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Emily Millington
In the year 2065 I will be 71 Years old .
 By that year- I would have to say that I
          would want a life full of
   accomplishments. Along the lines of
        careers , family & housing .
Where Do I See Myself?
In 57 Years I see myself as a successful Psychologist. Not just
  because that’s what I hope for, but I really love helping others
   and can honestly see my self in a career along them lines. I
 would have went to college for 4 years for my master’s degree
  and another 3 years for my PhD. I plan to be retired by 70- not
  because of any reason but to spend more time with my family
                      that I plan on having!
 I plan to have 3 children, all by the same father whom is of my first and only
marriage. I plan to be married by 25, so as of 2065- I’ll have a strong marriage of
47 years! By then, I hope to have had maybe 4 or 5 grandchildren, but it’s hard to
                           picture that when I’m only 15.
 What Will I look Like ?
In 2065, I will be older looking. I can’t really say what I’ll look like
     because I honestly do not know. There will be new surgeon
    tools to operate multiple kinds of surgeries to make you look
                     younger, but I choose not to.
MySpace in 2065.
Pictured below is the smart house. Simple on
    the outside, but don’t let that fool you. The
    inside contains all Updated Technology of
                                                           Housing (:
   2065. Televisions are made in to the walls.
     These houses are ‘break in proof’ so no        The ‘underwater’ house pictured
    person can ever get in without fingerprints
   of only 5 people set into the computer. As I
                                                    below have all the same features
      said before, you will never have to buy       as land houses, but obviously is
       food. All appliances in your home are
   attached to one remote. This remote works        underwater. How you get back to
     up to 5 miles away and you can program             land is on your hovercraft
         whatever features you want to it.
                                                               submarine 
Vehicle’s of the future!
           This 2 seater car is what is number one on the
           market. Cheap in price- high in quality. With all
          the gas prices that gone up over the years- this
            is the car of 2065, simply because it’s run on
           hydrogen. Driving down the roads in that year-
           this is the main car that you would see. If you
          had a big family- then there’s bigger versions of
                          it, up to an 8 seater.

          This car is the new way of transportation, it
             has everything you could ever imagine.
             This advance car seats 8 people- it also
            has automatic directions so with this, car
             wrecks are not an option! This car also
             fly’s, but at a very costly price, but well
                               worth it.
  More About Future Cars
With our o-zone layer depleting, by 2020 over half
   of the population will make the ‘big switch’ in
   their choice to drive Energy-Fueled cars. By
  2065- only 15 percent of the population will still
             be driving gas-fueled cars.
   Political Changes!
Obama is re-elected president in 2012 which
  put’s him in office for 8 years. He put’s a
   stop to war and withdrawals our troops,
  which puts him on a good note with most
  people. In 2016, First women president is
    elected, and stays in office, also for 8
    years. Also during this time Racism is
  completely eliminated; everyone is seen
                   as equal.
Technological Advances
    In 2065- the technology will be so much more advance than it
already is. There will be a well-known cure for cancer and all sorts of
   other diseases by one click of a button. Also, there will be a new
    way of solving crimes and mysteries. Lie detectors will be 100
       percent accurate- so that’s mainly what police and crime
 investigators base there cases off of. On another note- cell phones
  and computers will be greatly updated. Laptops will have internet
     everywhere- not just where there's wireless internet. Desktop
computers will be thin and no tower will be needed. Cell phones will
be thin also or big, that all depends on you- because there’s a place
    you can go to create your own custom cell phone. You can put
  applications on it, you can make it touch screen or not & you can
         decide what color you want it to be and much more.
Climate Change
Due to the ‘big switch’ the climate will regain
 it’s steadiness because the o-zone is no
 longer depleting due to the gasoline cars
 that we don’t use anymore.
   The number of jobs will
  decrease due to how many
new technological advances
 there are. Human use is not
    required for all the new
machines. Also the number of
   robots that due the jobs.
Artificial Intelligence ?
I’m sure you have seen robots in movies, but now you have a chance to
 experience then first hand. Robots will be in every house, like the way tv’s
are now. They’ll clean and do laundry for you. Microwaves and refrigerators
   will be more advanced. No food will need to be bought- by a click of a
   button, it will get to food you want & cook it, with just one annual price.
    Mankind Ready for Mars
• By the year 2050- airplanes will be a thing
  of the past. That’s because Mars will now
  be a ‘vacationing spot’. Space shuttles will
   now be used as much as airplanes were.
      Underwater Cities
The lost city of Atlantis was finally found. Along
 with many more cities- more and more people
   each year are moving to them. How that is
possible is doctors are making small incisions on
      people to make them able to breathe
 underwater. This is a growing trend, but most
           people prefer land or mars (;
Extraterrestrial life
In the late 1900’s scientist’s sent many different sounds to space, hoping to get a
 response. In the year 2052- we did get something back. We received pictures and
 multiple sounds confirming that there is life beyond Earth. The pictures resembled
                        humans- but there is the differences.

                          Here is one of the pictures:
Life Expectancy 
 The life span has changed greatly due to better medical care and
     violence has greatly decreased. The life expectancy will be
 somewhere from 100 – 120. Anything less than that will be unusual.
Cancer will be eliminated because there’s a cure that will completely
 heal you and keep it away. STD’s will be at a low because there is a
            new contraception that is 100 percent effective.
           THE ENd
     This is what I see the future as.
Hopefully, something's along the lines of this
  happen and our world and economy will
            be at a better standing.
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