Buyer behavior by rili66


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									    Need        • imbalance between actual & desireed states
 Recognition    • needs & seek to solve problem

                • Internal - recall memory & review experiece
 Information    • External - collect information from peers, friends,
                  family, megazine, online research
    Search      • Extenal search include active (collect information
                  from friends) and passive (advertisting)

 Evaluaton      • Development of consideration set
                • Evaluate alternatives from search which leads to
 Alternative      products & brands most likely to satisfy

                • Involve choosing Form of Retailing, specify retailer,
                  products of Brands
  Purchase      • Intention may influence by factors like in-store
                  promotion, disucount or stocks-out

Consumption     • a process of using the product or services purchased

                • This is a evaluation of Purchase.
                • Satisfaction when perceived performance meet or
Post-Purchase     exceed the expectation, or vice versa
                • Emotion will affect evaluation
  Behavior      • If satisfaction, loyalty gained. If negative feedback,
                  lost loyalty
                • Warranty, future discount, survey can contributes.

                • A process of dispose, reselling or recycling packaging
                  / product
 Divestment     • Environmental concerns may affect product choice

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