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									                           West Coast Driller
                    A Publication of the West Coast American Association of Drilling Engineers
                                                      P.O. Box 9953, Bakersfield, CA 93389
                                      February 2003
                                             From the President
   A.A.D.E. Monthly Forum                    I would like to extend a few special thank you wishes to all
                                             the folks that made this year’s “Spring” Symposium a success:

When:       Thur., Feb. 20th                 1. Mike Mollere – The Organizer (A lot of hard work and
                                                 no glory)
                                             2. Lonnie Kerley – Accommodations @ the Double Tree
Time:       5:30 p.m. - Cocktails                (deals with all the beefs concerning the beef)
            6:30 p.m. - Dinner               3. Steve Pruett – Audio/Visual Aids (works well with
            7:30 p.m. - Speaker              4. Bud Frederick & David Arias – “Manning” the door, as
Speaker:    Matt Vorenkamp                   5. The following Speakers who went the extra mile to
            Well Control School                  share their insight into our business, which in turn,
                                                 made us, better Drilling Engineers.
Topic:      "Well Control Training               Mark Tennis – Weatherford
            Requirements 2003"                   Daniel Bour – Halliburton
                                                 Ernie Prochaska – Diamond Bore International
Where:      New! Petroleum Club                  Brian “Skipper” Briggs – AERA
                                                 Lisa Denke – AERA

Reservations: Call Patti @ Halliburton       6. All the loyal AADE Members who took the time to
                                                 come and listen to the program, it is greatly
837-2971 or                                      appreciated by all.
email Patti.Holliday@Halliburton.com         7. Halliburton – the Proud Sponsor of the Social Hour, it
                                                 was greatly enjoyed.

                                             The Operators’ Yearly Review program found that the oil
                                             patch is not going to dry-up and blow away in near future.
                                             We had 7 operators indicate to the crowd of ~150 that
  AADE Calendar for 2003                     nearly 2000 wells will be drilled and $1B will be spent in
                                             2003 in “our” fields.

 3/21 GOLF TOURNAMENT                        Don’t forget this month’s meeting is taking place at our
 4/17 MONTHLY FORUM MEETING                  “New” home, on top of the old Shell building, at the
                                             Petroleum Club. I have had the pleasure to visit our new
 5/16 SPORTING CLAY SHOOT                    venue and it is quite nice, I think you will be impressed!!

 This schedule is tentative and              We are interested in hearing your feedback concerning the
          may be subject to change.          combination Symposium/Operators’ Meeting, so please
                                             share them with the Board.

