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                                                                   COBA in the news................................................................................p. 4
                            nORMAn SEABROOK
                            President                              True Vision ...........................................................................................p. 6
                                                                   new Optical Benefits...........................................................................p. 8
                                                                   Treasurer’s Report ...............................................................................p. 9
                            EliAS HUSAMUdEEn                       legislative Report ...............................................................................p. 10
                            1st Vice President                     COBA Wins Gas Mask Safety Complaint............................................p. 11
                                                                   COBA Wins Fire Safety Battle .............................................................p. 12
                                                                   Cigar night...........................................................................................p. 13
                                                                   Heritage Feast & Retirees Brunch .....................................................p. 14
                            JOSEPH BRACCO
                                                                   Puerto Rican day Parade ....................................................................p. 15
                            2nd Vice President
                                      legal Services Available for Correction Officers ..............................p. 17
                                                                   new disability Retirement Benefits ..................................................p. 18
                                                                   Protecting Your Workers’ Compensation Rights...............................p. 19
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P|2              COBA                                                                            PAT r O l l i n g T h e T O U g h e s T P r e C i n C T s i n n e w Y O r k
                                                                                                            J U n e / J U lY 2 0 1 1 i s s U e C O B A m A g A z i n e

President’s Message
Dear Brother and sister Officers,
i wanted to take this opportunity to                           They are greatly mistaken. As i’ve                           nORMAn
address a number of important issues                           stated before, i believe everyone in the                     SEABROOK
that directly impact you and your                              city and state has to chip in to help this
family, as well as all of us in the labor                      city get through tough times, but                            PresiDenT
community.                                                     union workers are not the stimulus
                                                               package to bail out new York City.
let me begin by talking about the                              when J.P. morgan Chase received a $20
ongoing war every public sector union                          billion dollar bailout, what did we get?
in this country is fighting and what the                        nothing but more attempts to squeeze
COBA is doing here in new York. For the                        new York’s working families into a
last six months COBA has been                                  permanent lower class.
vigorously fighting the Bloomberg
administration’s callous attempts to strip                     Anyone who doesn’t understand the
                                                               gravity of the times we are living in is
municipal workers of our pensions and
                                                               simply ignoring reality. This reality is
destroy the benefits that took us
                                                               reflected in the mayor’s recent budget
decades to achieve. in addition, City hall
                                                               proposal that calls for laying-off over
believes that by striking a wedge                              4,000 teachers, closing down 20 fire
between private sector workers and                             companies and shutting down critical
public sector workers, the unions will                         services such as day care and senior
eventually capitulate by giving                                citizen homes. it’s the teachers,
give-backs to the city or accepting                            firefighters, seniors and kids today and
contract agreements that begin with a                          us tomorrow!
zero wage increase.                                                                 (continued on page 5)

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             k TOOr                    ts Fizzle
    By mAr                       Paymen
                        stop VsF
              Battle to
                 2011                                            campaig
       June 7,                                        mberg’s              d
                                         may  or Bloo plements Fun
                            r it began,         ble  sup              o rkers
                  ths afte             of Varia             rmed w
        six mon e payment                         d unifo
                    th                  d retire
        to stop to current an
         benefits have failed.                                            e City
                     to                                        ced in th
          a ppears                                 n introdu egislature to
                                          has bee             te l              l
                                  essage           r the sta l the annua
             o hom    e-rule m be required fo            c a n ce          close
           n                     ld                  to                  n
                      , as wou es necessar y islature’s sessio ker is
            Council            ang                   g                    a
                     the ch           d wit h the le y Albany lawm
             make           ecks. An            that an
                         ch                   n
             $12,000 , there is no sig
                        nd                   l.
              to an e introduce a bil

PAT r O l l i n g T h e T O U g h e s T P r e C i n C T s i n n e w Y O r k                                                                                  P|3
COBA in The news
President seabrook Vows to Fight any attemPts to striP
CorreCtion oFFiCers oF the Pensions and beneFits that
Coba Vigorously Fought to aChieVe sinCe 1996.

                                   unions eye $440m
                                   health Fund as layoFF Cure
                            By JOSH MARGOLIN & DAVID SEIFMAN               years by the city into the Health          us and screw us again? I
                                                                           Insurance Stabilization Fund,              don't think so," fumed
                            June 14, 2011                                  which is now overfunded.                   Seabrook.

                            City municipal unions are look-                "It's the taxpayers' money,"               He demanded that the af-
                            ing to tap $440 million sitting un-            noted one official. "Why would             fected workers be guaranteed
                            used in a health-benefits fund to              we want the money sitting there            their jobs until the end of the
                            avert nearly 5,600 layoffs threat-             doing nothing?"                            Bloomberg administration in
                            ened by Mayor Bloomberg, offi-                                                            2014.
                            cials said yesterday.                          There are already signs that not
                                                                           all union leaders are on board.            The largest single beneficiary of
                            Top union leaders meet tomor-                                                             a bailout deal would be teach-
                            row to discuss the idea after                  Norman Seabrook, president                 ers, who face the loss of 6,100
                            Harry Nespoli, chairman of the                 of the Correction Officers                 jobs, including 4,100 through
                            Municipal Labor Committee, got                 Benevolent Association, re-                layoffs.
                            the green light to proceed at a                called that the unions gave up
                            steering-committee session yes-                $117 million from the same                 Saving all 6,100 teachers would
                            terday.                                        fund in 2009 only to have the              cost $435 million. Saving only
                                                                           mayor lay off several hundred              those on the pink-slip list would
                            "The ball's in their court," said              workers just months later.                 cost $293 million.
                            one administration official.
                                                                           "We're going to be taking our              Firefighters would be spared the
                            The $440 million represents                    money to save our jobs and                 closing of 20 engine companies,
                            money contributed over the                     then have you come back to                 which would cost $55 million.

