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                  If I haven’t said it already, “Happy New Year to you all”.

                  This wild winter seems to continue unabated with these strong
                  winds. I was watching the TV footage of the waves crashing
                  over Southsea and HMS Dolphin and like most of you thought
                  my boat is moored just behind that. (See photos next month)

                  Two items from the committee meeting :-
                  First PAY your subs! Only a third of us have paid. In all
                  fairness Ian mugged me at the meeting and said “Lead by
                  example and pay”. Faced with a management challenge like
                  that I felt I had little room to manoeuvre, so take note if you
                  don’t pay I’ll send Ian round with the boys to collect.

                  Second thing Graham has organised a jazz quartet for the
                  spring dance. This was not without its tribulations, so well
                  done Graham. Please let Graham know as soon as possible if
                  you wish to attend. Its on the Friday 23rd of February, guests
                  and friends welcome.

                  I see Sir Robin Knox-Johnston has restarted the Five Oceans
                  race in Fremantle three days behind the rest of the
                  competitors after a broken autopilot. He was delayed due to a
                  wiring problem. (cont p2)

www.yosc.org.uk for this Newsletter in colour, from our web master, John Weale
Meetings: 1st Mondays at 8pm, all other Mondays at 9pm, “Yateley Centre”, School Road

I think most have been there and got the T shirt however good luck to him as
he is 776 miles behind the leader Bernard Stamm.

Lastly Alan Bew, our news letter editor, informs me he is now receiving more
articles to publish. So thanks to those of you who have made the effort.

As always fair winds,

Bill Boyd

Crewing List

Sailing Secretary: Tony Nemeth

Trevor Blunden     01420 84588        Mike Collins              01252 658772
Max Clark          01252 612767       Tony Nemeth               01344 771711
Charles Weager     01276 509606       John Weale                01252 873067
Alex Phipps        01252 665368       Malcolm Bradly            01252 878887
Michael Dray       01276 514359       David Coulthard           0118 978 2046
Peter Bennett      01252 623517       Mike Hopkins              01344 455639
Allan Cowan

                            Next Social Events
                              Members are invited to
                       YOSC Spring DANCE
                     Friday, 23rd February 2007
         ARE YOU COMING, Graham Collins NEEDS TO KNOW ASAP
  Please tell him so that he knows likely numbers and can then assess the viability

                 Monday, 5 th March 2007, 8pm, Yateley Centre
                  “Navigation from Newlyn to Isles of Scilly”
                 Roger Oliver, Portsmouth Offshore Group CSSA

                            Saturday, 17th March 2007
                            Fitting Out Supper

Has Terry started a new trend in YOSC to bring back the Spacehopper?

Articles for the Newsletter/Magazine

A guidance note from the Editor to intending authors which will make the act of
publication easier for both.

1. Text: Please can you, in order of preference,
            Type the article using “word” or
            Microsoft “Works” word processor

2. Pictures, drawings, charts, etc: Please provide these separately as jpg, (or
bmp, tiff, psd) files and not incorporated in the body of the text. If you can, reduce
each file size to about 100 to 250 kB simply to reduce transmission time/space. In
the body of the text indicate, with titles or “Fig 1,2 etc”, where the picture is to be

3. Transmission to Editor: Preferably send an email with the text document as an
attachment, and each picture as a separate attachment, all to the one email, to:
alan.bew@talk21.com. The maximum email + attachments size that can be received
is 20MB. Or copy all as separate files on to a CD or DVD (It is handy to know
which it is when you give it to me Ed.) Hard copy, typed preferably, is also very
acceptable with pictures for scanning. If the handwriting is very very good it can be

Answers to January Newsletter Paynter’s Puzzles:

   1. Rocket engine testing range, Needles, IOW.
   2. Cap de la Hague lighthouse

Paynter’s Puzzles

                                                          Where is this sun-trapped

                                                      Where is this harbour entrance?