                                             I look forward to seeing you later this month high above
                                                                                              Jim Fox
News Briefs                                                             2002-03 Board of Directors
Our Experiment with the changing of the symposium from March         OFFICERS
with the Golf Tournament to January with the Operators Forecast      President        Jim Fox         Driltek            327-3021
has met with much approval and will likely become a standard for     1st VP           Mike Mollere    ChevronTexaco      654-7258
the future. There was an excellent turnout and the information       2nd VP           Tim Zdarko      Aera Energy        665-5356
disseminated was well received by all that chose to attend. Even     Treasurer        Bud Frederick   Driltek            327-3021
if you only attended the evening portion it was well worth being
                                                                     Secretary        David Arias     Halliburton        837-3513
We want to thank all the speakers at the symposium for being         CHAPTER REPRESENTATIVE
there and for putting the time and effort into the presentations     Dennis Lovett               Halliburton            837-2971
that were made. I think it was evident that the interest was there   NATIONAL AT-LARGE DIRECTOR
by the amount of participation by the audience at the conclusion
                                                                     Lonnie Kerley               Berry Petroleum        616-3866
of each presentation. We also want to thank the speakers at the
dinner for their preparation and presentations that we so             STEERING COMMITTEE
anxiously await each January. As is always the case, we were able     Brian Briggs                Aera Energy           665-5391
to learn just what is going to take place this year and thoroughly
enjoy the way it is presented.                                        Bob French                  Geo Drilling Fluids   325-5919
                                                                      Dave Guerrero               J.D. Rush             392-1900
There are some other thanks that need to be acknowledged here         Fred Holmes                 Western Well          763-1537
and that goes to Mike Mollere for putting this all together and       Lee Lamberson               Lamberson Inc.        321-1173
then hosting the symposium even though he was under the               Mike Marquez                ChevronTexaco         654-7000
weather and probably should have been home recovering.                Weldon Sons                 Oxy of Elk Hills      763-6701
Thanks a lot Mike. Also deserving mention here is Lonnie Kerley       Harold Staat                Baker Atlas           631-9900
for arranging everything with the Doubletree. Thanks Lonnie.          Pat Sullivan                A.S. Mason Trucking   324-9631
There is one more special thanks that we need to dole out and
that is a VERY BIG THANKS to Halliburton for sponsoring the
cocktail hour between the symposium and dinner. Thanks Dennis
and all the guys at Halliburton.
Next month our monthly forum meeting should be held at the new
Petroleum Club. That will be exciting and should cause a lot of
interest. Plan to be there.
There are sign up sheets in this newsletter for the golf tourna-
                                                                     Come join celebrities from football, baseball,
ment in March. You should get one and get your team in early to television and radio for the Annual Boys & Girls
secure your spot, there is only a limited number of teams. If you Clubs Kids at Heart Golf Tournament.
were there last year you may remember all the good food we had on
the golf course. Well, this year it will be there again. For that
reason we are canceling the BBQ afterwards and will only have
                                                                       - Hole in One for a "Hog" (Harley Davidson)
the awards and raffle for fear of too many people gaining too much     - Theme Holes
weight. So enjoy the food on the course, it will help pass some of the - Lunch and Dinner
time waiting.                                                          - Raffle prizes and Silent auction
The events that we sponsor serve multiple purposes. Not the               - Tee prizes
least of which is raising money for the charitable donations we           - Tons of fun!!
make. If you did not know, you may be interested to learn that we
gave approximately $30,000 to various college students and                  Come out and support a great cause.
various charitable institutions during this last year. About two
thirds of which went to college scholarships and the rest to Pyles           4 person-Scramble Teams - $600
Boys Camp, Taft Oilfield Technology Academy, Bakersfield                         Individual players - $175
Homeless Shelter, Bakersfield Rescue Mission, and a couple of                 Additional dinner tickets - $20
oilfield worker memorial funds.
We are an active chapter and would like to see our membership          See you Monday, April 14th at Seven Oaks
grow. So bring your friends and co-workers to our next function.        Country Club! Call Wendy Henderson at
We will see you at the February meeting!!!    Bob French                        325-3730 for details.
February 2003                                                                                                                Page ii
                                 2002-2003 A.A.D.E. Membership
This is the 2002-2003 AADE Membership list of members that have paid their dues since June 1, 2002.
If your name is not on this list then your dues are due. You can pay at the door at the next meeting, but we
would prefer that you fill out the application form included in this newsletter and send it to P.O. Box 9953,
Bakersfield, Ca. 93389.
Frank Adamo                           Marty Crawford                       Joe Howard
Randy Adams                           Tim Crist                            Frank Hutton
Mike Alesso                           Bill Currin                          Harold Imke
Robert Alexander                      Curt Dacar                           Richard Jeffers
Scott Allen                           Lisa Danforth                        Larry Jenkins
