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									The Museum of Modern Art
Seasonal Internship Application

The Museum of Modern Art accepts internship applications for specific terms. Please see for information on eligibility and application deadlines for each internship term:

Specify MoMA Internship Program to which you are applying:

__________ Fall      __________ Spring        __________ Summer


How many days per week do you plan to participate in the program? __________

Which specific days are you available? (Monday-Friday only) ___________________________________________

Last Name                                             First Name


Phone Number                                          Email Address

College/University                                    Major/Degree                         Graduation Date

Graduate School                                       Major/Degree                         Graduation Date

Are you legally eligible to work in the United States during the internship term?

_____ Yes                   _____ I will require visa sponsorship

Languages (indicate fluency using r=reading, w=writing and s=speaking):

Department Choices:
Refer to the list of Museum departments and indicate three specific departmental choices (in order of preference).
Please list specific departments rather than general headings. Briefly describe your interests and qualifications in
those areas (use a separate sheet if necessary).

1. ________________________________________________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________________________________________________

How did you learn about this program (check all that apply)?

_____ MoMA website                  _____ Visit to MoMA                 _____ College/University

_____ Arts website (,, etc.)                         _____ Former MoMA intern

_____ MoMA social media             Other (please specify) _____________________________________________

Each of the following two essays should be no longer than 500 words.

1. Why are you interested in participating in an internship at The Museum of Modern Art?

2. Discuss one of the following:

a. What is the role of museums and how do you envision their potential for evolution?

b. Describe an individual or experience that has influenced your perception of the arts.

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