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									             Rays from the Great Eastern Sun
                                                                                                                         AUTUMN 2010

                                               Hello & welcome,                   Level contact Shelley on            Sunday practice due to a pro-
                                                                                  817-4486.                           gramme & a retreat being held
                                               We had a very successful visit
                                               from Acharya David Hope and        We have Sunday morning sit-         at the Centre.
                                               his wife Chris. Congratula-        ting 14 March led by Rodger.        Next Sunday sitting after that
                                               tions to the group that com-                                           will be on 25 April led by
                                               pleted the Sacred Path pro-        We have nyinthun (whole day
                                                                                  practice) at the Centre on          Camille.
                                               gramme “Golden Key”. David
                                               & Chris are now teaching in        21 March led by Shelley &           Notice our new sign?
                                                                                  Helen. If you would like to

                                               Australia where Shambhala                                              Big big thank you to Ros David
                                               groups seem to be growing          come for just part of the day
                                                                                  that’s fine. In the morning we      & Barry Coates for their
                                               rapidly.                           have a contemplation practice       generosity!.
                                               As you can see we have sched-      using a slogan. This stimulates
                                               uled another Shambhala             lively discussion and is a great
                                               Training Level One, so that we     way to get to know your fel-        Yours in the vision of the
                                               have a larger group to go          low sangha and to share in-         Great Eastern Sun.
                                               through to Level Two. If you       sights.                             Jude Bennett (Co-Director)
                                               would like to help staff this
                                                                                  From 28 March-18 April no

                                               SHAMBHALA TRAINING

                                                       Windhorse                          Level One                    “Drala” to be held
                                                                                    “The Art of Being Human”           21/23 May 2010
                                                                                   Discovering basic goodness in
                                               Director:      Henry Chapin
                                                                                   ourselves and in our world.
                                                                                                                       Pre-requisite: “Windhorse”
                                                     26/28 March 2010
                                                            Friday 7 pm            Director:     Jesse Miller
                                                   Sat & Sun 8.30 am—5.30 pm                                           If you would like to attend
                                                   Cost $150 + cost of texts               30 April/2 May 2010
                                                       (includes breakfast)                                            a programme, but have
                                                                                              Friday 7 pm              financial difficulties, please
                                               Pre-requisite: Great Eastern Sun      Sat & Sun 8.30 am-5.30 pm         contact Shelley on 817-
                                                                                     Cost $150 (includes breakfast)

                                               Open House - Tuesdays 7 pm (all welcome)                               SUNDAY PRACTICE

                                               Open House talks by                                                       10 am Opening Chants
                                                  Jesse Miller
                                                                                                                        Sitting/Walking practice
                                                        20 April
                                                                                                                         Contemplate a slogan
                                                        27 April
                                                                                                                         Discussion in a circle
                                                           4 May
                                                                                                                        End with sitting practice
                                                           11 May                                                           at 12.00 noon.
                                                                                          “We approach our
                                                           18 May                        meditation seat as if it
                                                                                            were a throne”                    All welcome!!!
                                                                                           Sakyong Mipham
            Page 2
                          LEVEL ONE “The Art of Being Human”
                      An introduction to Shambhala Meditation. Open to all.

                      The experience of well-being is one that we all seek constantly, yet
                      still find elusive. Its qualities of openness and humour are so famil-
                      iar, but the more we look for them the more distant they seem to
                      become. Why should something so ordinary be so difficult to find?

                      One reason this experience seems so fleeting is that as soon as we
                      try to capture it we enter into a struggle. The struggle creates frus-
                      tration and depression. We may even begin to wonder whether life
                      is worthwhile at all.

                      Actually, well being is not discovered through any kind of search. It
Director: Jesse       is already present in our lives and needs only to be unfolded, not ac-
    Miller            quired. What is needed is not another game plan but access to the
                      well-being that is already ours.
30 April/2 May
   Cost $150
                      Shambhala Training reawakens the natural intelligence that we
                      already possess and allows us to delight in the rich, simple process
                      of being alive. Meditation practice returns mind and body to their
                      natural, dignified state. Instead of struggling against a manufac-
                      tured version of ourselves, we can rediscover the undiluted confi-
                      dence that has always been there and is our basic nature.