                             COBA mAilBOx
           maiello,                                                                                    eabrook y “ Thank You”                                              and
Dear mr.                                                                                     To mr. s           to sa                                            abrook
                                                                                o,                   wanted one at the unio
                                                                                                                                      n                rman se
                           u for all
                                      your                            el maiell              i just                                           Dear no Family,
              thank yo                                        r. micha                                    d every                recov-                 A
 i want to                 u r “makin
                                       g               To m                                   to you a
                                                                                                                     ile i was                The COB                              ulness
              during o st Cancer                                         support
                                                                                 in                       help wh                 art at-                              thoughtf nd
                 ainst Bre
                                       do well                  for your                       for their my massive he you                                  for your                 a
   strides A ot only did we                            Thanks             .                              om                       ed              ank you e lovely flowers ur
                                          0 to                    of need                       ering fr               nd i call s so          Th
                                                                                                                                                     nding th us donation in
                                                       my time Best!                                       family a
     rusade”.                   $2,300.0 also                                                                                     wa           in se
                                                                                                tack. my and everyone
   C               -raising                 e                                                                                                                   ro                       lt
        the fund counting but w ts.                     Yo u’re the                                                                m now        for yo ur gene                 a difficu
    in              ill                    shir                                                             e
                                                                                                 for advic supportive! i a                                         is is still
     da  te and st in our hats & t-                                                                                                    Be -      dad’s h onor. Th preciate your
     looked g k you enough.                              Thanks, appell                           helpful and e “heart Bill”!                                         p
                                                                                                                                                           us. we a eautiful
           n’t than                                              Ch                                      d on th art Bill” i am able             time for      rt and b
      i ca                                               Cherise                                  retire                                              d suppo embrance.
                                         ,                                                                  f the “he                about        kin
                                                                                                                                                           of rem
                   truly a g                                                                       cause o hout worr ying                         symbol
        Your are rs in survival                                                                          ve wit                 !
         From: sis at AmkC), Chap
                                             pelle’s                                               to li                y bills
                                                                                                              ill pay m                                                  en Famil
         (Fram  pton
                                e Amk  C) and                                                       how i w                                         love,      d the gre
                    happell ope                                                                                                                        abon an
          Team (C                                                                                             ,                                     sh
          sackie  s wings
                                of h
                                    n house
                                              )                                                     sincerely      Corsiglie
                        - Brookly                                                                   C.O . Patricia

P|4                            COBA                                                                   PAT r O l l i n g T h e T O U g h e s T P r e C i n C T s i n n e w Y O r k
                                                                                                   J U n e / J U lY 2 0 1 1 i s s U e C O B A m A g A z i n e
President’s message continued
And if the threat of contracts freezes,                   many news reports indicate that mayor          that we cannot continue to do more with
layoffs or closing vital government                        Bloomberg is maneuvering to make sure          less? Despite the few hundred officers
services     weren’t     enough,       this               the state’s plan for pension overhaul          who have recently entered the academy,
administration seems to be using the                      covers the entire state.                       we are still significantly short of the
current economic conditions to                                                                           number of officers necessary to run the
circulate misleading information about                    we must never allow this to happen             nation’s largest municipal jail system. The
the pension programs and health                           and here’s what we’re doing about it. in       executive Board and i will continue to
insurance for municipal workers. many                     February, COBA led the municipal               hold the Department accountable and
critics have attacked municipal unions                    community in launching a massive               fight for your safety and security.
for not sacrificing more of our members’                   public relations campaign by hitting the
benefits and bearing more of the                           airwaves on all major radio stations and       we can win this war if we remain one
economic burdens that lay ahead.                          taking out full page ads in news papers        union, firmly united behind the leaders
however, these critics ignore the fact                    throughout the city to let City hall know      you have entrusted with your future. At
that municipal workers, like all residents,               that we are not the city’s stimulus            the end of the day, your union, the COBA,
face higher taxes, increased transit fares,               package. we will not be exploited nor          is your future. And it’s the future we must
higher tuitions, and reduced public                       used as a bargaining chip---especially         win. And as we strive to win the future,
services. in the face of budget cuts,                     when that bargaining is in bad faith. we       we must never forget the contributions
we’re working harder with less to                         will continue to fight against any efforts       of those historic leaders in the labor and
maintain the quality of life that every                   by those in elected office or those              civil rights movements who literally gave
new Yorker enjoys.                                        seeking elected office, who threaten             their lives many years ago so that we as
                                                          the wages and benefits you and your             union members and working people are
A truly shared sacrifice should start with                 family depends on.                             able to enjoy the rights we have today.
those most able to contribute. Unlike
                                                          On March 29th, we took our fight to
the big banks on wall street, municipal                                                                  if there is one single figure who
                                                          Albany to lobby our representatives in
workers neither caused the economic                                                                      symbolizes the sacrifices made during
                                                          the senate and the Assembly and
crisis, nor did they profit from it. we did                                                               these two movements it is Dr. martin
                                                          ensure that our voices and our
not create the state’s $10 billion deficit or                                                             luther king Jr. i am very honored to have
                                                          concerns remain their top priority.
the city’s $2 billion deficit. From 2003-                                                                 been selected by reverend Al sharpton
                                                          On April 17th we took our fight to the
2007 when non-financial growth was                                                                        to co-chair a team of leaders who will
                                                          streets by holding the first ever
around 20%, average municipal salaries                                                                   proudly unveil Dr. king’s national
                                                          People’s rally which brought together
increased by roughly 15%, reflecting the                                                                  memorial in washington D.C. on August
                                                          working families, leaders of public
local inflation rate of 14.7%                                                                             28th. This historic celebration of the first
                                                          sector and private sector unions and
                                                                                                         African-American monument on the
                                                          other disenfranchised new Yorkers in
For now new York City workers’ pensions                                                                  national mall is a tribute to the progress
                                                          an unprecedented demonstration of
remain secure. however just recently the                                                                 we have made as a nation and a
                                                          unity and solidarity against the
governor’s office has unleashed a                                                                          testament that Dr. king’s dream lives on.
                                                          Bloomberg administration’s assault on
proposal for a new pension plan for new
                                                          municipal workers.
York state employees called Tier Vi that                                                                 To learn more about the latest issues
for newly hired public workers would:                                                                    affecting you and your family, tune into
                                                          keeping our jobs, pensions, and benefits
                                                                                                         COBA radio, Real Talk Real Time every
• raise the minimum age of retirement to                  secure is our highest priority as a union.
                                                                                                         Friday morning on WWRL 1600 AM
  65. retirement age is now 62 for most                   And just as important as your economic
                                                                                                         from 11:00AM-12:00 PM.
  employees and 57 for teachers. early                    security, is ensuring that you return home
  retirement, now allowed at 55 years old                 to your family from your command safe
                                                                                                         may god continue to bless you and your
  with a 38 percent penalty, would end.                   and sound.          last year was an
                                                                                                         family and may you have a safe and
  require workers to put in 12 years before               unprecedented violent year in the
                                                                                                         enjoyable summer.
  they qualify for a pension. employees are               Correction Department with over 164
  now “vested” after 10 years.                            assaults on Correction Officers, many of
                                                          who were sent to the hospital to be
• require new employees to pay twice as                   treated for serious injuries including one
  much toward their pension plan. end                     officer who’s thumb was bitten off. since
  the practice of “padding” a pension using               the beginning of January of this year we
  overtime pay late in service, unused                    have already seen 35 assaults on
  vacation and certain sick leave.                                                                       norman seabrook
                                                          Correction Officers, with 31 of those
                                                          officers being sent to the hospital to be
• eliminate a “multiplier” that boosts a                  treated for serious injuries. how many
  pension after 20 years and 25 years                     more melees at another major facility will
  of service.                                             it take for this administration to realize

