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Links to Help You Manage Your Financial Life


									                                         Links to Help You Manage Your Financial Life
                                    Topic                                                     URL to Information                               Category
A lot of college students don’t know the difference between credit and Dealing with debit &
debit but you can find out from this article.                            goryid/101/understanding-credit-vs-debit-cards/               credit cards
If you are looking for a new bank or credit union compare different
kinds of checking accounts here.                                         oryid/114/choosing-the-best-checking-account/                 Banking your money
Is your checking account causing you a constant headache? Take a look
at these CashCourse tips on managing your bank account and stop the
migraines.                                                               oryid/114/managing-your-checking-account/                     Banking your money
Take control of your money by using this interactive tool to create a
budget in just a few minutes.                                                                    Budgeting
Learn the millionaire’s secret and find out when you will become a
millionaire. It is a lot simpler than you might think.                   oryid/124/learning-the-millionaires-secret/                   Planning to be rich
Want to figure out how to afford rent and have an actual social life
too? Learn how to keep fun and friends in your budget without going
broke at CashCourse:                                                     oryid/99/creating-a-budget/                                   Budgeting
Creating and staying on budget can help you reach your personal
financial goals faster. Start a budget the easy to use CashCourse
Budget Wizard:                                                                                    Budgeting
What budget killer can pose the greatest threat to your wallet? Find
out with this short quiz on                               realities/                                                     Interactive quiz

Making your money last can be easier than it seems. Check out the top
25 tips to Stretch Your Dollars during your college years.               oryid/99/40-money-management-tips/                            Budgeting
 Learn how to prepare your income tax returns in this article.           oryid/126/preparing-tax-returns/                              Taxes
If you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, you might want to start a budget
to help get out of that frustrating cycle. It’s quick and easy with this
Budget Wizard.                                                                                  Budgeting

The start of a new job is the perfect time to learn how to manage your
income and pay all your expenses with the Budget Wizard tool.                                 Budgeting
Starting a new job? Find out what is coming out of your paycheck.      oryid/126/reviewing-paycheck-deductions/                      Taxes

                                           Links to Help You Manage Your Financial Life
Things change fast. Whether you experience a sudden increase or
decrease in your income, it’s important to adjust your budget in order
to stay on track.                                                         oryid/99/adjusting-a-budget/                                  Budgeting
Is your spending getting out of control? Reign it in with the step-by-
step Budget Wizard tool.                                                                          Budgeting
Getting ready to graduate? Use a CashCourse budget worksheet to
figure out how much money you need to make to live in different  Worksheet: Budgeting
places or with different jobs.                                            ng%20for%20Life%20After%20College_int.pdf                    for life after graduation
Living with friends and roommates gets complicated when money is
involved. Here’s how to cope without causing tension between you
and your friends.                                                         oryid/107/dealing-with-roommate-issues/                       college life

Moving off-campus can mean a lot of new expenses like electric and
water bills. Make sure your wallet is ready for the adjustment in cost.   oryid/107/comparing-costs-residence-halls-vs-off-campus/      college life
Deck out your dorm room on a budget.                                      oryid/107/decorating-your-room/                               college life

Signing a lease is a big commitment and the endless pages and   
language can make them confusing. Learn more about leases here:           oryid/107/understanding-leases/                               college life: leases
Textbooks are a huge college expense. Four easy ways to actually save
on textbooks this semester.                                               oryid/97/buying-textbooks/                                    college life: Textbooks
If you have been thinking about adopting a pet make sure your budget
allows you to provide a good home for the newest member of the   college life: Adopting a
family.                                                                   oryid/107/adopting-a-pet/                                     pet

Having trouble paying rent but don’t want an eviction on your record?
Avoid getting kicked out of your place with these helpful tips:           oryid/107/negotiating-inability-to-pay-rent                   college life
So your hoopdie or your chevron-legs aren’t cutting it anymore. Learn
about new, used and hybrid choices and different ways to finance your
big purchase.                                                             oryid/117/buying-a-car/                                       Buying a car
For young adults, Insuring a car can be expensive but CashCourse has
tips for saving that you may not think of.                                oryid/117/reducing-the-cost-of-car-insurance/                 Buying a car

