3.     No spears or harpoons are allowed, even when landing fish.
4.     Baitfish will not qualify as part of the catch.
5.     All vessels should be at the lower steps of the Jamestown Wharf by not later than 4.30 p.m. on Saturday, 25 June
       2005, and are asked to radio Fisheries Cold Store to qualify for the competition.
6.     Captors should land their largest fish gilled and gutted to qualify for the largest fish.
7.     The decision of the General Manager or his designate of the St. Helena Fisheries Corporation is final.
Bar facilities are being organised for the Wharf area where the weigh-in will take place. The presentation of trophies will then
follow at the Muleyard where a Bar will be available.This competition is being organised in conjunction with the Fishermens
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                                                9
         Short Term                             allows a successful short term candi-
                                                date to be on Island, in post, much ear-
                                                                                              in readiness for air access; and support-
                                                                                              ing the development of a five year capi-
         Government                             lier than it would for a full term appoint-   tal investment program. The Govern-
                                                ment. Besides advertising and selection       ment Economist will also prepare policy
          Economist                             procedures, medical and security clear-       papers showing how St Helena can go
                                                ances for full time appointees can take       about meeting its social and economic
        for St Helena                           a considerable period of time to com-         needs over the next 10 years. In addi-
Interviews have taken place to recruit a        plete.                                        tion, the successful applicant will pro-
short term Government Economist for             The St Helena Government followed             vide economic support to Government
St Helena. Chief Personnel Officer,             this route in October 2002 when Basil         Departments. The Government Econo-
Barbara George, said that three candi-          Fansa worked on Island for a few              mist will report to the Chief Secretary
dates were interviewed for this high level      months following the departure of Tom         and will be based at the Castle in
position and it is hoped that the success-      Crowards, and before the arrival of           Jamestown. He or she will work closely
ful applicant will arrive on St Helena in       Adrian Green. Adrian completed his            with the Governor, the Acting Chief Sec-
August of this year to take up a contract       contract in March of this year.               retary, the Financial Secretary, the Chief
for four months. The decision to recruit        The Government Economist’s main pri-          Development Officer, the Development
a short term Government Economist               ority will be to finalise the Sustainable     Economist, and Heads of Department.
was taken as the full term position has         Development Plan which will show the          The post is being funded by the Depart-
not yet been finalised. It is likely that re-   economic, social and environmental            ment For International Development,
cruiting a full time post holder could take     action needed to foster positive and sus-     and SHG hopes to have a full time Gov-
several months and a short-term candi-          tainable change on St Helena. Other           ernment Economist post when the four
date will provide St Helena with the nec-       priorities will include providing support     month contract comes to an end in De-
essary economic support during this             to the Financial Secretary, Linda             cember this year.
period of time. Short term appointments         Clemett, in preparing the next three-year     Public Relations/Information Office
do not have to follow the full recruitment      budget, which will take into considera-       Office of the Chief Secretary
procedure that DFID operates, so this           tion changes that will have to take place     13 June 2006

    EDUCATION                                   tract of support has now run for three
                                                years and an extension will be consid-
                                                                                              hanced Scheme of Service and Salary
                                                                                              Structure to retain and recruit good
   DEPARTMENT                                   ered for the remaining two years. A mid
                                                programme review of achievements
                                                                                              teachers if the Department is to sustain
                                                                                              a quality service and meet the chal-
  PRESS RELEASE                                 against planned outcomes was under-           lenges of improved access. He will be
Arriving on the RMS St Helena from              taken during the last education Advis-        looking at current progress on estab-
Cape Town this Friday will be Mr Ian            er’s visit which assessed the pro-            lishing an Adult Vocational Education
Collingwood, Education Adviser for the          gramme as being on target towards             Service (AVES). He will be particularly
Overseas Territories Department in the          achieving its proposed outputs. Whilst        interested in any plans to deal with fall-
Department for International Develop-           school achievement has continued to           ing school rolls and both utilisation and
ment (DFID). Mr Collingwood’s visit to          rise, significant progress has been           shortage of skilled teachers across the
the Island and the Education Depart-            made towards achieving a post com-            Department.
ment in particular will coincide with the       pulsory and vocational education and          Should anyone, particularly parents or
schools’ mid term holiday; nevertheless         training strategy for the Island and there    guardians who might wish to see Mr
it will be a busy and important week.           has been much support to the manage-          Collingwood to discuss any matters re-
This will be the first time Mr Collingwood      ment and planning processes, there is         lating to education, arrangements can
has been to St Helena and follows the           now significant work to be done to im-        be made for this. Please contact Mrs
visit of his predecessor Mr Mark Sinclair       plement strategy and to realise pro-          Joy Peters on telephone Number 2710
in October 2005. His week on Island             posed changes to sustain quality edu-         as soon as possible but not after Tues-
will coincide with the visit of Mr John         cation provision in to the future.            day 20 June as time will become lim-
Cocks, Education Consultant who has             There are key constraints which Mr            ited as the visit draws to a close.
already been here for the last 3 weeks          Collingwood is already aware of and will      P M Lawrence
working with the Adult & Vocational             become even more familiar with whilst         Chief Education Officer
Education Service Manager (Dale Bow-            on Island including the need for an en-       13 June 2006
ers) taking forward plans for the estab-
lishment of an Adult Vocational Educa-
                                                           Hundreds of Saints around the world download and
tion Service for the Island.                                 print the St Helena Independent each week for
Mr Collingwood will be familiarising him-                  FREE. Stay closer to home by contributing what’s
self with St Helena in general but the
education service in particular. DFID
                                                           happening in your world. A Saint dance in London,
supports a two and a half million pound                        Reading Day Sports, What’s happening on
programme of support to education                                   Ascension or the Falkland Islands.
which began in October 2003. It is de-                           You too can be a part of the island first
livered through the contracted services
of a Support Provider who works with                         independent paper. We’d like to here from you.
the St Helena Government, Education                                  Email
Department and the DFID. The con-
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                                                   10
                                                           JOB VACANCY
     Cable & Wireless has a vacancy for a Manager Networks (Designate) to eventually lead the
     Networks Department, after a period of two years. The post of Manager Networks (Designate)
     is a high profile senior management position demanding a high level of commitment, drive and

     The primary objectives of the post are as follows:

              To deputise for the Manager Networks, particularly when the Manager Networks is off-
              To assist in the management of the core network of the Business Unit on a day-to-day
              basis and the operations and maintenance of the engineering complex at The Briars.
              To assist in all projects pertaining to networks including external involvement with Global
              Operations Engineering Services (GOES) as necessary to ensure Group Standards are
              To assist in the management of the provision and restoration of all customer services
              from core network to the customers’ locations within the specified timeframes.
              Carry out detailed planning and, where possible, execution of major and minor outside
              plant schemes.