                      The programme consists of meditation practice, talks by the pro-
                      gramme director, personal interviews and discussions with other
                      participants. It progresses through five levels, each providing a
                      foundation of practice and experience for the next.
                      Friday           7 pm
                      Saturday & Sunday 8.30 am—5.30 pm
                      (Includes breakfast both days)

                      Please pre-register: $50 deposit into Ac No12 3015 0605321-02 and advise Dirk
             (phone 837-7096) or send cheque to Dirk Leh-
                      mann, (Treasurer) 10 Valron Road, Te Atatu South, Auckland 1008.
                      Any queries phone Shelley on 817-4486 or em

      Great Eastern Sun “make-up” programme will be held at the Centre:
                             20/21 March 2010
   If you have already attended this programme, but would like to repeat, please contact
                  Co-ordinator Dennis Henton for details, phone 445-1162.
May the Goodness of the Great Eastern Sun Be Victorious                                     Page 3



The Werma Sadhana is                                         The retreat will be an
                              When we see the world
key for understanding                                        excellent preparatory
                              with the eyes and heart
and manifesting the vi-                                      program for those inter-
                              of the Rigden, a new life
sion of the Kingdom of                                       ested in attending the
                              unfolds– a life filled with
Shambhala.                    natural wonder, joy, car-      Scorpion Seal Assembly
When we see the world
                              ing exertion and con-          in the future.
with the eyes and heart
of the Rigden, we can         tentment.
tune into the kingdom of                                     Pre-requisite: Open to
                              The focus of this retreat
awareness on the spot.                                       participants who have
                              will be on intensive prac-
The fruition of the magi-                                    previously received the
                              tice and study of The
cal practice of the                                          Roar of the Werma sad-
                              Roar of the Werma sad-
Werma Sadhana reveals
                              hana.                          hana practice.
itself in our ordinary

          HENRY CHAPIN

NGONDRO                       This increases personal        This retreat is an excellent
                              windhorse and invigorates      opportunity for Shambhala
RETREAT                       the windhorse of the           Vajrayana Seminary gradu-
                              group, giving power and        ates to deepen their un-
The Shambhala Ngondro         potency to the vision of       derstanding and establish
is meant to be accom-                                        their practice with the
plished in a group practice                                  support of experienced
environment to galvanise      The schedule for this re-      ngondro practitioners.
those warriors and foster     treat will include six to
friendship, camaraderie       eight hours of daily prac-
and celebration, thus mix-    tice in addition to time for
ing practice with life.       study, talks and celebra-

                    NOTICE FOR TANTRIKA’S:
Werma Feast Practice— Sunday 14 March 2 pm cancelled—to be
               re-scheduled after the retreat.
                                Way of Shambhala

Directors:           Meditation in Daily Life: Set of 5 evening classes.

Jesse Miller  Meditation in daily life provides an opportunity to deepen
              the experience and understanding of meditation for new
Helen Bennett students, with special attention on practical suggestions
              for establishing a sitting practice in the midst of our
              speedy society. Each evening class allows for open dis-
              cussion of the challenges that students are facing in their practice.

Further, this series of classes offers a glimpse of the Shambhala vision of enlightened so-
ciety by emphasizing the ways in which meditation can impact our daily lives, and can ex-
pand to impact our whole society. This view is based upon the teachings of meditation in
“Turning the Mind into an Ally” and Shambhala: “The Sacred Path of the Warrior”.
                   Thursday evening: 22 April, 29 April, 6 May,13 May, 20 May.
                   Time:                   7—9 p.m.
                    Cost:                  $80

                                 SADHANA OF MAHAMUDRA
                        Tuesday 16, 30 March 9 pm, Friday 14, 28 May 7 pm.

 This Sadhana was written on 6 September 1968 by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche at Taktsang in
 Bhutan, where about eleven hundred years ago, Guru Rinpoche meditated. This is a Buddhist

 NOTICE FOR ALL MEMBERS: The Sakyong requests photo’s of all members + please note:
 date scheduled for Database training.

 Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche has asked that all Shambhala members, especially vajrayana students, put
 their photographs on the Shambhala Database. This allows the Sakyong, even while on retreat, to be
 connected with students from anywhere in the world. A current portrait-type photo showing your face, with
 good head and shoulders, would be most helpful.