PAT r O l l i n g T h e T O U g h e s T P r e C i n C T s i n n e w Y O r k                                                                         P|5
C O B A m A g A z i n e J U n e / J U lY 2 0 1 1 i s s U e

                                                      TRUE ViSiOn
                                                       lOOKinG inTO THE FUTURE – OUR FUTURE
  1sT ViCe PresiDenT                             Consciousness is a process that involves            when uniformed members are promoted
                                                      awareness. Correction Officers are the                to positions in management fail to say to
                                                      most important asset in the New York                those who have never walked a day in our
                                                      City Department of Corrections. how                 shoes, that certain initiatives will not be
                                                      you treat your most important asset lays            successful, the ones that suffer the most
                                                      the foundation and determines the                   are Correction Officers-- the agency’s
                                                      difference between success and failure.              most important asset.
                                                      when you treat your most important
                                                      asset with respect, not that you are going          “Patrolling the Toughest Precincts in
                                                      to give them everything they want,                  New York” is more than just a slogan, IT
                                                      means everything. it is clear that the              IS THE TRUTH! inmates committed to
                                                      main job of a Correction Officer is care,             our custody are only with us on an
                                                      custody and control of inmates.                     average of 57 days. Correction Officers
                                                                                                          are here for 20 or more years. Although
                                                      As Correction Officers, we have to exist              it is clear that we are responsible for the
                                                      on many different levels. There are two              care, custody and control of these
                                                      very important levels that we must                  inmates, management is equally
                                                      never lose sight of Level 1 is what we do           responsible for our safety and the
                                                      in the confines of the jails and Level 2             conditions under which we work.
                                                      are the things that those we elect to
                                                      represent us do that directly affect us.             There isn’t a day that goes by where a
                                                                                                          Correction Officer is not assaulted by an
                                                      lEVEl 1                                             inmate. it is absolutely clear that this
Personalized Qr-CODe for
                                                                                                          agency is operating below the number
EliAS HUSAMUdEEn                                      inside the jails there is absolutely nothing        of Correction Officers required to do this
                                                      more important than the safety and                  job. each and every facility is under
scan this Qr -Code to learn                           security of Correction Officers. inside the           staffed, some more than others, but
more about your COBA Board                                                                                management seems more interested in
                                                      jails there are things that we do 7 days a
member and to see how you can
                                                      week, 365 days a year, which are never              reducing overtime, cutting the budget
stay informed on what COBA is
doing for YOU!                                        seen by the public. regardless, each and            and doing mOre wiTh less at the
                                                      every day we play a pivotal part in                 expense of Correction Officers. This
                                                      keeping the city safe. it becomes                   union is doing everything that it can
                                                      imperative that management provide us               to ensure that Correction Officers go
    “Patrolling                                       with the tools that we require to keep not          home the same way we came to work.
                                                      only the city safe, but to keep ourselves           it is imperative that management
   the Toughest                                       safe as well.                                       understands that its most important
                                                                                                          asset deserves to be treated with respect.
    Precincts in                                      many times management has a tendency
                                                      to lose sight of what is important.                 Although there is a “5 Point Strategic
     New York”                                        management at times seems to think that             Plan” laid out by the agency, no where
                                                      they know more about what we do than
   is more than                                       those of us who actually do the work.
                                                                                                          in this plan is there a discussion about
                                                                                                          increasing the number of Correction
                                                      when this happens, it becomes difficult
   just a slogan,                                     for us to do our jobs. when the
                                                                                                          Officers appointed to do this job. No
                                                                                                          where in this “5 Point Strategic Plan” is
                                                      uniformed managers become unwilling
      iT is The                                       or unable to provide guidance to those              there a discussion about the safety
                                                      who are only concerned about the                    and security of the agency’s most
       TrUTh!                                         bottom line, our lives are put in jeopardy.         important asset, Correction Officers.

  P|6                 COBA                                                           PAT r O l l i n g T h e T O U g h e s T P r e C i n C T s i n n e w Y O r k
                                                                                                      J U N E / J U lY 2 0 1 1 I S S U E C O B A M A G A z I N E

The use of force and the assault on                       LEVEL 2                                           and continue to strive and make more
Correction Officers remains high,                                                                           accomplishments. We must support our
although all types of initiatives have                    On the second level, we have public               leaders and focus on what really matters-
been instituted on behalf of inmates.                     officials who are determined to take                --our pensions, our health benefits, and
So on this level, the Correction                          away gains that have been negotiated on           the environment that we come to work
Officers’ Benevolent Association                          behalf of Correction Officers. We have              in everyday.
continues to sound the alarm so that                      the Governor and the Mayor who have
the safety and security of this agency’s                  determined that instead of being able to          In conclusion, we must have true vision
most important asset remains its                          retire in 20 years, we should have to work        when we are looking at the future,
highest priority.                                         until we are 65; who have decided that            whether it is inside or outside the jails.
                                                          overtime should not count towards our             It is important that we are conscious of
On February 11, 2010, more than 16                        pension calculation; who have decided             the fight we face, and that we support
months ago, a re-organization was                         that we should have to work 12 years              the union who fights on our behalf on
performed by management that was                          before we are vested; who decided that            all levels. This is a very rough time for
supposed to improve the conditions                        we should contribute an additional 6%             unions. Republicans, Democrats, the
in the Department. On that day, a                         into out pensions; who want to decrease           rich, and Tea Party, have all decided to
Deputy Chief of the Department was                        our final average salary; who want to take         wage an all out war against unions and
appointed and four Wardens were                           away our terminal leave; who want to              union members. We have been
promoted to the rank and new title of                     take away vested benefits for members              attacked on every level and we continue
Supervising Warden.       This was                        who do not work 22 years and make you             to be attacked. The unions are forced to
supposed to improve the conditions                        wait until you are 65. The sentiment of           fight on many different fronts, some that
of the agency.                                            Governors and Mayors throughout the               you see and some that you don’t see.
                                                          country is that we are the problem for the        We are fighting with management
Here we are 16 months later,                              City and States in which we live.                 inside the jails and we are fighting with
reverting back to where we were                                                                             City Hall and the Governor’s Office to
with a 3 star Deputy Chief of the                         So while we have to be forever                    protect everything that we have gained.
Department and a 3-Star Chief of                          conscious of what happens at Level 1              Currently, unions in the City of New York
Security, a 3-Star Chief of                               and fight everyday in these jails, at the          have united to fight on behalf of its
Administration and we are right back                      same time, we are fighting an uphill               members. It is very important that you
                                                          battle against those who wish to                  stay focused and not allow people to
to where we never should have left.
                                                          demonize us.                                      cloud your vision as to what is really
This is a perfect example of                              The union fights for our future, but the
management believing that its ideas                       union also fights for the present. It is clear
are the best ideas. Sixteen months                        that we have to fight on all levels because
ago, eliminating 3-Star Chiefs and                        nothing that we have acquired for your
replacing      them      with    2-Star                   future will mean anything if you are not
Supervising Wardens, was an initiative                    alive to enjoy it. It is no secret that the
that did absolutely nothing to reduce                     stress that we endure on this job can
the violence, to reduce overtime, or to                   shorten your life.          The working
improve the conditions under which                        environment of Correction Officers
we work or any of the other issues that                   inside the jails in very important to this
currently still haunts the Agency.                        union. We need you to let those who
Although we are told by management                        seek to divide us know that you are
that our hard work is making the jails                    paying attention. We need you to let
safer, those of us who work in housing                    them know that at a time like the one
areas and in the jails, know that is far                  that we are facing now, this is no time to
from the truth.                                           be divided.

