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                                                                      Krugerrand Bullion Gold Coin
                                                                      1967 represents a great year for the international world of coins manufac-
                                                                      tured from gold because it is the year when the Krugerrand was issued by
                                                                      South Africa and the issuing of this coin inspired other countries to mint
                                                                      their own gold coins, like Canada, the US, Austria, and many others. Without
                                                                      the issuing of the Krugerrand, which had a success that served as an inspira-
                                                                      tion for so many countries around the globe, maybe the world of coins made
                                                                      from gold would not be the same.

                                                                      Ever since it was minted, the Krugerrand received the title of bullion gold
                                                                      coins, which was destined to investments more than it was regarded as
                                                                      a gold coin for numismatists. Therefore, the bullion characteristics of this
                                                                      South African coin are: fineness of 91.67% or a purity of 22 carats and the
                                                                      metal to complete the alloy is copper for endurance against scratches as
                                                                      years go by, just like the sovereign, 32.7 mm diameter and a thickness of
                                                                      2.83 mm.

The Krugerrand was issued by South Africa because this country had large reserves of gold and they decided to use them in order to produce,
what it is considered, the first international circulated bullion coin. This thing was valid until the apparition of the apartheid as political regime
in South Africa. The European Western countries disagreed with this political climate and stopped the importation of this gold coin until 1994,
when the apartheid was removed.

Krugerrand Depictions on the Tail and Head Side
On the obverse of the Krugerrand is depicted the bust of Paul Kruger together with the legend SUID AFRIKA SOUTH AFRICA. The reverse illus-
trates a jumping small springbok antelope in its natural environment together with: KRUGERRAND, issuing year, and the denomination of the

The Krugerrand was not considered a beautiful coin, one that attracts collectors, so the South African mint also included in its program the issu-
ing of proof coins. However, the distinguishing between the bullion and the proof version is made based on the number of serrations: 160 for
the bullion Krugerrand and 220 for the proof issuing.

Krugerrand Profitable and Durable Investment
The Krugerrand was a success from its first issuing and became one of the most used ways to invest into physical, a situation that is valid even
today. The value of the Krugerrand is established by considering the evolution of the gold market, therefore the gold spot price to which a small
premium expressed in percentages is added. The value of the premium is exactly 5% when the coins are issued and can increase among traders
if demand exceeds supply.

So the price for this coin issued by South Africa is closely tied to the performance of the gold market. Since this precious metal that is traded
as a commodity is on an ascending path and has been for the last years, so was the price for the Krugerrand, being extremely profitable for its

This South African coin, in bullion and proof form, is very precious for investors and collectors so it is only natural for the Krugerrand to be
protected against counterfeiting and this is realized through the Part II of the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981.

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