     The successful candidate will ideally have a qualification in a technical engineering subject, with
     at least 5 years experience in a technical role. An understanding of technical communications
     issues is essential, as is leadership ability and the ability to deal effectively and professionally
     with all customer situations. Candidates must be enthusiastic, diplomatic and proactive in their
     operations and must be skilled in the use of business computer software e.g MS Word, Excel,
     PowerPoint etc as these will be used extensively in the performance of the role.

     Salary for the post includes a contribution to home to duty transport and will start at £12,000 per
     annum. The successful candidate may be required to serve a probationary period of 6 months.
     Some of the many benefits include free uniform, annual leave and sick leave entitlements,
     provisions for maternity or paternity leave, entitlement to join the Cable & Wireless International
     Retirement Benefit Plan, Incentive Bonus Scheme and other savings schemes.

     Further information regarding the responsibilities of the post may be discussed with Mark Heron,
     Manager Networks, St Helena Business Unit at The Briars, or on Tel 2229. An application form,
     copy of the Job Description and details of full benefits may be obtained from Tina Dillon, Human
     Resources & Administration Assistant at Bishops Rooms.

     Applications should be submitted to Hensil O’Bey, Chief Executive, Cable & Wireless, Bishops
     Rooms, Jamestown, by 4 pm on Friday 30 June 2006.

The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                          11
Vacancies within Government                                                             Visit of the Janisch
                                                                                        Family to St Helena
         Public Works & Services Department                                                    in July
  The Public Works & Services De-            ments projects throughout the is-      The Governor has heard from the grand-
  partment is seeking to recruit a           land. The successful applicant         sons of William Janisch who was the
  suitably experienced person to fill        should be a proactive team player      younger son of Hudson Janisch. Hudson
  the post of Drainage Foreman                                                      Janisch was born on St Helena in 1824
                                             with a positive approach to promot-
                                                                                    and became the only St Helenian Gover-
  within their works section. The            ing good working practises and         nor of the Island. David and Bernard
  main duties of the post include all        health and safety standards. A job     Janisch understood that the surviving
  work associated with managing a            profile is available upon request      family of Hudson Janisch left St Helena
  drainage section and maintaining           and further enquires about the job     for the Cape after Hudson’s death in 1884.
  the island’s sewerage and drain-           can be sought by contacting the        There will be a total of 7 in the Janisch
  age infrastructure, and supervis-          Senior Engineer of Works on Tel-       party. They all look forward to research-
  ing staff engaged on the                   ephone number 2352.                    ing records in the Archives and seeing St
  wastewater improvement project.                                                   Helena for the first time. Of course, one
  You will be expected to demon-             If you believe you can make a sig-     visit they will want to make is that to the
  strate good managerial and super-                                                 memorial to Hudson Janisch at
                                             nificant contribution, then please
                                                                                    Knollcombes Cemetery, which was
  visory skills and have the ability to      collect an application form from the   erected “to commemorate the high re-
  cope with a heavy and demand-              Personnel Department or the Pub-       spect and esteem in which the late Gov-
  ing work schedule.                         lic Works and Services Depart-         ernor was universally held.”
                                             ment, Jamestown. Application           The Janischs arrive on the RMS on Sun-
  This position is a Grade Level 4           forms should be completed and          day 9 July 2006 and would be delighted
  post, reporting to the Senior Su-          submitted through Heads of De-         to meet anyone who has any record of
  perintendent of the works section,         partments where applicable to          Hudson Janisch and his family.
  and offers the successful applicant        reach The Manager/Head of De-          Public Relations/Information Office
  an excellent career opportunity to         partment, Public Works and Serv-       Office of the Chief Secretary
  develop their leadership with real                                                13 June 2006
                                             ices Department, Jamestown by
  opportunities to gain experience           no later than 21 June 2006.
  working on some of the depart-
                                                                                    Press Notice
                                                                                    2006 has seen Her Majesty the Queen
        Office of the                               Public Health &                 celebrate her 80th birthday. The traditional
                                                                                    garden party at Plantation House will see
       Chief Secretary                              Social Services                 a number of differences in marking this
                                                                                    event. First, there will be a display of pho-
  Applications are invited to fill the
  post of Executive Officer (Stores
                                                      Department                    tographs and records associated with
                                                                                    royal visits to St Helena. These will include
  and Accounts) in the office of the          ‘The Public Health & Social           photographs of the visit by the then Prin-
  Chief Secretary. Salary at Grade            Services Department is looking for    cess Elizabeth.
  Level 4 will depend on                      suitable people to fill the vacant    People living on St Helena who are cel-
  qualifications and experience.”             posts of Clerk Level 1/2 for their    ebrating their 80th birthday this year have
                                              Administration and Accounts           been invited to the Garden Party. This
  For further information please              Sections.                             compliments other changes in the invita-
  contact Mrs Sandra Sim on                                                         tion list to try to include people who have
  telephone Number 2470 or see                For further information, interested   not previously attended a Queen’s Birth-
  Public Notice dated 13 June 2006.           persons can contact Mrs Lilian        day Party at Plantation House. This invi-
                                                                                    tation list has been compiled partly by in-
                                              Andrews, Senior Executive Officer
                                                                                    viting departments to nominate people
  Applications should be submitted            on telephone no. 2500 or see          who have given service to the community
  through Heads of Department                 Public Notice dated 9 June 2006.      on St Helena. The invitation list also in-
  where applicable, to the Acting                                                   cludes Miss St Helena and her fellow con-
  Deputy Secretary, by no later than          Application forms, which are          testants. Another change is that the Gar-
  Tuesday 27 June 2006.                       available from the Personnel and      den Party is being held from 2- 4 pm rather
                                              Public Health & Social Services       than starting at 12 noon. Other traditional
                                              Departments,       should      be     elements will remain such as the toasting
                                              completed and submitted to the        of Her Majesty’s health with a glass of
                                              Chief Administrative Health &         champagne and the playing of the
                                                                                    Gettogethers Orchestra.
                                              Social Services Officer by Friday,
                                                                                    Michael Clancy
                                              23 June 2006.’                        Governor
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                                            12
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006   13
                                                                     WEEKEND’S GOLF NEWS
                                                                     On Sunday 11th June the ‘Four Ball Better Ball
                                                                     - Stroke Play’ competition was played.
                                                                     The Winners were Hensil O’Bey and Scott
                                                                                          Crowie and the Runners Up
                                                                                            Andrew Plato and Arthur
                                                                                          the ‘Two Ball Pool’ was won
                                                                                      by Foxy Stevens.
                                                                                   Thanks to Leon Crowie for donat-
    If you have experience in propagating                                         ing the Prizes.
     plants and growing plants from seed
     contact us, we might have a possible                                          On the weekend of 24th and 25th
   business proposal for you, which would                                          June the Sidney George Chal-
                                                                                    lenge Cup - Stroke Play will be
           be NEW to St. Helena!!!                                                    played. Members wishing to
                                                                                        take part in this competition
    For more information regarding this                                                   should submit their name to
    proposal please contact the Business                                                    the Games Manager,
                                                                                              Freda     Green,     by
   Advisory Section of SHDA on 2920 or                                                         Wednesday        21st
             pop in and see us.                                                                  June.

