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					                                   BOY SCOUT TROOP 728 - Oak Hills
                                    A BSA Quality Unit Award Recipient
                                        INFORMATION SUMMARY

MISSION - The mission of Boy Scout Troop 728 is to provide opportunities for young men to have a fun,
challenging, supportive and exciting scouting experience.

ACHIEVING THE MISSION - Active, enthusiastic scouts supported by involved and supportive
parents in an outdoor based boy run program that holds the scouts interest. We encourage the scouts to
advance in rank so they have the skills to enjoy the opportunities presented, but not at the expense of fun.

SPONSOR                   Oak Hills Christian Reformed Church

BSA Org                   Sunset Trail District,
                          Cascade Pacific Council,

OUTINGS           -       Full year program – see end of document for schedule
                  -       Summer camp, one week in July
                  -       Monthly outings include: Camping, backpacking, cross-country skiing, biking,
                           canoeing, crabbing

ADDITIONAL                   National Jamboree, Washington, D. C.
OPPORTUNITIES                Our troop is active in the Order of the Arrow, a BSA service organization
                             High adventure activities for older scouts such as Philmont and extended outings
                             Opportunities to serve as councilors at cub scout and scout camps
                             Scouting Junior Leader training provided by Troop 728
                             Participation at Polaris and Sogus council leadership training camps

                         Troop meetings Monday 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM at Oak Hills Church
                         No Troop meeting on the Monday immediately following an outing
                         Patrol Leader Council and Adult Committee Meetings on Mondays after outings

TROOP SIZE                80 - 100 scouts and 35 active adult leaders

SCOUTMASTER               John Andersen 503-643-3222Contact if your den wishes to join

COMMITTEE                 The Monday immediately following an outing,
MEETINGS                  7:00 – 9:00 PM at the Godfathers Pizza on Bethany Blvd.

CHAIR                     Rick Gariepy 503-645-9521
COSTS                  Annual Dues - $60.00 per year, includes Boys Life subscription
                       Summer Camp - $185.00
                       Friends of Scouting - Tax Deductible donation - $130.00 (Optional)
                       Outings – Food cost shared by each patrol
                                 Transportation cost of $5 - $10 per scout, depending on distance
                       Troop costs supported through Christmas Tree recycling program
                       Scouts fundraising from candy and popcorn sales (all proceeds go to scouts)

REQUIRED               Scout Shirt w/Patches (728 Unit Patch is provided by the troop)
UNIFORM                Neckerchief is provided by the troop (Green/Gold) & Slide
                       Rank patches are provided by the troop
                       Some extra uniforms are available from the troop
                       Uniform worn by all scouts, ASMs and Committee Members during scouting

MEDICAL                Class 1 required annually and at registration for all adults and scouts
FORM                   Class 2 required every 36 months and for summer camp
                       Class 3 required by adults age 40 or older when an event exceeds 72 hours

OUTDOOR                The patrols camp and eat together as a unit . Troop Provides: Patrol boxes
                       equipped with stove, lantern, and propane. Patrol provides other pots and utensils
                       needed, along with food and other consumables. There are a number of Troop
                       Dutch ovens available for use.

EQUIPMENT              Scouts Need: Sleeping bag, water proof hiking boots, rain gear,
                       backpack, tent (one for two scouts) (packing list on web page).
                       Items not allowed: Aerosol spray cans, fixed open knife

NEIGHBORHOOD           Goodwill, Good Turn and Scouting for Food
SERVICE                Participate in Oak Hills Church maintenance activities
                       Participation in Eagle projects
                       Service projects needed for rank advancement

SCHOLARSHIPS           Scholarships are available from the troop and through the Boy Scouts of America
                       Council office for summer camp and to assist in the cost of the annual dues for
                       scouts that have a financial need. A parent should contact either the Scoutmaster or
                       the Committee Chairperson to discuss opportunities for these scholarships.

How Troop 728 Operates

The scouts run the program at Troop 728. An annual brainstorming and planning session is held for the
scout leadership to come up with ideas for outings and merit badges. This becomes the framework for
Troop meeting plans and campouts. Merit badge work is incorporated into the plan where possible.
Adult Committee leaders complete the tasks necessary to reserve individual camp sites.

