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									Assured Chicken Production

                      Commonly Asked Questions
Q. Are growth promoters used?

A. The ACP Standards state that companies must demonstrate that ‘feedstuffs do not
contain antibiotic growth promoters’. The use of antibiotic growth promoters are not
permitted under the scheme rules.

Q. Are the chickens kept in cages?

A. No, all the chickens are kept in large houses on straw/shavings or litter bedding.

Q. Does the Farm Assurance scheme only cover chickens on the farm?

A. No, the scheme covers all aspects of breeding chickens, hatcheries, feeding regimes,
growing chickens and transport to the processing factories.

Q. Are the chickens covered by the scheme Free Range?

A. This scheme is open to all chickens grown in the UK with the exception of organic
chickens that are reared to meet more specific standards. The scheme has specific
standards for Free Range chickens.

Q. Does the scheme cover UK chickens only?

A. The scheme is open to any producer that can demonstrate they meet the standards.

Q. How will the consumer know that the chickens they buy are covered by the scheme?

A. Chickens produced under the Farm Assurance scheme will be clearly labelled and
can carry the Red Tractor logo.

Q. Who will be carrying out the audits for the scheme?

A. Independent auditors audit the scheme on behalf of members.

Q. Will products covered by the scheme be more expensive?

A. No, products meeting these standards do not come with a price premium but with the
added guarantee that they are Farm Assured.


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