                                                              Programme of Events:
                                                              •    Bouncy Castle for the kids
                                                              •    Triathlon Relay Race starting from 2.30 pm
                                                              •    Various sporting activities from 3.30 pm
                                                              •    Various stalls and side shows
                                                              •    Bingo by the Poolside from 5pm
                                                              •    Talent Show with the DOE participants
                                                                   accompanied by Big Easy
                                                              •    Teas
                                                              •    Food Shop
                                                              •    Tuck Shop
                                                              •    Bar available from 7 pm
                                                              •    Big Easy entertainment from 8 pm
                                                                         Come along and
                                                                       support the children

The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                                 14
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006   15
                  Saint FM                             Saturday 17th
     The Heartbeat of St Helena                        7am – 1pm         Saturday morning Brunch - Joe Terry
                                                       1pm – 3pm         Backstreet Mixture

 Programme                                             3pm—6pm
                                                       6pm - 6:30
                                                       6.30 – 9.30pm
                                                       9:30 – 7am
                                                                         Youth Radio - Kaylee Young, Danielle Yon, Emma Piek
                                                                         Mike Olsson
                                                                         Cathy Bowers Saturday Special
                                                                         JUKEBOX entertainment

  Schedule                                             Sunday 18th
                                                       7am – 10am
                                                                         Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down
                                                                         Sunday Mix- Charles Williams, Lucas Benjamin
           Programming is being                        1am—3pm           Youth Radio - Kaylee Young, Danielle Yon, Emma Piek
                                                       3am—6pm           Beans Mix - Patrick Henry
            updated all the time                       6 – 7:30pm        Sunday Night Rock Show - Mark Heron
             and is subject to                         7:30pm – 9:30pm   Colin Forbes Live
           change without prior                        9:30 – 7am        JUKEBOX entertainment

                                                       Monday 19th
                                                       6am - 9am         Wake-up call - Mike Olsson
            LOCAL NEWS                                 9am - 12:30pm
                                                       12:30pm - 4pm
                                                                         Downtown Party
                                                                         Another Day in Paradise
             BULLETINS:                                4pm - 4:30pm
                                                       4:30 - 6:30 pm
                                                                         Drive Time
                                                                         Cathy Bowers
                  Weekdays:                            6:30pm 9:30       Karen Williams
                  7am & 9am                            9:30 – 7am        JUKEBOX Entertainment
                12noon & 2pm
                4:15pm, 7pm &                          Tuesday 20th
                                                       6am - 9am         Wake-up call - Mike Olsson
                    9:30pm                             9am - 12:30pm     Downtown Party
                                                       12:30pm - 4pm     Another Day in Paradise
                  Weekends:                            4pm - 4:30pm      Drive Time
                                                       4:30pm – 7pm      Anything Goes - Charles Williams
                 1pm and 7pm                           7pm – 7:30        Evening Drive
                                                       7:30pm – 9:30pm   Rock Solid - Harry King
                                                       9:30 – 7am        JUKEBOX Entertainment

  Advertise...                                         Wednesday 21st
                                                       6am - 9am         Wake-up call - Mike Olsson

 With Saint FM                                         9am - 12:30pm
                                                       12:30pm - 4pm
                                                       4pm - 4:30pm
                                                                         Downtown Party
                                                                         Another Day in Paradise
                                                                         Drive Time
   Saint FM, the Heatbeat of St                        4:30pm – 6:30pm   Rock +
                                                       6.30 - 7.30       Evening Drive
  Helena reaching Saints around                        7:30pm – 9:30pm   Donna Crowie
    the world. On St Helena on                         9:30 – 7am        JUKEBOX Entertainment

             93.1 & 90.0.         Thursday 22nd
  Saint FM Ascension Island on 6am - 9am          Wake-up call - Mike Olsson
                                  9am - 12:30pm   Downtown Party
   91.4 and the rest of the world 12:30pm - 4pm   Another Day in Paradise
                                  4pm - 4:30pm
  via live streaming audio on our 4:30pm – 6:30pm Drive .Time Calm and Collected]-Paul Hickling
                                                  C . C C [Cool,
               website.           7:30pm – 9:30pm Forget the Frills -Jeanine
                                                       9:30 – 7am        JUKEBOX Entertainment
  Advertise where it counts
                                                       Friday 23rd
                                                       6am - 9am         Wake-up call - Mike Olsson
    Contact us today to find out                       9am - 10pm        Downtown Party
                                                       10pm - 12pm       Another Day in Paradise
     more about our rates and                          12pm - 4:30pm     Drive Time - Angela Williams
         subscription fees                             4:30pm – 6:30pm   May contain Nuts - Woodrow Stevens and Friends
                                                       6:30 – 7:30pm     Evening Drive
      (00290) 2660 or email                            7:30pm – 9:30pm   Get ready to party
                                                       9:30pm – 7am      JUKEBOX Entertainment

