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  Half Hollow Hills High School East                                                                                                         Issue 4 June 2008

                          s for the
                      o l’
     c SUMMeR
 Jenady Garshofsky                  chapter in her life. Another
 Staff WRitER                       senior claimed that he’ll miss
   The countdown has offi-          the good times, but is excited
cially begun. It’s a new sea-       to leave and have good times
son, a new month and a new          elsewhere. The SATs, the
beginning. It’s the end of the      hard work, and the last four
year, the end of the quarter.       years have finally paid off
It’s the moment many have           for many seniors. Now that
been waiting months for,            school is ending, summer is

                                                                         More NAHS News
and it’s almost here. It is the     exciting news and something
end of the school year and          to look forward to. Some will
the start of the summer! It’s       spend their summer at camp,
time to pick up the books and       work or on vacation. Regard-         Jessica Repanes                   Corazón, Co-Advisor of the          Green” concept by creating
study for finals. Seniors, es-      less, many look forward to           EditoR-in-cHiEf                   NAHS.                               an environmentally conscious
pecially, are super excited.        the opportunities and excite-          This year, the National            The kids and teenagers en-       induction. All members were
When interviewed, a senior          ment that the summer will           Art Honor Society (NAHS)           joyed working together to cre-      dressed in black, white, and
girl said she couldn’t wait to      bring. Goodbye High School          has made a big impact in the       ate a work of art; the director     green. Tables were covered
go to college and start a new       East, 2007-2008.                    school and in our community.       of the Boys and Girls Club          with brown craft paper (which
                                                                        Expanding upon goals from          liked the mural so much, that       is easily recycled), and the in-
                                                                        last year, the NAHS has un-        he displayed it above the main      duction ceremony invitations
                                                                        dertaken a series of projects      entranceway.                        were created from discarded
                                                                        which continue to exemplify           The NAHS members en-             newspapers and brown paper
                                                                        its high standards. Making         joyed working with the chil-        grocery bags. The NAHS
                                                                        key chains and selling them at     dren tremendously; that they        was quite innovative by us-
                                                                        Back-to-School Night and at        visited a second time in Janu-      ing everyday items to create
                                                                        the Huntington Fall Festival,      ary. They read stories to the       marvelous outcomes. “I don’t
                                                                        and holding a Silent Auction       children and created colorful       think there is an object that is
                                                                        at the Gallery Opening raised      bookmarks based on the sto-         more versatile than the paper
                                                                        the needed funds to complete       ries they read.                     bag, and probably is quite of-
                                                                        these goals. Here at Hills East,      “The community events            ten overlooked for its useful-
                                                                        members of the NAHS ran the        were definitely a success. I        ness. They made beautiful

Congratulations                                                         amazing Hills East Haunted
                                                                        House at Safe Halloween,
                                                                                                           know first-hand that the di-
                                                                                                           rector of the Boys and Girls
                                                                                                                                               invitations!” declared Ms.
                                                                                                                                                  The advisors, members, and
                                                                        decorated the East Gym for         Club wants us to come back
                                                                        the Senior Banquet, construct-     and continue to develop a re-       guests were quite impressed
                                                                        ed an art gallery, and assisted    lationship with the students        with the professionalism of
Lauren Greenberg                    journalism is found at the root.    the Art Club with the mural        there. The school adminis-          the NAHS Induction Cer-
Staff WRitER                        A major concern in the world        paintings in the Art Hallway.      tration was also impressed to       emony. “This year’s induc-
   In a rapidly changing society,   of digital living is for the        Through their dedication and       see that we were making that        tion ceremony was perfect
informative news is not only        existence of print journalism.      love for art, the NAHS mem-        effort to go beyond the school      really. It went so smoothly,
vital, but in high demand.          There is something real about       bers have brought creativity       walls” said Mrs. Uttendorfer,       the support from the admin-
Whether a newspaper, the            a newspaper. Perhaps it is the      to all of these events.            Co-Advisor of the NAHS.             istration was there, the en-
Internet, a television broadcast,   way the ink can be found upon          In addition to performing          In April, the NAHS had           thusiasm from the students
or any of the modern forms          one’s fingers while shuffling       service inside HSE, the NAHS       its second annual induction         was there… with the auction
of receiving a daily update,              Continued on page 3           stepped out of the Half Hol-       ceremony, inducting thirty          we also had a level of profes-
                                                                        low Hills District and traveled    seven new members, and              sionalism, as well as getting
                                                                        to the Boys and Girls Club in      honoring the nineteen cur-          keynote speakers working in
                                                                        Huntington. In November,           rent members of the society.        the community and Ms. Pred-
                                                                        NAHS members worked with           The entire membership of the        dice’s string quartet... All of
                                                                        the children at this youth or-     NAHS had doubled this year.         those elements make it a mul-
                                                                        ganization to create a unity       The induction ceremony fea-         tifaceted and unique induction
                                                                        themed mural. The mural            tured Ms. Preddice’s string         ceremony, more personal than
                                                                        was composed of five canvas        quartet, keynote speaker art-       some induction ceremonies
                                                                        boards, each of which had a        ist Craig Langlois, a beauti-       I’ve seen” commented Mrs.
                                                                        letter of the word “Unity” on      ful candle lighting ceremony,       Uttendorfer.
                                                                        it. “The word unity unifying       and the opening of the art             With all that the NAHS has
                                                                        them and also unifying us as       gallery with a silent auction.      achieved, it will not be easy
                                                                        a group is a strong statement      The induction ceremony was          to top this year’s accomplish-
                                                                        about who we are and what          also themed this year. The          ments. The NAHS is only in
                                                                        we’re trying to do,” said Ms.      NAHS embraced this “Going                 Continued on page 9

  In SIde                                 Reflections
                                       Hills East Seniors
                                                                            Hills East Students
                                                                       Giving Back to the Community
                                                                                                                   CLASS of 2008
                                                                                                                  What our seniors
                                                                                                                                                Retiring Teachers
                                                                                                                                                 Hills East says
                                            look back                    Relay for Life • Senior Prom            are doing next year                 goodbye
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[] Thunderbird                                                                                                                                             Issue 4 June 2008

Hasta La Vista Hogan
 Amanda Ostuni                        that I could move around and be       can say about the two schools,         grade because we have the                 the hardest part about being a
 SPoRtS EditoR                        in different situations helped de-    having experienced working in          chance to put them on the right           teacher?
   One of the teachers leaving us     velop how I do things now. Be-        both?                                  track in terms of their high                 A: Trying to stay current with
at the close of this school year is   ing in certain schools/ environ-        A: I think being in both high        school careers. I like teaching           your subjects, and the changing
dear Mr. Hogan. Hills East will       ments is a challenge. It’s harder     schools was good for me. Each          the AP class because it really is a       nature of the students. You have
certainly be sad to see this be-      to teach the class but if you want    high school has such a different       college level class. I enjoy the di-      to make sure what you do has
loved teacher depart. Before we       to be effective you have to find      personality and I enjoyed adjust-      alogue in the class. The students         value to them. Every year it’s al-
say goodbye, however, it was          some way to do it. So I believe       ing my methods to fit those per-       really take part and are into what        ways different because the kids
my privilege to find out the story                                                                                                                           are different. As many times as
of this teacher’s career and learn                                                                                                                           I’ve taught the same things, it’s
his feelings about his retirement                                                                                                                            different every time what the kids
at age 61.                                                                                                                                                   bring to the table so each year
   Q: Mr. Hogan before I ask                                                                                                                                 you must adjust yourself. Even
you about your retirement how                                                                                                                                within classes or days, you have
about you share some back-                                                                                                                                   to be ready to adjust according to
ground? How long have you                                                                                                                                    the students’ attitude while trying
been a teacher?                                                                                                                                              to keep them engaged and willing
   A: 38 years. I’ve actually                                                                                                                                to learn. People think that teach-
had a long history of teaching. I                                                                                                                            ing is doing the same thing every
worked one year in a New York                                                                                                                                day and they think that must be
City Junior High School in Ja-                                                                                                                               boring. But it’s not the same at
maica. Then I worked 7 years                                                                                                                                 all. A good analogy I have is take
in Holy Cross High School in                                                                                                                                 a Broadway actress who’s been
Flushing, Hills West for 16 years,                                                                                                                           doing the same show for 5 years;
Transit Tech, a vocational high                                                                                                                              to viewers it’s the same show but
school in Brooklyn, a year in El-                                                                                                                            the actress has to perform well
wood Middle School and then I                                                                                                                                every single time, has to deliver
finally settled down in Hills East                                                                                                                           it to a different audience every
where I’ve been for the past 12                                                                                                                              time. Same with a teacher, each
years. In additon, during col-                                                                                                                               year the students you get may
lege I had a full time night job                                                                                                                             bring or not bring things to the
as a child counselor at St John’s                                                                                                                            table that you have to draw out or
Boys Home for 3 years. So for                                                                                                                                encourage.
41 years of my professional life                                                                                                                                Q: What was the most reward-
I have been working with kids.                                                                                                                               ing part about teaching?
   Q: How did all that moving         change is a good thing. Also          sonalities.                            they’re talking about. Since it is           A: For one, you discover new
around affect you? Was it dis-        when I was excessed from this            Q: What classes have you            a college level class, I also had         ways to approach things all the
comforting?                           district, I had a hard time finding   taught at High School East?            the opportunity to expand how             time. It’s a bit of a journey be-
   A: No I don’t think so. Look-      work so I had to go to the city.         A: 11th and 9th grade mostly-       I do things. Teaching AP also             cause many times a student,
ing back, I think it was a good       Being there makes you realize         ranging from regular to AP, also       creates a challenge because the           when engaged, will make a
experience. My career has been        that you take your own situation      a little tenth grade. Also as a side   students are so intelligent that it       criticism or a suggestion and I’ll
a long and windy road but every       for granted. Not everyone is as       note, I run the extracurricular lit-   creates certain demands on the            say to myself, “Hey, that’s not a
step I’ve learned something-          fortunate as we are in this dis-      erary magazine Pegasis as well         teacher.                                  bad idea, maybe I should teach it
from the students, from the           trict, and I wouldn’t have real-      as coaching Varsity Softball.             Q: It’s presumable that at the         like that instead,” or some kind
teachers. People always say “Oh       ized that if I hadn’t ventured into      Q: Which was your favorite          end of one’s career one tends             of suggestion that will, in some
you worked all over, you really       working in those types of areas.      grade to teach?                        to reflect back on it. I don’t            way, change my thought process.
jumped around.” But I don’t see          Q: You worked at both East            A: I really enjoyed AP 11th         know if you have yet, but tell            What’s also rewarding is seeing
it as a negative thing. The fact      and West. Is there anything you       grade and 9th grade. I like 9th        us, what do you think was                        Continued on page 8

