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									Vision numeric opens a new
subsidiary in Shanghai, China

October 2005

          October will be remembered here
 at Vision numeric as the month we
 opened a new subsidiary in China.
 October 17th, our colleague and friend
 David Han landed in China to open our
 first office in Shanghai.

        Located in the heart of this
 booming city, this new subsidiary will
 help promote Type3 solutions in China
 and on the Asian continent in general. M.
 Han and his team will be responsible for
                                                         David Han and his colleagues for his good bye party in
 developing the Type3 solutions brand                      Vision numeric French Headquarters. Oct. 2005
 name, image and sales on the Asian

        With an established network of
 customers in China and the many trade
 and business shows Vision numeric
 representatives attended in the past few
 years, M. Han is sure to rapidly boost
 Type3 solutions brand awareness.

       We are confident this new and
 growing subsidiary will lead to great new
 business and ventures in the near future.
 We wish David Han and his young team
 good luck and see you soon in

                     For more information about Type3 solutions in China,
                     please visit

             To reach M. David Han directly, please dial: 00862162819260 ext. 327.

                                                                                          October 2005

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