The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                                         16
                                                 Museum receives gifts from a lost era
 More Vacancies                                                                   Nick Hewes
        Senior Clerk
 The Education Department has a va-
 cancy for a Senior Clerk to work in
 the main office at the Canister. Sal-
 ary for the post is paid in Grade Level
 3. Duties will include the collation of
 overseas orders for the Department,
 liaising with UK procurement agent
 on all matters relating to the stores,
 updating master inventory and sec-
 retarial support to the Primary Man-

 Previous experience in stores pro-
 curement and cash handling would
 be an advantage. IT skills are also
 essential. Candidates should pref-
 erably be in possession of GCSE
 English Language, Maths or Ac-
 counts at Grade ‘C’ or above. Per-
 sons not in possession of any of
 these qualifications but with relevant
 experience may also be considered.           St Helena’s Museum has recently taken        pounds and kilograms.”
                                              delivery of two aged items, both donated     The second donated item, an ancient
 Interested persons are invited               by Nick Thorpe. One is a handsome set        telephone exchange which once be-
 to contact Mrs Carol Thompson, As-           of weighing scales, whilst the other is a    longed to Cable and Wireless, has been
 sistant Secretary on telephone No            private telephone exchange. The im-          in Nick’s possession for the last two
 2710      or     by     email     at         pressively heavy iron scales, made by        years. The exchange has only 50 lines, A full job          Avery in Birmingham, have a reliable and     and would have been used as a private,
 description can be obtained from the         weighty look which belongs to an era al-     internal switchboard in institutions like
 Canister Office on request.                  together different from that of our own      The Castle or Solomons. George
                                              digital age. They are so solid that they     Stevens, who was once manager of
 Application forms are available from         look as if they could have been manu-        Cable and Wireless, says that the ex-
 the Personnel and Education Depart-          factured at any time since the Industrial    change would have been in use right
 ments, and should be completed and           Revolution, but in this case they prob-      up until 1990. “The new Cable and
 submitted through Heads of Depart-           ably date from the 1950s. Nick said that     Wireless exchange took over in 1990”
 ment where applicable, to the Chief          he had only recently purchased the           he said, “and at that point we discon-
 Education Officer, The Canister by no        scales from the Growers Association.         nected the old Strouger [the conven-
 later than 4 pm on Monday 26 June            “They rang me up and offered them to         tional type of exchange in use at that
 2006.                                        me for a fiver!” he said, “they were so      time]. We decided to put a lot more cop-
                                              lovely, and in such a nice condition that    per in the field, and that meant that we
                                              I had no hesitation”.                        could have lots more direct lines, just
  Club Asssistant on                          He said that the scales would provide a      like in the UK. At that point there was of
                                              good interactive exhibit for children vis-   course no need for internal exchanges
  Ascension Island                            iting the Museum, due to their simplicity    any more.”
 NAAFI on Ascension Island is seek-           and their obvious robustness. “Children      Museum Director Lucy Caesar said that
 ing to employ a Club Assistant to work       will be able to weigh various items, in-     she was pleased with both items, al-
 at their NAAFI Complex at Travellers         cluding themselves! The scales might         though she needed to find better exhi-
 Hill.                                        also be useful as a way of encouraging       bition spaces for them.
                                              children to learn to convert between
 Applications are invited from both
 male and female persons to Mrs
 Patricia Clark, the Recruiting Officer
 for NAAFI who will provide you with
                                             For sale
                                              A VW Golf, MK 3 VR6 2.8 ltr, metallic blue in excellent condition.
 details of the Post.
                                              Fitted with a magnex stainless steel exhaust, full sound system,
 The successful person will be ex-
                                              bbs alloys, electric windows, p/steering, abs brakes, full house!!!
 pected to travel to Ascension next             Interested persons can contact Craig on 3459 -
                                                            priced at 4800 pounds
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                                                17
                                                           JOB VACANCY
    Cable & Wireless has a vacancy for a Linesman/Fitter to join the Service
    Provisioning team within the Networks Department.

    The primary objectives of the post are as follows:

                      To carry out customer telephone and television installations and
                      rectification of faults.
                      To carry out installation and maintenance of customer premises
                      equipment including payphones.
                      To assist with the maintenance and upgrades of the Access Network,
                      which will involve working on telephone poles.

    The Linesman/Fitter will be responsible to the Service Provisioning Supervisor.

    Salary for the post is inclusive of a contribution towards home to duty transport and
    will start at £4116.00 per annum. The successful candidate may be required to
    serve a probationary period. Some of the many benefits include free uniform,
    annual leave and sick leave entitlements, provisions for maternity or paternity leave,
    entitlement to join the Cable & Wireless International Retirement Benefit Plan,
    Incentive Bonus Scheme and other savings schemes.

    Further information regarding the responsibilities of the post may be discussed
    with Kevin George, Supervisor Service Provisioning, at the Briars,
    (Tel: + 290 2551, email An application form, copy
    of the Job Description and details of full benefits may be obtained from Tina Dillon,
    Human Resources & Administration Assistant at Bishops Rooms. (Tel: + 290 2800,

    Applications should be submitted to Hensil O’Bey, Chief Executive, St Helena
    Business Unit, Cable & Wireless, Bishops Rooms, Jamestown by 4 pm on Friday,
    30 June 2006.

The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                           18
                                                                                             Winners in the poetry competition were:
  Poetry/poster competition on Saint FM                                                      First school: Scott George and Scott
                                                                                             Middle Schools: Madolyn Andrews,
                                                                                             Erika Richards, Myles Isaac, Eve Forbes
                                                                                             Jodie Walters, Kimberly Yon, Ethan Henry
                                                                                             and Nicole Benjamin
                                                                                             Prince Andrew School: Amber Isaac
                                                                                             Adult: Ruth Pridham
                                                                                             Winners of the poster competition
                                                                                             were: Simeon Henry, Jodie Scipio and
                                                                                             Ruby-Jade Cranfield (for her poster with
                                                                                             Earlier in the week all the winners came
                                                                                             into Saint FM to give a reading their po-
                                                                                             ems, which was broadcast on the station
                                                                                             on Wednesday afternoon.