 See Shambhala-database-project-our-new-personal-rolodex

 DATABASE TRAINING DATE:          27 March 2010
Shambhala Shop                                                                                                                          Page 5

For orders, please email
Dennis Henton -

                                                             (Treasurer) ph 837-7096. Information sheet available.
                                                             hala Meditation Centre or make a donation, please contact Dirk
                                                             If you would like to become a member of the Auckland Shamb-
                             By Chogyam Trungpa
            Shambhala The Sacred Path Of The Warrior
                            The Heart Of The Buddha
                                The Myth Of Freedom
                 Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

                                                                                                                              MEMBERSHIP & DONATIONS

                    By Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

                        Turning The Mind Into An Ally
                                  Ruling Your World
                                         (on order)

                                 By Pema Chodron
                                Start Where You Are $25

SHAMBHALA                                             “And Then We Die”
MEDITATON CENTRE            An excerpt from “Turning the Mind into an Ally” by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.
                            We spend most of our time avoiding death, not thinking about it. When we do, it gives
3 SCARBOROUGH               us the shivers. We might feel slightly surprised, knocked off balance. We’re afraid of
                            death, partly because we don’t know what will happen, partly because we’re afraid of
PH 963-7354
                            the pain we might feel when it happens. When we peek into the door of death by con-
                            templating it, its meaning begins to penetrate us. Contemplating death gives us strength
http://auckland.shambhala. because it liberates our fear. So we contemplate the meaning of these words: “Death is
SHAMBHALA.ORG               my friend, my truest of friends, for it is always waiting for me.”
                            All around us life and death are performing a dance that brings texture to our existence.
Resident Representative
for NZ:
                            Death is our friend because it gives us life. Death defines life. If we didn’t have death,
Marian Bond, Wellington. we might not appreciate life. In every moment of our life, death is waiting for us. We’re
                            going to die. We don’t know when we’re going to die; we don’t know how we’re going
COUNCIL                     to die. Everyone we know is going to die-our parents, our friends, our children, our
MEMBERS:                    pets, people we like, people we don’t like, kings and queens, heads of state, movie stars,
                            rock stars, rich people, poor people. All have the same fate. This body will be a corpse.
Co -Directors
Jude Bennett                Without being morbid about it, whenever death presents itself we can contemplate it.
Ph 627-9807                 We can discuss it with our friends. If we come close to being hit by a bus, if we hurt     ourselves in a car accident, if we get sick, we can ponder the permeable membrane be-
                            tween our life and our death. When someone close to us dies, we can look into death,
Rodger Pool (also Rusung) question death, and let it transform us. “What is death about? Why is this happening?”
Ph 817-2495
                            Different traditions explain death in different ways. But when we experience the reality
Shambhala School of         of death, it touches our life. It presents us with a deep mystery. Most of the time we
Buddhist Studies            might rather not investigate it. When we’re directly under its influence, we can be open
Dennis Henton               to it, try to understand it.
Ph 445-1162                 When I heard that my father was gravely ill, it just wouldn’t sink in that he was probably
                            going to die. He was a great meditation master and Buddhist teacher. After the
Shambhala Training
                            Chinese invaded Tibet, he escaped on foot, leading three hundred people over the
Shelley Cowley
                            mountains into India. He spent many years of his life planting the flower of dharma on
Ph 817-4486
                            the rock of North America. He was a master warrior. If anyone could elude death, it
Treasurer                   seemed like it would be him. His death would leave a huge hole in my life as well as the
Dirk Lehmann                lives of many others.
Ph. 837-7096                I was standing right next to him in the moment when he finally died. The space became
                            very powerful and strong, almost luminous. There were no thoughts occurring. For
Open House Co-ordinator days it was like that, as if reality had shifted. My whole life I had heard about death, had
Paul Turvey 963-7354        seen people who were dying and people who had died. But my father’s death struck me
                            in a different way. His mortality made me realize my own mortality. It made me realize
Minutes Secretary/          everybody’s mortality. It shook me out of my misconceptions. It profoundly changed
Membership                  my attitude. For many months I thought about how I was going to live the rest of my
Ros David
                            life. I realized that death is real. I mustn’t waste time I became much more dedicated to
529-4957 practice and study. Having this intimate experience of death helped me appreciate my
Webmaster & database We often conduct our life as though it’s going to last forever. With this attitude, we
Vijay Mahantesh             want everything. The fact of death puts a limit on what we can have, what we can do.
                            We don’t need to think about death all the time, but to ponder it, to contemplate it,
Librarian                   gives us perspective and inspiration about living our life. It also makes us less spoiled. It
Istvan Csata                makes us look at the balance of our life and determine what needs to come first. What
                            is important to me? How shall I use my life? We’re able to enter situations more
contact Dianne 04 5687929
                            openly once we’ve related with death. It makes our love more powerful.

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