Online-Only Supplemental Material for CHEST by linxiaoqin


									Online-Only/Supplemental Material for CHEST

Authors may submit supplemental material (ie, material that will be published online-only with
the online version of the Journal) if it enhances a study. However, the print version of the paper
must stand on its own, and the use of supplemental material should be judicious.

The same standards for ethics, copyright, permissions, and publication quality for the full-text
article apply to all supplemental material. Some overlap in content is acceptable. CHEST
currently does not copyedit or correct online-only content, so authors should review all
supplemental material carefully before submitting.

Appendices: Will no longer appear in the print edition. Tables and figures meant for print should
be integrated with the main manuscript.

Numbering: Each component of the online material should be called out in the text of the article.
Do not intersperse online-only material consecutively with material for the print edition. Please
use the following convention for labeling and numbering material:

e-Table: number as e-Table 1, e-Table 2, etc
e-Figure: number as e-Figure 1, e-Figure 2, etc
e-Appendix: number as e-Appendix 1, e-Appendeix 2, etc
Audio: number as Audio 1, Audio 2, etc.
Video: number as Video 1, Video 2, etc

Example: The distribution of missed bronchoscopy skills data points across centers and
bronchoscopy milestones are depicted in e-Figure 1.

References: All references to online-only supplemental material should be exclusive to that file.
If necessary, repeat references from the main manuscript text.

CHEST ScholarOne Manuscripts provides relevant fields for authors to describe any online-only
material. In ScholarOne Manuscripts, in the file upload area, choose “Online Content Only” in
the file description area when you submit the files.

Acceptable file formats are:

Video: Quicktime (.mov), Windows media (.wmv), Audio Video Interleave (.avi), animated GIF
(.gif), .mpeg. All movie clips should be provided at the desired size and length (10 MB or 5 min
maximum). Before submitting, please verify that clips are viewable in Quicktime or Windows
Media Player. In addition, please submit a brief text description in a word processing document.
Authors are encouraged to supply a still image of the video file for inclusion as reference in the
print version of the article.

Audio/Sound clips: .mp3, .wav, ,mpga, .wma. In addition, please submit a brief text description
in a word processing document.

Datasets: Excel (.xls, .xlsx), .rtf, or .pdf format. In addition, please submit a brief text description
in a word processing document.

Figures: .tiff, .eps, high-resolution .pdf, .jpeg, and .gif. One word processing file should be
provided that contains brief captions for all figures.
Tables: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, .rtf, and .txt files. (To aid readers who may be printing
this material, please format the document at 8.5 x 11 inches.)

Text: Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), .rtf, and .txt files. (Files that are reproductions of text
material, eg, questionnaires, can be provided as .pdf files). Please add the manuscript title,
authors, and “Web-only supplement” to the beginning of each text supplemental material.

Last updated May 2010

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