Second Annual High School East Film Festival
 Andrew Kessler                       idenced by Danny Koestner             albeit unusual, but nonethe-           sound absolutely ludicrous,               writing, filming and edit-
 Layout EditoR                        and Gary Canino’s “Life in            less powerful form. It grace-          “Life in the Pumpkin Shell”               ing a short film. Even if the
  On Tuesday, June 3rd, the           the Pumpkin Shell”, a lack            fully intertwines themes of            was easily one of the most                length of the final product
second annual High School             of a plot isn’t necessarily a         birth, death, and fruit in a           enjoyable films at the film               is two minutes, countless
East Film Festival was held           bad thing. As described by            quirky and faced paced film            festival.                                 hours of labor are still re-
in the Lecture Hall. Stu-             senior Julie Levine, “Life in         that will leave the audience             Not many people com-                    quired. The High School
dents of all grade levels             the Pumpkin Shell depicts             in a state of enlightenment/           prehend the amount of ef-                 East Film Festival provides
presented their films, with           the glory of living in an,            confusion.” Although it may            fort and time that goes into              a way for students to pres-
a total of fourteen movies                                                                                                                                   ent their hard work.
overall. The types of films                                                                                                                                    The film festival is
varied tremendously, some                                                                                                                                    sponsored and managed
action, several comedies,                                                                                                                                    by the High School East
a few romances and even                                                                                                                                      Film Club, advised by Mr.
one documentary. Although                                                                                                                                    Beatty. Although many
the genres of the films pre-                                                                                                                                 entrants to the film festi-
sented were quite diverse,                                                                                                                                   val were members of the
several common themes                                                                                                                                        Film Club, the films festi-
“unintentionally” emerged                                                                                                                                    val is open to any student
from film to film, including                                                                                                                                 in High School East who
chases, bananas, and Ted                                                                                                                                     wishes to enter. If you are
Goldstein.                                                                                                                                                   interested in joining Film
  While some plots were                                                                                                                                      Club, or possibly making
simple and straightforward,                                                                                                                                  a film for next year’s Film
others were non-linear and                                                                                                                                   Festival, see Mr. Beatty in
arguably nonexistent. As ev-                                                                                                    Photo by Lauren Greenberg    room 216.
HHH High School East                                       Special Graduation Issue                                   Thunderbird []
Class of 2008: What We’ve Become
Jessica Repanes                      many housing applications         Homecoming Game. What                 clung to each other in the        Many of us are comfortable
EditoR-in-cHiEf                      and personality assess-           our high school experi-               hallway to avoid the mon-         with all of those decisions,
  Ever since elementary              ments I have taken, I still       ence comes down to is not             strous seniors. Now look at       and have developed into
school, I’ve been aware              feel like I will be coming        how many exams we have                us. We walk the halls with        mature individuals. Even
that I am part of the gradu-         back to Hills East                                                               confidence      and      though there are several
ating class of 2008. During          in the fall, and I                                                                enthusiasm, and         students who are continu-
this year of graduation, I’ve        know that there                                                                   are proud to be         ing to find themselves, the
written infinite amounts of          are several oth-                                                                  part of a school        majority of us know who
letters, signed oh-so-many           ers who share                                                                     that allowed us         we are, and know what we
yearbooks, and bought                this feeling.                                                                     to become who           are capable of becoming.
countless dorm room ac-                For many HSE                                                                    we are today.              To all of those students
cessories. So why is it              seniors, gradua-                                                                  Our       involve-      still attending East in the
that I still feel as though I        tion can’t come                                                                   ment with school        fall, enjoy it while it lasts.
will be walking the halls of         soon     enough.                                                                  sports, participa-      Life goes by too quickly,
High School East in three            So many stu-                                                                      tion in extracur-       and high school goes by
months? I suppose it has             dents are count-                                                                  ricular activities,     even quicker. Get involved
something to do with the             ing down the                                                                      and      branching      with sports and clubs; walk
routine … It’s been the usu-         days until finals                                                                 out into differ-        away with no regrets.
al, up at 6:00 AM, get on            and regents ex-                                                                   ent social groups          To my classmates who
the bus, go to school, stay          ams are over,                                                                     have all shaped         will be sitting on stage with
after for a club, and then           and they can                                                                      our high school         me, the life we know is
go home… that’s been the             walk down the                                                                     experience. As          coming to an end, but our
routine for the past thirteen        aisle for their                                                                   many of us have         life as adults is just begin-
years.                               diploma. How-                                                                     realized,     high      ning. Memories of Relay
  Well, as the days of the           ever, many of                                                                     school was not          for Life, Spicy Chicken
2007-2008 school year                us want to make                                                                  about discovering        Day, and our senior ban-
come to a completion, and            the most of what little time      taken, how many extracur-             what we wanted to do af-          quet slideshow will always
the day of graduation ap-            we have left. We have all         riculars we added to our re-          ter graduation; it was about      be with us. Though we
proaches, I still find the           made memories here – we           sumes, or how many athlet-            discovering who we want to        will continue to make new
concept of going to col-             remember our first Indoor         ic competitions our school            be for the rest of our lives.     memories and begin new
lege surreal. No matter              Soccer experience, our first      won. On the contrary, high            The people we’ve met, the         relationships, we know
how many visits I made to            Pep Rally, and watching           school was about meeting              clubs we’ve participated          that we will always have a
my college, no matter how            the T-Birds win the 2007          new people and discover-              in, and the choices we’ve         common place to fall back
                                                                       ing who we want to be.
Congrats Thunderbird                                                     The majority of us entered
                                                                                                             made during these last four
                                                                                                             years have greatly affected
                                                                                                                                               on. Congratulations Class
                                                                                                                                               of 2008 – we’ve more than
                                     Continued from page 1             as shy, timid freshmen who            who we’ve turned out to be.       earned this.
pages, or the way the distinct,      of acknowledgement.
black, professional font allows
one’s eyes to soak in every last
                                        The 2008 award ceremony
                                     was held this past May in the     Gas for the Graduating Class
bit of information. Perhaps the      Sports Complex at Hofstra          Jenady Garshofsky                    of the petroleum exporting        are becoming more and more
realness stems from a vibe of        University. With so many           Staff WRitER                         countries (OPEC) says the         popular. We have to ex-
tradition, as newspapers have        award categories, it was             For many, having a driver’s        dollar bill plays a large role    plore our options, otherwise
been present for hundreds of         easy to recognize as many         license and a car is the definition   in the situation as well. Oil     money will keep leaving our
years. This certainly beats          young writers as possible.        of freedom. Although there is a       is priced in American dol-        pockets.
their digital counterparts, those    Awards varied from “Best          lot of responsibility when driv-      lars, and since the value of         If gas is going up to $5 a gal-
sometimes         untrustworthy,     Arts Feature” to “Best Humor      ing, the minute you sit behind        a dollar has dropped, we          lon by summer, what do the next
inconsistent news web sites.         Feature” to “Best Social          the driver’s wheel, you are in        have to pay more to make          few months have in store for us?
So why is print journalism           Issues Story” and, of course,     control.                              ends meet. Also, it is a tricky   Here are a few tips to help ease
a dying art? Is society ready        “Best School News Story.”            Cars aren’t fueled with wa-        situation when you involve        the situation.
to abandon this withstanding         Awards were presented to the      ter. They are fueled with refined     foreign countries. Dealing           1.Carpool: It’s cheaper and
tradition? Who will save it?         best Newspaper Advisors,          oil, which has become more            with other countries is not       it’s a group effort. It gets more
These were the very questions        best Newspaper overall, and       and more expen-                                                                        people involved in
raised at the Fourth Annual          to the Journalist of the Year.    sive as the days                                                                        doing something
Long Island Press High School        Community businesses such         and weeks go by.                                                                        good for someone
Journalism Award ceremony.           as Bagel Boss and LIPA also       Prices keep ris-                                                                        else and the envi-
   The Long Island Press is          came together to honor the        ing, which often                                                                        ronment.
a weekly newspaper built on          young journalists and their       limits people to                                                                           2.Walk/bicycle:
admirable morals. Composed           families.                         what they want                                                                          If your destination
of genuine reporters, the Press         The Thunderbird was, yet       to do, and puts a                                                                       is in a close dis-
seems to have all the proper         again, the proud winner of five   strain on the aver-                                                                     tance, save your
goals in mind. Its involvement       awards at the ceremony. Award     age person’s wal-                                                                       gas, stretch your
with the community is hint           winners Brittany Nadler,          let.                                                                                    legs.
enough that, unlike some             Andrew Kessler and Lauren            So, if gas                                                                              3.Plan your trips
of its competitors, the Long         Greenberg, were present           prices are ris-                                                                         ahead. Don’t go to
Island Press is not out to           along with their families and     ing, and each                                                                           the same shopping
selfishly reap financial gain,       advisors, Mrs. Fluger and         gas station var-                                                                        center on differ-
and will certainly not hurt the      Mrs. Davis. As proud and          ies at a differ-                                                                        ent days. Schedule
community in the process. In         joyous as the Thunderbird staff   ent price, can’t                                                                        and organize your
fact, the Long Island Press has      was, Hills East was slightly      someone, some-                                                                          trips to be more
given voice to High School           outnumbered by schools such       how put it all                                                                          efficient and to
Journalists all across the Island.   as Bayshore and Commack           under control?                                                                          save gas and your
For the fourth consecutive           High Schools, of which the        Radio stations                                                                        money.
year, the Press has collected        entire newspaper staff was        and sites on the Internet have        easy, but rather messy. Each         Hopefully, the price of gas
what they believe to be all of       present at the ceremony. Their    gas as the prize to win from          country has its own attitude      will not rise too high for sum-
the high school newspapers           spirit was admirable! All of      a contest or competition.             and opinions.     But, we do      mer. But if it does, cut back
on Long Island, in order to          these high schools writers        It may seem weird, but gas            not have to be dependent on       and follow the tips above. Ev-
award young writers and their        would clap and cheer when         has become a prize worth              foreign fuel forever. Alter-      eryone has the power to make
school newspapers deserving               Continued on page 5          receiving. The organization           native fuels and hybrid cars      a difference.
[] Thunderbird                                                                                                                                         Issue 4 June 2008

Future educators of America         a club for students who are inter-     Week. As a student in the club      America is an amazing club and            other people who are inter-
Ashley Kresofsky
Staff WRitER                        ested in the teaching field. In this   you get assigned to a teacher and   really helps you learn what it is         ested in the same things as
   These are the years that         club, you get together every oth-      you have to make time to assist     like to be a teacher. This club           you. The club is only held
matter when it comes to your        er week after school for at most       them. You organize paperwork,       can open up your eyes and show            twice a month and it does
college resume. Colleges are        half an hour. The club meetings        staple and hole punch papers,       you that this is for you.                 not take up a lot of your
looking for students who are        are short and always enjoy-            run errands and grade tests for        The club is a lot of fun               time if you are a busy per-
involved in different types of      able. In this club you talk about      them. Future Educator’s of          and it is a great way to meet             son.
clubs and activities. The soon-     what grades you are interested
er you get involved the better
it looks. Clubs are also good
to just have fun and learn new
                                    in teaching, why you think you
                                    would be a good teacher, and
                                    what experience you have with
                                                                            Next Year’s Officers for
things and meet new people.
Hills East has many different
clubs and activities to partici-
                                    kids. Members take field trips
                                    to the elementary schools and
                                    watch a teacher teach, and you
                                                                            Student Government
pate in.                            help them in the classroom. The           Rucha Acharya
   At Hills East there is a club    club collects raffles and buys            Staff WRitER
called Future Educators of          little gifts for all the teachers in     Hills East held elections this past spring for the 2008 - 2009 officers. The candidates worked
America advised by Mrs. Nolan.      school and holds a little break-         hard and gave speeches to the students of their grade levels. The students voted for the
Future Educators of America is      fast for Teacher Appreciation            candidates they thought were the most qualified for the positions. The new officers for the
                                                                             2008-2009 year are:

