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									Ways to Get Google Adsense Account Who does not know with Google's search engine
is already well known to the countryside. Even I (the owner of Virtual Forest) can access
it through the international wilderness. Hehe. Currently I would like to share about how
easy or quick way to get a Google Adsense account. Of friends already know about
Google Adsense, one of the relatives of incest and one flesh with Google itself. If not
already know, please go to Mbah Google to ask directly who actually Google's Adsense.
Maybe a friend is one who want to get a GA account to date. If true, I believe a friend
would have been haunted by a sense of curiosity is very high. Even disturbing dreams
friend, because it always haunt curiosity relentless. Not to mention the disappointment
that tibul when it has repeatedly tries. But the result remains unsatisfactory. Alias is
rejected by the GA. My first thought was, GA filled with a difficult puzzle to solve.
Hence my curiosity getting into. And until I finally managed to find the answer. Path to
the answer was not winding Memucan. Although many of the masters who say we should
have a blog or website in English, about 3 months old, what else ntah maze was
described, if we want to get a GA account. Until the end of the pessimism arises in the
self as it twists less and less clear. Though there are no shortcuts. Shortcuts are not
forbidden. Because GA itself a little easier. So, we should not say to get a GA account is
difficult. This jabawabannya: Step Strategies to Get Google Adsense Account The first, a
friend must have an account on social network owned by the Indians. Indyarocks name. If
no, please sign up. Very easy. Do not forget the friends must sign up with a new email
account (gmail) or gmail account that has not been used to enroll in GA. Secondly, when
a friend has been registered, and accounts on social networking Sabahat which is already
active or can be used, please first complete the data are best friends. Minimum of 50%.
Starting from entering propict (profile picture), and then be continued to fill in the data
section edit profile menu, just below propict position. Do not forget to fill at least reached
the limit of 50%. When more or reaches 100% the better. The third, when the second step
has been met, then enter the photo is now friends with as many as 10 images Photos
menu (minimum limit). Can inpor via Flikr - Yahoo's, when a friend has an account on
Flkir, because this way is faster than upload via PC. The fourth, the next friend must
include English-language articles, via the menu Blogs - Write Blogs. Remember! His
article should not be the coppy-paste from an article that has been indexed by Google.
Friend can copy the articles of translations from other languages. If the friend does not
have the original English-language articles. Friend simply enter the two articles alone. If
you want more, no problem. The fifth, friends click the link that reads Earnings (Google
Adsense) at the bottom propict. Then click the Check Eligibility and continue until the
process is complete. After that a friend can check your email inbox on a friend. Please
wait for a response from the GA. Good friends are not acceptable in a long time. I get an
acceptable answer, not more than 24 hours. Good friends get a satisfactory answer in a
faster time.

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