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					1. Computer languages
Go to the Webopedia website at Webopedia is an online dictionary and
search engine for computer and Internet technology definitions. You can access the
information by using the search facility. Look up the computer languages in the table below
and then complete the table.
Computer language                Meaning                           Use
                                                                   Scientific applications that
Fortran/FORTRAN                  Formula translator                require extensive
                                                                   mathematical computations
                                 COmmon Business Oriented          Business applications that run
                                 Language                          on large computers
                                                                   Often used to teach
                                 Named in honour of the            programming
                                 scientist Blaise Pascal           Also used in the business
                                                                   Originally designed to teach
                                 Beginner's All-purpose            programming.
                                 Symbolic Instruction Code         Today also used for a variety
                                                                   of business applications
                                                                   Very popular for graphics
                                 Adds object-oriented features
C++                                                                applications in Windows and
                                 to its predecessor, C
                                                                   Macintosh environments
                                                                   Artificial Intelligence
Prolog                           Programming Logic                 applications (e.g. expert
                                                                   US military applications.
                                                                   Often the language of choice
                                 Named after Augusta Ada
                                                                   for large systems that require
Ada                              Byron; considered to be the
                                                                   real-time processing, e.g.
                                 world's first programmer
                                                                   banking and air traffic control
                                                                   Artificial Intelligence
LISP                             List Processor
  An expert system is a computer application that performs a task that would otherwise be
performed by a human expert. For example, there are expert systems that can diagnose human
illnesses or make financial forecasts.

C# (pronounced C Sharp) is a multi-paradigm programming language that encompasses
functional, imperative, generic, object-oriented (class-based), and component-oriented
programming disciplines. It was developed by Microsoft.
C# is intended to be a simple, modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming
language. Its development team is led by Anders Hejlsberg, the designer of Borland's Object
Pascal language. It has an object-oriented syntax based on C++ and is heavily influenced by
2. Go to and complete the table below.

Hewlett-Packard was Founded.                     1939
FORTRAN, a general-purpose programming           1957
language, was developed by IBM.
BASIC, an easy-to-learn programming              1964
language, was created.
The first electrically powered and computer-     1969
controlled robot arm was created.
The first advertisement for a microprocessor,    1971
the Intel 4004, appeared in Electronic News.
The Kenbak-1, the first personal computer,       1971
was advertised for $750 in Scientific
The first e-mail was sent.                       1971
An IBM team, originally led by David             1971
Noble, invented the 8-inch floppy diskette.
Steve Wozniak designed the Apple I, a            1976
single-board computer. With specifications
in hand and an order for 100 machines at
$500 each from the Byte Shop, he and Steve
Jobs got their start in business. About 200 of
the machines sold before the company
announced the Apple II as a complete
USENET was invented as a means for               1979
providing mail and file transfers. USENET
enabled its users to post messages and files
that could be accessed and archived.
Sony introduced and shipped the first 3 1/2"     1981
floppy drives and diskettes.
Apple Computer launched the Macintosh, the       1984
first successful mouse-driven computer with
a graphic user interface.
The World Wide Web was born when Tim             1990
Berners-Lee developed HyperText Markup
Microsoft shipped (released) Windows 3.0.        1990
The Linux operating system, is now one of        1991
several open source Unix-like operating
systems, was introduced.
The Pentium microprocessor was released.         1993
The Mosaic web browser, the first                1993
commercial software that allowed graphical
access to content on the internet, was
Yahoo, one of the Internet’s most popular        1994
search engines, was founded.

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