                                            Links to Help You Manage Your Financial Life
Who cares about your credit score? Lots of people do, sometimes
even employers will check your credit. CashCourse can tell you who
else cares in this useful short article.                                  oryid/116/who-looks-at-credit-scores/                         Credit scores
What is your credit score, what types of things affect it and why is it
important? Find out at CashCourse                                         oryid/116/understanding-credit-scores/                        Credit scores
Find out why not paying something as small as your cable bill can
come back to haunt you long after you have forgot about It.               oryid/116/protecting-and-improving-credit/                    Credit scores

Credit card companies target college-age people. Credit cards can be
very useful, but one mistake can blemish your credit record and the
damage can follow you for years. You can prevent that mistake.            oryid/101/tips-for-managing-credit-cards/                     Credit cards
Got some serious balances on your credit cards that never seem to go
down at all? CashCourse can help you figure out how to get out of
debt faster.                                                              oryid/101/getting-out-of-credit-card-debt/                    Credit card debt
Wondering how long it will take you to pay off your credit card? Use                                                                    Credit card debt
this interactive calculator to find out in minutes.                                    calculator
Check out these tips on successfully managing your credit card and
avoid being swallowed by credit card debt.                                oryid/101/tips-for-managing-credit-cards/                     Credit cards
EasyMac and Raman Noodles get old fast. Hungry for healthy and
affordable food? Take a look at these easy recipes and ideas for quick
meals.                                                                    oryid/107/cheap-eats/                                         Eating on a budget
Why pay more for junk food? Avoid buying sodas and snacks out of
vending machines. CashCourse has more tips to help you save cash
everyday:                                                                 oryid/107/eating-healthy-on-a-budget/                         Eating on a budget

Eating healthy doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Protect your wallet
and your waistline with these tips for saving on munchies.             oryid/107/eating-healthy-on-a-budget/                         Eating on a budget
Running into money problems with your parents? Find how to deal.       oryid/100/involving-your-parents/                             Family

It can be awkward to talk to your parents about money, especially if
they’re been hit by the recession. Start the conversation comfortably. oryid/134/talking-to-your-parents-about-the-economic-crisis/  Family

                                              Links to Help You Manage Your Financial Life
Feeling obligated to help your parents financially during a tough time?
Read our tips for contributing to your family’s wellbeing while staying
in school.                                                                  oryid/134/how-you-can-help-your-parents/                      Family
Joining a sisterhood or brotherhood involves more than just picking
the right house. Learn about the costs involved with joining and make
sure you can afford a fraternity or sorority.                               oryid/104/paying-fraternity-and-sorority-dues/                Greek life
Everyone will misplace their wallet eventually. Find out what you
should do protect your identity and your finances when this happens
to you.                                                                     oryid/112/handling-lost-ids-and-credit-cards/                 Identity Theft
Identity theft can happen to anyone but you can make it harder for
thieves to access your information. Learn how to better protect your
personal information and money.                                             oryid/112/handling-lost-ids-and-credit-cards/                 Identity Theft

Learn the basics of insurance.                                              tegoryview/categoryid/122/understanding-insurance/             Insurance

Renting your first place? You might want to get renters insurance to
cover your stuff. Even if a neighbor starts a fire or causes a flood your
things could get ruined. Learn more about it here:                          oryid/122/getting-renters-insurance/                          Insurance
Make sure your car insurance covers you and your car in all the   
important ways.                                                             oryid/122/analyzing-car-insurance-needs/                      Insurance
When you get sick at school, what will happen? Learn about health 
insurance options here:                                                     oryid/122/getting-your-own-health-care-coverage/                Insurance
If your job doesn’t offer health care benefits or you are unemployed,
you don’t have to go without. Learn about the various individual            oryid/122/reviewing-your-health-insurance-options-after-
options here:                                                               college/                                                        Insurance
Strapped for cash? Earn extra spending money on- and off-campus.     Finding work
Check out these ideas.                                                      oryid/127/earning-spending-money/                               opportunities
Looking for a summer job that actually pays in money and not just    Finding work
experience? CashCourse has ideas on how to find that job!                   oryid/127/getting-a-high-paying-summer-job/                     opportunities
                                                                     Finding work
For a list of the best online job resources, visit:                         oryid/127/using-online-job-resources/                           opportunities