David Arias                           Brian Davis                          Brian Jenkins
Richard Arias                         Jimmy Dean                           Lanny Jones
Kevin Armstrong                       Pat Denio                            Chris Jones
Bruce Batory                          William Dixon                        Robert Joseph
Ron Beaver                            Craig Eads                           Jim Joslyn
Mike Berry                            Rod Edwards                          Joe Kandle
Rickey Bird                           Dave Ewert                           Michael Kennedy
Mark Birdwell                         Paul Fahey                           John Kerchinski
Toby Black                            Ken Ferra                            Lonnie Kerley
Hal Blackburn                         Steve Fisher                         Rod Kessel
Larry Blake                           Brian Flink                          Keith Key
Lonnie Blaylock                       Jim Fox                              Bob Kilby
Dennis Boos                           Tim Frame                            Floyd King
Hal Bopp                              Daryl Frank                          John Kinney
Brian Briggs                          Bud Frederick                        Graham Klaiber
Ronald Brown                          Bob French                           Trace Kline
Mark Brozek                           Ed Ganinotti                         Terry Kloth
Fred Burt                             RL Gibson                            Martin Knauss
Mike Burton                           Mike Gleason                         Gene Kramer
Tommy Calhoun                         Patricia Gomez                       Craig Krummrich
Jim Calinchini                        Pete Gray                            Lee Lamberson
Kyle Callaway                         Paul Groslouis                       Sonny Larsen
Jim Callaway                          Dave Guerrero                        Charles Laymance
Nolan Campbell                        Roger Gunning                        Mark Leland
Nolie Campbell                        Mark Haire                           Steve Lewallen
Daniel Case                           Paul Hancock                         Joe Lindsay
Mark Cesmat                           Mark Hansen                          Andy Locklear
Leo Chaves                            Zia Haq                              Kent Loftis
Dave Clark                            Rusty Harlin                         Robert Loveless
Craig Clayton                         Steve Harris                         Dennis Lovett
Ron Cleveland                         David Hartley                        Michael Marks
Greg Colazas                          Scott Harvey                         Mike Marquez
Charlie Comfort                       Doug Hawley                          Brent Martin
Jim Conners                           Merritt Hayslett                     Marc Mason
Jack Cook                             Rick Henry                           James McClard
Tim Cooper                            Tony Hogg                            Buzz McCoy
Tony Corriea                          Kyle Holden                          Mike McFadden
Dan Corriea                           Don Holland                          Ron McGowan
Tony Courtis                          Fred Holmes                                          continued on page iv
February 2003                                                                                           Page iii
                continued from page iii   Max Patel          Mark Smith
Craig McKenzie                            Kevin Peck         Russ Smith
Jerry Mejia                               Kort Periera       Keith Smith
James Melland                             Joe Perrick        Chandler Smith
Ted Meraz                                 Tim Phillips       Weldon Sons
Mike Merritt                              Dave Pickens       Phil Sorbet
Chuck Merritt                             Mark Pittser       Greg Soukup
Jim Mick                                  Art Porter         Harold Staat
Matt Miles                                David Pozas        Ken Steinke
Doug Milham                               Blake Pyles        Billy Stevens
Larry Miller                              Jeff Quintana      Pat Sullivan
Roger Miller                              Valerie Rafal      Mike Taylor
Dave Moehlenbrock                         Bill Ragle         Tony Telese
Mike Mollere                              Mike Redman        Russell Thibodeaux
Roger Montgomery                          Brian Rehkopf      Rick Thorness
John Moran                                Dan Reifka         Alf Tischler
Jim Moren                                 Joe Reinbold       Craig Tobin
Amanda Morrow                             Dave Renshaw       Mark Tutetimez
Doug Mulkey                               Carl Rhodes        John Tuttle
Robbie Mundorf                            Aaron Rhoten       Mike Underwood
Jason Mundorf                             James Riddle       Josh Underwood
Steve Murphy                              Dave Rippy         Teri Varner
Mike Murray                               Dennis Robins      Joshua Veigel
Bob Myrann                                Ronnie Rogers      Lisa Velvick
Kent Narup                                Tracy Rogers       Chuck Walker
Calvin Nelson                             Todd Rogers        Skip Wallace
Don Nelson                                Trent Rosenlieb    Joe Wangness
Keith Newlen                              Jim Rutledge       Stacy Watson
Casey Newlen                              Mike Sausinena     Jim Watson
Chris Nielsen                             Steve Schauer      Tim Weed
Ted Nilssen                               Mike Schons        Billy White
Jerry Nitsch                              Danny Seely        Alan White
James Nutter                              Rick Shaffer       Jack White
Pierce O’Leary                            Clifford Sheehan   Craig Whitler
John Olson                                John Shepard       Joe Williams
Brian O’Rork                              Gary Shinabarker   Woody Wilson
Anthony Osuna                             Kurt Sickle        Billy Wright
Phil Page                                 Kyle Silvester     Tim Zdarko
Don Parker                                Gary Smith         Joanne Zuniga

