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Green Geeks is certainly a newcomer to the industry. However, this
does not mean that the company is without benefits. In fact, their
unique position makes them ideal for a number of different reasons.
The single most startling factor about Green Geeks is the fact that they
use green energy to host their clients' websites. This energy is derived
from wind power sources, but renders the company carbon neutral.
Therefore, using this company actually helps benefit the environment.
However, there are certainly other items you'll want to consider here.
The company offers a long list of good services, as well as plenty of
outstanding customer support. Their low price and 99.9% uptime
guarantee are also nice additions.

                            Features List
          Basic Features                   Included Features
       Unlimited disk space             99.9% uptime guarantee
      Unlimited bandwidth                Free marketing credits
Unlimited domains on 1 account North American customer support
    Unlimited email accounts         30-day money-back guarantee
  Unlimited MySQL databases               Transparent pricing
       Free for life domain                 Instant activation
Free site migration (existing sites)      Free website builder

Pricing Concerns: For those tired of studying pricing tiers, Green
Geeks is a breath of fresh air. They offer only a single package, at a
single low price. All the services they offer are available for all of their
clients. You will pay just $4.95 per month to get started with this web
host. The fact that they offer free site migration for your existing
websites is also a nice benefit, as is the 99.9% uptime guarantee. Finally,
the fact that the company derives 300% of their power needs from
sustainable, green wind power is a huge selling point for many people.

Reliability and Uptime Factors: As mentioned, Green Geeks
offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This has become the industry
standard, but the company is able to achieve it by using state of the art
servers and security technology. The company uses Intel Dual Quad
Core Xeon processors, Large RAID 10 storage arrays and provides 100
Mbps connectivity. In addition, the company uses the same servers
throughout their entire operation, unlike companies that purchase low-
end servers for some segments of their operation.

Control Panel Information: Rather than offering a watered-
down custom control panel, Green Geeks gives their clients access to
cPanel, which is one of the best control panels in the industry. You will
find that this control panel is feature-rich, and allows you to manage
and organize almost anything in your account, from email accounts to
individual pages and everything in between.

Customer Support and Service: If you are looking for the
best in customer support, then Green Geeks can deliver. Their
customer service department is available 24 hours per day, seven days
per week, and 365 days per year. In addition, you will find that the
company provides you with several means of reaching customer
support should you need assistance, including live chat, email and the
telephone. The support desk is located in North America, as well, unlike
companies who outsource their support to other nations.

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