If management would involve                               We must fight to protect each other and
Correction Officers or in this case                       strive not to suffer from what is called
those who were around when this                           “what have you done for me lately”,
was tried before, in their decisions-                     or “you are only as good as your
making, they would have a more                            last performance” disease. We must
realistic view of whether the                             fight like hell to hold on to the
initiative will be a success or a failure.                accomplishments that have been made

PAT r O l l I N G T H E T O U G H E S T P r E C I N C T S I N N E W Y O r k                                                                            P|7
C O B A m A g A z i n e J U n e / J U lY 2 0 1 1 i s s U e

                                                                COBA EnHAnCES OPTiCAl
                                                                   BEnEFiTS FOR All
  BRACCO                                                         CORRECTiOn OFFiCERS
                                                      we are pleased to announce effective               A. The exam includes the following:
  2nD ViCe PresiDenT                                                                                       (No charge to patient)*
                                                      immediately general Vision services                                                                                   • general Case history and Patient rx
                                                      (gVs) will now provide an expanded
                                                      quality eye care benefit to all eligible
                                                                                                        • external examination and Confrontation
                                                      participants. This plan will provide                (Visual Field screening)
                                                      optical benefits to the Correction                 • Ophthalmoscopy
                                                      Officers       Benevolent       Association         • Tonometry (glaucoma Testing) and follow-up
                                                      (C.O.B.A.) members and spouses every                if needed
                                                                                                        • habitual Visual Acuity and with Patient rx
                                                      18 months for a comprehensive eye
                                                                                                        • retinoscopy
                                                      examination and eyewear. eligible                 • subjective refraction and Visual Acuity
                                                      dependent children (under 19 years of               (including Binocular) and near Point and
                                                      age or up to 23 years of age if attending           Accommodative near Point
                                                      college) will be eligible every 12 months         • Cover Test
                                                                                                        • Phorias
                                                      for an examination. eyewear will also be
                                                                                                        • Fusion Test (stereopsis)
                                                      included with any prescription change.            • Final determination of prescription and Case
                                                                                                          Disposition (Patient recommendations)
                                                      The gVs vision plan offers an expanded
                                                      frame selection including plastic,                B. The single vision lens optical plan will allow
                                                      stainless steel, titanium and contact lens           COBA participants to receive a complete
                                                      allowance. A comprehensive eye                       pair of single vision prescription eyewear,
                                                      examination by a doctor of optometry                 which includes:
                                                      including cataract and glaucoma                   • Total value of $255 toward a selection of
                                                      screening is also part of the benefit.               contemporary frames in various styles,
                                                                                                          sizes and colors within the gVs collection
                                                                                                          (special promotion & specialty frames will
                                                      To simplify making your eye exam
Personalize Qr-CODe for                                                                                   be marked accordingly and are not
                                                      appointment, gVs is offering an                      included in this benefit) and the selection
                                                      exclusive feature: the ability to schedule          of single vision prescription lenses.
scan this Qr -Code to learn                           an eye exam from the gVs website. go
more about your COBA Board                            to to find the               C. The bifocal vision lens optical plan
member and to see how you can                         most convenient location. gVs locations              will allow COBA participants to receive
stay informed on what COBA is
                                                      are logistically located in the malls                a complete pair of bifocal vision
doing for YOU!
                                                      and major shopping centers offering                   prescription eyewear, which includes:
                                                      union members 7day/7night coverage.               • Total value of $300 towards a selection of
                                                      For your convenience, examination                   contemporary frames in various styles,
                                                      appointments can be made but are not                sizes and colors within the gVs collection
                                                      required. The gVs expanded network of               (special promotion & specialty frames will
                                                                                                          be marked accordingly and are not
                                                      providers now includes select:
                                                                                                          included in this benefit) and the selection
                                                                                                          of bifocal vision prescription lenses.
                                                      General Vision Services (GVS)
                                                                                                        D. The contact lens plan will include:
                                                      Cohen Fashion Optical                             A 12 month supply of standard spherical
                                                                                                        contact lenses and exam for free with a $30
                                                      Sterling Optical                                  dispensing fee. This will also include free
                                                                                                        follow up visits for one year. The contact
                                                      Lens Lab Express
                                                                                                        benefit is in lieu of glasses.
                                                      Vision World
                                                                                                        For all other contacts there will be a $175
                                                      Exclusive Independent Store Owners                credit. if you have any questions, please
                                                                                                        contact the COBA Benefits Department at
                                                      Optical Plan                                      212-274-8000.

  P|8                 COBA                                                         PAT r O l l i n g T h e T O U g h e s T P r e C i n C T s i n n e w Y O r k
                                                                                           J U n e / J U lY 2 0 1 1 i s s U e C O B A m A g A z i n e

                    TREASURER’S REPORT
   COBA Financial Statement (FY 10) July 1, 2009-June 30, 2010
i’m very pleased to provide you with this detailed quarterly report outlining                              MiCHAEl
COBA’s finances. As Treasurer, i have and will continue to work diligently to
ensure COBA’s funds remain fiscally solvent and our expenditures are spent                                  TreAsUrer
prudently. This report has been carefully reviewed by me along with a team
of experienced accountants. it is an honor to be a part of this executive Board
and i look forward to serving my brother and sister Correction Officers for
many years to come!