  We The People
    Stacey Goldberg
                                                                                                           Ashley Bennett (Chairperson)
                                                                                                          Kevin Kong (Vice Chairperson)
                                                                                                           Adam Baer (Senior Delegate)
    EditoR in cHiEf                                                                                       Spencer Fogel (Junior Delegate)
   Congratulations to the We The People Team of
   2008 for coming in top 10 in the nation during
       their compitition. Members include: Em-                               Senior                            Junior                                    Sophomore
    ily Cooper, Todd Densen, Joe Gaspard, Kimi                               Officers:                         Officers:                                 Officers:
      Greer, Steven Hershkowitz, Roya Heydari,                               -Marc Lowe (President)            -Gabriel Kirshoff (President)             -Jackie Bakewell
      Janet Hui, Anna Jouravleva, Lauren Mahon,                              -Tiffany Huan                     -Suraj Chopra (Vice President)            (President)
     Kerry O’Reilly, Nikki Roberts, Amanda Sa-                               (Vice President)                  -Sal Spadaro (Treasurer)                  -Rachel Gerber
                                                                             -Sara Hecht (Treasurer)           -Danniel Park (Secretary)                 (Vice President)
   bele, Philip Santaromita, Joanna Schlingbaum,                             -Brittany Mignanelli              -Jackie Chen (Delegate)                   -Bari Padover (Treasurer)
    Noreen Shaikh, Eric Small, Ilana Ventura and                             (Secretary)                                                                 -Max Truen (Secretary)
                    Danielle Volpe.                                          -Scott Schwartz (Delegate)                                                  -Zach Zadek (Delegate)

The Art of Recycling
Lauren Greenberg                    artist worth acknowledging has         nothing more than a pool of re-     visual works, as they give art its        of a specific work may not be
Staff WRitER                        learned from the rest of the art       cycled ideas. Such ideas are the    base. One who is baffled by the           aware that the creation extends
   Most commonly, when one          community, which floats on             underlying meanings behind the      simplicity or “childish nature”           deeper than to merely the im-
thinks of the term “recycle,”                                                                                                                            age in front of one’s face.
the annoying sensation of haul-                                                                                                                             To apply this mental concept
ing garbage bins to the curb im-                                                                                                                         to the physical state of today’s
mediately comes to mind. Truth                                                                                                                           world, one must view recycling
be told, the recycling of waste                                                                                                                          as an art. The environmental
is necessary and should un-                                                                                                                              climate crisis, which directly
doubtedly be promoted in such                                                                                                                            relates to the human waste
times of environmental crisis.                                                                                                                           impact, demands an abrupt
However, when one removes                                                                                                                                and effective method for sav-
the plastic take-out containers                                                                                                                          ing the planet. Returning the
and the aluminum cans from                                                                                                                               plastic take-out containers and
the picture, the art of recycling                                                                                                                        aluminum cans to the picture,
takes on an entirely new signifi-                                                                                                                        inhabitants of Earth must get
cance.                                                                                                                                                   creative, and fast. Because
   Cycles are present in all as-                                                                                                                         humans, and Americans espe-
pects of life. Birth and death                                                                                                                           cially, understandably thrive on
occur in cycles, time moves                                                                                                                              fun, it becomes crucial to mix
in a cycle, history is known to                                                                                                                          recycling, entertainment, and
repeat itself, and even simpler                                                                                                                          the ability to make change on
things are cyclic, such as the                                                                                                                           the same pallet.
daily task of brushing one’s                                                                                                                                Many artists appreciate the
teeth or walking the dog. If ev-                                                                                                                         link between recycling and art,
erything known to exist moves                                                                                                                            as they create work in hopes
in a cycle, it implies that ideas                                                                                                                        of reinventing. The concept of
and thoughts are circular too.                                                                                                                           reusing is found even amongst
Are thoughts “recyclable?”                                                                                                                               the earliest of quilters, who
Imagine the possibilities of                                                                                                                             used scrapped remains of fab-
mental recycling!                                                                                                                                        ric to construct warm and re-
   It has often been noted that                                                                                                                          sourceful blankets. Also, the
art is nothing but recycling;                                                                                                                            term “vintage” as a sought after
reinventing from the percep-                                                                                                                             and appealing label is a prime
tion and expression of others                                                                                                                            example of recycling through
and from life experience. Every                                                                                             Photo by Lauren Greenberg             Continued on page 11
HHH High School East                                            Special Graduation Issue                                   Thunderbird []

Relay F Life                            dedicated to those community
 Rebecca Harris
 Staff WRitER                           members who have dealt with
   On May 31st 2008, members            cancer, to acknowledge their
of the Half Hollow Hills com-           strength and courage through a
munity gathered into the High           difficult fight. At 7:00pm, the
School East Gymnasium to                first lap was taken by the cancer
participate in the district’s sec-
ond annual Relay for Life. As
a result of last year’s event, the
                                        survivors to represent their vic-
                                        tory. A second lap was taken by
                                        the survivors accompanied by
                                                                            Hills East Students Bring
American Cancer Society rec-
ognized the Half Hollow Hills
Relay for Life as the largest
                                        their family, friends, and care-
                                        givers. From the third lap on,
                                        any member from the various
                                                                            Energy to the Senior Prom
“Rookie Fundraising Event” in           teams could walk simultaneous-      Cheryl Ann Horne                     couple of minutes after to           day, danced the Cha Cha
the entire country. Over 2,000          ly around the gym throughout        Staff WRitER                         clean up and provide a lot           Slide and elected a prom
people, comprised of more               the evening. There was plenty         On May 20th 2008, the              of energy during the party           King and Queen. Overall it
than 150 teams, participated in         of entertainment during the         Interact Club sponsored a            by mingling, singing and             was a great night with food,
last year’s event, raising more         event as well as performances       “senior prom” for the se-            dancing with the residents.          fun and incredible music.
than $250,000! This year, the           by the members of High School       nior citizens at Sunrise As-         Everyone at Sunrise Senior           Everyone was able to dance
community hosted an amazing             East’s Beauty and the Beast,        sisted Living in Dix Hills.          Living was so grateful. This         (even if it was just tapping
fundraiser yet again. This won-         West Hollow Kickline, Hills         All Interact Club members            event was beneficial to of all       his/her feet) the night away.
derful event was held to com-           West Wranglerettes, Jan Martin      and students in Mr. Rendon           us. Not only was the prom a          Special thanks to Mrs. Kule,
memorate those who have died            Dance Studio, Chateau Drive,        and Miss Kule’s 12th grade           hit, but it was a very grati-        Mr. Rendon and the Interact
from cancer within the commu-           Hills Idol contestants, West Hol-   English classes were invited         fying to experience because          Club, the hospitable staff at
nity, as well to honor the sur-         low and Candlewood’s Alice in       to this very exciting event.         the students were able to sit        Sunrise Senior Living and all
vivors and raise money for the          Wonderland, West Hollow’s ad-       Our only jobs were to deco-          down and talk to the resi-           the students who had a part
American Cancer Society. The            vanced chorus, Candlewood’s         rate, serve food, stay for a         dents. We sang Happy Birth-          in “Bringing the Energy.”
proceeds are used for research,         Seussical, West Hollow’s An-
patient services, and advocacy.
Students, parents, friends, and
                                        nie, Zachary Zadek and Relay
                                        Reliefs, and many more. Spe-        Hills East Research Symposium
faculty throughout the district         cial thanks to Pam Schwartz,                                             many new things today.” Ari-         in the presentations, and I was
                                        Debbie Picker, and all who were     Monika Haebich
came to walk and show their                                                 aSSt. Layout EditoR                  elle Dollinger, another guest to     able to learn so much by watch-
support. There were arts and            involved. The donations and            After a year of extensive ef-     the HSE Research Symposium           ing the other students.” All who
crafts, Rita’s Italian Ices, raffles,   attendance of the community         fort, students from both High        accounted for the hard work put      attended the event were pleased
and participation from various          were greatly appreciated. This      School East and West present-        in by all students. “Everyone        to see such dedication and hard
other vendors. Thousands of lu-         event was a fun and success-        ed their research in the 2008        really seemed to understand          work. Ms. Suarez, a research
minary bags were put together           ful way to celebrate those who      HSE Research Symposium.              their topics, and presented them     teacher, was also pleased with
by the elementary schools,              conquered the disease, and to       On Wednesday, May 21, 2008,          really well. I think its great how   the outcome of the event. “I’ve
each with a name of someone             raise money for cancer patients     students enrolled in the research    passionate the students were         been working with the kids in
who had battled cancer. They            who currently fight it every day.   symposium, run by Ms. Chrysi         about their research,” the soph-     the Research Program for the
were displayed on top of the            Relay for Life was an extraor-      Notskas, filled the West Gymna-      omore stated. The participants       past three years and each year
bleachers in the shape of the           dinary way to bring the com-        sium with posters and abstracts      involved in the research sympo-      I’m more impressed with what
words “hope” and “cure.” Re-            munity together in celebration,     containing information on their      sium were also pleased with the      I see. Teenagers are complet-
lay for Life began with a dinner        remembrance, and hope.              latest research. The topics of       outcome of the event. Audrey         ing in-house projects, working
                                                                            research presented varied and
Congrats Thunderbird                                                        included social sciences, bio-
                                                                                                                 Devarajan, a sophomore par-
                                                                                                                 ticipating in the HSE sympo-
                                                                                                                                                      with scientists, having original
                                                                                                                                                      research findings, and getting
                                        Continued from page 3               medical sciences, mathematics,       sium, stated, “The symposium         their work published. The Re-
one of their staff members              paper. The awards, dedication,      physics, and many others.            that we as researchers partici-      search Symposium is an op-
won an award. It is the hope of         and newspapers speak for               The West Gym was trans-           pated in was a lot of fun and a      portunity for these kids to show
the Thunderbird that next year,         themselves!                         formed from the familiar sports      great experience. We were able       off their hard work to the Half
and for many years to come,                It can often be a tough and      facility into a room of rows of      to present what we have been         Hollow Hills community. I’m
Hills East can leave an even            competitive world amongst           sky-high poster boards. Re-          working on all year. It was our      particularly proud of our ninth
bigger mark on the Long Island          reporters, but it remains crucial   search students, all dressed as      time to shine! It was also a great   graders. They accomplish a lot
Press and on the community.             for high school students            professionals, explained their       way for their students to really     in a short period of time with
The Thunderbird encourages              and all journalists to stick to     conclusions to the many stu-         learn about the issues present in    virtually no past experience.
as many people as possible              their passion. Journalism is        dents, teachers, and parents who     the world around them.” Elissa       When I see them standing by
to become involved with the             far more than the recording         came to visit this research ex-      Warmbrand, a research student        their boards at the Symposium,
newspaper this coming Fall.             of events. It is the exposing       travaganza. Lauren Dollinger,        explained the benefits of see-       proud of their work, I know
However, the successes of               of truth in order to provide        a student visiting the Research      ing the other students’ work. “I     they’re on their way to becom-
the Thunderbird are not to              knowledge. By keeping print         Symposium stated, “I thought         really enjoyed seeing the vari-      ing successful researchers.”
be ignored. High School                 journalism alive, generations       everyone did a great job! The        ous projects that other students     Congratulations to all partici-
East produces an extremely              to come are preserved, as well      different topics were all very in-   worked on all year. Their hard       pants on another year of hard
accomplished and noteworthy             informed.                           teresting, and I was able to learn   work and dedication was shown        work and dedication!
[] Thunderbird                                                                                                Issue 4 June 2008