                                          Links to Help You Manage Your Financial Life
                                                                   Finding work
Attention disabled job seekers: Know your rights when securing work. oryid/127/finding-a-job-if-you-have-a-disability/                    opportunities
Having trouble securing a job? Learn how to make yourself employable        Finding work
in a hurry.                                                          oryid/128/making-yourself-employable/                                opportunities
Headed to a job interview? We’ve got you covered on everything you          Finding work
need to make a good first impression.                                oryid/128/preparing-for-a-job-interview/                             opportunities
Need help with your resume or cover letter? Learn what to include,        Applying for work:
how to format, and see a sample resume.                              oryid/128/creating-effective-resumes/                                resumes
Applying for a job? Make sure you know what to include on the     Applying for work:
application.                                                               oryid/128/working-with-applications-and-resumes/              resumes
Starting your first job? Congratulations! Learn what to expect and how
to act on your first day.                                                  oryid/128/what-to-expect-in-your-first-job/                   Applying for work
Deciding whether to take a job offer in a different city? Be sure to
calculate the cost of living because everything varies from place to
place.                                                                     oryid/121/comparing-and-calculating-costs-of-living/          Assesing job offers
Retirement might seem far away, but if you’re taking a job, it’s
important to check out company benefits. It is never too early to plan
for your future.                                                           oryid/121/reviewing-retirement-benefits/                      Assesing job offers
Considering a job offer. Remember to ask about paid time off and
vacation days before you accept the position because that can make a
big difference. Learn what else to ask at                                  oryid/121/looking-at-other-perks/                             Assesing job offers
If your company offers health care, there are probably several options.
Learn about them in a way you can understand and decide which    
option is best for you.                                                    oryid/121/analyzing-employee-provided-health-care-coverage/ Assesing job offers
Weighing job offers is tough, but it doesn't have to be. Use this job
priorities comparison worksheet to help you decide:                        oryid/121/comparing-multiple-job-offers/                      Assesing job offers

Starting your first job is exciting. You will be making money with a new
job but you might also have to spend some money. Make sure to plan
for hidden costs that might arise now that you’re working.                 oryid/121/dealing-with-hidden-expenses-of-your-first-job/     Assesing job offers
Starting a new job? Follow these simple steps when filling out your W-
4.                                                                         oryid/126/completing-a-w-4-form/                              Taxes: w-4

                                           Links to Help You Manage Your Financial Life
Out of work and panicked? We’ve got you covered with some helpful           ingforJobChanges/ImOutofWorkandPanicked/tabid/623/Default.      Finding work
advice to get you through the tough times.                                  aspx                                                            opportunities
Feel like you’ll never find a job even though you have been looking?   Finding work
Read tips on finding work in a competitive market.                          oryid/136/finding-work-in-a-tough-job-market/                   opportunities
If you have loans figure out how long it will take to pay them off and if
making extra payments can help you save money.                                             Loans
Remember that time when it was an emergency & you really needed
money? Don’t let that happen again by being prepared and planning                                                                           Calculator: emergency
ahead. Learn how at:                                                                       fund

Unexpected expenses can cause you to run out of money before you   Money Management
planned. Take a look at these ways to stretch your dollars further.         oryid/110/25-tips-to-stretch-your-dollars/                    Tips
Does it feel like there is a hole in your pocket that your money
constantly disappears from? Solve the mystery and stop your money  Money Management
from disappearing at CashCourse.                                            oryid/110/5-reasons-for-overspending/                         Tips
Spending too much money? Find out how to stop:                              oryid/99/plugging-spending-leaks/                             Overspending

Have a few things that you really want need money for? Learn how to
define and achieve your financial goals faster on CashCourse.               oryid/113/defining-financial-goals/                             Financial Goals
Put yourself first…with your money. Find out why this is the best 
money management tip out there.                                             oryid/124/paying-yourself-first/                                Saving money
                                                                           Interactive quiz:
What's the millionaire's secret? Quiz yourself and find out at              smarts/                                                         financial basics
You can defiantly become a millionaire–it might just take awhile.                                                                           Calculator - how long to
Calculate how you can save to reach this goal:                                             save million

Overwhelmed with bills? This worksheet can help you keep track of 
everything and figure out how much you’re really spending.                  es_worksheet_int.pdf                                        Worksheet: expenses
Getting ready to move is exciting but stressful. Use this checklist to Worksheet: moving
prepare financially and avoid going over budget.                            %20Checklist.pdf                                            checklist