Troop 728 puts a real emphasis on getting first year patrols going. Patrols are organized by age/grade.
Each scout has a good chance of developing lasting friendships this way. New Patrols are assigned a
Troop Guide (a First Class scout interested in helping incoming boys) to help the first year scouts make
the transition to Boy Scouts and Troop 728. At least two parents are required to be Assistant Scout

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Masters to coach, support, and empower the scouts to operate their patrol and enjoy the scouting

Advancement is an important part of Scouting. The Troop program is designed to enable an incoming
scout to have the opportunity to achieve First Class Rank in their first year of scouting, but advancement
depends on the individual Scout. Advancement activities are integrated into Troop meetings and

Adult participation is critical to the success of our Troop. Troop 728 requires a minimum of three
registered adults to join with each Den that crosses over. Two as Assistant Scout Masters, and one as a
Committee Member. Most adults find that they have a great time and enjoy the camaraderie. We had 85
scouts and 27 adults attend summer camp last summer. It is common to have a 1:3 adult:scout ratio on
campouts. You don’t need to have any experience to participate! The Boy Scout organization holds
classes several times each year, and the current ASM’s are very willing to pass along their experience to
the new adults in the troop.

Fund Raising

There are three fund raising efforts for the troop. The monetary success of the troop is directly related to
the effort that is made by the scouts. Prior to each of the fund raising efforts, the Troop Committee will
set the criteria for the portion of the funds obtained by each scout that will go to a dedicated account in the
scout’s name. This money can then be used for summer camp and other activities related to scouting.

      Christmas Tree Recycling
      The Annual Christmas Tree Recycling is our troops only fund raising effort. Scouts and parents are
      expected to participate as patrols to hand out fliers and work during the tree collection days. The
      net collected funds are typically split between the troop (for operating expenses) and the scouts who
      work during the event.

      Candy and Popcorn Sale
      The troop suppors our Council by participating in the Candy and Popcorn sales. This is a optional
      and voluntary sale. All proceeds a scout make goes into their scout accounts to assist in paying for
      scout expenses.

Camping Equipment

The patrols camp and eat together as a unit. The troop has provided a number of patrol equipment storage
boxes which double as cooking work areas on camp-outs. The boxes are intended to contain a troop
furnished propane stove, and cooking gear for the patrol. The patrol members will be responsible for
providing the consumables used in each box. There are a number of Troop Dutch ovens available for use.

Summer Camp

Each scout prior to camp must pay the cost of summer camp. The cost of one week in an in-council camp
is around $185. A down payment is required in the spring for registration. A deposit is required by the
troop to hold a campsite and the time up to two years in advance to the camp. The scout can use the
money that has accumulated in his scout account during the year to offset the cost of summer camp.

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Record Keeping
It is a good idea for your scout to start and maintain a memory book of his scout experiences. He will need
to retain the achievement cards which are awarded as he progresses through advancement from Scout to
Eagle. He will also receive achievement cards confirming the award of his merit badges. These cards fit
nicely into 3-ring binders in “baseball card” inserts. Adding photos, old uniform rank patches, event
patches and other memorabilia makes for a nice record of his trail to Eagle.
Your scout should bring his Boy Scout Handbook (provided by the troop) to every meeting and scout
outing as this book serves as his advancement record. He records outings and service projects in the
Handbook as well.

Each boy is required to have (and wear!) a regulation Boy Scout uniform. Adult leaders are encouraged to
wear the adult Boy Scout uniform. The troop will accept both the Class A and Class B uniforms as
described below, depending on the activity involved. Both uniforms are required. Class A is worn in the
winter, class B tends to be worn in the summer around and after summer camp.
All boys are expected to wear their Class A uniforms to all Scout meetings and other sanctioned Scout
functions. Class A uniforms are to be worn at the start of all outings, so the scout should always arrive at
the collection point parking lot in Class A uniform. Shirts are expected to be clean and tucked in.

The Class A uniform is the official Boy Scout uniform. The troop requires that each Scout attend
meetings in uniform. The Scouts tend to get the most use out of the short sleeve shirt. In Oregon, scout
age guys tend to wear shorts throughout the year, so your son will get more use out of shorts than they do
long pants. Official scout cargo pants or shorts tend to be more popular. The required uniform and
patches is as follows:
 Boy Scout Shirt (Short or Long Sleeve)                                The Scout Uniform
 Troop 728 Patch (provided by troop)
 Troop 728 Hat                                                      The uniform makes the
 Patrol Patch                                                       Scout troop visible as a
 35 Year Patch (part of Troop 728 patch)                            force for good and creates
 Rank Patch (Provided by troop)                                     a positive youth image in
 Cascade Pacific Council Shoulder Patch                             the community. Wearing
 Sunset Trail Pocket Patch                                          the uniform is an action
 Patch of scout leadership position held by the scout               that shows each Scout’s
 Neckerchief (Green/Gold) (provided by troop)                       commitment to the aims
 Slide of Choice, BSA standard is fine                              and purposes of Scouting.
                                                                    The uniform gives the
Suggested                                                           Scout identity in a world
 Merit Badge Sash (purchase after the first merit badge)            brotherhood of youth who
 Boy Scout Belt                                                     believe in the same ideals.
 Arrow of Light Patch earned in Cub Scouts
 Religion Knot earned in Cub Scouts

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The Class B uniform is the official troop T-shirt provided to the Scouts each year immediately prior to
summer camp. The Class B uniform can be worn on outings and to summer meetings. The cost of the
troop T-shirt is included in the annual dues.