 Congratulations to
 A Abbondandolo, Chris- Nassau Community College            DeBlasio, Marc- Drexel University
                                                                                                                        Horne, Cheryl - NYack U
                                                                                                                        Horn, Lauren- Towson U
 Abott, Julie- Quinnipiac University                        Decicco, Brittany- Hofstra University                       Horowitz, Alanna- North
 Acker, Spencer- University of Miami                        DeFlorio, Stefanie- Indiana University                      Hromada, Michael- Uni
 Aknuk, Daniel- Penn State University                       DeGrazia, Kristen- University of Pennsylvania               Hui, Janet- Dartmouth C
 Albert, Maria- Farmingdale University                      DelAno, Ashley- Farmingdale State College
 Alfisi, Alex- Adelphi University
 Algazy, Noam- Tulane University
                                                            Desgrottes, Melissa- Boston College
                                                            Devine, Frankie- Hartwick College                           I Iamartino,University
                                                                                                                                      Alyssa -
                                                            DiGennaro, Veronica- the Culinary Arts Academy              Iaquinta, AJ-
 Ali, Asfand- Farmingdale University
                                                            Dollinger, Justin- University of Pennsylvania               Intelisano, Alexa- Unive
 Angelo, Nick- University of Texas at Austin
                                                            Drake, Andrew- Rutgers University                           Intelisano, Briana- Univ
 Annibale, Christine- Fashion Institute of Technology
 Aqil, Sabrina - Marist College                             Dubin, Ryan- Muhlenberg College
 Aslanian, Diran- University at Buffalo                                                                                 J Jefferson, Kamani-
 Attner, Michael- American University                       e ElDeiri,Towson University of Delaware
                                                                           Jimmy- University                            Jenkins, Jarvis- New En
                                                                                                                        Johnson, Lauren - SUNY
                                                            Elgort, Scott-
 B Baker,Jeff- NassauSUNY Geneseo
             Melissa -                                      Elsheikh, Mark- C.W. Post
                                                            Eltouby, Nada - Art Institute in NYC
                                                                                                                        Joseph, Stephan- Temple
                                                                                                                        Jouravleva, Anna- Brow
 Beljacques,           Community College
 Berland, Stephanie- New York University                    Evans, Dan- Oneonta College
                                                                                                                        K Kaewussdangkul,
FeAtURed SenIOR                                             F Faitell, Sarah- New York UniversityService
                                                                                                     (Steinhardt)       lege
                                                                                                                        Kapoor, Sahil - Villanov
                                                            Fanelli, Frank- Hofstra University/ Army
Sabrina Aqil                     Afsand Ali                 Feiner, Andrew- Oneonta College                             Katims, Meryl- Oneonta
                                                            Ferrari, Brooke- Oneonta College                            Katz, Josh- Penn State U
   Be yourself and    I have learned                        Fielman, Sam - Hills Borough Tampa FL                       Kaye, Sloane- Baruch C
                                                            Finkelstein, Matthew- University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)    Kelly, Christen- Johnson
 don’t ever change   not to depend on                                                                                   Kennedy, Jaclyn- Sacred
                                                            Fiorini, Joe- Wagner College
 for anyone. When    anyone. Don’t de-                      Fitterman, Carly- Boston University                         Kessler, Andrew – North
  you lose yourself lay anything. Take                      Folk, Brooke- Farmingdale University                        Kessler, Marshall- West
                                                            Freeman, Stephen- Arizona State University                  Kutty, Fatima- New Yor
you lose touch with   quick action on                                                                                   Kibler, ShaNay- Morgan
                                                            Friedman, Greg- Florida Atlantic University
      the world     what ever you want                      Fu, Foon- Colorado University at Boulder                    Koutsoubis, Michael- U
                           to do.                                                                                       Kudur, Vinay- New York

                                                            G Gaglione, Danielle- University of Tampa                   Kumar, Siddharth- New

 Bertolino, Joey- Oneonta College
 Bichko, Ali- Towson University
                                                            Gallo, Debra- Fairliegh Dickinson
                                                            Garshofsky, Alexa- University of Connecticut                L Laban, Keith- Uni
                                                            Garshofsky, Jennady- Pace University                        Leonard, Kimmie - Duk
 Bloom, Jaqueline- St. John’s University                                                                                Levin, Lindsey -SUNY
 Boehm, Melissa- CUNY Baruch                                Garshofsky, Kennan- University of Massachusetts
                                                            Gaspard, Joe - Harvard University                           Levine, Julie- University
 Boniciolli, Amy- Stony Brook University                                                                                Levine, Melanie- Oneon
 Braun, Stefanie- SUNY Plattsburg                           Germino, Julie- Penn State University
                                                            Girgenti, Adam- Ithaca College                              Levy, Alyssa- University
 Brown, Jillian- Farmingdale University                                                                                 Li, Sean- University of M
 Bruno, Deidre- Suffolk Community College                   Gitlin, Donielle- Northeastern University
                                                            Gnedkovska, Sasha- SUNY New Paltz                           Livigni, Andrew- Stonyb
 Bruno, Nicole - Johnson and Wales University                                                                           Luna, Jennette- Farming
 Buck, James- Rensselaer                                    Goldberg, Samantha- Syracuse University
                                                            Goldberg, Stacey- Lafayette College                         Lutz, Christine- SUNY D
 Byrnes, Casey- Army (Airborne Ranger)                                                                                  Lutz, Marie- Farmingda
                                                            Golden, Eric - Salisbury University
                                                            Goldfarb, Spencer- Pace University
 C Cameron,UniversitySUNY Old Westbury
               Kevin-                                       Goldman, Lindsay- Emory University                          M Marcoccia, Olivi
 Canino, Gary-        of Virginia                                                                                       Marcott, Courtney - Mo
 Capazzi, Amanda- University of Maryland
 Carranza, Raquel- SUNY Old Westbury
                                                            FeAtURed SenIOR                                             Marin, Asia- Northeaste
                                                                                                                        Mathurin, Olivier- St Jo
 Cartu, Courtney - Hampton State University                   Michael               Sean                                McAlpine, Ashley- Univ
 Cawley, Alexa- SUNY New Paltz                              Schlessinger           Cruse                                Meltzer, Jenna- Univers
 Celesta, Corey- Touro College
 Charles, Sherissa- Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Ed.   TNT doesn’t know What you do when                           Mikonis, Domantas- Sto
                                                                                                                        Milazzo, Ralph- C.W Po
 Chen, Roland - Hofstra University                          drama, Hills East no one is watching                        Miller, Brittany- St. John
 Choi, Gina- Boston College                                  knows drama.      defines who you                          Minor, Chris- University
 Choudhry, Amber- Stony Brook University                                          really are.                           Moise, Katrina- Rutgers
 Christensen, Marcus- St. John’s University                                                                             Molinelli, Greg- Cortlan
 Chu, Eric - St. John’s University                                                                                      Mondschein, Erika- Uni
 Chung, Kristine- Adelphi University                        Goldstein, Ted- University of Michigan                      Moreno, Yasmin- Farmi
 Cid, Carolia- Farmingdale University                       Gordon, Alexa- Syracuse University
 Cohen, Ari- Boston University
 Cohen, Spencer- C.W. Post
                                                            Green, Sam- Indiana University (Kellen Business School)
                                                            Greenfader, Rachel- Towson College
                                                                                                                        n Nathan, JarretUniv
 Cohn-Cort, Bronwin - American University                                                                               Neuberger, David -
                                                            Greer, Kimi - Northwestern University
 Cooper, Alex- Union College                                Grillo, Matt - University of Scranton
 Cortazar, Vincent- University of Central Florida
 Corrica, Kareem- University at Buffalo
                                                            Gusman, Mitch - Airforce Para-Rescue                        O      Obeng, Juliet - Y
                                                                                                                        Omar, Faisal, Stony Bro
 Cruz, Kristina- Adelphi University
 Cruse, Sean - Huntington University                        H Hartman, Courtney- George Washington University           Ostacher, Lindsay - Uni
                                                                                                                        Owens, Sami - Farming
                                                            Hecht, Deborah- Clark University
                                                                                                                        Ortiz, David - Stony Bro
                                                            Herera, George- Suffolk Community College
 d Damato, Brittany-State University (University Park)
                        Univ. of Maryland (College Park)    Herman, Ariel- Fashion Institute of Technology
 Damato, Christie- Penn
 Damato, Jon- University of Maryland
                                                            Herzer, Derek- Salisbury University                         P Ruchi - New YorkS
                                                                                                                               Pappas, Ashley -
                                                            Heydari, Roya- Binghamton University                        Patel,
 Davoult, Danielle- SUNY Potsdam                            Hong, Susie - Stony Brook University                        Paul, Steven - Dowling
          HHH High School East                             Special Graduation Issue                Thunderbird []

