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									ArcGIS Server: Data Management

   Managing a Multiuser Geodatabase
             Mike Jensen

                                      SERUG 2008   1
Session Objectives

• Discuss multiuser geodatabase options
• Tools used to manage a multiuser geodatabase
• Multiuser Geodatabase Best Practices
• Multiuser Geodatabase Tips and Tricks
• What’s new at 9.3 for Multiuser Geodatabases
• Additional Resources
• Questions

                                                 SERUG 2008   2
  Defining the geodatabase
• Collection of geographic datasets
  – Feature classes, raster data, attribute tables, etc.

• Native data structure for ArcGIS                                                  Surveys
                                                                        Networks                Addresses

• Provides the ability to:                                  Vectors
  – Leverage data relationships
  – Enforce data integrity
                                       3D Objects
  – Create intelligent features                                                                                              Attribute





                                                                                                                         SERUG 2008       3
    Geodatabase Elements

           Feature dataset                           Additional Geodatabase
               Spatial reference                            Elements

             Geometric networks                     Tables

              Topology                              Raster Datasets

              Network datasets                      Raster Catalogs

                             Relationship classes

             Feature classes
              Point Line Polygon Annotation Route Dimension

                                                                              SERUG 2008   4
Geodatabase Options
                                                           ArcGIS Server

             ArcGIS Desktop

                                  Personal     Workgroup
               File           Personal
  Personal            File       (ArcEditor,
   Access                         ArcInfo)


                                                  Number of users

  • Personal for Microsoft Access
  • File
  • ArcSDE technology at three levels
        •Personal, Workgroup, Enterprise
                                                                                 SERUG 2008   5
ArcGIS Desktop Geodatabases
All Single
Editor              Personal-           File

Design          Original          Improved             Designed for
                Desktop format    Desktop format       GDB Replication
Storage         Microsoft         File folder (.gdb)   Microsoft
                Access            Smaller storage      SQL Server
                database (.mdb)   footprint .          Express

Storage         2 GB per          1 TB per             4 GB Total Data
                geodatabase;      dataset;             Size. Single CPU
                effective limit   configurable up      1GB RAM
                ~500 MB           to 256 TB
Platform        Windows           Any                  Windows

Functionality Edits lock entire Edits lock at    3 concurrent
                Geodatabase.    data level. High connections, 1
                                Performance for editor. Edits
                ArcView License
                                Read-only data. lock entire GDB.
                                ArcView License ArcEditor Lic.
                                                                          SERUG 2008   6
      Multiuser Geodatabase Benefits
 • Centralized data storage
 • Efficient data delivery
 • DBMS security and reliability
 • Multiuser editing
                                                       ArcGIS Server
 • Geodatabase replication
 • Archiving
     Same functionality, but                   Workgroup                  Oracle,
  designed for limited use with                (SQLServer                  DB2,
   distributed geodatabases.        Personal                             Informix)
                                     (SQL       Express)
Does not offer multiuser editing.


                                                Number of users

                                                                                 SERUG 2008   7
  Multiuser Geodatabases
• Workgroup
  – For departments and small organizations
  – Supports 10 concurrent Windows authenticated users
  – Hardware limitations as per Microsoft SQL Server Express
     – 4 GB Total Storage, 1 CPU, 1 GB RAM
• Enterprise
  – Large organizations
  – Unlimited connections
  – Implemented with choice of DBMS
     • IBM DB2, IBM Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle
     • No hardware limitations

                                                                SERUG 2008   8
  Manage Multiuser Geodatabase - Tools
• Workgroup
  – ArcCatalog
    • All Geodatabase Administration
      – Geodatabase creation, Loading Data, Data Properties, User
        access, Database Maintenance , etc.

