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									Live Webinar on : Creating an Effective Contamination Control and Environmental
Monitoring Program Wednesday, June 06, 2012 duration : 01:00 to 02:30 PM EST


                                         This webinar will enable participants to understand
                                         sources of contamination and to investigate various
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registrations. Use Promo Key :           manufacturing of sterile and non-sterile products.
 CGO15                                   The webinar will also provide an overview of the
                                         Environmental Monitoring (EM) program.

                                         Areas Covered in the Session:

                                         • Sources of contamination

                                         • Purpose of Environmental Monitoring

                                         • Types/frequency of Monitoring

                                         • Aseptic processing/ Clean Room classifications
                                         • Environmental data testing and results
Live ( Single registration ) : $189.00
Group ( Max 10 Attendee): $249.00        • Alert/Action limits
On Demand (Recording available):$289
Play Back (Unlimited views): $299        • Controlling contamination
Get Training C: $499

                                         Why should you attend :

                                         Contamination issues lead to lengthy
                                         investigations and costly recalls. In recent
Who will benefit                        years there have been a number of FDA
                                        actions related to contamination issues. Even
                                        the largest pharmaceutical multinationals are
Managers, supervisors and general       not immune, as evidenced by recent recalls
staff working in the following          of drug products. Creating an effective
functional areas:                       Contamination Control programs is a key to
                                        minimizing these problems and ensuring that
• Quality Assurance
                                        your company does not end up as the next
• QC Microbiology Laboratory            TV or newspaper headline.
• Aseptic Processing areas Cleaning
Services                                Webinar Includes:

• Manufacturing
• Facilities
                                        Q/A Session with the Expert to ask your
• Facility/Process Design Engineering
                                        PDF print only copy of PowerPoint slides
                                        90 Minutes Live Presentation

                                        About Speaker

                                        Henry Urbach is a Management Consultant, Founder
                                        and President of GMP TDC LLC, a training,
                                        development and consulting company that caters to
                                        pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. He has
                                        20+ years of Life Sciences experience having held
                                        positions of increased responsibility in Training, QA,
                                        and QC Microbiology. His experience includes
                                        managing GMP compliance and quality systems
                                        training, implementing a training program as part of
                                        remediation , and developing an environmental
                                        monitoring training program. He is a dynamic speaker
                                        specializing in FDA and ICH compliance, quality
                                        systems, and aseptic and environmental monitoring
                                        techniques. Henry is a founder and President of GMP
                                        Training, Development and Consulting LLC (GMP
                                        TDC), a New York-based consulting organization
                                        serving Life Sciences industries. He is a Certified
                                        Quality Auditor (CQA). His technical education is
                                        further complemented by his BA degree in Biology
                                        and MBA, which provide a scientific and business
                                        insight. He is a member of the ASTD, ASQ, and GMP
                                        Training and Education Association (GMP TEA .

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