     Dues                                                                     9,229,712
     interest income                                                          27,242
     Other                                                                    42,983
     expense Allocation reimbursement-Active                                  268,311
     expense Allocation reimbursement-retirees                                268,311
     expense Allocation reimbursement-Annuity                                 165,779
     Total Revenue                                                            10,002,338

     Office expense                                                             359,280
     Office salaries                                                            431,183
     Payroll Taxes & employee Benefits                                         187,381
     Telephone & related services                                             114,333
     rent                                                                     415,732
     subtotal                                                                 1,507,909                 Personalize Qr-CODe for
                                                                                                        MiCHAEl MAiEllO
                                                                                                        scan this Qr -Code to learn
     Officers’ expenses                                                         908,193                   more about your COBA Board
     Automobile expenses                                                      43,204                    member and to see how you can
     Delegates Allowances                                                     414,134                   stay informed on what COBA is
                                                                                                        doing for YOU!
     Conferences, Conventions and seminars                                    420,349
     member services                                                          79,932                    The COBA fund has been audited by an
     member Annual Outing                                                     399,809                   independent accounting firm in
                                                                                                        accordance with its annual reporting
     legislation, Fundraisers, Charitable Donations                                                     obligation. The independent auditor has
     Dinners, Dances & subscriptions                                          335,909                   audited the accompanying statements of
     Public relations, Advertising, Printing & mailings                       908,336                   the financial position of the Correction
                                                                                                        Officers’ Benevolent Association, inc. as of
     Collective Bargaining, grievances & Arbitration                          531,362                   June 30, 2010 and the related statements
     Professional Fees                                                        16,814                    of activities and cash flows for the years
     Consulting                                                               92,583                    then ended.
     election                                                                 -                         The audits were conducted with auditing
                                                                                                        standards generally accepted in the
     SUBTOTAL                                                                 4,150,625                 United states of America.
     Total All expenses                                                       5,658,534                 These audits were conducted for the
     increase (Decrease) in net assets available                              4,343,804                 purpose of forming an opinion on the
     net Assets-Beginning                                                     4,766,761                 basic financial statements taken as a
                                                                                                        whole. such information has been
     net Assets-ending                                                        9,110,565                 subjected to the auditing procedures
                                                                                                        applied in the audit of the basic financial

PAT r O l l i n g T h e T O U g h e s T P r e C i n C T s i n n e w Y O r k                                                                 P|9
C O B A m A g A z i n e J U n e / J U lY 2 0 1 1 i s s U e

                                                                           lEGiSlATiVE REPORT
                                                             CAMPAiGn TO PROTECT YOUR
  THOMAS                                                      BEnEFiTS: COBA TAKES iTS
  legislATiVe ChAirmAn                                           BATTlE TO AlBAnY                                Fighting to keep what is ours, what we have earned, is often the fiercest battle
                                                      waged. in the first six months of 2011, the collective voice of more than 8,000 COBA
                                                      members was heard in the halls of Albany.  we have worked to educate the members
                                                      of the new York state legislature that a collectively negotiated contract is
                                                      binding.  we will not allow any efforts to eliminate or reduce our benefits.  

                                                      Pension reform does not mean taking away programs and services from the men
                                                      and women who earned them by putting their lives on the line every day under
                                                      extremely difficult  conditions.   no budget should ever be balanced by taking
                                                      away long-standing and agreed-to benefits. President norman seabrook and the
                                                      COBA executive Board have led an aggressive and prolonged advocacy effort in the
                                                      state legislature designed to protect our pensions and benefits.  

                                                      Thankfully, the enacted state Budget for fiscal year 2012 did not include new
                                                      legislation that would change, alter or compromise our benefits and contractual
                                                      rights.  Despite the anti-labor policies in wisconsin and elsewhere as well as
                                                      the  pronouncement by mayor michael Bloomberg that pension reform was
                                                      his number one priority, no pension changes or benefit reductions were included
                                                      as part of the 2011 new York state Budget.

                                                      Additionally, we have made progress toward enacting several bills from the
                                                      COBA Legislative agenda. Assemblyman Peter Abbate, Chairman new York state
                                                      Assembly governmental  Operations Committee and state senator martin
                                                      golden, Chairman of the new York state senate Civil service & Pensions committee,
                                                      have  introduced legislation officially supported and requested by COBA. This
Personalize Qr-CODe for
                                                      legislation includes the bills noted below.
scan this Qr -Code to learn                           S.4256 -- An Act to appoint the President of COBANYC to serve as a member of
more about your COBA Board                                      the Board for the New York City Employees Retirement System (NYCERS)
member and to see how you can
stay informed on what COBA is                         S.4260 -- An Act to officially grant police officer status to members of the
doing for YOU!                                                  uniformed correction force of the New York City Department of

                                                      S.4261 -- An Act to establish maximum age requirements for New York City
                                                                Correction Officers.

                                                      The remaining bills from our 2011 legislative agenda have all been drafted and are
                                                      currently waiting for fiscal notes from the new York City Actuary. These bills cannot
                                                      be introduced without providing the cost to the City and state.

                                                      Our presence and message has been heard in Albany but our tireless lobbying efforts
                                                      must continue.  recently, a new Tier Vi plan was announced for new state employees
                                                      requiring increased employee contributions,  defined benefits, a 401-k style
                                                      retirement system and reduced health care services for retirees. it remains unclear
                                                      how long before the City of new York uses the new Tier Vi plan as a model to change,
                                                      reduce or alter our health, disability and retirement programs and services.

                                                      As we look ahead to the challenges confronting the men and women of COBA in
                                                      the years ahead, your steadfast support will ensure that our message continues
                                                      to be heard in Albany and City Hall.

  P | 10              COBA                                                        PAT r O l l i n g T h e T O U g h e s T P r e C i n C T s i n n e w Y O r k
                                                                                  J U n e / J U lY 2 0 1 1 i s s U e C O B A m A g A z i n e

                   COBA WinS GAS MASK
                    SAFETY COMPlAinT                                                              BEnnY

After a Grievance was filed by ESU Delegates concerning the safety of the
Department’s Respiratory Protection of choice--- the m-17 and m-17 A-1 (a
military surplus mask allocated in the early 80’s), COBA President norman
seabrook, ordered executive Board members william Valentin and Benny
Boscio to investigate the validity of the grievance and the violations of any
government standards or laws. The United states Occupational safety, and
                                                                                               Personalize Qr-CODe for
health Administration (OshA) has set standards for the industry for respiratory
                                                                                               BEnnY BOSCiO
Protection. These standards must be adhered to by all public and private sector
employers. OshA standard 119.10 entitled “respiratory Protection”, is specific in               scan this Qr -Code to learn
detailing the fact that the military issued m-17 and m-17 A-1 gas masks have                   more about your COBA Board
                                                                                               member and to see how you can
been banned for use by anyone other than active military personnel since 1987.                 stay informed on what COBA is
                                                                                               doing for YOU!
The masks have been unserviceable since that time. There are nO replacement
parts or filters currently available. The masks, when exposed to moisture, build
up mold and other carcinogens (cancer causing agents) in the filters and other
areas of the mask. The rubber grommets in the mask deteriorate after
prolonged periods of non-use and may make the mask completely ineffective.
however these masks are distributed to staff Department-wide.

