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					                                         VINCENT M. CREPY
                                          Ramsey 07446 New Jersey, US
                                   +1 973 216 9163 (cell) /

                             Senior Vice President End to End Supply Chain
 Entrepreneurial minded senior supply chain executive with consistent success in getting breakthrough
     results through people in fast paced global and multi-functional environment. Passionate about
        organization development delivering sustainable strategic and operational improvement.
Key qualifications include:
   Supporting Revenue growth: new product                   Organization and employee development (union
   introduction, customer service improvement, rapid        and non-union), reorganization and turnaround
   flawless integration of newly acquired business          management on existing and newly acquired
   Improving Gross Margin: total cost reduction by          operations
   better procurement, product re-design and                Remote and 3rd party sourcing, multi geographies
   manufacturing / distribution improvements                operations, new product introduction, Sales &
   Enhancing Return On Capital Employed:                    Operating Planning process implementation
   Inventory reduction, Payment terms improvement,          Sustainable process improvement and
   capital spending optimization                            implementation of Lean Six Sigma program
   Negotiation of large multi-years supply contract         delivering bottom line benefits
   (raw and materials, packing materials, third party       Experience in regulated environment (FDA-GMP:
   logistic provider, contract manufacturer)                drugs, medical devices, cosmetic, food, EPA:
   Procurement, manufacturing and distribution              insecticides, rodenticides, disinfectants)
   strategy development and implementation

August 2007 – Now :                    RECKITT BENCKISER
                 Senior Vice President Supply North America Australia New Zealand,
                                        Parsippany New Jersey, US
One of top 5 Supply positions at Reckitt Benckiser in charge of procurement, manufacturing,
warehousing, transportation and customer service for a business delivering revenue of $3.6b @7% growth
over the last 5 years, profit of $0.9b @12% growth and Net Working Capital of -6.6% in the US, Canada,
Australia and New Zealand. This position reports to both to the EVP of Supply and the EVP of the area
both members of the executive committee.
   Delivered all the key new product launches on time, frequently exceeding forecasted volume and on
   average $60m of cost improvement year on year by driving non added value cost out of the product
   design, optimizing manufacturing and distribution processes and improving procurement.
   Drove the supply chain integration of a $450m OTC business acquired for $2.3b (Adams
   Therapeutics) in 2008 delivering “One Order One Invoice” in 3 months and 25% cost reduction
   ($35m) in two years thru better purchasing of the key ingredient (price reduced by half),
   manufacturing improvement (productivity more than sextupled) and distribution synergies.
   Changed network infrastructure leading to a $7m saving of transportation cost out of $45m
   transportation spent for the West Coast / Canada and part of the mid-west by changing distribution
   locations, increasing truck utilization and increasing intermodal shipments.
   Implemented Lean & Six Sigma program delivering $20m of manufacturing cost improvement (10%)
   and $15m of material usage improvement (losses reduced by half) over a period of 4 years
   Reduced inventory by $30m in the US (15%) and supported double digit revenue growth by
   implementing Sales & Operation planning and customer dedicated teams
   Developed, recommended and kicked off implementation of the Australia New Zealand sourcing and
   distribution strategy, a total of $7m operational savings (cheaper Asian vs Australian sourcing and
   distribution points closer to the population centers and ports of entry) and $15m potential tax savings
   with a net one off cost of $21m and capital expenditure of $10m.
Further details on the SVP Supply North America Australia New Zealand at Reckitt Benckiser:
   Direct reports: director of procurement ($900m direct spent, also in charge of all indirect spent
   excluding media), 3 North America Category Supply Directors for Food, Health & Personal Care and
   Household (total manufacturing budget of $200m), Supply Director Australia New Zealand (in charge
   of procurement, manufacturing and distribution for the geography, total budget $185m), Technical
   director (Engineering, Packaging, Hygiene Safety Environment). Indirect reports: Quality Director,
   Supply Chain Finance director, Supply Chain HR manager
   Total cost base of $1.5b (140m cases, 35% promotional, 20% third party manufacturing, ~3,600 sku’s
   changing every 12 months on average, 6 plants, 7 Distribution Centers, ~40 3rd party manufacturers in
   the US/Canada/Australia/China/Mexico, ~200 suppliers and 2,650 people).
Jan 2004 – July 2007 :                  RECKITT BENCKISER
               Regional Supply Director South West Europe, Granollers (Barcelona area), Spain
Responsibility for manufacturing, in bound logistic, quality, procurement and project engineering over 3 plants in
the Iberian Peninsula (Granollers, close to Barcelona, Guenes, close to Bilbao and Porto Alto close to Lisbon) plus
~30 copackers. Total factory sales amounts to €270mio a year, with a volume of 450ktons or 300m consumer units,
and a conversion cost of circa €60mio with 770 people employed. Reporting to the SVP of European Supply and
SVP of South West Europe.
    Developed and implemented the 3 years manufacturing strategy for the Iberian Peninsula (approved by the
    Company CEO)
    in that context shut down a factory in Spain and moved production to Portugal and Poland leading to €10mio
    savings per year, for a one off cost of €45mio and implemented a turnaround plan for the Granollers site:
    +33% direct labor productivity improvement at constant volume in one year without business disruption in a
    very unionized site (going saving in excess of €8mio, 20% of conversion cost). Same approach used in
    Portugal, delivering a labor cost reduction of 20% also at constant volume.
    Identified and implemented procurement projects worth €3mio starting in 2005, and accelerated the
    implementation of formulation and packaging projects worth €4mio in 2005 (total savings close to 3% factory
    Capital spending in the region reduced from a going rate of €15mio to €5mio
Sept 2001 – Dec 2003 :                  RECKITT BENCKISER
                   Projects Director European Supply, Corporate Headquarter, Slough, UK
In charge of New Product Introduction roll out, Engineering, Process and Hygiene Safety & Environment
functional responsibility over the 15 factories and 19 Distribution centers of RB in Europe, reporting to the SVP of
European Supply
    Developed and implemented across categories / Supply and R&D a principle based project management
    approach. In excess of 150 people have been trained. This approach is several years later still the company
    standard, and has been rolled out in all functions.
    Recommended and implemented a manufacturing strategy for Liquids product in Europe leading to save in
    excess of €2mio per year manufacturing cost and to bring RB factories in line with best focused co-packers
    (and ahead of branded competition). This piece of work included top management contacts with investment
    bankers, consulting firms, and third party manufacturers
    Developed and implemented a €3mio waste reduction program using lean / six sigma methods (40 different
    initiatives over 6 key factories ranging from improvement of waste identification and reduction of over
    shooting to sharing best practices and implementing new technical solutions
    Reduced Lost Working Days incidence rate by 40% in one year and introduced ISO14001 in 14 factories.
    Developed and implemented company guidelines, trained and coached safety engineers and factory
    Implemented a systematic “Best Practices” search & re-apply process: prioritized matrix of best practices
    clearly showing which factory needs to improve and which one provides the know-how
    Identified ~£500k worth of savings in reformulating and changing packaging for the Lavatory Care category in
    Europe, helping to move the category at the target 50% GM by 2004 vs. 42% in 2003
Sept 1990 – Aug 2001                    PROCTER & GAMBLE
                                        Various assignments in Europe
                                                                                        Jul 98 – Aug 2001
Fabric Care Category Planning Manager, Central & Eastern Europe, Brussels, Belgium
Within 7 local marketing organizations, 4 plants, 23 countries (from Czech Republic and Poland, to Russia,
Ukraine, Kazakhstan): coordinated the product launch of laundry detergents, designing the supply chain from
suppliers of materials to delivery of finished product to P&G distribution center and leading the cost and capital
expenses reduction program for the region. Member of the Category regional leadership team ~$400mio Cost of
Goods, 100Sku’s, $40mio Capital Expense:
   Developed collaboration-based relationships with strategic Supply Chain stakeholders and multi functional
   partners accelerating the flow of new ideas and improved results: formulation and packaging changes,
   Re-designed on a forceful pace several elements of the cost and capital structure and implemented a “Quick
   Response” operating strategy across the supply chain.

