6.Fix Computer Errors

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					Fix Computer Errors
Errors may appear on your computer for many different reasons, it may be a simple error saying
that a file has failed to load or it may be an error that looks like it came from another planet.

   1. 1

       Create a backup of everything important on your PC such as photos. It is best to backup your
       important files to a disk in case something goes wrong when trying to repair the computer.

   2. 2

       Determine the cause of the error message. Consider what you are doing on your PC when the
       error message appears, write down what program is causing the error, what version of the
       program you are running, and what is the program trying to do when the error occurs.

   3. 3

       Scan your computer with your anti-virus application and remove any threats it detects. Viruses
       and Spyware can cause error messages on your PC and may be the source of your current issue.

   4. 4

       Once you scan with your anti-virus and anti-spyware application check and see if the issue is

   5. 5

       If the program is still causing an error use your favorite search engine and type in the exact
       error you are getting.

   6. 6

       Check the search results for any possible solutions to your particular error message.

   7. 7

       Contact technical support for the product or computer if you are unable to narrow the cause
       of the issue with these steps. Be sure to provide the agent with a detailed list of everything you
       have already done.

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