Up The Creek – Wicor

      Wicormarine is our yacht Adat’s home Summer berth and is situated about 3
miles up Fareham Lake. Originally started in 1966 with one pontoon about 3 feet
wide and 40 feet long now reaching nearly 1000 feet. It has excellent shower and
toilet facilities with 24 hour access and of course all the usual facilities a good Boat
Yard could offer even to the extent of a relaxing lounge in the Chandlery for snacks,
tea & coffee and light reading and a local Pub, supermarket and a few specialised
shops all within walking distance. But this is not to be an advert for Wicormarine
although the difference between this mooring and the likes of a Marina is why we
settled here. All the moorings are private but may be used with permission ((
01329-237112). A small charge may be made depending what type of mooring is
taken. These are swinging (drying to non drying), piles & pontoon between piles
(both non drying) & alongside the Main Jetty (drying) with shore access where
electricity and water may be obtained. Access from the Main Jetty to all moorings
is at all states of tide (see photo) apart from an hour either side of a very low Spring
Ebb.      Apart from the advantages of being our home port these moorings are
definitely natural, quiet and undisturbed by the likes of Sunsail and you get the most
splendid sunsets.
      One can also really appreciate the wildlife throughout the day and night. The
swans “tapping” the vessel’s hull in the morning almost as if the Harbour Master is
requesting a fee. In the evening when what seems to be millions of starlings appear
from nowhere all at the same time to roost in the trees and then in the morning they
fly out of the trees and on to the boats holding on to any surface whether horizontal
or vertical. Just before the sun rises the birds wake up but then as if they’d hit the
snooze button, it goes quiet again. With the warm receding waters on a falling tide
children swim off the end of the Jetty and there are often several fishermen plying
their skills overnight & weekends. This is an area where speed and noise are not
options and nature comes into its own. Of course sometimes there are the odd
undesirables (see photo) but they usually retire early (probably of necessity). At
night you can enjoy a drink in the cockpit on a still evening when the “chatter” of the
birds has ceased and view the lights of the Harbour or those on shore reflecting in the
port lights of other vessels, or maybe the unspoilt stars in the unpolluted night sky,
but best is the undisturbed peace. Even the darkness is interesting and somewhat
romantic with the distant flapping halyards on the masts, the gentle rocking of the
vessels and the odd swan gliding by.
      Should you be interested in helicopters then Westland’s base is just across the
water where occasionally they test the odd helicopter. This sometimes makes the
heart skip a beat when they almost fly upside down. The last photo courtesy of
Mike Higgins was taken from Adat of a sunrise on entering Portsmouth Harbour
after an aborted passage to Cherbourg late 2005. The sunrise was reward in itself.
      Keep well clear of Bedenham Pier where munitions are loaded into barges for
transportation to Naval vessels upstream. Anchor on a drying mooring near the
Jetty on the South or North side allowing for tidal swing away from swinging
moorings or better still on the beach for easier shore access. Should you wish to
moor alongside the Main Jetty again drying then moor on the South side for a more
relaxing stay where rafting is accepted. The mud by the Main Jetty is soft and deep
and thus suitable for Fin keeler’s. Be careful of the many unoccupied unlit swinging
mooring buoys especially at night. Take advantage of Wicormarine’s BBQ garden.
Just supply your own charcoal, food & wine. Ice is available in the Chandlery.

                          Extract from Chart GB50242K

          Moorings at Wicormarine

South side of Main Jetty for mooring alongside

              What a “Sunrise”

  Low Tide Access to the Main Jetty             No Undesirables here!

Terry Paynter

British America's Cup team announced
                                             Any doubts the British public had
                                             about interest in the America's
                                             Cup have been quashed today
                                             with the announcement of a new
                                             British America's Cup team. At a
                                             press conference held this
                                             morning in London Sir Keith Mills
                                             announced he is to create a
                                             British Challenge for the
                                             America's Cup.

                                              The team, to be named Origin,
                                              will, according to Mills and Rod
                                              Carr (CEO of the RYA), comprise
                                              some of the world's leading
sailors, boat designers and builders from the UK and beyond.

