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1.Backup Files on a Laptop


									                     Backup Files on a Laptop

Backing up files on your laptop is important. In the event of hard drive failure or you lose your
laptop it will give you a copy of all your files.There is a backup application in Windows, that
offers a more solid on going backup routine under accessories> system tools, but this is
somewhat technical and is best for managing a more robust ongoing backup routine. The
following steps are quick and easy for not so large files that never change.

   1. 1

       Insert a blank DVD into your laptop's DVD Writer.

   2. 2

       Open up your DVD burning package. Any software
       will do.

   3. 3

       Select Data DVD as your disc type, a window will

   4. 4

       Drag all your important files (pictures, documents, presentations, emails etc.) onto
       the disc until it is full. You may need more than one disc to fit all your files on.

   5. 5

       Insert a suitable title like Backup 1/1/2010 and then press burn.

   6. 6

       Repeat these steps again using another disc until all the files you want have been
       backed up.

   7. 7

       Label the discs and store them somewhere safe.

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