• Enterprise
  – ArcCatalog
    • Load data
    • Data Properties (User access, GDB Behavior, Editing – Versioned
      or Non-Versioned)
    • Geodatabase Compress

                                                                    SERUG 2008   9
 Manage Multiuser Geodatabase - Tools

• Enterprise
 – DBMS Tools
   • Enterprise Manager, Management Studio, TOAD, etc.
     – Create/Add users to Database
     – Grant specific users permissions to create database objects (ie;
     – Database Maintenance and Performance
       » Analyze edited tables
       » Rebuild Indexes on tables that fragment over time
       » Backup and Recovery

                                                                    SERUG 2008   10
    Multiuser Geodatabase - Connections
    • Access to Geodatabase Spatial Data
      • Application Server Connection
        • Requires an ArcSDE Service
        • ArcSDE processing occurs on Server

      • Direct Connect
        • No ArcSDE Service Required
        • May require RDBMS Client software on each workstation
        • ArcSDE processing distributed to workstations

    • Access to Non-spatial data in databases
      • OLE DB
        • Practical use for associating non-spatial data with
          spatial data using join and relate operations

                                                                  SERUG 2008   11
Multiuser Geodatabase – Best Practices

• Use Direct Connect

• Headless user for data ownership
 • Accommodates staff changes seamlessly

• Grant data permissions in ArcCatalog
 • Data owner doesn’t require access to DBMS tools
 • Assigns proper permissions to all data tables

                                                     SERUG 2008   12
Multiuser Geodatabase – Best Practices

• Plan ahead for data use
 • Storage types
 • Determine if geodatabase behavior is needed
   • Subtypes, domains, topology, geometric
     networks, etc.
 • Consider editing options available at 9.2
   • Versioned, Non-Versioned, Move to Base, etc.

                                                    SERUG 2008   13
Multiuser Geodatabase – Best Practices
• Plan ahead for data use
 • Raster Data (Enterprise)
   • Load sample data
   • Mosaic, Catalog, or Raster Attribute type
   • Confer with DBA
     • Available Storage and placement
     • Prerequisite settings to large data loads
     • Load during quite or non-peak hours
   • Use Direct Connect
   • Analyze tables during load
   • Grant Read only access to users

                                                   SERUG 2008   14
Multiuser Geodatabase – Best Practices
• Compress Geodatabase Nightly
 • Improves performance
 • Removes unreferenced rows related to versioned edits
   • Feature class delta tables and versioning system tables

• DBMS Performance Maintenance
 • Update database statistics
   • Frequency depends on editing activity
   • Before and after geodatabase compress
 • Rebuild indexes
   • Perform periodically to maintain performance
 • Statistics and Indexes should be maintained on all
   edited tables. Do not overlook ArcSDE system tables

                                                               SERUG 2008   15
Multiuser Geodatabase – Tips and Tricks
• User interaction (ArcMap)
  • Use scale dependency
  • Bookmarks
  • Overview and magnifier windows
  • Map cache
  • Keep Table of Contents and symbology simple
• Sample Scripts
  • Geodatabase Diagrammer
  • ArcSDE User Privileges Button and Report
  • Geodatabase Toolset
  • Detritimizer

                                                  SERUG 2008   16
Multiuser Geodatabase – Tips and Tricks
• Sample Script URL’s
  • Geodatabase Diagrammer

  • ArcSDE User Privileges Button and Report

  • Geodatabase Toolset

  • Detritimizer

                                                                   SERUG 2008   17
New at 9.3

 • Direct Connect compatibility
   • 9.3 Client connection to 9.2, 9.1, or 9.0 Geodatabase

 • One-way replication to File Geodatabases

 • Support for SQL Server 2008 spatial data types
   • Later 9.3 Service Pack release

 • Support for PostgreSQL database

                                                             SERUG 2008   18
Additional Resources
• Data Management in the Multiuser Geodatabase
  • Instructor-Led course
  • April 28th – 30th - Charlotte, NC
  • June 9th – 11th – Murfreesboro, TN
  • June 23rd – 25th – Duluth, GA
  • July 28th – 30th – West Palm Beach, FL
• Managing Editing Workflows in a Multiuser Geodatabase
  • Instructor-Led course

• ArcGIS Desktop Web Based Help
  • http://webhelp.esri.com/arcgisdesktop/9.2/index.cfm?TopicName=
     • Geodatabases and ArcSDE

                                                                SERUG 2008   19
Thank you for attending


                          SERUG 2008   20

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