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									                                          CHAPTER 1


 A. Background

          Language which is basically one of communication tools plays very important rule in

community’s life right now it is because of each community can not make relation each other

without the use of language which can be understood by community. ( Procter ;1986 )

          Nowadays, English language is studyed in all level,of school. However, not all students

like the method which is given by their teachers. In fact, learning English with the same teaching

technique makes the students are bored. Especially in writing, sometimes students are lack of

idea. That is why teachers need various methodss which can encourange creativity and sense of

writing. The teacher also can use tools that can be used to develop students’ creativity in

learning English, especially in writing activity.

          The research has found especially in SMAN 1 Palangga that students’ can not write their

task because of many reasons. For example the students do not know how to star their writing as

well as, they do not have enough ideas to writing. Many students become anxious when they

attempt to write. Some get panick at the sight of the blank page and say they have a writing


          In the implementation of teaching and learning process of English, the improvement of

basic skills of language is still problem and one of them is writing in general, writing is usually

considered as the most frustrating to master for the students who are learning English. As other

skills, Writing is a skill which is necessary to be developed. In the process of teaching and

learning writing, some teachers do not know how to teach writing correctly. The teacher usually
asks the students to write sentence as many as they can but they do need to know how to make

their students write as many as they can. This fact encouraged the research to focus on helping

the students’ how to write especially past tenses.

       In the research would like to offer one method called clustering technique. We star by

writing our topic in a circle in the middle of our paper. As we think of related ideas. We write

these ideas in smaller circles around the first circle. The related idea in each small circle many

may produce even more ideas, and therefore more circle, around it.

Based on the statement above, the writer interested in conducting a research on the title



 B. Problem Statement

       Based on the previous background, the writer formulates a research as follows:

           How is the improvement of the students’ writing ability to use tenses by using

           clustering technique?

 C. Object of the Research

       The objectives of the research is :

           To find out the improvement of the students’ writing ability of tense use of clustering


 D. Significance of the Research

       The result of the research is expected to be useful information and contribution for the

       teacher as the technique in teaching writing in relation to the students. They will be able
       to express their ideas into writing from well to improve their writing ability by applying

       clustering technique.

 E. Scope of the Research

This research will focus on the use of clustering technique in improving the students’ writing
ability. The kinds of writing is narrative writing focused on the tenses which consist of simple
past tense

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