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									    Ovarian Awareness of Kentucky

           Annual Report

           Welcome to Ovarian Awareness of Kentucky (OAK)

2011 was a remarkable year for OAK. Our fundraising efforts allowed us to give an ovarian
cancer research grant and give to an existing ovarian cancer research program in Kentucky. Our
September awareness month campaign reached over 1.2 million households across the state of
Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Our Lunch & Learn programs were held in 11 counties and
over 600 women educated about ovarian cancer. OAK is blessed by the talents and gift of many
people. I truly appreciate the dedication of the board. I am energized by the volunteers who
donate their time and energy to support our events and programs. I am greatly moved by the
donations we received from family members and friends honoring those living with ovarian
cancer and in memory of those no longer with us.

Jill Doimer

About O.A.K.
Jill Doimer and the late Judy Morris created Ovarian Awareness of Kentucky in April 2001.

                                       Judy with her brothers Bill & John Baker
Judy had ovarian cancer and had no support group in Louisville at the time of diagnosis. She
wanted that to change for those other women who were diagnosed. Jill’s mother lived another
state and had ovarian cancer. The two met on the Internet in the ACOR Ovarian Cancer
Problems Discussion List group. The two decided to form an alliance and raise awareness in the
community of ovarian cancer.
The creation of OAK was a gathering of women who had ovarian cancer and let them share
experiences through monthly support group meetings. Education and awareness for ovarian
cancer was unheard of in the Louisville area; known as the “silent” disease. With that, Jill &
Judy pledged to reach the surrounding communities and entire state by holding free educational
seminars, attending health and city fairs to distribute information and direct mail marketing to
the gynecologists, libraries and health departments.
Judy found the following poem to be so true of her experience.

The OAK Tree:
A mighty wind Blew night and day. It stole the oak tree’s leaves away, Then snapped its boughs
And pulled it bark Until the oak was tired and stark. But still the oak tree held its ground While
other trees fell all around. The weary wind gave up and spoke, “How can you still be standing,
Oak?” The oak tree said, “I know that you Can break each branch of mine in two, Carry every
leaf away, Shake my limbs, and make me sway. But I have roots stretched in the earth, Growing
stronger since my birth. You’ll never touch them, for you see, They are the deepest part of me.
Until today, I wasn’t sure Of just how much I could endure. But now I’ve found, with thanks to
you I’m stronger than I ever knew.”Author unknown

Jill and Judy found they needed to include women diagnosed with any gynecological cancer
as there were no support groups available for them either.
They partnered with the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance to help them learn how to
better reach these goals. They attended training seminars and put their plans into action.
The group has since blossomed in many ways. In addition to their initial goals, they now
speak to 3rd year medical students at the University of Louisville and the University of
Kentucky as part of the program “Survivors Teaching Students: Saving Women’s Lives”.
OAK is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization with 12 doctors and a Nurse Practitioner on the
Medical Advisory Board and Advisory Board.
Our Mission…
       To provide resources for support, networking, and education for women who are
        diagnosed with gynecological cancers and their caregivers in order to improve outcomes
       To create awareness among women and the greater community regarding early warning
        signs that may be indicative of ovarian cancer, resulting in earlier detection and saved
       To encourage greater citizen participation in gynecological cancer issues for the benefit
        of future generations through public education programs, media collaboration, and joint
        ventures with other community organizations

                                  Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer
For years, women have known that ovarian cancer was not the silent killer it was said to be. Over
the past decade, science has confirmed what women have long known: ovarian cancer has
The symptoms are:
■Pelvic or abdominal pain
■Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
■Urinary symptoms (urgency or frequency)

Additional symptoms may include fatigue, indigestion, back pain, pain with intercourse,
constipation and menstrual irregularities, although these symptoms are found equally in women
without the disease.
See your doctor, preferably a gynecologist, if you have these symptoms almost daily for more
than a few weeks. Experts suggest a combination pelvic/rectal exam, a transvaginal ultrasound
and a CA-125 blood test.

As medical research continues to investigate this important issue, numerous studies have been
published indicating that symptoms may not occur until late stage or that they may not improve
health outcomes. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance believes that symptoms are still
relevant, but they are not a definitive diagnostic tool. Since there is no diagnostic tool for ovarian
cancer, symptom awareness remains of key importance . Being cognizant of symptoms can help
women get diagnosed sooner.

       Survivor’s & Caregiver’s Monthly Support Group Meeting: Everything can be
        discussed from the serious to the silly. Medicines, side effects, nutrition & learning what
        questions to ask your medical personnel. Meetings are separated by adjoining rooms, the
        4th Monday of each month, at 6:00 PM at the O.A.K. Office

       Lunch & Learns
       Survivors Teaching Students @ U of L & U of K to 3rd Year Medical Students
       Health Fairs & Festivals
       Nixon Lectureship
       Garlove Lectureship
       Pamper Me Day
       Day at the Races
       Comedy Caravan
       Camp Make-A-Dream
       O.A.K. Library