o the Class of 2008
 University                           Paul, Widlyn - University of Maryland, College Park
                                      Pellegrino, Gina - New Paltz University
                                                                                                Siebner, Ryan - Farmingdale University
                                                                                                Siedman, Matthew - University of Pennsylvania
 heastern University                  Pangal, Julianne - SUNY Geneseo                           Silver, Dan - University of Michigan
iversity of Maryland (College Park)   Perel, Cody - University at Albany                        Silverman, Alana - University of Arizona
College                               Persichilli, Katie - Cortland University                  Silverman, Jamie - University of Maryland
                                      Piccininni, Lyndsay - University of Florida               Simmons, Sam - Boston College
                                      Picone, Victoria - FIDM, Califorina                       Slater, Rebecca - University of Buffalo
 Suffolk Community College
                                      Pinson, Mitchell - Mercy College                          Sloan, Alex - Duke University
y of Colorado at Boulder
                                      Pizzirusso, Joana - Towson University                     Small, Eric - Boston College
ersity at Buffalo
                                      Podniesinski, Jonathan - Bucknell University              Smolenski, Florine- St. Johns University
versity at Buffalo
                                      Polidora, Mike - Farmingdale University                   Spector, Kevin - Boston University
                                      Pollner, Bari - Syracuse University                       Spero, Paul - Binghamton University
 Binghamton University                Pomerantz, Andrew - Briarcliff College                    Spinelli, Forever - Queens College
ngland College                        Putterman, Dana - University of Florida                   St. Juste, Othini - St. Johns University
 Y Geneseo
 e University
wn University                         FeAtURed SenIOR                                           t Telvi, Shawn-Indiana of Michigan
                                                                                                Teplitz, Justin – University
                                      Cheryl Horne                   Zenefa Kwale               Tobin, Perri - Pennsylvania State University
 , Kathy - Bronx Community Col-         There are so                     Don’t take             Todd, Natsai - Temple University
                                                                                                Toth, Megan - Loyola College
va University
                                       many different                 yourself too se-          Toureau, Stanley - Dowling College
 a College                            types of people                 riously. Lighten          Troetti, Alexa - Johnson and Wales University
University                            at HSE and here                  up! Enjoy the            Truen, Jake - Indiana University
 n and Wales University
 d Heart University
                                      you can be who-
                                       ever you want.
                                                                                                V Varghese,- Amherst-University
                                                                                                               Vincent Hostra University
                                                                                                Ventura, Ilana
 hwestern University
                                                                                                Volpe, Danielle - New York University
   Virginia University
                                                                                                Volpe, Krysten - Nassau College
 rk University
                                                                                                Verma, Sara - Colorado State University
 n State University
University of Miami
                                      Q Qiao, Matthew - Emory University
                                      Quadeer, Asem- Villlanova University
  k Institute of Technology
w York Institute of Technology
                                      Questel, Tracy - University of Buffalo                  FeAtURed SenIOR
iversity at Buffalo
                                      R Rae, Robert - Farmingdale University
                                      Ragusa, Rich - Fordham University
ke University
                                      Repanes, Jessica - Alfred University                     Whatever happens,
 Delhi                                                                                                                       Enjoy high school
                                      Respler, Elana - University of Hartford                 happens.You coulda,
 y of Pennsylvania                                                                                                         while you can. Par-
                                      Riebe, Erich - Rowan University
nta College                                                                                    shoulda, woulda or
                                      Robinson, Koran - Undecided                                                          ticipate and try new
 y at Buffalo                                                                                  didn’t do anything
                                      Rodriguez, Juan - Farmingdale University
 Maryland (College Park)
                                      Romeiras, Nicci - Nursing School at VEEB
                                                                                                                              things. That’s the
 brook University                                                                             at all. Either way you
                                      Rothenberg, Charles - University of Tampa                                              only way to make
gdale University
                                      Rothstein, Stephen - University of Wisconsin
                                                                                               still did something
                                                                                                                             lasting memories.
                                      Ross, Brianna - Iona College                            worth taking risks for.
ale University
                                      Ross, Cali - Syracuse University
                                      Rubin, Alex - Nassau College
 ia- Seton HallUniversity             Ruiz, Estefany - Hofstra University
olloy University                                                                                W Weiss, Rebecca - Vanderbilt University
ern University
ohn’s University
                                      S Sabele, Amanda - Washington University in St. Louis     Weissman, Hilary - University of Maryland
                                                                                                Williams, Lydia - Nassau Community College
                                      Saggar, Vishal - Cornell University                       Williams, Wane - St. Johns University
 versity at Albany
                                      Santaromita, Phil - Boston College                        Wilk, Matt - Marist College
sity of Central Florida
                                      Scarpati, Matthew - University of Buffalo                 Windler, Andrew - University of Pennsylvania
onyBrook University
                                      Schlessinger, Mike - Castleton College                    Wirth, Kimberly - Tulane University
                                      Schultz, Brendan - University of Connecticut              Won, Andrew - Bowdoin College
  n’s University
                                      Schweitzer, Taryn - University of Central Florida         Woseley, Montgomery - West Virginia University
 y of Connecticut
                                      Schwartz, Hallie - Binghamton Universtiy
s University (New Brunswick)
                                      Schwartz, Ian - Union College
nd State
 iversity of Rhode Island
                                      Selby, Jonathan - University of Maryland                  Y Young, Eric - Bard College
                                      Sexton, Dan - Villanova University
ingdale University
                                      Schaak, Amanda - Emory University                         Z Ziermann, Daniel - Nassau University
Drexel University
versity of Pittsburgh
                                      The staff of the Thunderbird would like to congratulate all of the seniors
York College
ook University                        who will be going on to study at institutions all across the nation. We hope
 iv. of Colorado at Boulder
gdale State University                that everyone is successful in their futures and continues to strive to be the
 ook University                       best that they can be. We would like to thank Katrina Moise for compiling
                                      the data for this survey and for everyone’s support of the newspaper
St. Johns University
k Institute of Technology             throughout the last four years!
[] Thunderbird                                                                                                                                       Issue 4 June 2008

nAHS Art Gallery
 Adriana Christesen                   including photographs and               was presented to Krystyna
 Staff WRitER                         paintings.                              Reckner for her outstand-
   After a year of success, the         On Wednesday, April 9th the           ing achievements in art. She
National Art Honor Society            pieces were put up for auction.         has maintained a balance be-
left one last mark on the High        The silent auction began during         tween art, music and academ-
School East. NAHS mem-                the school day. Both students           ics during her tenure at HSE.
bers and advisors worked to           and teachers placed bids on their       Many were touched by the
create the school’s                                                                          generous dona-
first art gallery and                                                                        tion presented
subsequent silent                                                                            to Ms. Reckner
auction. The gal-                                                                            and her warm
lery featured works
united by the
theme, “You Gotta
Have HeART”, in
                                                                                             response at the
                                                                                             induction cer-
                                                                                                The Nation-
                                                                                                                  Your Health
which all pieces
                                                                                                                  Rebecca Harris                       extra snack without gaining
                                                                                             al Art Honor
were required to
                                                                                                                  Staff WRitER                         weight. A 12 ounce soda has
                                                                                             Society’s first
include a heart.                                                                                                     Eating is a necessity of life.    about 140 calories; eat a cup
                                                                                             school gallery
   Members of the                                                                                                 It gives you energy, in addi-        of fruit or vegetables with
                                                                                             and silent auc-
National Art Hon-                                                                                                 tion to the nutrients which          reduced-fat dip instead and
                                                                                             tion were great
or Society and its
                                                                   Photo by Lauren Greenberg
                                                                                                                  are vital for survival. Howev-       you’ll get more nutrients, and
                                                                                             successes, and
advisors, Mrs. Ut-                                                                                                er, making sure the food one         more satisfaction. [Hint: keep
                                                                                             will continue to
tendorfer and Ms. Corazon,                                                                                        is eating is actually healthy        away from sports drinks, so-
                                      favorite pieces. Later that night, beautify the halls of HSE. For
renovated an unused office                                                                                        and beneficial for the body          das, fruit drinks, and energy
                                      at the induction ceremony, fam- the remainder of the school
for the gallery space. The                                                                                        is a whole other story. Bath-        drinks.] Instead, replace them
                                      ily members had the chance to year, the NAHS will hang stu-
gallery featured over fifty                                                                                       ing suit season is approach-         with low-fat milk, soy milk,
                                      place final bids on the works. dent-created pieces in themed
works of art created by cur-                                                                                      ing, and getting fit in time         orange juice, or tea. There is
                                      The highest bidder was later galleries. The NAHS advisors
rent NAHS members and                                                                                             for summer can be tough.             good news for all the coffee
                                      presented with his/her piece.           and members thank all who
new inductees. It featured                                                                                        There are many helpful sug-          drinkers out there; it is high
                                         During the NAHS induc- participated in this charitable
works in a variety of media                                                                                       gestions about how to lose           in antioxidants. Just make
                                      tion ceremony, a scholarship event.
                                                                                                                  excess body fat, and maintain        sure not to load up on sugar,

Hasta La Vista Hogan                                                                                              a good weight. One major tip
                                                                                                                  for leading a healthy life is to
                                                                                                                  eat breakfast every morning.
                                                                                                                                                       cream, or syrups. Another tip
                                                                                                                                                       for good health is to switch
                                                                                                                                                       over to whole wheat and
                                                                            Continued from page 2                 Eating a meal early in the day       grain products. These foods
students mature academically          where you’re helping a child           so I’m satisfied with how I’ve       has many benefits. It may            contain lots of fiber, which
and personally. The idea behind       learn responsibility, individual       done, and with my time here at       boost your grades because it         sustains fullness. They also
teaching, behind guiding kids         ability, etc... that’s teaching and    High School East.                    will satisfy hunger, which can       increase energy, and benefit
during their high school years,       there are so many places and              Q: So why after all these years   be a big distraction during          the heart due to low levels of
is that you don’t want them to        settings, where that is happen-        of teaching, if you’ve enjoyed it    school. Suppressing that hun-        cholesterol. Even the school
be the same when they leave as        ing because of what this district      so much, have you decided to         ger will enable the student to       cafeteria enforces this idea by
when they came. You like to see       makes available for students.          retire?                              stay focused on school-work.         providing the option of whole
that they take it upon themselves        Q: What will you miss the              A: Because I felt the time was    Studies have proven that eat-        wheat bread, rolls, and wraps
to become even more educated.         most about teaching?                   right. I wanted to explore some      ing breakfast may improve            for sandwiches. The last tip is
When students first arrive, they         A: I will always miss the           other possibilities, other things    one’s memory and problem-            most surprising. Most people
are mostly reluctant to take          connection that I make with            that I can do.
their education into their own                                                                                    solving abilities. Breakfast is      think that eliminating fats
                                      students and parents during the           Q: What are some of your
hands and it’s nice to see that                                                                                   also a great way to incorpo-         will shed the pounds. How-
                                      school years. Also I’ve had fam-       post retirement plans?
you help bring about a change in      ilies come through, I’ve had all                                            rate fruits and vegetables into      ever, it is perfectly healthy
                                                                                A: I will be teaching two
that fact. A good teacher doesn’t     the siblings in a family or even       classes as an adjunct insruc-        one’s diet by blending fruit         to eat a moderate amount of
force learning upon a student.        a student will come through            tor at St John’s University on       smoothies, adding vegetables         fat, as long as it is the right
All a good teacher does is open       whose parent I had. When you           the Queens Campus- 2 classes         to an omelet, or topping cere-       type of fat. Look on nutri-
doors to get a student to think       see families come through you          a semester: Rhetoric and Pub-        al with fruit. A second effec-       tion labels for the good fats
differently than he did before. It    just develop such a sense of           lic Speaking. I will continue        tive weight-watching idea is         called monounsaturated and
doesn’t always work but when it       closeness and you establish rela-      coaching soccer at Hunting-          to drink healthier beverages.        polyunsaturated fats. Foods
does, it’s very rewarding.            tionships with students that is sad    ton High School and of course        According to Seventeen Mag-          with these types of fats in-
   Q: What was a reward or ad-        to say goodbye to. I’ll also miss      Softball right here at East. I       azine, people today take in          clude nuts, salmon (and other
vantage of working in this dis-       the interaction with colleagues        also want to travel with my          135% more calories from soft         fish), extra virgin olive oil,
trict in particular?                  within my department, in other         wife whenever we can now that        drinks every day than people         seeds, sunflower oils, soy-
   A: This is such a good district    departments, even within other         I’m not tied down to a job. We       did 20 years ago. Added sug-         beans, corn, avocados, and
to work in because whenever           schools in the district. So I’ll       will probably, in the immediate      ars from soft drinks make up         mayonnaise. Try and reduce
you have a district like ours and     definitely miss those intriguing       future, take a cross country rail-   nearly one fifth of the aver-        the intake of saturated fats
you have a strong desire to teach     interactions.                          road journey across the north-       age teenager’s calorie intake.       which include red meats,
something you’ve planned,                Q: If you could change one          ern border of the US and come        This means that all the sugar        whole milk, cheese, butter,
you’re going to be given the          part or aspect or event about          back through Canada.                 is taking up the space so the        ice cream, coconut milk and
means to execute that plan. In        your experience with our school           Well, Mr. Hogan, Hills East       nutrients cannot fit in. Soda        oil, chocolate, cocoa butter,
this district, the priority has al-   what would it be?                      wishes you lots of fun and hap-      contains only sugar and no           and palm oil. Trans fats found
ways been education. It is very          A: Well anybody in any pro-         piness in your post-retirement       vitamins or minerals. When           in deep fried foods, partially
focused on developing students        fession evaluates his perfor-          days. When you are making            food enters the body, it sig-        hydrogenated vegetable oils,
to do the best that they can          mance and approaches to see            new memories and doing new
achieve. There are many aca-                                                                                      nals fullness so one knows           margarine, shortening, and
                                      what he can do differently in          things, we hope you never forget
demic opportunities as well as                                                                                    to stop eating. However, the         baked goods are also highly
                                      the future. I don’t think there’s      your students and experience
extracurricular to help develop       anything I would have changed                                               body can barely tell the dif-        unhealthy, and should be
                                                                             teaching students at our school.
a student’s self identity. Teach-     because I’ve done it all along.        We are happy that although           ference between calorie-free         avoided. Hopefully, these tips
ing is not necessarily just aca-      At the end of each year, I will        one door is closing, another is      water and calorie-full soda,         and ideas about eating cor-
demic in a classroom; it’s found      say to myself, “ok how can I           opening. Hills East will miss        therefore more calories are          rectly will influence every-
in many other situations as well,     change my method next year for         you dearly. With a sad but well-     taken in, without even feel-         one to make the right choices
be it coaching a sports team, or      even better results.” I even do it     wishing, accepting heart, we say     ing satisfied or full. By drop-      and to take the correct steps
developing a book of poems that       within periods. I’m always con-        Hasta La Vista Hogan. Farewell       ping one regular soda every          toward leading a healthy and
students wrote. Any situation         sidering new angles to take and        and happy retirement!                day, one can eat a whole             long life.
HHH High School East                                         Special Graduation Issue                                       Thunderbird []