Early plant management positions at Procter & Gamble:
Hair Care Plant Operations Manager, Blois France                                        Nov 94 – Jun 98
Laundry Making Department Manager, Amiens, France                                       Sep 92 Oct 94
Automatic Dish Washing Packing Start up Manager Amiens, France                          Apr 92 – Aug 92
Laundry Packing Manager, Amiens France                                                  Mar 91 – Mar 92
Bleach Activator Making Manager, Amiens France                                          Sept 90 – Feb 92

Engineer at Atomic Energy Commission (Military Service, Paris, France)                  Aug 89 - Aug 90
Ecole Nationale de l’Enseignement Technique, France                                     1989 - 1990
Pre doctoral degree of Industrial Engineering
Artificial intelligence, computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing. Done while doing Military Service.
Ecole Central Paris, France                                                             1986 -1989
Masters Degree / Diplôme d’ingénieur
Multidisciplinary education in the scientific, technological, economic and social fields. Specialization in
Innovation / Design and Manufacturing. Ecole Centrale Paris is considered the 2 nd best “Ecole d’ingénieurs” in.
Also qualified Ecole Nationale Supérieure rue d’Ulm (high academic record), and Telecom Paris
Various seminars on developing leadership, management, financial and emotional intelligence skills.
P&G corporate trainer on Organization Assessment and Design.
Languages: Native French, fluent English, fluent Spanish,
Born May 6, 1966, French Citizen, US green card, Married, 2 children born in 1994 and 1998

Description: Vincent Crepy is an entrepreneurial minded senior supply chain executive with consistent success in getting breakthrough results through people in fast paced global and multi-functional environments. He is passionate about organization development delivering sustainable strategic and operational improvement.