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                                 Lesson 19 Extended Responses

       Sleep is very treasured to almost every human being. Sleep is what allows us to rest, and
be reposed for the next day. As a fond sleeper, I do enjoy my sleep but not as much as I would

        Sleeping definitely plays a huge factor on whether or not I would be tired the next day.
Without sleep, I would be out of lethargy and yawn pretty much the entire day. However, during
the weekends, that’s when I try to sleep in the most to catch up on my sleep. Although I try to
sleep a lot on the weekends, sadly I am woken up by so many things from people talking in the
house to phone calls at eight o’ clock in the morning. I wish people were quiescent in my
household until a more reasonable time. Also, I wouldn’t mind being a heavier sleeper like my
brother because I can easily go into his room, and get some things if I ever needed them. This
could prevent me waking up from footsteps in the middle of the night because apparently I am a
very light sleeper. Also, I never used to sleep as much as I did now. Back when I was younger, I
used to get up around seven in the morning after my dad went to work, so I can play video games
while my mom is still asleep. But, things have changed, and I value my sleep since high school is
very exhausting.

        Sleep is something I value very much. It keeps me from feeling languid, which is a good
thing. Nevertheless, you should be getting a recommended eight hours of sleep. Without sleep,
people would not be able to function as well as they do.

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