       Toast To Life Dinner & Silent Auction: This special celebration is held in August
        every year at The Olmstead. It is a true celebration of the strength of our gynecological
        cancer survivors. Joining our survivors are their family members, friends, caregivers,
        volunteers, our Medical Advisory Board and local celebrities such as Rachel Platt &
        Melissa Swan of WHAS-11 and Vicki Rogers of 106.9. The 2010 Toast to Life Dinner
        & Silent Auction raised over $20,000 which was used to help fund local and national
        ovarian cancer research and to provide local community educational programs. The 2011
        Toast to Life Dinner & Silent Auction, “A Toast to 10”, celebrates O.A.K.’s 10th

       Motorcycle Poker Run
       One Stop Shop
       Annual Mary Cooper Memorial Golf Scramble
       Dee Edwards Annual Whisper Walk
       Local Restaurant Fundraisers

2011 – 2012 O.A.K. Executive Board of Directors:
SuzAnne Caraway, President, Caregiver, UPS
Jill Doimer, Co-Founder, Past Caregiver, Papercone
April Perry, Treasurer, Past Caregiver, Jefferson County Public Schools
Shannon Peace, Secretary, Advisory Board Chair, UPS
Cheri Hauber, Survivor, Medical Board Liaison, Sonoco

2011 – 2012 Business Advisory Board:
Shannon Peace, Advisory Board Chair, UPS
Ann Miller, Survivor, Retired RN, St. Mary’s Elizabeth Hospital
DiAnne Estes, Survivor, TZ’s Salon
Elizabeth Jordan, Caregiver, Ovarian Awareness of Kentucky
Frank Edwards Past Caregiver, Flik Independent School Dining
Jamie Hartlage, UPS
Margie Kummer, Past Caregiver, Retired BellSouth-Now AT&T
Mark Perry, Past Caregiver, Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau
Melody Schenk, Past Caregiver, Brown Forman
Michelle Bibee, Past Caregiver, KY Cabinet for Health & Family Services
Misty White, University Women’s HealthCare
Richard Estes, Caregiver, Veterans Affairs
Ron Kummer, Past Caregiver, Retired BellSouth-Now AT&T
Sarah Morris, Past Caregiver, Ann Taylor

2011 – 2012 Medical Advisory Board:
Dr. Paul DePriest — University of Kentucky
Dr. Fred Ueland — University of Kentucky
Dr. John van Nagell, Jr. — University of Kentucky
Dr. Chris Desimone — University of Kentucky
Dr. Michael Milam — University of Louisville
Dr. Daniel Metzinger — University of Louisville
Dr. Lynn Parker — University of Louisville
Dr. Mary Gordinier — Louisville Oncology
Dr. Steven Pursell — Louisville Oncology
Dr. David Doering — Louisville Oncology
Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg — Louisville Oncology
Dr. Sandra Brooks — Louisville Oncology
Sibyl Cagata, MSN, ARNP, OCN — Louisville Oncology
*Elizabeth Jordan, Office Manager/Program Director

                Ovarian Awareness of Kentucky
                   Balance Sheet Summary
                  As of December 31, 2011

                Current Assets
                Bank Accounts                 53,165.58
                Other Current Assets          -5,000.00
                Total Current Assets         $48,165.58
                TOTAL ASSETS                 $48,165.58
                Total Liabilities
                Equity                        48,165.58
                TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY $48,165.58

                               2011 Accomplishments

10 health fairs attended
12 Lunch & Learns presented
17 Survivor Teaching Students classes at U of L & U of K (3rd year medical students)
One of the official charities of the Kentucky Derby Festival Meijer Marathon/Mini-Marathon
3rd Annual Blue Hydrangea Tea Party hosted in LaGrange to benefit O.A.K.
7th Annual Mary Cooper Memorial Golf Scramble to benefit O.A.K.
9th Annual Toast to Life Survivors Celebration
10 Year Anniversary / Birthday
Ovarian Cancer Medical Update seminar
Genetics and You presentation
Pamper Me Day, Tranquility Spa Salon Spa treatments for survivors
In the news 37 times: radio, print, television across the state
Fundraisers with California Pizza Kitchen, Pampered Chef, Marks Feed Store, El Toro
The Melting Pot, Chili's Pepper Profit, Rosie's Consignment Boutique & Thirty-One Gifts

                      Ovarian Awareness of Kentucky
                               January 1 – December 31, 2011

                                  Current Operating Budget
                                           Expenses                             Income

    MT survivor camp scholarship (Sept.)        $1,500   General Donations             $14,000
    Survivor retreat/awareness month            20,000   Toast To Life Event            40,000
    Toast To Life survivor dinner (Aug.)        20,000   Grants                         25,000
    Education                                    5,000   Golf Scramble                   5,000
    Printing/Publication                         5,000
    Staff/taxes/fees                            13,500
    Professional Development/equipment           1,000
    Supplies/misc./rent/utilities               11,000
    Research                                     4,000

    Postage                                          0

  Staff/insurance/rent/utilities              3,000
TOTAL                                       $84,000                                    $84,000
                     96% Programs – 0% Fundraising – 4% Administrative

                         Objectives & Goals – 2011-2012
       Distribute awareness materials to area gynecologists to build relationships/Project TEAL
       Expand Survivors Teaching Students program to nursing schools
       Quarterly support group activity/speakers
       Prepare professional portfolio
       Establish an ovarian cancer research license plate in Kentucky


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