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                                  Internet Traffic and Simulation

                                  Traffic Statistics of Social Sites

                               YouTube, Facebook, Skype, Twitter

                                  Cloud Based Storage Providers
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          This report consumes the data and information regarding the online activities of people
all around the globe. No matter if a person is in America, Australia, New Zealand, and United
Kingdom or elsewhere, this report shows analyzes the data of how he can communicate with
another person in any other part of the world through the source that we call Internet and the
amount of people that are part of this phenomena worldwide. In this report all the data and
statistical overview are gathered about the use of internet in our everyday life, the exchange of
ideas, reviews, data, files and other relative stuff. In this report, the necessities, services and
different techniques are also discussed that are used in different social sites like Quality of
Service (QoS) and other potential activities taken out in YouTube, Skype and other platforms to
ensure quality video stream, exchange of data, its protection and communication limits. The
report also brings in the concepts of technical tools, technical scripts and extra instrumental
techniques that are required and are used to enhance the traffic and capacity of these service
providing centers.
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Table of Contents
          1. Literature Review

          2. Introduction

          3. Analysis and Simulation

          4. Traffic Infrastructure and Simulation

          5. YouTube Traffic and Simulation

          6. Skype

          7. Cloud Based Storage

          8. Quality of Service

          9. References and Bibliography


Literature Review:
                            After the advent of internet, mankind has made marvelous progress in
fields of discovery and invention. Right now in 2011, a person sitting in a dark night below the
open sky can contact a person who is working in the daylight in any other part of the world. The
only thing that made all of this possible is Internet. Over the years, Internet has provided a major
group of people with numerous possibilities to remove their differences, yet it succeeded.
Internet is not just a source of communication among two individuals or two groups rather it is
an interactional and communicational platform that allows people to share feelings, profiles,
data, information, pictures, videos and satisfy their appetite and desire via satellite.

        Everyday, there are millions of people who tend to upload their files and videos on
different platforms that offer Cloud based storage for different things such as pictures and
executable files. There are several organizations that offer different packages upon such storage
services and there are also different organizations that utilize such storage applications because
of their following advantages.

     •    They are less costly.
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   •   They provide with a wider range of storage capacity.
   •   One can remove the desired file from its profile on will.
   •   Files can be shared with anyone on the internet anywhere in the world.

Although these are some of the basic advantages that all of the online storage services provide,
but it is never wise to share and store prior data and information like payment transactions or any
other kind of classified data on anyone of the online stores, because sometimes it may happen
that due to network or database error, or due to hacking attacks, the system may crash and all of
the data might go in the wrong hands.

YouTube and Skype are the two renowned platforms for the sharing of videos and voices
respectively. YouTube has been a great concern of teenagers, married couples, journalists, media
and all kinds of people of the world to share information in the form of online streaming videos.
YouTube provides with an extensive platform to share videos and other streaming stuff with
people all around the world. YouTube is a multi-user service. Its services are not classified but
are available to everyone on the portal. That is why anyone can search and download the videos
of different events all around the world. Similarly Skype is used for the communication and
interaction of people. Skype brings free interaction opportunities via internet and also provides
video chatting. Everyday millions log in to Skype to chat with their loved ones and business
associates. Right now, more than 124 million users are connected with Skype from all around the

Quality of Service (QoS) is very important in all of these platforms that offer online video
streaming and voice interactions. In 1994, by ITU QoS was defined as “Quality of service
comprises requirements on all the aspects of a connection, such as service response time, loss,
signal-to-noise ratio, cross-talk, echo, interrupts, frequency response, loudness levels, and so
on”( ITU-T Recommendation. August 1994. http://www.itu.int/rec/T-REC-E.800/en. Retrieved
October 14, 2011. Updated September 2008 as Definitions of terms related to quality of service).

QoS makes sure that when the storage is insufficient, the network plays accordingly and provides
users with different quality data flows that differentiate between different offers.

                   After the invention of computers in 1950s and 1960s, the significance of
internet came into the existence. In the start, there was only point-to-point communication
between different computers connected to each other through wires and terminals. Then with the
passage of time, the technology and activities enhanced and modernization took over past work.
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In 1982, after the invention and standardization of Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP), the concepts
of worldwide connectivity and interactivities were introduced in markets.

After that, in the mid of 1990s, the internet made a dramatic and a drastic impact upon the
culture, life, economics and commence of mankind. It changed the life style completely, made
the communication skills and communicative ways easy, revolutionized the interactions among
different people, groups and communities and turned this world into a global village. Then after
the year 2000, internet was given a new shape. New sites were introduced like YouTube, Yahoo
and msn that allowed people to interact with their friends and relatives more efficiently and
easily. Then with more hard and fast work and detailed progress, Gmail, Orkut, Facebook,
Google and Skype were brought in being that certainly changed the life of every person taking
from a student to a doctor, business man and people belonging to different fields of life. This
also helped in integrating the ideologies and objectives of nations, religious parties and

Traffic Infrastructure and Simulation:
                     Internet Traffic is referred to the amount of data/information sent or received
by the users on an online interface. Usually it is measured by the analysis of visitors who visit
links, pages, files and videos on any specific portal. There are several devices that are offered by
the companies that can measure the traffic of any site.