Get Ready, Start Summerizing
Samantha Goldberg                    proper antifreeze mixture that        greater importance. Naviga-             full inventory of just about    the stereo, put your destina-
Staff WRitER                         will allow optimal cooling,           tion systems, iPod capable car          everything. In addition, they   tion into the Nav system,
   Spring is here. Can sum-          and making sure the thermo-           stereos, Bluetooth connec-              offer custom installations      call your best bud using your
mer be far behind? This year         stat operates within specifica-       tions, and laser/radar protec-          with over twenty-five years     Bluetooth, flip on the radar/
we’re faced with the sky-            tions. You should also have a         tion round out the necessities          of equipment and installa-      laser detector and head out
rocketing cost of gasoline.          professional check the refrig-        of a trip to the beach or just          tion experience.                for fun! Remember, the days
If we go to the beach, make          erant in the air conditioning,        cruisin’ the neighborhood.                 After the wax and polish,    get shorter again starting June
a movie or just head the car         just in case it’s too hot to put         Similar to Rita’s Ices’              fill up your ride, crank up     21st. There’s no time to lose.
in the direction of fun, the         that top down. Checking the           Thunderbird        Thursdays,
cost of $4 plus per gallon of        tires for safety and maximum          where HSE students will get
gas will make the quality of         fuel economy is also very             a discount at Rita’s Ices on
the trip more important than         important. Studies show that          Rt. 110, Parkway Car Ste-
ever.                                over or under inflated tires          reo is offering discounts to
   Summerization of the car          will rob you of precious miles        Thunderbird readers and
is very important. You don’t         per gallon, and at $4.00 plus         HSE students too. Located
want to be sitting at the side       per gallon of gas, that can run       at 1285 Deer Park Avenue,
of the road as a casualty in the     into big money.                       North Babylon, Brian, John-
blazing sun as the other cars           Enjoying the trip is as im-        ny, Danny and Lynne, will
and the perfect day pass you         portant as getting there, with-       do their best to give you a
by. Summerization includes           out the unexpected side trip          great deal on any product
checking the radiator for            to “I’m lostville”, takes on a        they sell, and they have a

The Surprise of American Idol        he said that David Archuleta          at the beginning of the show.           guarantee success. Taylor       rent season. Ruben Studdard
Kevin O’Reilly
aSSt. Layout EditoR                  “came out here to win” and did        David said, “As far as I’m con-         Hicks, who won the fifth        became a little more famous
   It was a winner by a knock-       so by “a knockout.” But Simon         cerned, the competition’s over          season of Idol, and Ruben       this year when recording the
out with the finale of the seventh   Cowell, who, months ago, pre-         and we’re just having fun.”             Studdard, who won the sec-      song “Celebrate Me Home,”
season of American Idol, but the     dicted that Archuleta was the            David Archuleta, in compari-         ond season, lost their re-      which is used as the exit mu-
winner was not the contestant        contestant to beat, looked at the     son, showed great nervousness           cording contracts shortly       sic for each week’s departing
who appeared to have delivered       results right before the winner       during his performances; he             before the start of the cur-    contestant.
the forceful blow on                 was announced on Wednesday,                    could barely talk after
the final night of
competition the
night earlier. David
                                                                                      singing. Instead, he
                                                                                      smiled and responded
                                                                                      to questions from Ryan
                                                                                                                     Thunderbird Staff
Cook, a 25-year-                                                                      Seacrest with a shake          Editors-In-Chief:                     Stacey Goldberg
old rocker from                                                                       of the head, a shrug and                                             Jessica Repanes
Blue Springs, Mo.,                                                                    a mouthing of “thank
was named the                                                                         you” to the judges.
winner of Ameri-                                                                         Students of High
                                                                                                                     Section Editors:             Adam Girgenti (Sports)
can Idol on May                                                                       School East were                                           Amanda Ostuni (Sports)
21st, receiving 56                                                                    more in favor of Ar-                                Melissa Parietti (Entertainment)
percent of the 97.5                                                                   chuleta, due to his
million votes cast                                                                    younger geared music.          Layout Editor:                        Andrew Kessler
after     Tuesday’s                                                                   American Idol Fans of
performances, defeating David        and apologized to David Cook,         both David Cook and David Ar-
Archuleta, a 17-year-old singer      saying that what he said was on       chuleta agreed that, “Both will           Assistant Layout Editors: Monika Haebich
from Murray, Utah.                   the verge of being disrespectful.     make a lot of money after the                                                    Kevin O’Reilly
   It was in many ways a surprise.      For David Cook, the com-           show, winner or loser”.                   Staff Writers:
During Tuesday’s competition,        ing year is set. He will join the        If they do, they will be just like           Rucha Acharya, Adriana Christesen, Brittany
all three of the judges seemed to    other top 10 contestants on the       Carrie Underwood, the winner of
                                                                                                                         Dowd, Jenady Garshofsky, Samantha Goldberg,
endorse David Archuleta as the       American Idol tour and receive        season four, who has changed her-
winner. Many in the 7,000-seat       a recording contract with 19 En-      self from unknown to Idol winner,             Lauren Greenberg, Rebecca Harris, Cheryl Ann
Nokia Theater responded posi-        tertainment, the parent company       to one of the biggest stars in coun-            Horne, Sarah Kahn, Ashley Kresofsky, Kevin
tively to “Little David’s” final     of the program’s producers, and       try music. Carrie Underwood has                     Livigni, Katrina Moise, Melissa Tierney
performance. Simon Cowell, the       Sony/BMG. David Cook was              been named the top female vocal-          Photographers:
sometimes grumpy judge who           the calmer one of the two per-        ist for the second straight year by
                                     formers on Tuesday, even say-         the Academy of Country Music.
                                                                                                                                      Jessica Repanes, Lauren Greenberg
rarely lacks negativity, seemed
to speak for the other judges at     ing that he cared little about the       Winning American Idol,
                                     final results of the competition      however, does not always
                                                                                                                     Advisors:                                  Mrs. Fluger
the end of Tuesday’s show when
                                                                                                                                                                Mrs. Davis
More NAHS News                                                            Continued from page 1

                                                                                                                     The Thunderbird hereby states that the opinions
   its second year at Hills          ment with its Courtyard               and Lauren Greenberg,                     within this publication are those of the writers and
East, but already it has             Cleanup project.                      Vice President Samantha                   do not necessarily reflect those of the staff, admin-
outstanding achievements.              The National Art Honor              Goetz, Treasurer Jaclyn                   istration, or school community.
Goals for next year will             Society has had an ac-                Kaufman,      Co-Secretar-                EMAIL:
focus on sprucing up the             complished year, and will             ies Chelsea Birns and Re-
gallery with better light-           continue to focus on new              becca Young, Co-Public
ing and etching the NAHS             goals. Next year’s Execu-             Relations Karly Frigenti                 The Thunderbird would like to recognize the 2008-2009 Ed-
logo into the glass window.          tive Board will certainly             and Michelle Heyman,                     itors; Editors-in-Chief/Layout Editors, Monika Haebich and
The NAHS will expand                 enjoy expanding upon the              and Historian Mary Ellen                 Kevin O’Reilly, Features Editor, Melissa Tierney, School
its community outreach               current standards that this           Martinez. The NAHS is                    News Editor, Rebecca Harris, Entertainment Editors, Me-
projects at other organiza-          club values. The NAHS                 looking forward to con-                  lissa Parietti and Brittany Nadler, Sports Editor, Amanda
tions. At Hills East, the            Executive Board for 2008              tinue to help beautify the               Ostuni, Op/Ed Editor, Ilana Saltz, and Photography and
NAHS will be assisting               – 2009 are: Co-Presi-                 school and community in                  Art Editors, Adriana Christesen and Lauren Greenberg. The
School Based Manage-                 dents Adriana Christesen              the years to come.                       Thunderbird hopes for another great school year to come.
[10] Thunderbird                                                                                                                        Issue 4 June 2008

