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									Crofton MD Chiropractor, Dr. Shaun McClenny, Puts A New Twist On
Chiropractic Care

Crofton, MD, 27-JUNE-2012 - Capitol Rehab of Crofton and Dr. Shaun
McClenny, D. C., Crofton chiropractor, are pleased to announce a state-
of-the-art practice that incorporates all the latest technologies,
equipment and methods to achieve desirable success rates. Chiropractic
philosophy is very different from traditional medical practices. Instead
of masking symptoms, today's chiropractor seeks to remove impediments so
that the body can heal itself.

According to Dr. McClenny, "I strongly believe in educating my patients
on home care and exercise rehabilitation, to increase the speed of
recovery and decrease the likelihood of it recurring."

Chiropractors know that each part of the body, including cells, organs
and tissues, is regulated and controlled by the nervous system. When
there are proper neurological circuits functioning, the body will operate
as it was designed and intended to. When the vertebrae that make up the
spinal column pinch nerves, the affiliated organs don't operate as they
should. This leads to ill-health and pain.

Communications between the brain and the various organs are managed
through the nerve impulses that travel both from and to the brain. A
pinched nerve causes an interruption in the signals traveling to or from
the organ. The signals may be diminished or excited, depending on what is
happening at the distressed area of the spine.

Dr. McClenny and his staff are trained and experienced in dealing with
matters of the spine and the nervous system. Therapy will depend upon the
extent and the location of the damaged region.

Learn more about chiropractics and how is affects every part of the body
by visiting the web pages found at
today. Members of the press and others who are interested in the concepts
presented in this press release should contact Dr. McClenny at the
location identified below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Shaun McClenny, D. C.

Company Name: Capitol Rehab of Crofton

Address: 1625 Crofton Center, Crofton, MD 21114

Contact Telephone Number: (410) 451-3561

Contact Fax Number: (410) 451-2265



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