Secondhand Smoke by V5g7my


									Secondhand Smoke

       What is it?
       How can it affect our body?
       What are we doing to
       prevent this?
What is Secondhand Smoke?

   Secondhand smoke is also known as
    environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) or
    passive smoke. It is a mixture of 2 forms of
    smoke that comes from burning tobacco:
     – Sidestream Smoke

    –   Mainstream smoke
Sidestream Smoke

 Sidestream smoke
 is smoke that
 comes from the end
 of a lighted
 cigarette, pipe, or
Mainstream Smoke

                   Mainstream smoke
                   is smoke that is
                   exhaled by a
Why is Secondhand Smoke an issue?

   Tobacco smoke
    contains over 4,000
    chemical compounds.
    More than 60 of these are
    known or suspected to
    cause cancer.
   Thus, secondhand
    smoke causes cancer.
Other Effects of Secondhand Smoke

   An estimated 46,000 deaths
    occur from heart disease in
    non-smokers who live with
   Approximately 3,400
    non-smoking adults die from
    lung cancer.
   Additional breathing
    problems in non-smokers,
    including coughing, mucus,
    chest discomfort and
    reduced lung function.

       200,000 to 1 million
        children who have
        asthma have an
        increase in the number
        and severity of asthma
        attacks annually
       Children of smokers
        experience more than
        750,000 middle ear
        Where is Secondhand Smoke an

   There are 3 places where you should be
    especially concerned about exposure to
    secondhand smoke:
    –   Homes
    –   Public Places
    –   Cars
How has our community helped……

   In 2007, ALL NC Schools were mandated to
    become 100% tobacco free.
   Passage of the Tobacco Bill
    –   This bill gives federal government the power to
        regulate cigarette ingredients, to ban the
        marketing of “light cigarettes” and to require
        graphic warning labels.
Future of Secondhand Smoke

 The passing of the tobacco bill is a step in
 putting an end to Big Tobacco’s misleading
   marketing practices, designed to addict
        children to its deadly products.

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