Uniforms, patches and official scout equipment can be purchased at the Nor’West Scout Shop located at
the Council Offices or at a licensed local distributor. The scout shop is the best place to purchase scout
uniforms, because the selection is the best and the cost is the same for all outlets.


There is a small pool of used uniforms for our use. The pool works when scouts donate or exchange
uniforms that they have outgrown. Contact the Uniform Pool Coordinator (Currently Judy Leppla) for
information on the available clothing.


Each Scout is responsible for having the patches sewed on to the uniform in the proper manner. By the
way, this is a great opportunity to teach you son how to sew! To assist in the placement of patches, the
Boy Scout/Varsity Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet is available at the scout shop. It shows the proper
placement of the patches for both the short and long sleeve shirts.

Patches are also of great interest to collectors and are provided to the Scouts at camporees and other
special activities. Care in saving the patches that the Scout receives throughout his scouting career will
provide the Scout with many memories.

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                                   Summary of 2005 – 2007 Activities
                                (a complete schedule can be found on our web site)
          Month                          Outing                           Service or special
 Aug 17 – 21, 2005         Goat Rock Hiking                  Extended backpack hike
 Aug 19 - 21               Troop Outing                      Hiking
 Sept 17 - 18              Troop Outing                      Timothy Lake Canoe Trip
 Sept 24                   Service Project                   Hedge trimming at Oak Hills Church
 Sept 25                   Court of Honor                    Awards and Troop/Family Picnic
 Oct 7 - 9                 Webelo Woods                      Support Meriwether event
 Oct 14 - 16               Camp Lewis, WA                    Ape Cave Hike
 Nov 5                     Service Project                   Leaf Raking at Oak Hills Church
 Nov 18 - 21               Camp Meriwether Outing            Crabbing and turkey dinner
 Dec 3                     Service Project                   Scouting for Food
 Dec 12                    Court of Honor                    Awards
 Dec 17                    Troop Outing                      Family snow day
 Jan, 2006                 Troop fundraising                 Christmas tree recycling
 Jan 13 - 15               Troop Outing                      Snow Camping
 Feb 10 - 12               Troop Outing                      Cross country ski and backpack
 Feb 18                    Merit badge Super Saturday        Assist Scouts with merit badges
 Mar 17 - 19               Troop Outing                      Silver Falls lodge camping, service project, rank
 Apr 7 - 9                 Troop Outing                      Tent camping at Eagle Fern
 Apr 21 - 23               Troop Outing                      Idaho Camporee Competition–First Class and above
 April 28 - 30             Troop Outing                      District Camporee @Willamette Mission State Park
 May 6                     Merit badge Super Saturday        Assist Scouts with merit badges
 May 19 - 21               Troop Outing                      Family Campout @ Ft. Stevens
 June 23 - 25              Troop Outing                      Backpacking @ Wahtum Lake
 July 6 - 20               Philmont Outing                   Philmont hike in New Mexico
 July 23 - 29              Summer Camp !                     Camp Baldwin
 Aug 23 - 27               Troop Outing – 5 day              Extended Idaho canoeing trip
 Aug 25 - 27               Troop Outing - weekend            Timothy Lake Canoe Trip
 Sept 22 - 24              Troop Outing                      Camping and Outbound @ Olallie Lake
 Oct 13 - 15               Webelo Woods                      Support District event at Camp Meriwether
 Oct 21 - 22               Troop Outing                      Hiking at Ramona Falls
 Nov 17 - 19               Troop Outing                      Crabbing and turkey dinner
 Dec 16                    Troop Outing                      Family Snow Day
 Jan 12-13, 2007           Troop Outing                      Snow Caving at Camp Baldwin
 Feb 9 - 11                Troop Outing                      Cross country ski and backpack
 Mar 16 - 18               Troop Outing                      Silver Falls lodge camping, service project, rank
 Mar 30 – Apr 1            Troop Outing                      Tent Camping at Milo McIver State Park
 April 13 - 15             Troop Outing                      Idaho Camporee Competition–First Class and above
 April 27 - 29             Troop Outing                      District Camporee @Willamette Mission State Park
 July 15 – 21, 2007        Summer Camp !                     Camp Pioneer

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