                                                                                             Ed: At the time of judging and prizes be-
                                                                                             ing awarded we were unaware that
                Some of the winner’s in the competition along with                           Madolyn Andrews, aged 11years attends
                  Elaine Benjamin, Head teacher Pilling Primary                              PAS and not Middle School.
World Environment Week is celebrated          ems would be divided into categories of
from the 5th -12th June each year. This       First, Middle and Prince Andrew Schools
year’s theme is deserts and desertification   respectively. The posters were judged
and in addition to all the planned activi-    separately. An adult category was also
ties, Saint FM also ran a competition wel-    created. Prizes of £15 worth of station-
coming our listeners to take part in a        ary were donated generously by Thorpe’s
poster and poetry competition. Entrants       Emporium. Queen Mary & Victoria Stores
could either write about this year’s theme,   donated stationary and games for the
deserts and desertification or about envi-    children. St Helena Leisure at the Mar-
ronmental awareness in general. After an      ket donated a gift voucher for a full week’s
overwhelming response from poets and          free DVD rental. Solomons & Co Plc and
artists the competition closed, and Judges    Warren’s department store donated three
Basil George and Joyce Harris took on         £5 vouchers, and one of our judges, Basil
the laborious task of deciding on the win-    George, donated additional stationary so
ners. Having an array of entries from all     that all winners in each category won a             Scott George and Scott Henry,
age groups, it was decided that the po-       prize.                                                    first school winners

  Harford school walks the runway
       Contributed by Dr. Rebecca Cairns-Wicks                                                 ROUNDERS
                                                                                               Any Ladies out there
                                                                                              15yrs or older interested
                                                                                                in playing rounders.
                                                                                                 Enter your team
Last Friday pupils and teachers from          for the PTA, and was aptly timed to co-
Harford Middle School took part in a          incide with Environment Week ‘don’t                    ASAP!!
lengthy ‘runway’ sponsored walk which         desert drylands’ theme. Rebecca
took them from Bradley’s to Cook’s            Cairns-Wicks was invited to lead the
Bridge and on to the proposed airport         walk. Regular stops along the way ena-           Christine Jonas on 4290
terminal access road along the south-         bled walkers to stop for much needed
ern ridge of Prosperous Bay Plain. They       refreshment and to enjoy their surround-
                                                                                                  or 3631 after 4:30
walked along the proposed runway from         ings with interpretation of the semi-            Or Tina Yon-Stevens on
its most southern point above Dry Gut         desert ecology and the proposed airport
to close to its northern most point, be-      development.
                                                                                                    2034 or 3766
fore dropping down into the central ba-       Congratulations to all teachers and pu-              Closing date is
sin to return to Bradley’s.                   pils for completing the walk. Sponsors
The walk was organised by the Harford         please give generously for a walk well
                                                                                                 Monday 19th June
Middle school teachers to raise funds         done!
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                                                 19
 The Archaeological Emergency Presented by the Wreck of the Dutch
East Indiaman the Witte Leeuw (White Lion) Sunk in 1613 at St. Helena.
The Witte Leeuw site represents the remains of a Dutch East                 Once the wreck has sunk, the major destructive components came
Indiaman. The Witte Leeuw sank on 18th June 1613, one of a fleet           into play – the initial settling of the wreck wil have caused emmense
of five Dutch ships which attempted to take the Portugese ships the        damage, and whilst she remains a potrusion on the sea bed nu-
Nossa Senhora da Nazare and La Conceicao. All the ships were               merous vessels using the harbour will catch and pull areas of the
on the homeward leg of their journeys and carried cargo from the           ship away. This anchor damage is still occuring today and will only
Indies. St. Helena at this time was a relatively newly utilized island,    get worse as large ships come to bring cargo for the airport. Mark-
having been discovered 111 years previously; these naval                   ing the area will have only limited capabilities as shown in Barba-
scirmishes must have represented a large part of the authority on          dos and other carribean islands; these have large no-anchor zones
the island (Gosse 1990).                                                   clearly marked, however, these in many cases only serve to show
The archaeological challenges presented by the Witte Leeuw come            divers and other tourists where the best diving is and result in un-
mostly from the combination of age and the variety of conservable          supervised individuals actively targetting these areas for anchor-
object that are present on a wreck of this age and size. A brief           age and underwater entertainment. Also, during rough weather,
overview of the site’s composition is required to look in detail at the    no ship or yacht can prevent the inadvertent dragging of her an-
composition of the wreck, the likely degradation of these materials        chors through these zones.
and the future of the site if it is left in situ.                          Deeptrek brings a unique combination of specialists to any exca-
A Dutch East Indiaman is largely constructed of wood. This is tradi-       vation. Deeptrek does not believe that the term salvage is appro-
tionally heartwood of a hardwood variety, such as the heartwood of         priate for the work we seek to undertake.
an oak, for the hull and a deciduous or soft wood for the masts and
spars. Wood forms the largest material usage on any ship of this             1. All work is supervised or undertaken by fully trained and
period, as it was used to construct the hull, decking, frames, masts,      qualified archaeologists. As archaeolgists we are aware of the
rigging blocks, rudder, furniture, cargo containers and, in the case       historical significance of all artefacts to the local community,
of the stern castle, forming the basis of which all other objects are      and we are also aware of the importance of context for any
laid. An organic compound, wood is composed of lignin and cellu-           artefact.
lose. The degradation of the wood is in the majority the degrada-             2. We endevour to create a lasting collection for the local
tion of the cellulose, which leaves a fragile structure of lignin. Leav-   community and also to ensure that other artefacts are avail-
ing these remains in situ will allow any movement of currents to           able for worldwide display.
wash the structure away. Removal of the wood will permit cell re-            3. Deeptrek values the input of local individuals who may be
placement, etc. and thus facilitate preservation not otherwise pos-        able to bring further experience to the excavation.
sible in the case of an exposed wooden wreck submerged in a                  4. Deeptrek realizes the nature of shipwrecks, and the sensi-
marine environment.                                                        tivity with which all human remains should be handled, and
Large parts of the ship and artifacts aboard are constructed from          for this purpose has full forensic capacity. We also endevour
metals, e.g. iron, brass, and copper (including straps, cannon, nails,     to work to the Commonwealth War Graves Commision guide-
lamps etc.). Iron is one of the least noble metals and will have a         lines when working with resent (under 70 years) remains and
anodic reaction with any more noble metals in close proximity. Leav-       also within excepted archaeological guidelines, such as those
ing iron objects in situ will mean the loss of detail and eventually       outlined in NAGPRA.
loss of the complete metal structure.                                       5. Deeptrek has qualified conservators and reconstruction
Ceramics, textiles, and precious metals make up the majority of            artists. These capabilities can be put to use to preserve the
the non-perishable cargo (Miller 1980). The possible availability of       artefacts which will suffer and be destroyed if left on the sea
such non-perishable items (a consequence of endorsing a non-               bed, or lifted and not conserved. Techniques such as cell con-
recovery policy) could lead to sites being scavenged by sport divers       solidation using PEG and super critical drying require experi-
seeking souvenirs, creating a security problem much more difficult         enced personnel and monetary investment that can run into
than those facing a museum display, and elevating the risk of de-          the millions of pounds.
struction of the site and the uncontrolled dispersal of undocumented         6. Most memebers of the Deeptrek team are involved in ac-
and unstudied artifacts.                                                   tive publication of all excavations in international journals and
The remains of the Witte Leeuw have been subjected to two sal-             other media outlets. These publications mean that all
vage attempts by non-archaeological survey groups; they face an            excavtions must be to the highest standard, as these publica-
increase in shipping near and over the wreck site as large scale           tions are available to be critised by a body of peers.
building works occur on the island to create a new airport; and they        7. Members of Deeptrek have been conducted some of the
may be subjected to increased tourism by the opening of the air-           most high profile excavations and surveys, including having
port. Thus, we believe that the Witte Leeuw is at present in a frag-       the first archaeologist on the Titanic and, more relevant to the
ile state. The above factors suggest that the Witte Leeuw may be           Witte Leeuw the excavation the Royal Yacht Mary for His Royal
lost in a period measured in years rather than decades. A caferul          Highness Prince Charles. The Mary is of a similar age and
program of archaeological recovery and conservation offers the             construction to the Witte Leeuw and this experience can be
possibility of preserving the Witte Leeuw.                                 brought to any work on the Witte Leeuw.
The Witte Leeuw, as with all wrecks, will have undergone several            8. Deeptrek members have already dived at St. Helena and
periods of damage and degredation. The degredation on any ship             have demonstrated their considerable experience. A senior
begins before it even leaves the ship yard in which she is built. The      team meber, Bernie McDonald, previously entered into talks
various components of the ship react not only with the surrounding         about the best way to save the Witte Leeuw in 1999.
air and water, but also with each other and other objects in proxim-        9. The Deeptrek team has over 200 000 sea miles between
ity, e.g. metals. Whilst a working ship, this degredation was held in      them; Deeptrek members’ respect and knowledge of the sea
check by constant repairs; once the Witte Leeuw turned towards             is unparrallelled in any other team in the world.
the Nossa Senhora da Nazare, the maintenance came to an end
and a period of constant and degredation and destruction began.            Therefore we believe that Deeptrek is in a position to conduct
Comparitively small scale damage will have been caused during              an archaeological excavation of the highest standard, and that
the battle; this is the damage that caused her to rapidly sink to rest     this excavation should be conducted sooner rather than later
on the harbour floor.                                                      to prevent the complete loss of the wreck.

