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					IT HR Direction: From specialist to Versatilis
by Romi Satria Wahono

c.jpgMenarik read the special report on the prediction Gartner 2006 (Gartner Predictcs
2006 Special Report), which also happened to be covered in the magazine eBizzAsia
February 2006. Predicted that by 2010 the labor market specialist Information
Technology (IT) will be reduced by 40%. The specialist (specialist) will be replaced by
versatilis (versatilist), which is able to combine competence and technical expertise,
business experience and ability to deliver comprehensive solutions. Who is it specialize?
Who is versatilis? we try to discuss in this paper.

Why is there a change in the direction of IT human resources like this? The biggest factor
is the increased competition in line with the increasing complexity of business
development of information technology itself. IT is increasingly needed to solve
problems in various fields, required a multidisciplinary solution, multiplatform, and
according to the context of the problems faced. Gartner said this is where the term "IT
versatilist", ie those who have the experience, ability to perform various tasks as diverse
and multidisciplinary (versatile), where all knowledge was to create a (new), competence
and relevance (context) a rich and coherent to encourage increased business value.

teknologi.jpgSifat the versatilis is flexible to the technology, its main orientation is to
provide solutions appropriate requirement (requirement) is requested by the customer.
Versatilis not a generalist who knows all the fields and technologies, but only the skin
(superficial). Versatilis not born suddenly, but because experience has matured into a
specialist. Versatilis also not a specialist who understands only a narrow range of fields,
although the. Versatilis is a specialist who think more broadly, resourceful, mature,
calculating, understand the business, working to provide solutions-oriented, able to work
(to build networking) with persons other IT and non IT, and certainly not mengkotakkan
himself in a technology, tool or platform.

Gartner prediction is reinforced by some of the data, for example about 80% of IT
professionals working in corporate America, companies that use IT, not IT companies
themselves (hardware, software, service). Naturally, an IT professional is required to
have the verbal ability in delivering information technology concepts in a language
understood by many people. Here he's Versatilis!

saitama.jpgSebelum read the Gartner report is true I had an epiphany of personal
experience during 10 years in Japan. And out of semi-fulltime or parttime work in a
variety of Japanese IT companies, ranging from a technician, engineer, developer,
consultant to the lecturer. I may not mention a term like Versatilis, I just try to give an
overview of human figure TI Indonesia the opportunity to speak at seminars and
workshops in various places. Hopefully, that often I recall attending a seminar about it ;).
My message to young people specifically for the IT human resource Indonesia are:

  OS, programming languages, software and technology is simply a tool (a tool), which
should do well and use to solve problems and build solutions. He is not eternal, he is not
a religion that must be adhered to and difanatikkan lifetime. Reliance on a tool is folly.
Sophist of the tool and curse each other or desperately defend a tool is a futile act,
because they each have advantages and disadvantages.
   Every opportunity has a value of gains and losses, every decision in life should take
into account the opportunity cost to be paid.
   Smart in taking the opportunities that exist and try to package it in a paper and
products into the solution for others.
   Taking a part-time employment or full time as a learning process and train themselves
in real terms
   Train your verbal abilities. Around the activity of communicating with the machine
(computer), still practiced techniques and strategies to communicate with humans.
Practice delivering science and technology can do well with simple language and easily
understood by the layman though.
   Build the network (networking) and cooperation with various parties. Every encounter
with another person, whoever he is, will bring benefits to us, sometimes meskipung
indirectly come at once.

Slowly but surely, with a capital of experience, skills, competencies, and certification of
specialists that we have, let us practice being a versatilis.

Congratulations berdjoeang ....

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