Youtube: an                                                                                         Tiananmen Square
Internet Sensation                                                                                  Sarah Khan
                                                                                                    Staff WRitER
                                                                                                                                         led these students to rebel albeit
                                                                                                                                         peacefully, to gain the rights
                                  ders, and do span all demo-      through the website. This                                             they deserved. However, the
 Monika Haebich                                                                                        On May 19th, thousands of
 aSSt. Layout EditoR              graphics.                        teen sensation went on to        Chinese gathered to commem-          government of China would
   In recent years, the website     YouTube contains videos        produce an album, go on          orate the anniversary of one of      have none of this rebellion and
YouTube, has become an In-        on everything and anything!      Oprah, and tour the country      the darkest events in Chinese        quickly reacted by sending the
ternet sensation. Founded in      Some of the categories in-       on Justin Timberlake’s tour.     history. In recent times, with       army. Thousands of students
February 2005, the company        clude comedy, education,         Developing musicians who         worldwide attention drawn to         were mercilessly killed, blown
has already skyrocketed.          entertainment, music, how        hope to also find that “big      China due to the 2008 sum-           up by grenades and run over
YouTube allows its users to       to, news, politics, sports,      break” have posted millions      mer Olympics in Beijing, hu-         by tanks; only few of the tor-
                                  nonprofits, people, blogs,       of videos online where ded-      man rights activists have been       turous ways they died. In the
easily upload and share video
                                  and science. YouTube clear-                                       horrified. China has had a long      end, this massacre served as a
clips on the Internet, and is                                      icated fans may comment
                                                                                                    history with violation of hu-        sharp reminder to the Chinese
even accessible through web-      ly has something for every-      and rate the songs.
                                                                                                    man rights and the massacre          people. The government would
sites, mobile devices, blogs,     thing!                              YouTube users have also                                            not take any rioting or rebel-
                                                                                                    of Tiananmen Square was one
and email. YouTube is one           YouTube has recently be-       been known to draw atten-        of its most horrible events.         lion from the Chinese people
of the fasting growing web-       come more popularized, as        tion to the plain weird vid-        May 19, 1989: the scene is        lightly. The citizens have, un-
sites, with literally hundreds    there is hope that one may       eos! Chris Crocker, now          grizzly, tanks are driving around    surprisingly, stayed relatively
of thousands of new movies        become famous for his/ her       considered an “Internet ce-      recklessly and there are dead        quiet since that horrible day.
uploaded every day. In fact,      video. The website has been      lebrity”, started his claim to   students everywhere. This day           To date, thousands of peace-
YouTube is the world’s most       known to popularize devel-       fame in June 2006, however       started peacefully enough with       ful Buddhist monks have been
popular online video com-         oping musicians, such as         peaked soon after September      college students protesting for      killed for illogical reasons. The
                                  Esmee Denters, Nick Pitera,      11, 2007, the day he shared      democracy. The students want-        government sees the monks
munity; actually, hundreds
                                                                                                    ed freedom of speech and bet-        as a threat due to the follow-
of millions of videos are                                             his infamous video, Leave
                                                                                                    ter living conditions. They had      ers they have, in addition to
watched every day! One                                                Britney Alone. The come-                                           any power they wield. China’s
                                                                                                    been forced to live in squalor in
of the main reasons for                                               dian appeared in the video    dorms, and attend inadequate         policy is to eradicate all threats
YouTube’s       exponential                                           throwing a tantrum, lash-     colleges that had unsanitary         to the Communist regime, no
success is for its easy ac-                                           ing out at gossip colum-      conditions. However, under           matter now small or improb-
cessibility. YouTube states                                           nists such as Perez Hilton    the PRC (People’s Republic           able the threat may be. For this
that for every minute, ten                                            and blaming such enter-       of China), government under          reason, thousands of peaceful
hours of video are uploaded                                          tainment columnists on         Deng Xiaoping’s communist            monks have been murdered
onto YouTube!                     and Savannah Outen, some         Britney Spear’s spiral down-     leadership, such protests were       in cold blood. They fear the
   YouTube has been an at-        of which have even contin-       ward. The video, within 24       unacceptable. Oppression had              Continued on page 11
                                  ued to record CD’s. Esmee        hours of posting, accumulat-
                                                                                                    HATE Epidemic
tractive tool for musicians,
students, teachers, and many      Denters serves as the role       ed over 2 million views. Ever
more! YouTube’s influence         model for many, as she start-    since then, it has reached 20
has reached out to many dif-      ed her career entirely from      million views, and holds the     Kevin Livigni                        there’s a good reason or
ferent people, with a wide        YouTube. This 18-year old        honor of being the most dis-     Staff WRitER                         not. One conflict leads to
average range from 18-55.         star began on YouTube one        cussed video of all time (on        Of all the epidemics in           another, as we take sides
Its users are interestingly       year ago, and has already        YouTube) with over 287,000       our world, the one that              in these conflicts, and we
evenly divided between gen-       reached 21 million viewers       comments as of May 2008.         affects us the most is the           hate people solely for the
                                                                                                    one we pay the least at-             reason that they are associ-

Soaring Gas Prices in the US                                                                        tention to. It is not an epi-
                                                                                                    demic in the sense that it
                                                                                                                                         ated with someone we have
                                                                                                                                         a problem with. A solution
                                                                                                                                         to this problem is not easy
Melissa Tierney                   maintenance.       New tires       Automobile sales of less       is a disease, or that it is
Staff WRitER                      can wait as can the 3,000        than fuel efficient cars and     necessarily deadly, but              to come across. It would
   Today, unless you’ve been      mile oil changes and sea-        SUV’s have plummeted.            it affects each of us in a           be easy to ask that we all
living under a rock, you          sonal changing of the wiper      An innovative automobile         terrible way. It has spread          let go of our grudges, or to
know that the cost of gaso-       blades. The products we buy      maker included in their ad-      like a plague, and it only           suggest that we all just get
line, home heating fuel and       have increased in price too,     vertisement, a chart show-       causes pain for all of us.           along, but it is much harder
diesel have skyrocketed.          as the cost of manufactur-       ing the potential monthly        This is known as the hate            to actually go through with
Most of us experience this        ing and the cost to transport    savings if you bought one        epidemic. This epidemic              it. Hate and anger are em-
increase daily as we struggle     the products to the stores       of their more fuel efficient     is evident within these              powering emotions, which
to fill our gas tanks for the     are directly reflective of the   cars. The chart is based         school walls. Of course,             give us a sense of control,
trip to school, and hopefully     increased cost of the diesel     on driving 12,000 miles per      there are a fair number of           and a sense of feeling when
soon, our trip to the beach.      fuel that powers the trucks,     year and gasoline costs at       people in our school who             we are otherwise empty.
   Gas station owners, like       trains and utility generators.   $4.00. The idea is that if you   would consider themselves            We also use hate and an-
William Jensen, say that al-      Food, clothes, books, elec-      buy their car, the savings in    happy, but it cannot be de-          ger to justify our refusal
though the cost of the prod-      tronics, fruit, and breakfast    gas will pay a portion of the    nied that a sense of hatred          to better our problems. We
uct has increased, their prof-    cereal are just a few of the     monthly new car cost. You        lingers around, and it’s al-         claim that we are too mad
its have decreased. People        everyday items that have         use less gas, and get a new      most as if students can feel         to think things over, so we
have less money for routine       been affected.                   car for the difference in the    it in the air. It is impossible      avoid our problems alto-
                                                                           cost of the car and      to turn a head and not see           gether. However, it feels
                                                                           the money you save       some amount of anger, dirty          far more empowering to
                                                                           in better gas mile-      looks, piercing stares, ar-          be happy. Happiness pro-
                                                                           age.                     guments, sometimes fights,           vides us with true control
                                                                             Where will this        and even tears, in some situ-        of our lives, and it is much
                                                                           end? No one re-          ations. The truth is that man        healthier for us than anger
                                                                           ally knows. How-         are angry at something or            or hatred. As hard as it may
                                                                           ever, we all can see     someone; when everybody              seem, we need to let go of
                                                                           the ripple effects of    shares such a state of anger,        the anger, and fix our prob-
                                                                           higher gasoline and      it creates a hostile environ-        lems without the negative
                                                                           diesel costs. I hope     ment. Hate breeds more               influence of hate. If we can
                                                                           this winter is a mild    hate, and soon enough, we            do that, we can be at peace
                                                                           one. Does anybody        hate everyone around us.             with others, which helps us
                                                                           know if they make        It is evident that everyone          be at peace with ourselves.
                                                                           “feety” pajamas in       seems to have a problem              So please, let the hate go,
                                                                           adult sizes?             with somebody, whether               and let love flow.
HHH High School East                                          Special Graduation Issue                                      Thunderbird [11]

                                                                                                                 Sex and the City
                                                                                                                  Melissa Tierney                      and the City shows how love
                                                                                                                  Staff WRitER                         isn’t the same for every per-
                                                                                                                    According to Carrie Brad-          son, and that life isn’t meant
                                                                                                                 shaw, who is Sarah Jes-               to be a fairytale. I strongly
                                                                                                                 sica Parker’s character in the        suggest that everyone sees
                                                                                                                 movie, women come to New              this movie, including the men,
                                                                                                                 York for two things “Labels           especially if you are in touch
                                                                                                                 and Love”, and Sex and the            with your feminine side. All
                                                                                                                 City, the movie, has plenty of        will love and be able to relate
                                                                                                                 both. The movie invites you           to this movie even if you have
                                                                                                                 to join the glitz and glamour         never seen the show on HBO.
                                                                                                                 of living in the big apple, as        At the beginning of the movie,
                                                                                                                 well as all the drama it brings.      the audience receives an over
                                                                                                                 Carrie Bradshaw, a soon to be         view of all of the characters,
                                                                                                                 bride, shows viewers how the          including the past drama they
                                                                                                                 “picture perfect life” isn’t al-      had to deal with, so that you
                                                                                                                 ways ideal for everyone, and,         have a full understanding of

The Oldest Living                                                                                                many people while trying to
                                                                                                                 have their idea of a “picture
                                                                                                                 perfect life”, will experience
                                                                                                                                                       what is going on during the
                                                                                                                                                       movie. This movie is funny,
                                                                                                                                                       entertaining and will keep you

Fossil is Finally Retiring                                                                                       some pit falls along the way.
                                                                                                                 The movie depicts how life
                                                                                                                 doesn’t always have a happy
                                                                                                                                                       glued to your seats. Sex and
                                                                                                                                                       the City is rated R because it
                                                                                                                                                       has adult content. Next time
 Rebecca Harris                      the Vanderbilt Museum Plan-           his son, and hopes to go to Chi-                                            you go to the movies de-
                                                                                                                 ending, and that life is full of
 Melissa Tierney                     etarium, the Hayden Planetari-        na next year to see an eclipse.                                             cide to get “carried away”,
                                                                                                                 surprises, which Charlotte,
 Staff WRitERS                       um at the American Museum of          Eclipses, he claims, are the most     who is played by Kristin Da-          which is the movie’s catch
   One of the kindest, smartest,     Natural History, and Plainedge        magnificent thing you will ever       vis, shows in the movie. Sex          phrase, with Sex and the City!
and most dedicated teachers          High School. Aside from Hills         see in your lifetime. One thing
at High School East is retiring      East, he currently works at Suf-      he will never forget about his        Tiananmen Square Anniversary
this year. Many of you might         folk Community College and            time here is finding a book in his
remember him as that “cool,          SUNY Farmingdale and will             mailbox entitled 1001 Books to                                          Continued from page 10
old, white-haired guy” who           continue to do so after he retires.   Read Before You Die. He’s not         Tibetans, and their leader, his       the problems his people face.
taught you about the planets         The thing he will miss most           positive who left it there ex-        Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama,               Such instances of human
and stars when you came to           about HSE is seeing the teach-        actly, but his first guess is Mr.     may one day be able to lead a         rights’ violence are extremely
visit the planetarium during el-     ers on a daily basis, and watch-      Smyrk, the man who deemed             rebellion against the govern-         common throughout history.
ementary school. Yup, you’ve         ing his many students grow up         him the “oldest living fossil.”       ment. Tibetan Buddhists offer         They vary from the tortured
guessed it; this wonderful man       before his eyes. Mr. Carey be-        All jokes aside, anyone who re-       all of their loyalty to the Dalai     residents of Guantonomo Bay,
is Mr. Carey! He first became        lieves that Hills East offers a lot   ally knows Mr. Carey can say          Lama, who they believe is the         who are currently being “law-
interested in the sky while liv-     of great opportunities, especially    that he is definitely full of life,   vessel that contains the original     fully” interrogated, to the many
ing in South America, where                                                and has plenty of interesting         Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama’s          journalists jailed in North Ko-
                                     all of the AP classes. He says that
he enjoyed looking out at the                                              stories to tell. Mr. Carey has        spirit. It is this complete patron-   rea for speaking out against
                                     he will definitely return in the
                                                                           been a fabulous teacher here at       age and devotion to the Dalai         their government. People all
stars very often. He became          future to help out in the plane-
                                                                           High School East. He has left         Lama that so worries the Chi-         over the world have their rights
more and more involved with          tarium as best he can. His advice                                           nese government. However,             torn away from them every day
astronomy as a young adult. He       for us as students is to always       a great impact on the lives of
                                                                                                                 these simple people have no           and nothing is ever done about
has been working in planetari-       read, keep a journal, and to see a    countless students throughout
                                                                                                                 such notions, and many face           it. It is up to us to try and help
ums since the 1970s, and began       total eclipse within our lifetimes.   his teaching career. We wish                                                solve this problem through the
                                                                                                                 brutal harassment constantly
to teach at schools in the 1990s.    His plans for retirement include      him all the best in the future,       from the government. These            use of petitions and charity.
He has worked at various places      reading and lots of traveling. He     and thank him for being such          harsh actions have forced the         We can help create posters and
throughout the years including       has decided to visit Ireland with     a unique and special teacher.         Dalai Lama from his home and          raise the awareness of the many
                                                                                                                 away from his people. He has          oppressed, and speak for the
                                                                                                                 unwillingly fled to India, where      suppressed citizens in countries