Mills, who was founder of the Air Miles business, and who was appointed
International President and CEO of London 2012 in 2003 - the company that
successfully bid for the 2012 Olympics - talked confidently this morning about

how he and his new team (yet to be announced) hopes to make history by
becoming the first British team ever to win the America's Cup.

It was revealed that Origin will participate in at least two America's Cups likely
to take place in 2009 and 2011 respectively.

However, despite spending over a year in the initial planning stages Mills said
he was unable to divulge any information about the team, designers, builders,
host club and location of team base. But what is clear, once the 32nd
America's Cup is 'put to bed' in six month's time, team players will be
announced and a strong base established in order to proceed with the next
British America's Cup Challenge.

Chatting to yachtingworld.com Mills, who is himself a keen sailor having
competed as crew on the winning yacht in the 1999 Clipper Round the World
Race with Alex Thomson at the helm, confirmed that until next week he
couldn't supply any names, commenting: "Early next week we'll probably
announce some early management posts but major designers, sailors, builders
CEO will have to wait. I have lots of ideas about all the key people but many
of them are in a contract."

Rod Carr added: "We are the world's most successful sailing nation in almost
all disciplines. In my opinion there are three peaks in competitive racing -
Olympics and offshore and America's Cup - but the America's Cup is the only
major trophy we have never won. And I believe that Mills wouldn't be entering
this arena if he didn't believe he could win."

Although it won't be particularly surprising, come the middle of the year, to
find the likes of Ben Ainslie and Iain Percy on the list of possible contenders
Carr confirmed that by no means is the team going to be purely British,
adding: "In reality pretty much all the top sailors who are in the frame and to
use a football term are 'cup tied' so we can't actually take any actions with
them right now.

"We have two or three key players at the top of our list from Britain but we
are not necessarily going to have an all British team. We will have the best
people for the job, many of whom will be Brits. The appropriate conversations
have been had with all the people you would expect, but that's all we can say
at the moment. After the conclusion of this America's Cup there will be a
steady stream of announcements. Right now it would be inappropriate,
unprofessional and illegal to mention anyone."

British sailors will be hoping that Mills has more success than his predecessor
Peter Harrison in raising the essential sponsorship required to fund the
America's Cup campaign. Harrision's GBR team made it to the quarterfinals of
the 2003 Cup in Auckland but lack of essential funds made it impossible to
embark on a second campaign.

Mills confirmed that he will be underwriting the whole Origin campaign - 30
million Euros a year - and says he will be investing 50 per cent with the other
50 per cent being financed commercially.

With a short-lead time of the America's Cup cycle now just two years away the
new British Origin team need to be in place by the time this year's event
finishes in Valencia this summer. Mills said: "Yes, the aim is to run two
campaigns. The first one in 09 will be tight so the aim is to concentrate on
getting a top 3-4 overall position. The second one in 2011 we aim to win."

Sue Pelling/Yachting World, 4 January 2007

Young Sailor of the Year Award
                                       Sue Pelling/Yachting World, 4
                                       January 2007
                                       18-year-old Katie Miller, who in July
                                       completed a singlehanded voyage
                                       round Britain, has won the Raymarine
                                       Young Sailor of the Year award.

                                       Two years after gaining her RYA Day
                                       Skipper qualification in Menorca, Katie
                                       set off round the UK in her 21ft
                                       Corribee Elektra to raise funds for the
                                       Ellen MacArthur Trust. Three months
                                       later she arrived back in the Hamble,
                                       Hampshire, having raised £7,683.

                                    Katie was presented with the award at
                                    the London Boat Show by singlehanded
                                    yachtswoman Dee Caffari, who is a
nominee for the RYA/YJAYachtsman of the Year award to be announced on

Katie beat off stiff competition from Olympic Development Squad sailor Dylan
Fletcher, Tom Phipps - one of GBR's most successful youth sailors - and young
watersports instructor Dan Simpson.

