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									                                 Secondment Policy

1.       Introduction

East Belfast Mission (EBM) recognizes the value of secondments in developing staff and
addressing organisational needs by creating a more flexible organisation. Secondments develop
employee skills and knowledge; enhance organisational flexibility and offer a way to
accommodate short and longer-term skill gaps. It can also aid development into a specific role in
EBM leading to permanent movement.
Secondment arises where there is an arrangement for employees to perform different duties from
those they are normally employed to do, or they are transferred to a different part of EBM or
external organisation for a specified period. EBM welcomes the principles of secondment for the
following reasons:

        To enable staff to gain broader experience and to develop new skills, which will be of
         benefit to EBM.
        To promote mutual understanding between different types of organisations and in
         particular those with whom EBM has contact.
        To provide a flexible means of developing staff resources.
        To fulfil programme or service needs.

EBM management reserve the right to apply ‘a secondment’ to posts which it sees as appropriate
for the secondment policy and acknowledges that secondment is not always the answer to HR
issues. With this in mind EBM reserves the right to amend its procedures and/or policies to adapt
with the requirements of the organisation.

2.       Definition

An internal secondment is the temporary loan of an employee to a different department or post of
the same organisation, for a specific purpose for a specific time to the mutual benefit of staff and
An external secondment is the temporary loan of an employee to another organisation for a
specific purpose for a specific time to the mutual benefit of staff and EBM.

3.       Eligibility

Applications will be invited for secondment opportunities which managers have identified and
should be available to all eligible staff. It is therefore a voluntary process and individuals are not
obliged to apply for or accept an offer of secondment.

EBM employees must have completed a minimum of two years’ continuous service before being
eligible to apply for a secondment opportunity. Only in circumstances deemed appropriate by the
Mission Director will employees with less than two years’ continuous service be considered and
this will be on an individual basis. Neither permanent employees on their probationary period nor
volunteers will be eligible to apply. Secondment is subject to the experience to be gained being of
benefit to the organisation and is also subject to release being agreed.

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Although all eligible applications will be reasonably considered, there may be service or
operational requirements, which lead to an application being declined. The decision to agree to a
secondment or not will lie with the Mission Director.

4.      Selection Process

In the case where there is more than one applicant, the HR Manager and at least one other
member of the Senior Management Team will agree the appropriate criteria for selection based
on business needs and the opportunity for secondment in line with the equal opportunities policy.

5.      Advertisements

All secondments will be advertised internally, giving as much notice as is appropriate considering
organisational need and secondment opportunity.
Depending upon circumstances and the secondment opportunity, late applications may be
considered by the Mission Director.

6.      Length of secondment

Given the need for induction and training it is unlikely that a secondment of less than three
months would be effective. However, part-time secondments, for example one day a week, may
also be appropriate to work on a particular project.
The period of the secondment must be agreed and clearly defined in the ‘secondment agreement’
signed by all parties:
For Internal Secondments         - the secondee, their manager and the Mission Director
For External Secondments         - the secondee, the host organisation and the Mission Director.

7.      Right to Return to Previous Post

All staff has the right to return to their previous post at the end of the secondment, or earlier in
line with the agreed notice period.

If, during the term of the secondment, organisational change results in the original post being
substantially altered or made redundant, the guaranteed right to return will cease to apply. In the
event of this happening the employee will be consulted on any changes at the earliest possible
opportunity and his/her employment rights will not be affected.

8.      Terms and conditions of seconded employees
Employees have a right to maintain their pay and terms and conditions of employment. Where
employees are considered for secondment, the below will apply.

Internal Secondments:-

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Where the employee would potentially lose enhanced payments by taking the secondment, the
Mission Director and the employee should negotiate appropriate pay and terms and conditions.

External Secondments:-
Where the employee would potentially lose enhanced payments by taking the secondment, the
host employer, the Mission Director and employee should negotiate the pay received during this

9.       Secondment - Procedure

Prior to the secondment

     1. Advertisements should carry a reference to the fact that it is a secondment opportunity.
     2. The recruitment and selection guidelines and Equal Opportunities Policy will be adhered
        to during the selection process.
     3. Prior to an employee applying for a secondment it should be discussed with his/her line
        manager, and written agreement for the term of the secondment obtained. It is essential
        that the terms of the secondment are fully understood and agreed by all parties. Approval
        may be withheld for operational reasons; the right of appeal would be in accordance with
        the Grievance Procedure.
     4. The successful candidate will be written to, to confirm the offer and terms of the
        secondment, and the arrangements to be followed at the end of the secondment.

During the Secondment

     1. The employee will be paid the agreed rate for the job provided he/she is carrying out the
        full range of duties to an acceptable standard.
     2. For the duration of the secondment the terms and conditions as agreed above will apply.
     3. Induction will be planned, during which there will be scheduled reviews of performance.
        For Internal secondments, appraisals will be carried out in line with EBM’s guidelines. For
        external secondments, EBM will agree with the host employer the schedule of
        performance and EBM will carry out the appraisal.
     4. The secondment may be terminated early by either party giving notice appropriate to the
        grade for the job.
     5. During the secondment, EBM’s disciplinary rules & procedures, acceptable use and other
        relevant policies will apply. EBM will retain control of the disciplinary process.
     6. The employee is expected to comply with all relevant codes of practice, rules and
        standards of the host organisation.

