Product and Brand Management

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									Table of Contents
 Developing & Introducing new
  Products in a Market ………………    Slide 3 – 5
 Formulating Strategies ………………   Slide 6 – 9
 Managing Campaigns ………………..     Slide 10 – 13
 Advertising …………………………………       Slide 14 – 16
 Working with the Media …………….   Slide 17 – 21
Developing &
Introducing new
Products in a
Promotional Campaigns
What are
               Promotional campaigns are ways to get
                ideas about your products or services
                out to your potential customers.
               Depending on your target market and
                on the kind of campaign you want, you
                may decide to use some or all of these
                approaches that follow to promote
                your products or services.
               Certain kinds of campaigns are not
                suited for some products or services.
               By using a combination of different
                activities, you can develop a custom
                campaign that is perfect for what you
                want to make happen.
Which Campaign
Should You Use?
Kinds of promotional             Your decision on which
   Brochures & Newsletters
                                 campaign to use will depend
   Cash Back Incentives         on:
   Celebrity Endorsements

   Conferences and Seminars
                                   The outcomes that you want
   Coupons
   Direct Mail-outs               The target audience
   Discounts
   Newspaper Stories              The type of product or service
   Open House
   Personal Networking            How the product or service is
   Point of Sale Advertising
   Presentations
   Product Demonstrations
   Product Launches               Your budget
For Managing Your
Product Line
Strategies …
Launching your campaign            Targeting Your Audience
When you are deciding when         Use product launches to:
and where to launch your
campaign, give some thought           Showcase your product or
to just how many consumers             service
will be exposed to the
campaign, and how many                Raise your Company’s profile
more customers you expect to
get.                                  Introduce a brand new product
If you don’t consider this, you
                                       line or service
may end up spending too               Introduce a new release or new
much time (and money)
trying to reach people who are
                                       features to an existing product
not likely to ever become your        Introduce your product in a
                                       brand new market
Strategies …
Product sampling &               In this scenario, you could use
                                 a campaign like product
On that same note, if you
want to sell diet juice to a
                                 sampling and advertising that
wider customer base, and if      highlights the tasty qualities
the target audience views        of the product (as long as it
the diet juice as inferior in
quality to a competitor’s        really is tasty!)
juice, offering discounts or
a sales promotion aimed at       The main focus here is to
increasing sales probably        change customer attitudes,
won’t be effective.
                                 and have a positive effect on
Strategies …
To build, leverage, and        Advertising is one of the most
defend your brand               important and best known parts of a
The objectives of the           promotional campaign. It covers a
advertizing campaign            wide variety of communication
should be spelled out in        channels, and gives you the
the promotion plan, and fit     opportunity to reach massive
in well with the overall        numbers of people.
marketing strategy.
                               Quality advertising campaigns can
                                be expensive. It is very important for
                                you to get the message, medium and
                                target audience right, otherwise it
                                can wind up to be a waste of your
                                efforts and money.
To Influence
Customer & Trade
Establishing a Brand Architecture
 Define promotional             Consult with designated
 objectives                      individuals & groups
   Usually established            Management
    when the overall               Customers
    marketing plan is              Stakeholders
                                   External organizations
   Objectives are part of
    the integrated                 Colleagues
    marketing plan
   Define your objectives
    by referring to that plan
Defining Objectives
 To define objectives for      1. Where are we now?
  individual promotional
  activities it may be useful
                                2. Where do we want to
  to address the following        be?
  questions:                    3. What do consumers
                                  know about the
                                4. What are consumer’s
                                  attitudes about our
Which Medium
Should You Use?
Once the decision to advertise has        Newspapers
been made, you need to decide
which advertising medium to use.          Packaging
There are a lot of advertising options
available some of which include:
                                          Phone Directories
                                          Postcards
 Billboards
                                          Posters
 Brochures
                                          Television
 Direct Mail
                                          Transport Vehicles
 Fliers
                                          Websites
 Magazines
Messages &
Advertising Data
Types of Advertising
Another important thing    Informational
to consider when
developing your             The message gives information to
advertising campaign is      the customer.
the kind of message you
are trying to convey.      Inspirational
                            The message associates an image
                             or status with the product.
                           Transformational
                            The message provokes a
                             response or change in
Working with Your
Advertising Data
If you are using the           A visual image of the product
specifically to promote a      The benefits to the customer
particular product or
service, it needs to           Product name
include the following
information:                   Company name/logo
                               Purchasing information
                               Supplier contact/details

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Working with the
Announcements &
Press Releases
Media Announcements
 Because so many people watch, listen to, or read media
 output, you are able to reach a large number of
 potential customers for a nominal cost. This is a
 powerful tool that you can use to get your products or
 services noticed.
 Media announcements can be used to promote
 products and to explain their benefits.
 They can be used to publicize special events, and to
 comment on industry issues.
Press Releases
 Also called news releases, they provide
 concise information in a journalistic style.
 If a media announcement is of interest or
 relevant to the media’s target audience, it
 can be included either in its entirety.
 Or it can be used as the foundation for
 another story that is released.
Press Releases
 Press releases can be used as a catalyst for stories:
   In local and metropolitan newspapers

   On the radio and on television

   In specialist and trade magazines

   On Internet news sites
   On media services
A Few Words of
About the Media                Consider if there is any
Keep in mind that while you     disparaging information that may
can use the media to your       be exposed if you seek media
advantage, you cannot
control how the media will      attention and whether the risk is
use the information.            acceptable when comparing it
You cannot gauge the kinds      with the potential benefits.
of questions that reporters
may ask.                       Identify any controversial aspects
                                of your products or services (e.g.
                                genetically modified ingredients,
                                labor issues, etc.) so that you can
                                respond if necessary.
o that you can
                                respond if necessary.
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