The Correction Department was addressed by COBA at a Step 3 Grievance
Hearing at the Office of Labor Relations and a PESH (Public Employees
Safety, and Health) complaint was filed by COBA. The above filings resulted
in the Department receiving 10 violations and it is now mandated to
purchase new gas masks for all employees, to destroy the current M-17
stockpile, and to implement a respiratory protection program, which
consists of “Fit Testing” employees with the new masks.

if you see an unsafe condition in your facility, take the time to report it. if your
report goes uncorrected, then notify your COBA Board member or call the
COBA Office at 212-274-8000.

PAT r O l l i n g T h e T O U g h e s T P r e C i n C T s i n n e w Y O r k                                                        P | 11
C O B A m A g A z i n e J U n e / J U lY 2 0 1 1 i s s U e

                                                                         COBA WinS
                                                                     FiRE SAFETY BATTlE
  COrresPOnDing seCreTArY

                                                      After a disturbing news report where an ex-Departmental employee blew the
                                                      whistle on faulty Fire safety systems at OBCC, COBA President norman
                                                      seabrook ordered an immediate investigation of all Fire safety systems at
                                                      OBCC. All documents pertaining to Fire safety and Fire response were
                                                      obtained during this investigation.
Personalize Qr-CODe for
WilliAM VAlEnTin
                                                      The investigation revealed the following: no fire warning systems were
scan this Qr -Code to learn                           operable and conditions existed that would prevent water from reaching the
more about your COBA Board                            affected areas. This situation was addressed by executive Board member
member and to see how you can
stay informed on what COBA is
                                                      william Valentin, with the assistance of his fellow Board member Benny Boscio.
doing for YOU!                                        A PESH (Public Employee Safety and Health) Complaint was immediately
                                                      drafted by Koehler & Isaacs attorney Liam Castro. Pesh is a government
                                                      agency able to ensure that the Department immediately takes action to correct
                                                      any unsafe conditions in the workplace.

                                                      An inspector from Pesh was escorted around the facility along with Patricia
                                                      Feeney the Assistant Commissioner of environmental health and Board
                                                      members Valentin and Boscio. They were accompanied by OBCC Fire safety
                                                      Officer Anthony scoma, and the OBCC engineer Jim Carrick. A total of three
                                                      serious violations were cited and the Department received orders to comply
                                                      with the safety standards to correct the unsafe conditions. if the Department
                                                      does not comply, they will be fined by the Federal government.

                                                      OBCC is now correcting the issue along with the Department’s authorization.
                                                      There are believed to be other violations in other Commands which are to be
                                                      subject to the same type of Pesh inspection and intervention. If you see an
                                                      unsafe condition in your facility, take the time to report it. If your report
                                                      goes uncorrected, then notify your COBA Board Member or call the COBA
                                                      Office at 212-274-8000.

  P | 12              COBA                                                      PAT r O l l i n g T h e T O U g h e s T P r e C i n C T s i n n e w Y O r k
                                                                              J U n e / J U lY 2 0 1 1 i s s U e C O B A m A g A z i n e

                                        COBA’S FiRST CiGAR niGHT
                                          iS A HUGE SUCCESS!
                             Event Raises Nearly $9,000 for the Widows’ & Children’s Fund!
Over 100 cigar aficionados turned out to raise money for COBA’s widows’ & Children’s Fund at the COBA’s first ever
Cigar night held at the beautiful Pine grill in the Bronx on June 2nd.

The event, organized by COBA Treasurer michael maiello, successfully raised nearly $9,000. “Obviously, we are
incredibly pleased by the generous support of our friends who continue to help us take care of our own,” said michael
maiello. “we look forward to holding more enjoyable events that support our fellow officers and their families.”

Photos by ElizabEth Castro
PAT r O l l i n g T h e T O U g h e s T P r e C i n C T s i n n e w Y O r k                                                    P | 13
C O B A m A g A z i n e J U n e / J U lY 2 0 1 1 i s s U e

                             SECOND ANNUAL COBA HERITAGE FEAST

Photos by ElizabEth Castro
                                             COBA RETIREES BRUNCH

  P | 14                     COBA                            PAT r O l l i n g T h e T O U g h e s T P r e C i n C T s i n n e w Y O r k
                                                                                                                                                                                                      J U n e / J U lY 2 0 1 1 i s s U e C O B A m A g A z i n e

                       COBA CElEBRATES THE 54th
                    AnnUAl PUERTO RiCAn dAY PARAdE

Photos by ElizabEth Castro

COBA Widows'
& Children’s Fund
Shop on-line at the COBA store today!                                                                                       #
                                                                                                      “ PA
                                                                                                                                                                             IN N                 (
                                                                                                                   &                                                              EW

                                                                                              #   "
                                                                                                                              $       "

                                                       “PATROLLING THE TOUGHEST PRECINCTS IN NEW YORK”

PAT r O l l i n g T h e T O U g h e s T P r e C i n C T s i n n e w Y O r k                                                                                                                                                                            P | 15
                         What to Do if You
                         or a Family Member
                         Have Been Injured
K           I      LLP
                         in an Accident

                         Have you or a member of your family been injured at work, or in an
                         automobile, subway, or bus accident? Have you been injured due to medical
                         malpractice or negligence on the part of a hospital?

                         If you or a family member are injured in an accident and require immediate
                         legal representation, call the law firm of Koehler & Isaacs LLP at 917-551-1300
      61 Broadway        and you will be put immediately in contact with attorneys working with the
        25th Floor       firm who will be ready to assist you, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a
    New york, Ny 10006   week. There is no charge to you unless you win your case or the case is settled
       (917) 551-1300    by the firm.

