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					                              6th Grade Course of Study
To better serve the 6th grade students’ transition to middle school, core classes are self-
contained. Depending on which team a student is placed he/she will have 2 or 3 teachers
presenting all the core subjects. In addition to the core subjects, sixth grade students will
also be taking Exploratory and PE. Below is a short description of the courses that 6 th
grade students will be taking.

Language Arts
Sixth graders focus on reading comprehension, writing, spelling, grammar, speaking and listening skills, as well
as elements of literature. The core literature books are The Cay and Dar and the Spear-Thrower.

Sixth graders spend time working in the following areas: number sense, measurement, geometry,
algebra & functions, statistics, data analysis & probability, and mathematical reasoning.

Social Studies
Our emphasis in sixth grade will be the study of the people and cultures of ancient history. We will begin with
the study of early man’s struggle to survive and end with the fall of the Roman Empire. Our emphasis will be
the examination of the civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Israel, Greece and Rome. We will be
comparing and contrasting these civilizations with each other, while at the same time examining the effect that
their histories have had on our own culture.

Science focuses on Earth Science with different themes: plate tectonics & earth’s structure, shaping the
earth’s surface, heat, energy, ecology, resources, and investigation and experimentation.

The Exploratory Wheel
Students will rotate among different exploratory classes each trimester that may include art, industrial
technology, drama, study skills and exploring music.

Physical Education
Our major emphasis is to introduce, develop, and use motor skills and explore health. Students also
cover physical conditioning techniques, strategies, rules and safety procedures necessary for
participation in individual and team sports. Students may receive a part of their P.E. in their exploratory

The curriculum will continue that which the students have learned previously in the fifth grade, with more
emphasis on ensemble (full band) playing. The O’Hara Park sixth grade band will perform a minimum of two
concerts a year plus other performances as opportunities arise. Sixth grade band members will also participate
in our annual Play-A-Thon fundraiser, Mecca or Spaghetti Feed, Forum Music Festivals, Greek Day, and our
trip to Great America or Disneyland. Students with no experience may enroll in the sixth grade band as
beginners provided they are also receiving remedial music instruction from other band members, a private
instructor, or the band director. Please contact the band director at your present school to apply for band
at OPS, or pick up an application at the office.