Commenting on the award, Katie told PBO 'It's really a great honour to win an
award like this, especially when Ellen MacArthur and Ben Ainslie have won it
before me. It's an amazing feeling.'

Find out about Katie's highs and lows and her favourite UK ports in next
month's Practical Boat Owner.

Photo: onEdition

Alison Wood/ Practical Boat Owner, 6 January 2007

                                     - 10 -
Endeavour's new owner revealed

                                      Cassio Antunes has been revealed as the
new owner of the J Class yacht Endeavour and the good news is that he is
keen to race the yacht against the likes of Shamrock V, Velsheda and Ranger.
With so many more new Js in the pipeline the fact that Endeavour will be back
on the race course is good news following rumours that the 1934 one time
America's Cup contender was going to the Pacific.

The fact that Antunes is resident in Hawaii may have given rise to these
rumours but according to press reports the yacht will be in the Caribbean this
winter following a refit and will then be based in Cascais near Lisbon in

She will be available for charter in the Caribbean this winter for US$77,000 a
week but her new owner will no doubt be talking to other J Class owners to
see how and when they can get together on the race course.

Antunes, 44, paid US$13.1 million for the yacht in September and has had her
refitted in Newport, Rhode Island. He has reportedly followed Endeavour's
every move since childhood and has longed to own her. Endeavour has always
been regarded as the J Class yacht to beat but after an initial locking of horns
with Velsheda in Antigua several years ago she was forced into retirement
when he new owner Dennis Koslowski was jailed for his part in the Tyco fraud
scandal. Since then the yacht has been administered by the New York District
Attorney's staff who have done what they can to keep her in shape. The
picture shows Endeavour with her familiar spinnaker during a rare foray onto
the race course in this year St Barths Bucket.

Endeavour will need new sails and probably a new rig to make her competitive
and in the right hands will definitely give current front runner Velsheda a run
for her money. Her low freeboard reportedly makes her wet in a seaway but in
the right conditions she should be able to regain her performance potential.

The key is persuading the owners of the current fleet to agree on a planned
meeting this coming summer when the yachting world will descend on the
Mediterranean drawn by the America's Cup circus in Valencia. They should be
plenty of opportunity for 'side shows' like J Class racing and with Endeavour
back the competition will enjoy extra special spice.

Yachting World, 28 December 2006
                                      - 11 -
Golding honoured

  British yachtsman Mike Golding has been awarded an OBE for his
contribution to the sport of sailing.

Golding, 46, who lives in Hampshire, is regarded as one of the world's best
offshore racing sailors.

Having sailed since childhood, Mike first came to public attention in 1992 as a
skipper in Sir Chay Blyth's revolutionary British Steel Challenge, when he led a
crew of amateurs in this gruelling, inaugural race around the world, east
(west? Ed) about, against prevailing winds and currents.

In 1994, he established a new world record for the same east (west? Ed)
about circumnavigation, only this time alone. In doing so, he became only the
second person to successfully complete this voyage bettering Chay Blyth's
original time by more than 125 days - a record Golding held for seven years.

In 1996/7, Mike won the BT Global Challenge round the world race, leading an
amateur crew to victory in five of the six legs and achieving a combined lead
of more than two days on his nearest rival.

In 1998, Golding and the entrepreneur Jørgen Philip-Sørensen CBE set up
Mike Golding Yacht Racing to create and manage a commercial grand prix sail
racing team. In that year, Golding commissioned the build of the team's first
Open 60 yacht and became the first British person to professionally manage
an Open 60 campaign operating out of the UK.

In the same year, Mike was elected as Vice President of the International
Monohull Open Class Association (IMOCA) and later became President of the
IMOCA Technical Committee where he has been instrumental in the ongoing
development of the Open 60 class rules, principally concerned with the safety
aspects of a developmental class.

2001 saw the start of Golding's successful partnership with the ecological
cleaning products manufacturer Ecover; a partnership that has involved the
establishment of an Academy for Youth Sailors from around the world.

