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1. typical features: camera, mp3 player, Internet access, calculator, diary, recorder
2. vocabulary: mobile, wireless, cell phone, keypad, display, ring tones, themes, service
     plan (pay-as-you-go / pre-paid / monthly paid phone), top-up card, battery,

TASK: compare each other's phones

    How many mobiles have you had so far? What makes were they? How long have you
     had the present phone? What make is it? Did you buy it or get it as a present?
    Have you changed your service plan recently?
    How much does it cost to use your mobile? (1 minute of talking, 1 text msg)
    What features does your mobile have? What can you do with it?
    How often do you use it? Which features do you use most often? Are you addicted to it?
    How fast can you type?

Mobiles dangerous for learning

Students at (1)__ elementary school in Seoul send (2)__ text messages to their friends over
their mobile phones. Teachers worry that (3)__ use of mobile phones by young students is
(4)__ problem for their learning.
Every time Hong Xiang comes into (5)__ classroom she sees students looking down and
typing away at (6)__ keypads of their mobile phones. "It's one of those small things that
sometimes drive you crazy. You take (7)__ mobile phones off students who use them in class
and return them after (8)__ lesson, but it's (9)__ same situation (10)__ day later,'' says (11)__
28-year-old teacher.
"Mobile phones are (12)__ big part of peer-culture for these students and you can't really do
anything about it,'' she says. Over 60 percent of (13)__ country's 7.79 million students from
elementary, middle and high schools have (14)__ mobile phone. According to (15)__ survey
of 1,100 mobile phone users aged 14 to 19, 40 percent of them send over 1,000 text
messages every month, and 35 percent say they send (16)__ text messages or play (17)__
video games on their handsets during classes. Hong Xiang believes that problems that some
students have in reading and writing, can be the result of the excessive use of mobile phones.

peer group = a group of people at the same age
a survey = a way of getting information by asking people questions
a handset = a mobile phone

Are these sentences true or false?

1.   Teachers are helpless when students use mobiles in class.
2.   Teachers return students' mobiles to them after school.
3.   7.79 million teenagers in South Korea have a mobile phone.
4.   Some students send over 30 text messages a day.
5.   Only a few students use mobiles in class.
6.   Students who have a mobile phone have problems with reading and writing.
Cheapest Cell Phone Service & Plans: Pre Paid or Monthly?
Before choosing a mobile service, you need to know the differences between pre paid cell phone
plans, pay-as-you-go, and monthly cellular service plans.

With a pay-as-you-go cell phone plan you only pay for the minutes you want to use up front. There is
no monthly charge, or contract and some pay-as-you-go cell phone companies allow you up to 90 days
before you will need to recharge your minutes. It's like a calling card but for use with a cell phone.

With pre paid cell phone service you still have a set amount of minutes but usually get a bill for the
same amount monthly. You cannot go over your monthly minutes so your bill is always the same. Also
with some prepaid cell phone companies you'll enjoy extras like mobile to mobile and even free nights
and weekends.

Monthly cell phone plans usually come with more minutes than pre paid or pay as you go and also
provide the possibility of going over your monthly minutes without the need to recharge, and they will
just bill you for the extra minutes later. Your financial situation must be good in order to get a monthly
cellular plan.

So which mobile wireless plan is best for you? If you don't plan to use your cell phone very often, or
mostly for emergencies, a ____________ cell phone plan is just the ticket. You only need to recharge
your minutes about once every 90 days.

For kids at home or in college a ____________ plan is the best idea. If you get a plan with mobile to
mobile, and nights and weekends, your kids and college students can always call you for no charge,
and your monthly bill will always be the same.

People with a regular job making a lot of calls should get a _______________ plan. Very often they can
even get a cell phone for free.

So if you're shopping for the cheapest cell phone service, don't just look at price. Make sure you choose
the best cell phone plan, too.


1. What are the differences between the three cellular service plans?

cell / mobile phone                GO OVER                             monthly bill
cellular = mobile                  a set amount of                     emergency (call)
service plan                       up front                            MAKE a (phone)call
come with                          monthly charge                      MAKE SURE you ...

Nokia 6303 classic review
If we're allowed an automotive metaphor, the Nokia 6303 classic is one of those handsets that
will get you from A to B without burning rubber at the traffic lights. It's just how most phones
are used: voice call cruising with an occasional red light jump to keep things interesting. If
you're not a street racer that eats 8 megapixel and breathes 7.2Mbps, the 6303 classic will be
just fine for snapping a photo on the go or browsing the web.
You probably already know where this is going and what the Nokia 6303 is all about - it will
bail you out of a tough spot when you need more than calling and texting, but power users
won't be pleased. But hey, at this price point, were you really expecting the Bugatti Veyron of
mobile phones?

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