The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                                                           20
                                                                     between Ascension Island and St Helena after the airport on
                                                                     St Helena opens.”

                                                                     “To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth
                                                                     Affairs, what recent discussions have taken place between
                                                                     the Ascension Island Administrator and her Department re-
                                                                     garding relations with the Ascension Island Council.”

                                                                     “To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth
                                                                     Affairs, pursuant to the Answer of 9th May 2006, Official Re-
                                                                     port, column 185W, on Ascension Island, if she will place a
                                                                     copy of the Workmen’s Protection (Ascension) Ordinance in
                                                                     the Library.”

Last week saw further questions lodged in the House of               “To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth
Commons about St Helena and Ascension by Dr Vincent                  Affairs, how many sites on Ascension Island `no longer nec-
Cable, MP from Twickenham. Mort of the questions con-                essary for the purpose of the operation of the Long Range
cerns Ascension and the relationship between Britain and             Proving Ground’ as set out in Article IV (Provision of Sites),
United Stated in the running of the Island. Dr Cable is re-          point 1, of the Bahamas Agreement 1956 the UK Govern-
ceiving information for his questions from Iain Orr, former          ment has ceased to provide for that purpose since 1976.”
FCO employee and now running his think-tank operation
‘Biodemocracy’ and also Dr Richard Grove who visited the             “To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth
Island last year.                                                    Affairs, how many guided missiles (a) have been launched
                                                                     from Ascension Island and (b) have landed on Ascension Is-
Dr Vincent Cable asked the following questions:                      land since 1976 as permitted in Article II (General Descrip-
                                                                     tion of Rights), point 1a of the Bahamas Agreement 1956;
“To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Common-               and on what dates.”
wealth Affairs, how much import duty has been charged on
goods entering Ascension Island in each year since 1976.             “To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth
                                                                     Affairs, if she will list the acquisitions that have taken place
“To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Common-               on Ascension Island since 1976 of private property to allow
wealth Affairs, how much export duty has been charged on             rights of way to the United States Administration as permitted
goods leaving Ascension Island in each year since 1976.”             in Article III (Rights of Way) of the Bahamas Agreement 1956.”