During that year, Golding became the first person to have sailed around the
world in both directions and the only British person ever to sail single-handed
and non-stop around the world in both directions.

Representing Britain over the last decade, Golding has consistently been at
the forefront of the professional Open 60 class, achieving podium positions in
major events and setting three new world sailing records in the process.

Mike was FICO world champion 2005/6 and IMOCA world champion for two
successive years 2004/5 and 2005/6; the first and only British sailor to hold
this coveted title.

                                      - 12 -
Golding is an Ambassador for the Royal Yachting Association and British
Marine Federation's Green Blue environmental awareness programme and has
led initiatives to bring yachting and business together through high profile
international sailing events starting from the UK.

Golding recently commissioned the design and build of a new Open 60 yacht
with which he will compete in the IMOCA circuit culminating in 2008 in the
Vendée Globe, the third time he has entered this gruelling non-stop solo
around-the-world race.

Born in Great Yarmouth, Golding spent 12 years as a Fire Officer in the Royal
Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service before pursuing his passion for sailing on a
full-time basis.

Commenting on his OBE, Golding said:

"I am delighted to have been awarded such an honour. I first learned of my
nomination for an OBE while I was participating in the Velux 5 Oceans race
when my wife Andrea rang me with news of the letter from No 10. At that
time I was having a fairly tough time of it in the South Atlantic - my shore
team must have wondered why I was in such amazingly good spirits!

I love what I do and have always considered it an honour to be afforded the
opportunity of competing at the very highest level in international offshore
racing. Sailing is a tough and complex sport that requires huge commitment
not only from me as the sailor, but also my sponsors, team and family. I
thank them all for their continued support.

As for the future - I fully intend to continue to contribute, where able, to the
sport of yacht racing, a sport that has given me so much fulfilment since

Golding will visit Buckingham Palace to receive his award from Her Majesty
The Queen early in 2007.


· Sailed around the world five times; three times solo; three times east- about

· Crossed the Equator 17 times

· Rounded Cape Horn five times

· First person to have raced around the world in both directions (1993/4 and

· Only British person ever to sail single-handed and non-stop around the world
in both directions (1993/4 and 2000/1)

· First British IMOCA World Champion (2004/5 and 2005/6)

                                       - 13 -
· FICO World Champion (2005/6)

World Records

· Single-handed non-stop record breaking circumnavigation east to west
against the prevailing winds and currents (record held 1994 -2001)

· Record holder of fastest single-handed monohull crossing of South Pacific
Ocean - 16 days 5 hours 26 minutes - set in 2005

· Record holder of the fastest single-handed monohull crossing of Indian
Ocean - 14 days 2 hours 1 minute - set in 2004

· Record holder of the fastest single-handed transatlantic crossing east-west -
12 days, 15 hours - set in 2004

· Record holder of the SNSM Record in the Open 60 IMOCA Class for the
crossing from Saint -Nazaire to Saint-Malo - 1 day 8 hours 48 minutes 35

IMOCA - International Monohull Open Class Association - the official body
representing the Open 60 class

FICO - Forum International de la Course Oceanique - a Swiss non-profit
association which works closely with the International Sailing Federation
(ISAF) to encourage and contribute to the harmonious international
development of ocean sailing.

Yachting Monthly, 1 January 2007

Round the Island Race bonanza

                                                   The Collins Stewart London
                                                   International Boatshow
                                                   kicked off at 1000 this
                                                   morning at ExCel and one
                                                   of the first announcements
                                                   came from the Island SC
                                                   announcing changes to the
                                                   JPMorgan Asset
                                                   Management Round the
                                                   Island Race.