End of secondment

     1. At least four weeks prior to the end of the secondment the employee will be written to and
        advised that the secondment will end and the arrangements for his/her return to their
        previous post. Liaison should take place between the appropriate managers to ensure a
        smooth return.
     2. It should be made clear that should the post become permanent there will be no
        automatic right to be appointed on a permanent basis, but that the post will be advertised
        as a permanent vacancy for which he or she is welcome to apply.

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Secondment Extension

     1. If the secondment was to deliver a project that has not been completed a further
        extension may be sought.
     2. If at the end of the secondment a further ongoing need is identified, the secondment
        opportunity will be advertised giving another employee the opportunity to apply.

Secondment Opportunity Becomes an Established Post
     1. If a secondment opportunity subsequently becomes an established post - the permanent
        post will be advertised, as a minimum, internally. The recruitment and selection
        guidelines and Equal Opportunities Policy will be adhered to during the selection process.
     2. If, during the term of the secondment, organisational change has resulted in the original
        post being substantially altered or made redundant, the potentially redundant employee
        will have the opportunity to be considered for redeployment opportunities, including (If
        internal secondment) the post seconded to.

9.       Evaluation of secondment

     1. Evaluation of success should be integral to secondment arrangements to determine
        success at individual and organisational level. This can be assessed for both the
        individual and organisation:
              Individual: An appraisal during and at the end of the term of secondment and a
                formal evaluation of the learning.
              Organisation: The number of staff accessing secondment arrangements and
                retention of staff within East Belfast Mission.

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                         Secondment Agreement
This Secondment Contract is to be completed in accordance with the Secondment
Policy. In all cases the Terms and Conditions of the secondee’s previous post will
apply unless agreed otherwise.

Purpose of Secondment
Details appropriate to the secondment to be completed here including:
• The key objectives of the secondment
• The agreed communication and accountability arrangements
• The agreed Personal Development Plan

Secondment Job Title
   1. Your job title will be__________________________________.

The duties of your post are as outlined in the job description attached. This is not an
exhaustive list of your duties and responsibilities and may be varied as appropriate to
your secondment and grade and following prior consultation with you.

Secondment Period

    2. Start date ___________________________

    3. End date ____________________________

   4. A _____________ period of notice in writing will be given and is required in the
       event of early termination of secondment by either party.

   5. Your base will be ______________________________________________.

Travelling arrangements
Your post may involve travelling outside your seconded base for the proper performance
of your duties and for which you will receive appropriate reimbursement of expenses.
East Belfast Mission will be responsible for any business mileage incurred in the normal
course of your duties.

  6. Your normal working hours per week will be ______________________.

       Your normal working days will be ________________________________.

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You may be requested on occasion, to work additional hours; this however will be
negotiated between both parties. This request will be consistent with the agreement on
Working Time Regulations.

Performance Appraisal
   7. Normal appraisal arrangements will apply during the period of secondment.
      Appraisal of performance will be undertaken by East Belfast Mission.

Terms and Conditions
   8. The terms and conditions for this secondment will be those as detailed in your
      contract of employment. Any variations are detailed below: (delete as

Sickness Absence, annual leave, public holidays
   9. The reporting of sickness absence will be reported to


You will retain your current entitlement to annual and public holidays. However, these
may be subject to local arrangements and any variations to this are detailed below:


Health and Safety
   10. Both ___________________________ and ___________________________
       have a mutual responsibility to carry out duties under Health and Safety
   11. During the term of secondment the employer’s duty of care will be the
       responsibility of ___________________________(Host Organisation).

General Obligations
   12. The secondee has the responsibility to adhere to the Data Protection Legislation
       enforced within East Belfast Mission.
   13. No information of a personal confidential nature concerning (host employer)
       ___________________________ should be divulged to anyone without the
       proper authority having first been given. If there is any doubt by the secondee as
       to the authority of a person or body, seek advice from the identified manager.

Failure to Comply with Obligations

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   14. Failure to observe these obligations will be regarded by your employer as serious
       misconduct that could result in disciplinary action being taken against you. You
       may also be liable to prosecution for an offence under data protection legislation
       or an action for civil damages.

Employee Conduct and Capability
   15. Any concerns regarding your conduct and/ or capability will be brought to your
       attention and if necessary will be dealt with in accordance with EBM’s policies on
       Employee Conduct & Capability.

Employee Dissatisfaction Procedure
   16. If you seek redress of any grievance relating to your seconded employment, you
       should communicate your grievance, in writing, to your immediate manager
       identified under the secondment arrangements. If the matter is not settled at this
       level you may pursue it in accordance with agreed procedures. Copies of the
       relevant procedure are available from the Human Resources Department, East
       Belfast Mission, 239 Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT4 1AF

Keeping in touch/ return to work arrangements
   17. Arrangements regarding returning to the previous post should be made clear to
       both the employee and the managers in both areas, as the return should be as
       smooth as possible, in order to allow the seconded employee to adapt to their
       previous job without difficulty.

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We hereby agree the secondment of the above named on the conditions set out in the
foregoing Contract.

Signature: (External - Host employer / Internal – Line Manager)

Name: ______________________________________________________

Position: ____________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________________

Signature: (EBM Mission Director)

Name: ______________________________________________________

Position: ____________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________________

Signature: (Employee)

Name: ______________________________________________________

Date: _____________________________

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