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									Sports & Rules – Modal Verbs

1. Teacher: discuss the eg following questions.
          Do you do sports regularly?
          What is your favourite sport?
          What do you like about it?
          What sport can’t you stand at all? Why?

2.     Find out what these terms of sports mean and what sports they are used           for
 with the help of the online dictionary (press STRG to follow):

            set | match | pitch | track | court | mile (10 chains=length of a cricket pitch=1
            tennis / soccer, tennis… / soccer, cricket / athletics / tennis / cricket

1. Follow the link
         a. Watch the video and decide whether the statements are true or
         false. Write four true statements on your worksheet:
           Solution: 1T, 2T, 3F, 4T
        Jonathan gets more frightened of skiing as he gets older
        Christian encourages him to do mad things.
        Jonathan doesn’t think Christian skis too slowly
        Jonathan hits his head when he jumps.

            b. Next, do the language fix exercise and write similar sentences as
            a homework

                1. The crowds cheered loudly as the football players ran onto the pitch
                2. The runners looked very tired as they ran around the athletics track.
                3. There was silence on the court as the two tennis players walked out.
                4. Arsenal played in the Football Association Cup Final yesterday. It was a
                really exciting match.
                5. Sri Lanka beat England's cricket team by 355 runs. They won by a
                6. The tennis match was incredible. Agassi won the first four games but
                then Sampras won the set.

3.      What are the rules in skiing? What must you do, what must you not do, what
        should you do, what could you do,…?

4.      Describe your favourite sports – using modals

5.     The rules of soccer: must not / need not:

6.     auxiliary verbs and modals: summary and exercises

additional: Quiznet - Sporty Phrasal Verbs - Answers
1: He was 'knocked out' of the championship is correct.
2: 'The match kicked off (started) at 3.00' is correct.
3:   If you are behind someone in a race, you need to go faster in order to 'catch up'.
4:   A player is sent off (told to leave the game) for fouling or bad behaviour.
5:   If you decide to leave a team, you 'drop out'.
6:   'Join in' means to take part - to be part of the team, or group.

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