  “To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Common-             “To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth
wealth Affairs, which bases leased to the United States as           Affairs, how many motor vehicles belonging to the United
listed in Treaty Series No. 2 (1941) Cmd. 6259 and Treaty            States Administration not used for purposes connected di-
Series No. 65 (1950) Cmd. 8076 are still leased to the United        rectly with the establishment, maintenance or use of the Long
States.”                                                             Range Proving Ground have paid taxes or fees relating to
                                                                     registration or licensing for use on Ascension Island since
“To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Common-               1976 under Article XIII (Motor Vehicle Taxes) of the Bahamas
wealth Affairs, what services will be offered for travel directly    Agreement 1956.”

             Import Duty Review                                      Saint FM/the Independent has applied to the Chief Justice to
                                                                     get access to the documentation which is a submission on
The Financial Secretary, Linda Clemmett is currently work-           ‘disclosure and amended grounds’.
ing on a review of the current import duty tariffs. It has over
the years been discovered that the old tariffs contain abnor-
malities and are in need of revision. In this work Linda will                       Portzic in Problems
be in contact with as many organisations and                                     The fishing vessel Portzic, which was expected to
stakeholders as possible to get a view of how                                       arrive back to St Helena at the end of this week
new tariffs could be constructed and applied. It                                    will be delayed until beginning of next week. The
is, at this stage, not certain when the review will                                 delay in returning is due to the Portzic left St
be finalised.                                                                       Helena for the Bonaparte sea mount but as the
                                                                                     fishing was very poor she left for Cardinau.
           Going to Court                                                            During her journey between Bonaparte and
                                                                                    Cardinau, she experienced engine problems,
The Court proceedings between Mr Rodney                                             according to Captain Roger Morice, the Skip-
Buckley and the St Helena Government regard-                         per of the Portzic. He reported that it was due to water in the
ing New Porteous House are taking up momentum. The                   fuel, a problem he has experienced before. Portzic was drift-
applicant’s UK based solicitor has lodged further documen-           ing without engine power for about two days before she could
tation to the Supreme Court in preparation for the forthcom-         resume her journey to Cardinau. On Wednesday it was said
ing judicial review, which is scheduled to take place in begin-      that the fishing on the more northern sea mount is reportedly
ning of July this year. It is likely that the latest submission by   slow as well.
the applicants will be deemed to be in the public domain and
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                                                21
                    Happy Fathers Day                                             For Sale
                          to Donald Harris,
                  I am working day shift so will
                   speak to you in the evening,
                       Lots of Donna xxx”

       We would like to thank Dr.Cardam, Wendy,
       Dr.Bloem and all the nursing staff especially                       A fully furnished house

                                                                                                     For Sale
                                                                For Sale
   Maureen, Mandy, Cynthia, Lynn and June for caring
   for our mum Ethel Legg during her stay in hospital.                       in Half Tree Hollow
   Also thanks to everyone who sent cards, telegrams
   and floral tributes. Special thanks to Nicholas Plato                   consisting of 9 rooms.
   and Timothy Scipio for conducting the services and
     many thanks to Ronald Coleman for making the                          Interested persons can
                  wreaths. And our sincere thanks to all
                     our family on St.Helena, especialy                          contact 3059.
                     Viola, Peter and Errol who lovingly
                        cared for her at home. She will
                            be dearly missed by all her
                            children, grandchildren and
                         greatgrandchildren, here in the
                            U.K and at home.
                    Thankyou the Legg family in the
                                    U.K                                          For Sale

          The St Helena Independent Expands!!!
As a celebration of
  the the first time
   St Helena Inde-
pendent is publish-
   ing the Cable &
Wireless Television
Rebroadcast Guide,
 we are pleased to
    be able to give
  away £50 to one
lucky reader of this
                                            Each television guide has been numbered and a lucky draw will
weeks Independent.                              be broadcast on Saint FM on NEXT Tuesday (20th June)
                                                           after the 7pm local news bulletin.
                                              The holder of the ‘Lucky Television Guide’ wins the prize.

                             Check Your TV Guide!!!
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                      22
Generous Donations Give Geoffrey his Wish List
The St Helena Dive Club, the Car Rally
Club, and the Salvation Army made
World Blood Donor Day extra special
for the Public Health and Social Serv-
ices Department this year. On Wednes-
day 14th June the department was pre-
sented with a machine that will test
blood compatibility before carrying out
blood transfusions.