                         The attorneys who will handle your case have a proven track record of
                         securing substantial monetary settlements and/or verdicts on behalf of   clients and their families. Below are just a few of some of their more recent
                         judgments and settlements:

                         • $14.5 million for the family of a Correction officer killed in an auto accident.
                         • $10.5 million for a client who was left paralyzed from an accident.
                         • $8 million on behalf of the family of a client killed in an auto accident.
                         • $7 million in a medical malpractice case where the wife of a Correction officer died after giving
                           birth to twins.
                         • $5.5 million for the family of a client who died in a motor vehicle accident.
                         • $4 million for an individual injured as a result of medical malpractice.
                         • $3.75 million on behalf of a client who was seriously injured.
                         • $3 million settlement with a structure worth in excess of $10,000,000 on
                           behalf of the family of a Correction officer, who died as a result of a motor vehicle accident.
                                                                                                       J U n e / J U lY 2 0 1 1 i s s U e C O B A m A g A z i n e

  Your law Firm
Koehler & Isaacs LLP provides representa-                 Criminal Representation and Appeals                Grievances and Arbitrations
tion in a variety of areas to the member-                 A lawyer will represent you in all criminal        A lawyer will assist you in writing and
ship of the COBA. You are provided legal                  matters involving violations, misdemeanors         processing of grievances and arbitrations.
representation at all disciplinary confer-                or felonies, including appeals, for both on
ences and trials, including appeals. You                  and off duty incidents.                            Wills
are provided representation at all internal                                                                  A lawyer will prepare for you and your
investigations by both the New York City                  Article 78                                         eligible spouse a will or Codicil. A Codicil is
Department of Correction Office of Inves-                 A lawyer may represent you in a proceed-           a modification or an amendment to an
tigation and Discipline.                                  ing brought in supreme Court, if your              original will.
                                                          employment has been terminated.
Furthermore, a lawyer is available to you                                                                    Real Estate
for representation at all criminal arraign-               Unemployment Hearings                              A lawyer will represent you in the purchase,
ments, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You                A lawyer will represent you at a hearing           sale, or refinancing of a 1, 2, or 3 family
have representation in all criminal matters               where your unemployment benefits have              home, co-operative apartment and condo-
involving violations, misdemeanors, or                    been denied.                                       minium, provided it is your primary personal
felonies as well as appeals for both on and                                                                  residence.
off duty incidents. Likewise, you have rep-               Workers’ Compensation Hearings
resentation in defense of all civil actions               A lawyer will assist, and if necessary, repre-     Landlord and Tenant
arising from job related activities, such as              sent you before the workers’ Compensation          A lawyer will represent you in the case of an
section 1983 (Civil Rights) actions.                      Board on a claim for workers Compensation          eviction proceeding. This plan does not
                                                          Benefits.                                          apply if you are the landlord.
A lawyer will represent you in proceed-
ings before the Supreme Court should                      Social Security Disability Hearings and            Small Claims
your employment be terminated.                            Appeals                                            A lawyer will assist and if necessary, repre-
                                                          A lawyer will assist, and if necessary, repre-     sent you in the defense of a small claims
                                                          sent you before the social security Admin-         summons.
These are just a few of the many ways that
                                                          istration for denial of social security
the law firm of Koehler & Isaacs LLP is ded-
                                                          Benefits.                                          Name Changes
icated to providing you with excellent
                                                                                                             A lawyer will represent you in a proceeding
legal services. We are committed to pro-
                                                          Disability Retirement Hearings & Appeals           to change your name.
viding you with the best legal representa-
                                                          A lawyer will assist and if necessary repre-
tion you are entitled to as COBA members
                                                          sent you for appeals based on denial of dis-       Matrimonial
                                                          ability retirement benefits.                       A lawyer will advise and represent you in
                                                                                                             matters involving divorce, separation, or
CORRECTION OFFICER INCLUDES:                              Unlimited Legal Consultations                      annulment.
                                                          You shall be entitled to unlimited legal
Personal Injury                                           consultations by way of telephone calls, or        Bankruptcy
The attorneys and investigators in this prac-             at the lawyer’s office on matters that are         Our bankruptcy lawyers provide services
tice area serve Correction Officers when                  unrelated to other matters covered by              related to consumer bankruptcy under
they need legal representation the most.                  the plan.                                          Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the Bank-
whether it is the unbearable pain and suf-                                                                   ruptcy Code. we will advise you on your el-
fering of a serious injury or the loss of in-             All Civil Legal Defenses Which Are                 igibility to file for bankruptcy, prepare and
come from the inability to work, we are                   Job Related                                        file bankruptcy petitions, and represent you
especially sensitive to the needs of Correc-              A lawyer will represent you in defense of          in related bankruptcy court proceedings.
tion Officers involved in accidents causing               any civil action arising from job related ac-
serious personal injury. This service is avail-           tivities, such as section 1983 (Civil rights)
able 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is              actions.
no charge to you unless a settlement or ver-
dict is achieved on your behalf.                          Adoptions                                                                           K        I      LLP
                                                          A lawyer will represent you in the adoption
Administrative Trials and Hearings                        of a child.
A lawyer will represent you at all disciplinary                                                                                       Koehler & Isaacs LLP
conferences and trials including appeals.                 Estates                                                                  61 Broadway, 25th Floor
                                                          Our estate lawyers will provide representa-                                  new York, nY 10006
MEO 16 Interviews                                         tion to obtain letters of Administration or                                       917-551-1300
A lawyer will represent you at all meO 16                 letters Testamentary where the estate’s
interviews 7 days a week 365 days a year.                 value is up to $30,000.                                      

PAT r O l l i n g T h e T O U g h e s T P r e C i n C T s i n n e w Y O r k                                                                             P | 17
C O B A m A g A z i n e J U n e / J U lY 2 0 1 1 i s s U e

            UniOn Will COVER All lEGAl FEES ASSOCiATEd WiTH
                  APPliCATiOnS And SUBMiSSiOnS FOR
                    diSABiliTY RETiREMEnT BEnEFiTS

The COBA executive Board is always seeking new ways to         The Law Office of Stuart Salles is located at 225
enhance the many benefits that the Correction Officers’        Broadway, Suite 1900, New York, New York 10007 and
Benevolent Association provides to you and your family.        the telephone number is (212) 267-9090.
Accordingly, we are pleased to announce the establishment
of a new legal benefit for all Correction Officers effective   Any Correction Officer requiring help with the filing of any
immediately.                                                   application for disability retirement benefits can call mr.
                                                               salles’ office, schedule an appointment to review their
COBA has developed a relationship with the Law Offices         claim and receive assistance with the filing of the disability
of Stuart Salles to assist all members in the preparation      retirement application. in addition to these no-cost legal
and submission of applications for disability retirement       services for active Correction Officers, the attorneys
benefits with the New York City Employees Retirement           working with stuart salles will process applications for
System.                                                        disability pensions at a reduced rate for spouses and
                                                               domestic partners of Correction Officers. Only the law firm
mr. salles’ firm is well known for its work in representing    of stuart salles has an agreement to provide these services
Correction Officers in their fight for disability retirement   at a rate negotiated by COBA, inc. and paid by COBA inc.
and has performed similar services for many other new          The union will not pay any fees whatsoever to other law
York City and new York state union members.                    firms and will not reimburse or advance money to
                                                               officers choosing to seek legal counsel elsewhere.
Any officer injured on or outside of the job, can utilize
any of Mr. Salles’ services – with no legal costs incurred     Any Correction Officer seeking assistance with applying
by you. All legal fees will be paid by COBA with the           for disability retirement benefits is urged to call Mr. Salles’
exception of out-of-pocket expenses. All out-of- pocket        office at (212) 267-9090. You can also email him with any
expenses shall be covered by the members, not by COBA          questions you may have at
and not by the Law Offices of Stuart Salles. Examples of
out of pocket expenses are medical reports and medical         we look forward to continuing to update you with additional
expert’s fees.                                                 services and benefits for you and your family to enjoy.