                                                   This year's race which is
                                                   scheduled for Saturday 23
                                                   June promises to be one of
                                                   the best yet thanks to the
                                                   continued support from
                                                   JPMorgan Asset
                                      - 14 -
Management which has agreed to extend its title sponsorship until 2010 with
an option to further extend until 2013.
One of the most significant changes will be the earlier start time of 0500 for
the first fleet. Plus the organisers have reduced the length of the start
sequence from 210 to 140 minutes, so providing there are no delays the last
start will be 0640. This will hopefully give competitors at least three hours of
fair tide to reach the Needles. (2h10m to 1h40m Ed)
In addition to expanding its title sponsorship, the company will also be
sponsors of Ben Ainslie and Shirley Robertson, Britain's two double Olympic
gold medallists, for their Beijing 2008 Olympic campaigns. Shirley will be
competing in the race and it is hoped that Ben is able to return from Valencia
to compete alongside her and in doing so help raise money for the chosen
There is currently no entry limit on the race but according to Peter Dixon -
Island SC Commodore - the organisers will only really start getting concerned
if entries reaches the 2,000 mark. Dixon concluded: "Last year we had 1,600
entries and in 1989 with had a record 1,813 boats, if we starting reaching
those numbers and above there might be a problem and we'll have to consider
a restriction."
For entry details log onto www.roundtheisland.org.uk

Sue Pelling/Yachting World, 5 January 2007

                                      - 15 -
YOSC Programme 2007
Social Events (v2)

 Ü¿¬» õ Ì·³»              Ûª»²¬
 Monday 5th Feb 8pm       Club Night, “Lock Keeping on the Thames”, John Wright,
                          Yateley Centre
 Monday 5th Mar 8pm       Club Night, “Navigation from Newlyn to Isles of Scilly”,
                          Roger Oliver, Yateley Centre
 Monday 2nd April 8pm     Club Night, “Chichester Harbour”, Judi Darley, Yateley
 Monday 14th May 8pm      Club Night, “CHIRP – Yachting and Safety – is There a
                          Problem”, Mike Powell
 Monday 4th June 8pm      “Quiz Night versus Reading Offshore Sailing Club”, TBA
 Monday 9th July 8pm      Club Night, “Police Marine Support Unit”, John Gledhill
 Monday 6th August        “BBQ” TBA
 Monday 3rd Sept 8pm      Club Night, “A Life on the Ocean Wave”, John Goode,
                          Yateley Centre
 Monday 1st Oct 8pm       Club Night, “Life on the Reef”, Neil Stewart, Yateley Centre
 Monday 5th Nov 8pm       “AGM” Yateley Centre
 Monday 3rd Dec 8pm       “YOSC Christmas Party” TBA

Sailing Events(v2, preliminary)

Ü¿¬»-                 Ü»-¬·²¿¬·±²           Ûª»²¬ Ò¿³»       ØÉ Ð±®¬-Ž¬¸ º·®-¬ ¼¿§

                                                               AM     Ht     PM     Ht
Saturday 17th Mar     Fitting out supper
Saturday 5th May      Chichester Harbour                     14:17    4.4   -       -
Saturday 19th May     TBA                Fish and Chips      01:43    4.7   14.19   4.7
Saturday 16th June    Bembridge                              00:43    4.6   13:20   4.6
Saturday 30th June    Island Harbour                         12:30    4.3   -       -
Saturday 7th July     Summer Cruise                          05:03    4.3   17:43   4.4
Saturday 11th Aug     TBA                Dave Dray Event     11:28    4.2   23:41   4.3
Tuesday 14th Aug      Midweek Getaway                        01:02    4.5   13:32   4.6
Saturday 22nd Sept    Norfolk Broads                         N/A
Saturday 20th Oct     TBA                Laying up supper

YOSC March Newsletter The March issue will be a week later than
usual and the last date for receipt of articles, news, reports of Club Events,
etc., which are intended to be included in the next issue, is 6th March 2007.

Editor: Alan Bew; to whom reports (with photos) of any YOSC events, stories,
cartoons, sailing and social news items should be sent by email (alan.bew@talk21.com)
or disc and hardcopy by hand. See page 4 for guidance.

                                           - 16 -

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