                                           Links to Help You Manage Your Financial Life
Feel like you're always overspending? Here's five reasons that explain
why you do this :                                                           oryid/110/5-reasons-for-overspending/                           Overspending
Planning on being rich? Check out our tips for getting ahead by “paying
yourself first.”                                                            oryid/124/paying-yourself-first/                                Saving money
Check out these 40 Money Management Tips Every College Student       Money Management
Should Know.                                                                oryid/99/40-money-management-tips/                              Tips
How much will that daily latte habit really cost you? Find out the Money Management
answer to that question and more with an helpful quiz here:                 quiz                                                         Tips
It’s everyone’s favorite time of year-–Spring Break! Learn how to travel
on a budget before leaving campus so you can have a good time     
without buyer’s remorse.                                                    tegoryview/categoryid/119/paying-for-spring-break/             Spring Break
Graduating and about to take on your student loan debt? Some jobs,
like teaching, can take your debt away. Check out some of your    
options to get that debt gone or reduced.                                   oryid/133/student-loan-cancellation-programs/                 Student loan repayment

Want some free money for college? CashCourse has a list of legit  
scholarship programs and links to the largest internet scholarship lists.   oryid/129/finding-scholarships/                               Scholarships
Running out of money for college is a problem many students have to
deal with. CashCourse has some ways you can cover your expenses if Student loans/paying for
you are in this situation.                                                  oryid/105/finding-more-aid-after-a-change-in-your-situation/  college
Feel like your financial aid award letter is in another language?
CashCourse can help you decipher the information quickly and       Student loans/paying for
accurately.                                                                 oryid/105/understanding-financial-aid-award-letters/          college
Do you know the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized     Student loans/paying for
loans? If not, take a quick look at this information.                       oryid/130/                                                   college

Do you need relief from your student loan payments? Check out these Student loans/paying for
options and what advantages and repercussions that each option has.         oryid/133/everyone-needs-payment-reliefsometime/              college
Looking for ways to pay for grad school? CashCourse has some ideas
for you in this short piece about continuing education and financing
options.                                                                    tegoryview/categoryid/132/                                     Graduate school

                                          Links to Help You Manage Your Financial Life
It’s that time of the year – FAFSA renewal. Make sure to get your
paperwork in on time and learn about additional aid options that are   Student loans/paying for
available to help lighten the load.                                       oryid/105/completing-the-fafsa/                                 college
Worried about repaying your student loans? You do have options. Find   Student loans/paying for
what works for you at                                                     oryid/105/completing-the-fafsa/                                 college
Help is available to pay off your student for certain careers! Find an   Student loans/paying for
option that works for you at this link                                    oryid/133/student-loan-cancellation-programs/                   college
Concerned you don’t have enough money to pay for college? Don’t
panic. There are a variety of aid options out there for people from all Student Loans/paying
walks of life .                                                           oryid/105/overview-of-financial-aid/                          for college

If your family’s financial situation has changed, don’t panic. Follow Student Loans/paying
these steps to reapply for student aid.                                   oryid/105/finding-more-aid-after-a-change-in-your-situation/  for college
Considering increasing payments on your student loan? This is a good
idea because that debt will be gone sooner! Calculate exactly how it                                                                      Calculator - student loan
will affect your payment schedule.                                                       repayment
Curious how long it will take you to pay off your student loans? Use                                                                      Calculator - student loan
this calculator to find out.                                                             repayment

Studying abroad is the opportunity of a lifetime but debts occurred
while traveling can also follow you around for a lifetime. Make sure
you know how much it’ll cost you before your take off overseas.           oryid/118/costs-of-studying-abroad/                             Study abroad
Getting ready to study abroad? Learn how to manage your Euros, yen,
or pesos while you’re overseas.                                           oryid/118/costs-of-studying-abroad/                             Study abroad
Want to study abroad but don’t think you’ll have enough money to
fund the trip? With the right help, it’s possible to .                    oryid/118/costs-of-studying-abroad/                             Study abroad
Ever wonder where the money that’s being taken out of your paycheck
goes? Learn about paycheck deductions here:                               oryid/126/reviewing-paycheck-deductions/                        Taxes
Become income-tax savvy in no time with this useful article from
CashCourse                                                                oryid/126                                                       Taxes


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