February 2003                                                                     Page iv
                          MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
                                                                                                                               DATE: ____________
                          Chapter Affiliation (please circle one of the following):
                          Dallas/Fort Worth           Houston        Lafayette           New Orleans            West Coast        Denver
                                $10.00                $15.00         $15.00               $10.00                $15.00          $15.00

                Last Name                                              First Name                                               MI

                                                                                               (        )
                                        Company                                                Business Phone


                           City                             St         Zip Code                               Country
          Business Type: (Please circle one)
          (10) Oil and Gas Producer          (20) Engineering/Operations Consulting       (30) Environmental (4) Equipment/Service Supply Company
          (50) Consumable Products/Service Supply Company (60) Drilling Contractor     (70) Governmental or Regulatory Agency (80) Other
                                                                                                                                               MEMBERSHIP YR
          Job Function: (Please circle one)
          (A) Management (B) Engineering (C) Operations (D) Technical Support/Service (E) Research and Development
          (F) Field Service/Technician (G) Training (H) Purchasing (I) Marketing/Sales (J) Other
2301 Belmont Place — Metairie LA 70001-1707                                              504/888-4177       FAX 504/522-7242

NEW ORLEANS:                      P.O. BOX 51929                                         New Orleans LA 70151-1929
LAFAYETTE:                        P.O. BOX 80023                                         Lafayette LA 70598-0023
                                  P.O. BOX 877
                                  P.O. BOX 214322
                                                                                         Humble TX 77347
                                                                                         Dallas TX 75221-4322
                                                                                                                                Memberships are for one year;
WEST COAST:                       P.O. BOX 9953                                          Bakersfield CA 93389                         from June 1 to May 31.
DENVER:                           1600 Broadway - #2200                                  Denver CO 80202-4922

                                                                                                           Tony Corriea
     Lucky Members of the Month for January
                       (we have two this month!)                                      Tony Corriea went to Riverside Community College for
                                                                                      three years, he then transferred up to Cornish College of
                       Nolan Campbell, Jr.                                            the Arts in Seattle Wa. While on a dance scholarship he
                                                                                      got a job with a professional company in Seattle. After a
                                                                                      year, Milwaukee ballet hired him and he moved to the
Nolan Campbell Jr. is one of four born to Nolan                                       midwest, which would set him up for the next ten. Tony
Campbell and Margaret Campbell on August 16th 1963.                                   was able to teach at many Universities around the country.
He is currently CFO for South Valley Trucking Inc. He                                  He performed in thirty-eight of our states and was very
has lived his whole life in Bakersfield and is fortunate to                           well liked by his audiences. He was an integral part in
have grown up around his dad who had a career in                                      helping get numerous companies and schools on the map
baseball with the Philadelphia Phillies and spent his time                            with his knowledge of the arts, business and care for
off seasons around Oilfield Trucking. Nolan, Jr. attended                             people. As things in the profession weren’t going in the
high school at Foothill High in Bakersfield and two years                             direction in which he thought was beneficial to the future of
of college at Bakersfield Junior College. He left college                             the art form, a great opportunity came his way when his
to help his dad out in his trucking business in 1984. After                           father said he needed help with the family business,
two years of driving a truck, he left the oilfield industry to                        Weststar, because of the growth that it was going through.
work for Fed Ex. He spent the next eleven years at Fed                                 So he decided to put the dream of being a teacher on the
                                                                                      back burner for a while and pursue his other passion, of
Ex as a Courier, Ramp Manager and Haz Mat Safety
                                                                                      business. His girlfriend Erica also came with him to
Specialist, learning much about the Transportation
                                                                                      California. They are both looking forward to having a
Industry. In 1997, Nolan, Jr. returned to the Oilfield                                great life here in Bakersfield, starting a dance school, and
Trucking business with his father. He enjoys the work                                 making Weststar an even stronger presence in the trucking
they do in even though it gets a little hectic from being                             industry.
such an up and down industry.
                 2003 AADE West Coast Golf Tournament

                                           Sundale Country Club
                                           Friday March 21st, 2003
                                             Shotgun Scramble
                                               Time: 8:00 am
Entry Fee Is: $100.00 Per AADE Member (Current) - $115.00 Per Non-Member
1st Hole In One Vehicle Event Sponsored by Holiday Ford, Shafter, CA
Prizes For 1st, Low Gross & Low Net, Closet to the Pin, Long Drive and Raffle

                                                                       (Slope Indez; Hdcp; Avg. Score)

                                                                              Circle One        Shirt Size
          Captain: _____________________________Ph.#___________________       (SI_H_AS)       ________________

          Player 2:_____________________________________________________      (SI_H_AS)       ________________

          Player 3: _____________________________________________________     (SI_H_AS)       ________________

          Player 4:_____________________________________________________      (SI_H_AS)       ________________

          Player 5:_____________________________________________________      (SI_H_AS)       ________________

          Player 6:_____________________________________________________      (SI_H_AS)       ________________

                  Tax I.D. # 77-0343650 (Please Make Check to AADE West Coast Chapter)

                 Check # ___________________ Credit Card # _________________________________________

                    Full Name on Card (MC or Visa) __________________________________________

                   Expiration Date: Mo/Yr ____________________________Zip Code _____________

                       Signature: _____________________________________________________________

Please Return to Information to:       J.D. Rush Company Phone: 661-391-1501 Fax: 661-399-2728
                                       Attn: Dave Guerrero, 5900 East Lerdo Highway Shafter, CA 93263

February 2003                                                                                                    Page vi
                2003 AADE West Coast Golf Tournament

                        P.O. Box 9953
                     Bakersfield, CA 93389
                     Tax I.D. # 77-0343650

