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									Markha Valley Trek - the cherishing trekking tour to Little
 Markha Valley Trek - the cherishing trekking tour to Little
                                 Have you ever heard of coldest desert in the world?
                                 Certainly it is the Ladakh region that is blanketed
                                 with the high peaks of snowy mountains and dense
                                 clouds and beneath it there lies this lost kingdom.
                                 Before witnessing to it the vacationers are always
                                 puzzled why this land is remarkably popular among
                                 the varied tourists since it is the only region in India
                                 which is totally isolated from the modern world. But
                                 once a person marks his/her presence in this
                                 authentic land he will surely understand its

Ladakh is filled with multiple adventures and high trails as its name only suggests,
"land of high passes", many enthusiastic travelers make their presence here to
enjoy trekking experience at different trekking locations. Markha Valley Trek is
among one of them that is certainly the most beautiful and attractive treks in the
world. The Markha Valley Trekking can be ventured through the Himalayan
crossing at an altitude of 5150 meters along the edges of the Indus Valley and the
down parts of Zanskar.
                                        The popularity of this amazing trek is too
                                        natural since it brings diversity in
                                        geography along with the relatively short
                                        trek which is so enthralling and hard to
                                        beat. The Markha Valley brings the
                                        colorful sheer canyon walls of the lower
                                        trails that ascends to the alpine
                                        grasslands of 4700 m Nimaling where
                                        seasonal shepherd herd goats, sheep
                                        and yaks on the rolling grasslands are
                                        surmounted by snowy peaks.

From Nimaling adventure tour of Markha valley, the trails reach over the 5150 m
Gongmaru La before descending to the monastic town of Hemis. The trek can be
ventured through different places but the easiest approach is from the ceiling
where the Markha River joins the Zanskar. Although the closest access point to
Leh is Spituk but it becomes tougher once we have to cross the Kanda La area of
4870 m to enter the Markha Valley. The trekkers can also find the toughest but
most rewarding approach from the village of Stok by crossing the 4800 m of Stok
La position that further joins the aforementioned Kanda La route towards the
Markha Valley trekking route.
                                    The whole adventure tour towards the Markha
                                    Valley covers an altitude of 5150 meters and
                                    encompasses many exciting moments which
                                    are complemented through various attractive
                                    tour   packages      and     various   trekking
                                    destinations. Surprisingly, the whole trek can
                                    be covered within 11 days of the period and
                                    the adventure enthusiasts can find the best
                                    time for exploring the treks during June to
                                    October months.

Don't miss this surprising opportunity as the perfect period of the adventure trip to
India, Ladakh has started. The Markha Valley trekking routes are waiting for you
with lots of surprises and exciting events brilliantly packed with many learning
activities. Conquer the world's highest inhabited plateaus, the Little Tibet through
the Markha Valley Trekking and cherish the thrills agitating you throughout the

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