On behalf of the voluntary organisa-
tions, Larry ‘Nails’ Thomas, Chairman
of the St Helena Dive Club, presented
the machine to Geoffrey Benjamin,
Senior Biomedical Scientist in the pres-
ence of persons from the Public Health
and Social Services Committee, sen-
ior staff from the department’s Admin-
istration Section, the Laboratory staff,
members of the St Helena Dive Club,
and members of the Salvation Army.
                                              about 48 test tubes if cross-matching six       got into giving blood when someone I
Geoffrey told those in attendance that        units of blood. The same test can now           knew had had an accident; they were in
when he took up post in February 2005,        be done in a small cassette filled with         desperate need of blood, but there was
he had prepared a list of equipment           acrylamide gel and the appropriate rea-         a shortage. At that time lots of people
which he described as a “wish list” for       gent, and completed in 20 minutes. This         were leaving the Island, and it was get-
the Laboratory. (He recognised at the         is a vast improvement for the laboratory        ting to be quite serious. So giving blood
time that that it wouldn’t be possible to     and it makes preparations for emer-             seemed a good thing to do. Of course
purchase everything he needed due to          gency transfusions much quicker and             I’d recommend it to anyone! You never
limited funds.) After a conversation be-      less prone to errors. Geoffrey said, “Now       know, one of your friends or family might
tween Geoffrey and Larry about the            we are able to simply put the patient’s         need a blood transfusion one day. Be-
shortage of blood donors on St Helena,        blood into the cassette, mix it with the        ing a blood donor is a great way of giv-
Larry succeeded in encouraging other          donated blood, incubate it at body tem-         ing something back to the community.”
members of the Dive Club to also be-          perature for 15 minutes, and then spin it
come donors. It was as a result of this       for a few seconds. If the bloods react,         Larry acknowledged the hard work and
that some of the Club members wanted          we know instantly that they are incom-          dedication of the Dive Club members
to demonstrate their commitment to the        patible. If on the other hand there is no       and also made special mention of sup-
Blood Transfusion Service by doing            reaction, then it means the blood is safe       port given by all of the swimmers and
more, and with this in mind they asked        to give in a transfusion. It is very quick,     sponsors, resulting in the purchase of
the Medical Laboratory to identify a          precise and clear process and the re-           the machine.
piece of equipment they needed.               sults are entirely reliable and reproduc-
Fundraising commenced with a spon-            ible. It will help our staff to make urgent     Helena Bennett, Secretary of the Dive
sored swim. The department had al-            decisions on blood suitability much more        Club, said that there was now a real
ready received just over £500 from the        quickly, and with much more confidence          commitment to the principle of giving
Car Rally Club, and the St Helena Dive        than was formerly the case.”                    blood. “A lot of us in the Club have be-
Club succeeded in increasing this to                                                          come donors” she said; “Due to Larry,
over £1500. The Salvation Army had            The equipment is now in use at the Hos-         most of us have been supporters of the
also raised almost £200 from a Christ-        pital and, as well as testing blood com-        Blood Transfusion Service. Over the last
mas collection last year and the funds        patibility, it can also be used to carry out    year however we have managed to re-
were pooled together to purchase the          tests for hepatitis, syphilis and sickle cell   cruit even more donors from the Club –
machine along with some add-ons.              screening if so required. As well as ex-        we all feel it is a good cause.” She ex-
                                              pressing his thanks to the voluntary or-        plained that the sponsored swim raised
The new machine will replace the older,       ganisations Geoffrey took the opportu-          an impressive £600, and that the Dive
more conventional methods of testing,         nity to thank all of the blood donors on        Club generously gave a further £400
making things easier and quicker for          St Helena.                                      from its own funds, in order to make up
laboratory staff. By way of example           Larry Nails explained to The Independ-          the total to £1,000.
Geoffrey said that when he first started      ent that he has been a keen blood do-           Lastly, Ivy Ellick OBE, Chief Administra-
work as a laboratory assistant the con-       nor for many years, as well as being            tive Health and Social Services Officer,
ventional method of testing blood com-        Chairman of the Dive Club for the past          thanked the Dive Club, the Car Rally
patibility took about two hours to com-       decade. “The funny thing” he said, “is          Club and the Salvation Army for their
plete and this could require the use of       that I’m totally afraid of needles! I only      generous support.
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                                                  23
   English Victory 2-0 Against Trinidad
Peter Crouch and Steven Gerrard spared England’s blushes
with late goals against Trinidad & Tobago to book their place
in the last 16 of the World Cup.
Crouch, who had missed several chances, met David
Beckham’s right-wing cross to power a header past Shaka
Gerrard wrapped it up in stoppage time with a stunning left-
foot drive after England made hard work of the contest.
Wayne Rooney came on, but it was fellow subs Aaron Lennon
and Stewart Downing who helped turn the game England’s
It had looked like being a major embarrassment for England
coach Sven-Goran Eriksson, with his team short on ideas
and confidence.
They created plenty of chances without ever being in total                       Crouch scores in the 83rd minute
control of the match and can count themselves fortunate to
have got out of jail.                                                gan to chant for Rooney’s introduction with real fervour, not
Yet it all seemed so different in the opening stages, as Eng-        helped by a moment of calamity from Crouch.
land played with an ease that suggested they were playing in         Spotted by Beckham standing in the penalty area eight yards
a training game rather than a crucial World Cup contest.             out, with no-one anywhere near him, Crouch hoplessly caught
After Michael Owen miscued in front of goal, Crouch went             the volley on his right shin and sent it several yards wide of
close twice, first denied an attempt at a volley five yards out      Hislop’s goal.
by Brent Sancho’s timely intervention and then foiled by             His miss could have proved even more costly. Carlos
Hislop’s claw away after Joe Cole’s left-wing cross.                 Edwards beat Robinson to a cross and as John bundled the
But as so often with Eriksson’s England, early promise soon          ball towards goal, John Terry typically managed to get back
turned into increasing frustration as passes were misplaced          in time to clear the ball off the line.
with alarming regularity.                                            John Terry clears Stern John’s first-half header off the line
They were nearly made to pay for their laboured approach,            It was equally bad for the first 13 minutes of the second half,
as Paul Robinson uncharacteristically flapped at a corner only       before the fans finally got their wish and Rooney was intro-
for Stern John to head wide at the far post.                         duced, along with Lennon.
As the clock ticked towards half-time the England fans be-           The double change galvanised the side, but England contin-
                                                                     ued to be sloppy in front of goal.
                                                                     Eriksson’s stock 4-4-2 became 3-5-2 and Beckham and
                                                                     Lennon began to dovetail down the right - the captain cross-
                                                                     ing for the wasteful Crouch to head over, again unmarked.
                                                                     Lampard then had three chances in two minutes but could
                                                                     not convert any, scooping one over, hitting the next at Hislop
                                                                     and dragging the last one wide.
                                                                     But just when it seemed England’s profligacy would cost
                                                                     them, Crouch popped up with the most important goal of his
                                                                     Putting the misses firmly behind him, England’s giant hitman
                                                                     powerfully headed Beckham’s cross into the roof of the net
                                                                     past Hislop.
                                                                     Having come so close Trinidad visibly wilted, and Gerrard
               Gerrard finishes off the match                        took advantage with a brilliant left-foot screamer that flew in
                                                                     from the edge of the area.
 England: Robinson, Carragher (Lennon 58), Terry, Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, Beckham,
 Lampard, Gerrard, Joe Cole (Downing 74), Owen (Rooney 58), Crouch.
 Subs Not Used: Campbell, James, Bridge, Hargreaves, Jenas, Carrick, Carson, Walcott,
 Booked: Lampard.
 Goals: Crouch 83, Gerrard 90.
 Trinidad and Tobago: Hislop, Edwards, Sancho, Lawrence, Gray, Birchall, Whitley, Yorke,
 Theobald (Wise 85), Stern John, Jones (Glen 70).
 Subs Not Used: Cox, Latapy, Samuel, Charles, Scotland, Ince, Wolfe, Andrews, Jack.
 Booked: Theobald, Whitley, Jones, Hislop, Gray.
 Att: 41,000. Ref: Toru Kamikawa (Japan).
 Fifa man of the match: David Beckham
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 32 Friday 16th June 2006                                                               24

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