Tips To Prevent Back Pain and Alleviate the Stress of Your Back

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					  Tips To Prevent Back Pain and Alleviate the
              Stress of Your Back
In the hustle and bustle of city life, four out of five of us
are going to suffer from back pain at one time or another. Here
are some tips for you to learn how you can prevent it from
happening in the first place.

Nevertheless, there are some circumstances of back pain that you
can't control, i.e. accidents, traumas, pregnancy and etc. Most
of the cases of back pain are related to the way we move and
interact with the world around us.

So, if we change the way we move, we can reduce our chances of
being sidelined by back pain. Here are some tips that can
prevent back pain from being a problem for you, meanwhile also
helping you to alleviate the stress of your back if you've
already begun to feel a twinge.

NOTE: If you are currently suffering from back pain and any of
these tips make the pain worse, stop what you are doing and
check with your doctor for further treatment.

Correct Lifting Techniques

You can save your back by following these simple rules.

1. Preparing to lift
   - Access the situation
   - Size up the load
   - Develop a plan and know your limits

2. Lifting the load
   - Feet apart then only bend your knees
   - Ensure your back is straight
   - Brace stomach muscles and firm grip
   - Lift the load with legs

3. Carrying the load
   - Hug the load and eyes looking ahead
   - Maintain good posture
   - Move smoothly and turn by moving feet
4. Turning
   - Look ahead
   - Turn and move with your feet but not with your back
   - Turn by using your inside foot first
   - Keep upright posture

5. Putting down the load
   - Feet apart
   - Ensure your back is straight
   - Brace stomach muscles and bend your knees
   - Squat down gently and put down the load carefully

6. Pushing a trolly
   - A clear pathway is needed
   - Keep upright posture
   - Brace stomach muscles
   - Elbows close to body
   - Push with even force

Stand Up Straight

Our spines are meant to be in a naturally curved position, but
we need to hold our bodies in a certain manner in order
to allow the body to sit in this proper position.

When you slouch, the vertebrae in your spine have more pressure
put on them, causing pain and possible spinal damage
when you continue to slouch throughout your life.

Here is the steps how you should begin to stand up straight:

(1) Stand with your feet slightly apart, about hip's distance
is comfortable for most people.

(2)   Hold your head up high with your gaze forward.

(3)   Pull your chin up so that it is parallel with the floor.

(4)   Roll your shoulders slightly back.

(5)   Keep a slight bend in your knees, softening them.

(6)   Put your arms to your sides, with palms facing inward.
If you are standing up properly, your body should feel more
relax and your neck and back should loosen up.

Besides, you can also use these tips when you are sitting down,
though your feet should be flat on the floor and
knees bent at a ninety degree angle from your chair.

The More Walking the Better

One of the best exercises for a healthy back and neck is to get
outside and walk more. Dont sit too long, have a
walk for 5-10 minutes after sitting on a chair for 20 minutes.

Because our bodies fall into a more natural posture when we walk,
this will help you strengthen your entire body
and allow for better support of any weaker muscles in your core.
The more active you are, the more strength you are
providing to your back - and those are all steps in the right


Hope the above tips would help you to prevent from suffering a
back pain and alleviate the stress of your back.
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