                                        It is considered necessary to measure the traffic that every
day visits a page if you are the owner of that page to judge how popular your page is among
different people belonging to different companies. It also helps to determine whether you page is
being liked in a specific region or not. Internet traffic is related to the amount of data available
on the concerned platform or the quality of that available stuff. Usually different techniques are
used to drive in traffic from other platform. These methods can include hidden buttons, links,
advertisements, flash banners and special offers via videos and music files. The traffic flow
theory textbook by Drew (1968) stated: "Simulation is a powerful tool, and like all powerful
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tools it can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Pitfalls exist in simulation as in every human
attempt to abstract and idealize."

YouTube Traffic Simulation:
                  YouTube is multimedia Company/Organization that intends to deliver high
quality bandwidth and storage capacity to its users. It has a limited style offers in a way that it
can only be used for online streaming purposes like videos, movies, clips and songs.

Every day millions of users from all around the world visit YouTube to watch videos
representing different nations and different companies.

The traffic rate of YouTube is glorious. Its main reason is that it is visited by different groups
and different companies that want to share their videos with the people of every kind, every
culture and tradition, belonging to different nations of the world. YouTube allows people to
share videos and animated movies.


The above table represents the average cost that YouTube affords to present its viewers with
quality streaming and sharing facilities.

YouTube has also scored a lot of viewers rating because now it sponsors and shows live
international events, TV channels and official trailers.
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The traffic ratings since the launch of YouTube services are as follows.

Year                              Month                              Traffic views per day
2005                              December                           8 million
2009                              October                            1 billion +
2010                              May                                2 billion
2011                              -------------------------          2 billion amount crossed

These statistics include the history and present of YouTube’s experienced traffic each day. It has
been announced by the YouTube that more than 3 million people use auto sharing services to
share YouTube’s videos on different social sites.

YouTube’s Test Network:

                                                 Series 3

                                                                                        Series 3
                    1 video/day   5 videos/day       10           13
                                                 videos/day   videos/day

The above chart is derived from the analysis of a test network of a YouTube channel. It clearly
represents that number of viewers gained in each day when the account held different amount of
videos. It can be clearly noticed that as the amount of videos increased, the number of viewers
also increased. So it can be concluded that the traffic of YouTube depends upon the number of
videos, quality and interest of stuff and choice of people. However the above analysis graph only
represents one channel whereas on YouTube there are a total of more than 10,000 channels
representing 1000s of videos.

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                                                                               Skype is a user
interface platform. It is a platform that provides people with an opportunity to communicate and
interact with each other in more efficient ways. It allows chatting, voice calls and video chatting
all around the globe through internet. Skype has completely revolutionized the electronic world.
Every day millions of people sign in and sign up to Skype to enable themselves to contact their
loved ones in cheaper modes.

Traffic Statistics:

                      •   In the recent reports published by Skype, more than 65 million people
                          sign in to Skype daily.
                      •   42% of all Skype minutes fall in the category of video calling/chatting.

                                                                                       EMEA also
                          include African Users too.

                      •   At the end of 2009, the total amount of Skype registered users was 560
                          million which has gradually increased on the past one and a half year.
                      •   On Monday, March 2011, the Skype noted 30 million concurrent users
                          Skype also allows to transfer files and folders through live interactions.
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Right now, the traffic of Skype has gone passed the records and has also started to worry
the administration.

Cloud Based Storage:
                   Cloud based Storage is the storage that is available online. There are different
organization, companies and brands that provide space via internet to store data and executable
files. Individuals as well as groups use it to store pictures, songs, executable files, word
documents and other relevant things. These allow different offers by providing different amount
of quality and bandwidths. YouTube is also a cloud based storage where one can store streaming
videos. There are different cloud based storage providers that provide with certain services like
some offer photo sharing and storing where other may offer executable and downloadable files.
These online stores also ensure the security of objects and allow access to only those who are
permitted by the owner of that file/data.

"When we started building Action Method, we didn't know what the uptake was going to be, so
we needed to make sure we had enough storage to accommodate any number of users," said
Behance chief technology officer (CTO) Chris Henry.
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There isn’t any specific number of cloud based users. It depends upon the following causes as
there are several platforms that provide with cloud based storage.

    •    Quality
    •    Quantity
    •    Bandwidth
    •    Flexibility
    •    Content

There are online stores that hold online data and there are online centers that allow users to store
and penetrate through data but due to scammers and other violent brains, this technology has
started to become havoc by the wrong use. Millions of people everyday reach out to these
storage companies to share their files and thoughts with the people all around the globe.

Quality of Service:
                 Quality of Service is a technique that is used to control the flow of traffic via
internet. These services are thoroughly used in Cloud Based Storage platforms and Social
networks where special offers are placed in order to get specific permission to make it to the
required destiny. Quality of Service is defined as the ability to control the flow of traffic,
communication capacity and data flow according to the established criteria.

Quality of Service (QoS) is greatly used nowadays in different networks and mechanisms that
are enable social interactions in the form of live communications, data transfer and other stuff.
With the help of these techniques, some restrictions are put in to hold a numerical value of traffic
and only allow access upon the agreement of special need.


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