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					J: Hey Rocky

R: Hey buddy

J: Isn’t today such a nice day?

R: Yeah, but I’m want a new friend

J: Why

R: Because I am feeling lonely

J: What’s wrong with me?

R: Ehhhhhh

J: What is that suppose to mean?

R: I want a pet

J: So I’m not good enough for you

R: Correct

J: Fine, lets go to the pet store then.

R: Alright

(At Petstore)

J: What kind of pet do you want?

R: I just want a simple pet like a donkey.

J: What?

R: Yeah, I want something to carry my stuff when I am tired

J: I don’t think they sell donkeys here.

R: How about a panda?


R: Maybe a dragon?

J: I don’t think they exist. I think we should go home before you are disappointed even more

R: Fine, I will settle for an orange, fat cat with black stripes.
J: Stop expecting so much out of a pet store.

R: But I found one

J: Where in the world do you find a cat like that?

R: In this store. ( shows Jason cat)

J: Whatever, let’s get you that cat and head home

R: Thanks Jason, you are the best room mate ever. I’m going to name you Garfield

J: Hmm, that’s a very original name! Lets go home now

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