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Investors Club Helps SA Residents To Reduce Tax Load


The Investors Club and Less Tax to offer videos and e-books that explain how to improve economic status of the individuals who apply the principles.

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									Investors Club Helps SA Residents To Reduce Tax Load

Mendham, NJ, 28-JUNE-2012 - The Investors Club and Less Tax to
are pleased to announce a comprehensive program that allows SA residents
to learn and apply effective methods and tips to reduce the amount of tax
obligations that are assessed. The Pay Less Tax Videos are designed to
help South Africans pay less taxes in a legal and ethical manner.

Website spokespersons state that viewing and applying the information in
the Pay Less Tax Videos is a proven effective choice. "We provide real
life testimonials from those who have learned how to pay less taxes.
These reductions are as high as one hundred percent. Other participants
in the program claim reductions of at least 25 percent."

The principals behind the website are eight individuals who have been
assisting investors in purchasing properties throughout Australia and New
Zealand for almost twenty years. These beneficiaries of the expertise
number more than 3600 people. These property investors are taught how to
use purchasing property in order to lower the obligations of taxes.

The videos that are offered on the site are intended to provide an
overview of how the principles of the Investors Club are applied. It is
important to note that joining the club is free and there are no
transaction fees to gain the knowledge base of the pros.

Learn more about actions that can significantly reduce the tax
obligations of SA residents by visiting the web pages at and today.
Members of the press and others who have questions about the materials in
this specific press release are encouraged to contact the individual
identified below.

Contact Person Name: Susan Smith, Public Relations

Company Name: Justin Harrison Marketing

Address: P. O Box 311, Mendham, NJ, USA, 07945

Contact Phone Number: + 00 1 973 531 4982

Contact Fax Number: + 00 1 973 543 5683


Website: and

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