                                   This is your receipt

                                  BRONZE SPONSOR

                                              $ 200.00
                                 Thank you for your support

                  Print Full Name: _____________________________________________________


                  Credit Card No. ______________________________________________________

                 Expiration Date: _________________________Zip Code_____________________

February 2003                                                                              Page vii
                2003 AADE West Coast Golf Tournament

                        P.O. Box 9953
                     Bakersfield, CA 93389
                     Tax I.D. # 77-0343650

                                   This is your receipt

                                   SILVER SPONSOR

                                              $ 300.00
                                 Thank you for your support

                  Print Full Name: _____________________________________________________


                  Credit Card No. ______________________________________________________

                 Expiration Date: _________________________Zip Code_____________________

February 2003                                                                              Page viii
                2003 AADE West Coast Golf Tournament

                        P.O. Box 9953
                     Bakersfield, CA 93389
                     Tax I.D. # 77-0343650

                                   This is your receipt


                                              $ 500.00

                                 Thank you for your support

                  Print Full Name: _____________________________________________________


                  Credit Card No. ______________________________________________________

                 Expiration Date: _________________________Zip Code_____________________

February 2003                                                                              Page ix
                              Piru Petroleum Club
                               2 nd Annual Sporting Clays Shoot
                                 Oak Tree Gun Club-Newhall
                                     Friday April 4th, 2003
                                           9:00 AM
                        $85.00 Per Shooter-Includes Lunch and Shoot
                                      $10.00-Lunch Only

We are planning the 2nd Annual Sporting Clays event at “The World Class
OakTree Gun Club” to help support Piru Petroleum Club.
• This is a first come first serve event. Please get your entry in early.
• Free Lunch, Awards and Raffle will follow shoot.
• Entry Deadline is Friday March 21st.

                 Company Station Sponsors or Raffle Prize Donations
                           would be greatly appreciated.
                                     Please Fill out And Return Lower Section with Payment

Shooter                               Company                  Phone Number               Entry Fee

Additional Lunch Tickets @ $10.00
Station Sponsorship @$100.00
                                                               Total Due            $

                Method of Payment: ___Visa                     ____ Mastercard             ____Check
Card Number                                                         Exp. Date_____________________________________________

Print Name (as it appears on card)                                  Signature____________________________________________

Please make checks payable to: Piru Petroleum Club, PO Box 178, Fillmore Ca, 93016

Questions or Donations:               Call Richard Arias at (805) 207-8172 or (805) 525-6679 or
                                      David Arias (661) 837-3513

February 2003                                                                                                       Page x
                        C h a r i t y Sp o r t i n g C l a y Sh o o t
                                     Sponsored by
                    The Association of Petroleum W i v e s

                APW is sponsoring their 1st Sporting Clay Shoot to benefit their chosen charity the
                Alzheimer Association.                   E n j o y a n a f t e r n o o n of s h o o t i n g , l u n c h a n d p r i z e s .

                                   Date:               April 11, 2003
                                   Time:               10:30 A . M .
                                   Location:           Five Dogs Shooting Range
                                   Cost:               Sh o o t & L u n c h $ 7 0 . 0 0 P e r P e r s o n
                                                       Lunch Only           -$ 1 0 . 0 0 P e r s o n

                         Shooting is open to all ( men and women) who are interested in
                           having lots of fun.
                         Lunch, awards and prizes follow shoot
                         Entry deadline March 28, 2003

                C o m p a n y o r i n d i v i d u a l s t a t i o n s p on s o r d o n a t i o n s a n d r a f f l e d o n a t i o n s a r e v e r y
                welcome.          Lets come out and raise lots of money for our charity.

                 Player                                           Company                                 Phone       #       Entry Fee $70.00

                 _____________________                            _____________________                   ____________            ____________

                 _____ ________________                           _____________________                   ____________            ____________

                 _____________________                            _____________________                   __________ __          ____________

                 _____________________                            _____________________                   ____________            ____________

                                                            Station Sponsorship Levels
                                                                  Gusher        S p o n s o r— $300+
                                                               B l a c k G o l d S p o n s o r — $200+
                                                             Heavy       Crude      S p o n s o r — $100+

                        P l e a s e m a k e c h e c k s p a y a b l e t o A P W , P . O . B o x 9 6 6 4 , B a k e r s f i e l d , CA 93389
                          F o r i n q u i r i e s a b o u t e v e n t c a l l A r l e n e F i s h e r 6 6 4 -1 6 2 8 , E v e n t C h a i r p e r s o n

February 2003                                                                                                                                            Page xi

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