How To Protect Your computer from Virus

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					How To Protect Your computer from Virus

Computer virus are programs that may damage computer software and can copy itself
and infect a computer . Virus can damage computer software,like a file
executable(exe),jpg,doc,mp3,etc.Virus have five criteria :

First, The ability of a virus to obtain information

In general, a virus requires a list of file names that exist in a directory.So that it can
identify what programs Just who will file infected by virus.Like a macro viruses that will
infect all files document.

Second, His ability to examine a program

A virus can also check a file that will be infected and virus
will infect programs *. doc extension, then the virus will check the file was ducumen
have been infected or not, because if it is, will again useless to infect.

Third, His ability to reproduce and transmit

viruses have the ability to copy itself by infecting other files
A virus if the virus has been found a victim will recognize it by check
if not already infected with the virus will start by writing the byte transmission
identifier in the file, and so on copy / write the object code of the virus on top of target

Fourth, His ability to manipulate

viruses have the ability to survive for a file virus can not be deleted
viruses usually do manipulations such as, mendisabled Task Manager, command prompt,
run, regedit or the ability to display a message when the computer is on the run

Fifth, His ability to conceal themselves

The ability to hide themselves must be owned by a virus for all
good job from the beginning to the success of transmission can be accomplished.
the usual steps are:

-original program / virus is stored in coded form and machines combined with
 Other programs that are considered useful by the user.
-virus program is put on the boot record or tracks that rarely
 note by the computer itself
-virus program is made as short as possible, and the results are not infected files
 changing size
-The virus does not change the description of time a file
, etc.

Virus can spread with the Internet.Internet is one medium for distributing viruses,because
when we download files such as mp3, doc, exe, etc.We do not scan that file with can make your computer got a virus.when virus infected computer,it can make
the computer became error or crash so you must install your pc.To protect it There are
three ways to remove viruses from your computer.

First, Install Anti-Virus Software
Antivirus helps you to find the virus and delete it.There are many type popular antivirus
from local and nonlocal.Local like SMADAV and ansav. They are completely free and
Very good from the other.nonlocal like AVG,Avast,Kaspersky,one of the best type
is Kaspersky because it best of the detection rates but not free.Do not forget to Update
Anti-Virus.because the virus every day there are always new. if not updated,it is
impossible to detect new viruses.

Second, Delete Unknown Emails
if you receive email from someone,or from random people’s names,do not to open the
email, just delete it.If you have any doubts after reading the name and the subject,it’s not
someone you not download or open attachments.from someone you did not
know.probably one of the attachments that are viruses.

Third Avoid porn Web Sites
if you like to visit porn sites,be careful because sometimes the services of such sites insert
a virus or or spyware on his website.spyware it is a malicious software or malware to
stole data from computer user will be stored in the spyware owner.

In short,be careful when we download, mail, browse, etc.If the virus keep attack your
computer mybe you can use anti virus to scan your computer .Do not forget to upgrade
your anti virus because it can help you to destroy virus and protect your computer.And if
You don not have antivirus you can destroy with manual step.You can destroy with
command prompt,to delete virus easily.

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