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									                                Probate Courts Handle Numerous Issues

A good estate plan is, often, one that will avoid any probate court complications, thus saving your
estate time and money. While probate courts are often unfairly regarded as needlessly bureaucratic,
they also handle numerous important legal issues, not all of which are related to estate planning. Let's
take a look at some of the more important issues that might wind up before a probate court.

Not only does the probate court determine if a will meets all state legal requirements, but a probate
court judge is responsible for hearing any problems that arise out of the estate. For example, if a
person dies without leaving behind a will, the court will determine who the rightful inheritors are. It
will also hear disputes over the will, or over who should serve as an estate administrator.

Though probate courts most often come into the picture after person dies, they can also hear cases
involving a child's birth. If, for example, a birth certificate has incorrect information on it, the probate
court can order a new birth certificate with the correct information. The court may also issue name
changes that result from adoptions, divorces, marriages, or for any other reason.

If an adult suddenly loses capacity or a child's parents die leaving the child without a caregiver, the
probate court will determine who should become the new legal guardian. The court will typically hold
a hearing and consider evidence in order to determine who would best serve in the guardian role.

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