  P | 18              COBA                                          PAT r O l l i n g T h e T O U g h e s T P r e C i n C T s i n n e w Y O r k
                                                                                                         J U n e / J U lY 2 0 1 1 i s s U e C O B A m A g A z i n e

   iF i GET MY FUll PAY FOR An inJURY WHilE On dUTY?
By Mark S. Polsky, Esq.                                   severity of your injury and your rate of             After your accident be sure to go to a
                                                          compensation. Thanks to heavy lobbying               hospital or see a doctor immediately. in
You don’t need us to tell you that being a                by the claimant’s bar, we have been                  order to support your claim you must have
Correction Officer is a hard job fraught with               successful in dramatically increasing the            contemporaneous medical evidence giving
the potential for injury. Take an informal poll           maximum rate of compensation on July 1st             a history of the accident, your injuries and
amongst your co-workers and you’re sure to                of each year since 2007. in fact, as of July         commenting on whether or not you are
know someone who’s suffered an injury                      1st, 2011 the maximum rate will be $772.96,          injured. without medical evidence, your
while on duty. in fact, a recent study by the             a far cry from the $400 maximum rate                 claim for compensation cannot go forward.
new York state Assembly showed a 22%                      before July of 2007. That 93% increase in
increase in injuries to the staff in state                 the rate means that those cash awards that           no one wants to get hurt at work, but it
prisons between 2006 and 2008. And that                   were once worth only $7500 are now worth             happens, and when it does, it’s important
study didn’t even address injuries and                    almost $15,000!                                      to file a claim and protect your rights
conditions that develop over time as a result                                                                  to payments of compensation as well
of repetitive activities at work.                         if you are injured it is also important to file a     as medical treatment. The workers’
                                                          claim so that there is a comprehensive               Compensation system can be a confusing
getting hurt at work can have a devastating               record of your injury and the treatment              maze of paperwork and requirements, and
impact on you and your family’s life. Along               provided. This record can be critical should         often one small error can have a negative
with the physical pain of the injury itself, the          your injury eventually cause you to be               effect on your claim. As a result, look for a
after effects can mean missing time from                   disabled. Documentation is important when            lawyer who focuses on the practice of
work, losing out on overtime not to                       filing for a disability retirement.                   workers’ Compensation and is familiar with
mention visits with the doctor and physical                                                                    the workers’ Compensation law.
therapist. For most injured workers,
                                                          So how do you make sure your workers’
workers’ compensation payments are not                                                                         NOW MORE THAN EVER, AS THE
                                                          compensation rights are protected?
guaranteed, and the rates of compensation                                                                      WORKERS’ COMPENSATION BOARD
as well as medical treatment vary                         The easiest way is to retain an attorney.            CONTINUES TO APPEASE THE EMPLOYER
depending on medical reports from the                     Our firm of 9 attorneys has over 130                  BY RESTRICTING AN INJURED WORKER’S
carrier’s doctors.                                        years of combined experience in workers’             RIGHTS TO COMPENSATION AND
                                                          Compensation, having represented injured             MEDICAL TREATMENT, YOU NEED AN
Fortunately, Correction Officers are guaran-                workers including corrections officers since           ATTORNEY TO GUIDE YOU THROUGH THE
teed payment of full wages while on sick                  1991. A free consultation is always available,       WORKERS’ COMPENSATION PROCESS.
leave. whether out of work as a result of                 and you do not pay any money to retain our
the accident or working on a modified as-                  services. Fees for our services are paid out of      THE LAW FIRM OF POLSKY, SHOULDICE
signment, officers will continue to receive                 the money we get for you, and thus we only           & ROSEN, P.C. HAS BEEN AT THE
their base salary. Furthermore, if the workers’           get paid if you do. we can help you navigate         FOREFRONT OF THE FIGHT FOR THE
compensation carrier refuses to pay for                   the workers’ Compensation system and try             RIGHTS OF INJURED WORKERS FOR
medical treatment related to your accident                to get you the fastest and best results              MORE THAN TWENTY YEARS.
your medical insurance will cover your                    available. if you can’t find or need a doctor
medical treatment.                                        who handles workers’ Compensation we can             KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! CALL FOR A FREE
                                                          refer you to one who will ensure that you get        CONSULTATION!
So if you are already protected, why file a                the proper treatment that you need.
claim for workers’ compensation?
                                                          immediately after getting hurt, you should                                         Law Offices of
in some instances, an injured worker loses                be sure to take the proper steps to protect          POlSKY, SHOUldiCE & ROSEn, P.C.
little or no time from work. even so, if you              yourself and your claim. in addition to
suffer a permanent injury to your shoulder,                completing an accident report and                                                 155 East 149th St.
elbow, hand, finger, hip, knee, foot, or toe,              providing it to your supervisor, you must also                                    Bronx, NY 10451
you may still be entitled to a tax free cash              ensure that you file your claim with the new                                          718-875-0909
award for that permanent loss. You can                    York state workers’ Compensation Board
continue to work full time, without any loss              within two years from the date of accident.                                       500 Merrick Rd.
in pay or lost time and still receive the tax             even if you’ve completed a written accident                            Rockville Centre, NY 11570
free cash award. Furthermore, even after                  report at work, the failure to file a written                                        516-594-0909
receiving the cash award you still are                    claim for compensation with the Board can
entitled to future medical protection for                 be fatal to the case and can result in the                                142 Joralemon St., 5th Fl
your injuries even after you have retired.                denial of sites of injury or worse, the case                                    Brooklyn, NY 1120
                                                          itself. notice to the workers’ Compensation                                         718-875-0909
many of you may have already received this                Board is best made through the C-3 form
type of award, known as a schedule, or                    which we can help you complete to ensure                WWW.WORKERSCOMPNY.COM
percentage loss of use which is based on the              you have fully protected your rights.                        

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