The Art of Recycling                                                                                             his safety is more assured, and
                                                                                                                 where he can better deal with
                                                                                                                                                       all over the world who are un-
                                                                                                                                                       able to speak for themselves.
                                                                                                                                                       Continued from page 4
art. The desire for old world        al life that surpasses the life for   with dried milk as an ingredi-        the long run, as one consumes         school or work, or the use of a re-
feel is present in the modern        which they were originally cre-       ent for paint, “plarn”—yarn           and rids of waste on a signifi-       fillable coffee mug do not go un-
day as used, thrifty articles of     ated,” said Nevelson. Her art,        made from plastic shopping            cantly lesser scale.                  accounted for. Such efforts lessen
clothing or antiques are often-      now admired and subjectively          bags—for the construction of              Of course for those who do        the amount of waste produced,
times highly appealing. Various      more intriguing than ever, mag-       a handbag, and she practices          not have the time or interest to      and ultimately save the earth.
artists specifically work with       nifies the need for and benefits      various other conservation-           transform everyday materials into         Recycling has proven it-
the hopes of demolishing the         of recycling. Nevelson’s ideals       ist forms of recycling. To            artistic inventions, the ways to      self to be more than solely a
consumer buzz that seems to          are similar to clothing design-       become crafty furthermore,            contribute to the art of recycling    household chore. One must
linger in every which way of         ers of the modern era who cre-        one can even transform the            are plentiful. Donations of un-       learn to view this art form as a
society, and aim to use what         ate clothing from old articles,       intended use of an object into        wanted products, from anything        beneficial and exciting way to
they already own for materials.      reusing what is unwanted to           something completely differ-          as mainstream as clothing to any-     live, physically and mentally.
Louise Nevelson, an artist of        produce something beautiful or        ent. For example, glass bev-          thing as overlooked as eyeglass       To recycle ideas and thoughts is
the twentieth century, compiled      useful.                               erage bottles can make nifty          frames, are always helpful and in     to be an artist. To act resource-
garbage and everyday items,             Fascinatingly, art materi-         flower vases as easily as an          demand. One can also purchase         fully and responsibly is to be an
such as unwanted furniture, in       als, once known as purchased          unwanted television set can           previously recycled items, such       admirable inhabitant of Earth,
order to produce abstract as-        items, are now oftentimes de-         magically be turned into an           as shoes made from all recycled       a planet that has provided for
semblages. “When you put to-         rived from household prod-            artsy looking storage piece.          materials, or invest thought into     the very existence of the human
gether things that other people      ucts. Sarah Faitell, a senior         It simply takes a little creativ-     how to recycle something one al-      population. It is now time for
have thrown out, you’re really       and accomplished artist at            ity. This creativity essentially      ready owns. Efforts to bring cloth    the population to provide for its
bringing them to life – a spiritu-   Hills East, has experimented          saves one money and stress in         napkins for one’s lunch hour at       planet.
[1] Thunderbird                                                                                                                         Issue 4 June 2008

 Retiring teachers
Mr. Hodum
Stacey Goldberg                     guages knows no limita-          information, and have them        his impact upon the school
EditoR in cHiEf                     tions. Mr. Hodum, or as his      learn, understand, and enjoy      will never retire. His room
  For the graduating class          students know him, Señor         the lessons.                      is filled with crafts that his
of 2008, Hills East will be         Hodum, attended college             Señor Hodum currently          students have completed
a place where goals were            in Medellin, Columbia, and       teaches AP Spanish Lan-           from years in the past, in-
achieved and some of the            has traveled to different        guage, AP Spanish Litera-         cluding a replica of cave
greatest times of their lives       Spanish-speaking        coun-    ture, Spanish 2H, indepen-        paintings on the ceiling,
were celebrated. For most           tries all over the world, in-    dent study, and Spanish 12, in    paintings of Spain’s tradi-
teachers, 2008 will be just         cluding Spain and South          addition to being the super-      tions on the back wall, and
another year; students at-          America.      Señor Hodum        visor for the National Span-      Spanish poems and hand-
tended their class, they            has taught hundreds of stu-      ish Honor Society. His love       made masks hanging in all          rather than a chore, and his
learned the required materi-        dents the technical aspects      for the language and culture      corners of the room. Señor         legacy at Hills East will be
als, and they left. For one         of the Spanish language          does not stop at 2:00 when        Hodum has made learn-              remembered for years to
teacher, however, Mr. Rob-          while also enriching them        the bell rings either; Señor      ing language an experience         come.
ert Hodum, the 2008 school          in Spanish culture, spar-        has also spent time writing
year will be his last, and per-
haps mean more to him than
                                    ing no details! Everything
                                    from the types of bugs to
                                                                     and publishing a book called
                                                                     “Reflections on Spain’s St.
                                                                                                       Mrs. Martucci
                                                                                                       Adriana Christesen                 upon an individual as wise
just another school year.           the gourmet meals in certain     James and his Way” which
                                                                                                       Staff WRitER                       as Mrs. Martucci. Unlike
  Mr. Hodum teaches for-            Latin American countries is      goes into the history of San-
                                                                                                          High School East English        other English teachers, or
eign language here at High          covered in his Spanish cur-      tiago de Compostela, a sec-
                                                                                                       teacher, Mrs. Linda Martucci,      even people in general, Mrs.
School East, and while his          riculum. It takes a talented     tion of Spain, and one of its
                                                                                                       plans to retire at the close of    Martucci is constantly trying
curriculum is limited to            teacher, and human being,        famed icons, St. James.
                                                                                                       the 2007-2008 school year.         to teach what lies beneath
only teaching Spanish, his          to be able to saturate a room       While Señor Hodum may
                                                                                                       She has taught in the Half Hol-    the surface. She forces her
knowledge of other lan-             full of 30 students with such    be retiring from teaching,
                                                                                                       low Hills School District since    students to examine society,

Ms. Gordon                                                           toward helping global water
                                                                                                       1970. Mrs. Martucci has ad-
                                                                                                       vised many extracurricular ac-
                                                                                                       tivities and has taught various
                                                                                                                                          people, and their own lives.
                                                                                                                                          I know teaching for her was
                                                                                                                                          not just a job, but a sincere
Jessica Repanes                     is looking forward to travel-
EditoR in cHiEf                     ing. During her years at Hills   issues in Peru. She would         electives. Mrs. Martucci has       way of life.” Mrs. Martucci
                                                       East, Ms.     love to visit the country that    enriched the lives of many stu-    has inspired many students
                                                        Gordon       her club has been helping and     dents and will be truly missed     and faculty members in a
                                                        taught       see what a difference the Fash-   by all at High School East.        way that well be unforge-
                                                        nearly all   ion Club’s contributions have        During her last year at HSE,    table.
                                                        of the art   made. After she retires, Ms.      Mrs. Martucci taught both             Mrs. Martucci’s retirement
                                                        courses      Gordon will continue to be the    English 10R and English 11H.       plans are ideal; she has decided
                                                        offered      Fashion Club’s advisor.           She has also been the advisor      to do very little. However, Mrs.
                                                        in    this      Of course, Ms. Gordon will     for the Speech and Debate          Martucci has decided to return
                                                        school.      miss the students and faculty     Team, which has made it to         to assist with the Speech and
                                                        Her fa-      here at East the most when        the state championships this       Debate Team. Mrs. Martucci’s
                                                        vorite       she retires. Her experiences as   year. Throughout her career        influence on her students is
                                                        course to    an art teacher have given her     at High School East, she has       priceless. She is an influential
                                                        teach is     wonderful memories to last        also advised, Student Govern-      woman who will surely be
                                                        Fashion      a lifetime. Ms. Gordon said,      ment, Yearbook and the school      missed by all at HSE.
                                                        Illustra-    “I have gained so much from       newspaper. Clearly, Mrs. Mar-
                                                        tion and     the kids, so much… I’ve also      tucci has invested
                                                        Design.      learned about myself and what     not only her time
   Ms. Gordon, one of East’s                              During     I’m capable of doing.” As         into her students
art teachers, will be retiring at   her retirement, Ms. Gordon       for advice to the faculty and     but a great portion
the end of the school year. Af-     plans to travel to locations     students, Ms. Gordon stated,      of herself, as well.
ter teaching in the Half Hol-       such as Australia and Peru.      “Keep focused, do what you           Mrs. Martucci
low Hills District for twenty       At Hills East, Ms. Gordon has    love to do. It’s high school.     says her favor-
years, six years in the Sachem      been the advisor to the Fash-    Soak up as much as you pos-       ite thing about
District, and fifteen years as      ion Club, whose profits from     sibly can because you can al-     working at HSE
an art therapist, Ms. Gordon        their annual fashion show go     ways use it.”                     is teaching. Her
                                                                                                       passion is evi-

Mr. Izzo                                                                                               dent to all of her
                                                                                                       students. Junior,
                                                                                                       Lauren Green-
 Melissa Parietti                   mor and easy going manner                                          berg says, “It
 EntERtainmEnt EditoR               are some attributes that he                                        is rare to come
  Mr. Izzo has been a math          is known for. He credits his
teacher here at High School
East since 1970, making it
                                    interest in math to his high
                                    school calculus teacher.                                           Mrs. Notskas                       participating in independent
a total of 38 years teaching        After leaving Hills East,                                          Andrew Kessler
                                                                                                                                          research and assists them in
in the district. When he be-
                                                                                                       Layout EditoR
                                    he will be teaching calcu-
                                                                                                         Mrs. Notskas has been in         entering competitions such
gan working here, he was            lus at CW Post and will                                            the Half Hollow Hills district     as Intel and Siemens-West-
only a few years older than         be a consultant at Boces.                                          for twenty-nine years, and         inghouse. For nine of the
the students he taught. Mr.         When asked of his final                                            has been supervising the in-       past ten years, Mrs. Nostkas
Izzo currently teaches Math         thoughts abouth Hills East,                                        dependent research program         has had at least one student
S and Math L classes, and           he quotes, “I’ll miss it!”                                         for ten years, following more      reach the international level
has been the sole teacher                                                                              than twenty years as a math        of a competition. Her advice
of Math L for the last sev-                                                                            teacher. Mrs. Notskas super-       and guidance will be missed
eral years. His sense of hu-                                                                           vises and mentors students         tremendously.

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