Chapter 16 Section 2: Mayan Kings and Cities

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					Chapter 16 Section 2: Mayan Kings and Cities
              - While North American societies were becoming complex, Central American
                 societies were becoming full _____________
Maya Create Urban Kingdoms
              - Homeland covered the _____________ Peninsula
       Urban Centers
              - Built great cities that independent _____________
              - Each city-state was ruled by a god-king and served as a center for religious
                 ceremonies and trade
              - Built massive pyramids that were the tallest in the Americas until
              - Each city had a ball court
       Agriculture and Trade Support Cities
              - Cities were linked through alliances and trade
              - Sometimes _____________ beans served as currency
              - They practiced slash-and-burn agriculture along with developing more
                 sophisticated methods
       Kingdoms Built on Dynasties
              - Noble class included _____________ and the top warriors
              - When the king died his eldest son took over
Religion Shapes Mayan Life
              - Many gods that inhabited the _____________ layers of sky and 9 layers of
                 the underworld
       Religious Practices
              - They prayed and made offerings of food, flowers, and incense
              - They would pierce their bodies with sharp needles and offer their
              - Sometimes captured enemies were _____________
       Math Develops to Support Religion
              - Mayan religious beliefs lead to the development of the _____________,
                 mathematics and astronomy
              - The Maya based their calendars on careful observations of the planets, sun, and
              - Calculated the solar year at 365.2420 days
              - The great precision was from developing math with a _____________
       Written Language Preserves History
              - Developed the most advance writing system in the Americas
Mysterious Mayan Decline
              - In the late 800s many Maya suddenly abandoned the _____________
              - Some that remained were invaded by the _____________ and other groups
              - When the _____________ arrived the Mayans were a shell of what they once

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