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									  Who needs to apply for a permit                                       For more information about the Hazardous
                                                                       Materials Program, please contact the Oxnard
        from the CUPA?
                                                                            Fire Department CUPA Division at:
  Every business in the City of Oxnard that
handles or stores hazardous materials in the                                            805-385-7722
following amounts, or greater, is required to
                                                                        or visit their website at www.oxnardfire.org
  file a Business Plan, which serves as the
   permit application, with the Oxnard Fire
              Department CUPA:
                                                                       DISTRICT 1, BORIS MEDINA
Liquids ..................................................55 gallons
Solids................................................. 500 pounds
Gases .............................................200 cubic feet
                                                                       Fire Environmental Specialist....... 385-8316

                                                                       DISTRICT 2 & 4, INES GONZALEZ
                                                                                                                            City of Oxnard
                                                                       Fire Environmental Specialist....... 385-7657

                                                                       DISTRICT 3, KANDACE PEASLEE
                                                                                                                           Fire Department
                                                                       Fire Environmental Specialist....... 385-7718       Certified Unified Program
                                                                       DISTRICT 5, GREG ABILLE                                      Agency
Businesses that generate, store or treat                               Fire Environmental Specialist....... 385-7730
hazardous wastes in any amount are required
to apply for a Hazardous Waste Generators
Permit by completing the state required forms.
                                                                       MIGUEL TRUJILLO
                                                                       CUPA Coordinator ....................... 385-8364        “CUPA”
All generators must obtain an EPA number                               IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY AND/
from the State Department of Toxic
Substance Control. See the CUPA Website
                                                                         OR CHEMICAL RELEASE REPORTING                           Hazardous
for a copy of the application form.                                                      DIAL 911                                 Materials

                    Program Fees
In accordance with the statute, the CUPA
shall implement a unified schedule of fees in
order to cover its administrating and operating

One-Time Processing Fee: The fee shall be
paid only once in connection with the
submittal of the first Business Plan for the
facility. Please note, that you will receive an
annual billing invoice in June of each year for
the next operating fiscal year. The amount of
the annual permit fee is based on your
reported Business Plan chemical inventory.
The fee schedule can be found on the City’s
website at http://www.oxnardfire.org.
            What is CUPA?                       What is a hazardous material?                        Underground Storage Tanks
Certified Unified Program Agency is a local     Any material that, because of quantity,           No person shall own or operate an
agency that has been certified by Cal EPA to    concentration, or physical or chemical            underground hazardous materials storage
implement and regulate the state                characteristics, poses a significant present or   tank without the issuance of a Permit to
environmental programs within the local         threatened hazard to human health and             Operate. New owners have (30) days to
agency’s jurisdiction. The unified program is   safety or to the environment, if released into    transfer ownership of existing tanks by the
the consolidation of six environmental          the workplace or the environment [Health          completion and submittal of the required
program elements under the authority of one     and Safety Code, Section 25501(0)].               permit application forms.
regulatory agency.
                                                What is the Business Plan
What are the six programs?                      information used for?
•   Hazardous Materials Business Plan—
                                                The Business Plan chemical inventory
    Hazardous Material inventory must be
                                                reporting forms provides essential
                                                information to the city’s “first responders” of
•   Hazardous Waste Generator Program—          what hazardous materials are handled at the
    generators must have a permit to            facility. Additionally, the establishment of a
    generate and store.                         Business Plan satisfies both state and
                                                federal Community Right-to-Know Act, which
•   Tiered Permitting—regulates the on-site     provides public access to what hazardous
    treatment of hazardous waste.               materials are handled in their community.         Where do I find the Unified
                                                                                                  Program Forms?
•   Underground Storage Tank Program—           What if I fail to establish and
    operating permits are issued.                                                                 Forms for all six program elements can be
                                                submit a Business Plan to the
                                                                                                  found online at: www.oxnardfire.org. Copies
•   Aboveground Storage Tank Program—           CUPA?                                             of the Unified Program Forms can also be
    Spill Prevention Countermeasure Control                                                       obtained at the Fire Administration Office.
    (SPCC) Plan.                                Businesses that fail to establish and submit a
                                                Business Plan place their employees, the
•   California Accidental Release Prevention    public, and emergency responders at greater
    Program (CalARP) —requires that             risk of injury from a hazardous material
    facilities storing acutely hazardous        incident. Under state law, penalties can
    materials prepare a Risk Management         range up to $5,000 per day, and under
    Plan (RMP).                                 federal law, penalties can range up to
                                                $75,000 per day.

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