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									Five Career Choices with a Degree in Accounting

An accounting degree is a tool that can help you make it big in the business world. With a degree, an
accounting professional can pursue a number of career avenues, from large accounting firms to hospitals
and government organizations, or she could even be a successful entrepreneur with her own venture.

With an ever-fluctuating economy, globalization, and the IT revolution sweeping across the world,
accounting as a profession has changed dramatically. There are several career paths an accounting
professional can choose to take, some of which are described in greater detail below.

Career Choices for Students with an Accounting Degree

Public Accountant

Public accountants prepare the auditing, tax, and financial reports for individuals or firms, and ensure
the reports conform to set standards and policies. An accountant may either work as a consultant or be
employed with an accounting firm. This job is a conventional accountant position, and may require some
travel. Public accountants must obtain a license to work as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and also
appear for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination.

Private Accountant

As opposed to a public accountant, a private accountant is responsible for the accounts of the
organization she is working for. Private accountants handle the accounts payable and accounts
receivable, are responsible for inventory control, and manage and reconcile ledgers and bank accounts.
Unlike a public accountant, this job is more of a desk job and may not include travel.


Auditors collect and inspect all the financial records of an organization. They review and analyze financial
data to ensure it complies with set rules and regulations. They might have to meet with the finance
department and recommend changes in the system so that financial operations run effectively. According
to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for accountants and auditors is $61,690, depending on
location, education, and experience.1

Tax Examiner, Collector, and Revenue Agent

Their primary job is to analyze filed tax returns, help taxpayers complete and file forms, conduct audits
for businesses, and contact tax defaulters and collect overdue tax payments. They also issue a refund
in case of overpayment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median annual wage for tax
collectors and examiners is $49,360, depending on location, education, and experience. 2

Budget Analyst

A degree in accounting can also prepare students for the occupation of budget analyst. Budget analysts
create and manage budget reports for an organization, and review them for thoroughness and accuracy.
They supervise expenditures to ensure they’re within the budget and manage the funds available for
spending. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, budget analysts’ median annual wage is $68,200,
depending on location, education, and experience.

Though it’s not mandatory to have an accounting degree to get any of these jobs, having one can help
you pursue a wider variety of job opportunities and help you make better career choices. It’s equally
important to choose a college that’s accredited and provides a high standard of education. One such
college that fulfills both these criteria is CollegeAmerica. If you read CollegeAmerica student reviews,
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